Hope to see you at
the MAPACA Jubilee!

** Come say hello at the 21st MAPACA Jubilee! **
Harrisburg, PA April 21-23 (Fri-Sun), 2017
Get a FREE PACCU Alpaca Tote Bag

Just stop by and tell us you're an
"Alpaca Farm" or "Alpaca Retailer"
to get a free sample PACCU bag.

An $8.95 retail value
Great for groceries, "stuff" and of course alpaca goodies.
Choice Alpaca Products PACCU Bag
To be on display at the show:

Highly discounted
AFCNA Hiker, Qtr Hiker and Dress socks: 

We purchased ALL of the remaining Co-op inventory (at closing bid) and are passing the discount prices to our wholesale customers on these popular items.
Alpaca Dryer Balls, at Wholesale
We are now offering Alpaca Dryer Balls at Wholesale!
We have purchased the AFCNA contract to continue to make these popular and useful items. New, more attractive packaging.
A great price thanks to all
of the participants in the FiberCall program.
"Sell your fiber and get quickly paid
in popular wholesale alpaca product. "
 Also now available
See at MAPACA Jubilee
Adorable Baby Alpaca Ornaments!

Hand made 100% Baby Alpaca Ornaments
An Adorable Alpaca Gift!
The very popular Alpaca Watching T-Shirt
Farm visit souvenir
Great alpaca conversation starter 
Coming soon: Youth sizes
Liulu Crystal Glass Style Alpaca Figurines
High quality crystal glass figurines
USA Grown Alpaca Knit Lined 
Cowhide Work / Driving Gloves 
Coming soon in 
Black, Dark Brown and Ladies Fashion Red 

Just in! See at the shows.
Cute squeezable quality Alpaca Teddy Bears!
(Online very soon)
Choice Alpaca Teddy Bears
Also for Spring and Summer events.
Alpaca Themed Cute Cotton Socks
Low price point, quick sellers.
Whimisal Alpaca Farm Visit Souvenirs
Lots of Great Alpaca Socks
Superwarm Heavy Extremes
OutdoorAdventure Socks
Knee Hi's
Leg Warmers


Fiber Call Update! 
We're continuing to buy USA grown alpaca fiber for
blankets, rugs, socks, dryer balls, gloves, hats and more!
"Sell your fiber and get quickly paid 
in popular wholesale alpaca product. "

NO membership, fees or upfront costs!
We pre-pay shipping*
Help in continue the mission of alpaca products made with USA grown alpaca fiber!
Choice Alpaca Products has purchased
remaining inventory of
100% ALPACA Blanket Throws and Scarves of
The Alpaca Blanket Project!
Choice Alpaca Products Alpaca Blanket Project 
Large volume purchase means lower prices
for these American Made high quality items.
Get a true piece of Alpaca Americana while you still can!


We love making new Alpaca products!
What would you like to see? 
email: product_ideas@choicealpacaproducts.com 
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