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It's gearing up to be a cold winter!
Be ready with warm wonderful ALPACA!
Our team of "Al-packers" will be filling orders daily.
Note:  We will be out of the warehouse for the
VAOBA show in Fredericksburg, VA
November 8-18!
NOW back in stock!
Leg Warmers
More Alpaca Watching socks!
Alpacadorables, including Mom-n-Cria 
Alpaca Watching Hats

Multiple choices of
Alpaca Dryer Balls
Alpaca Milk Chocolates are
back for the season!
New Product

Luxurious 100% BABY ALPACA Fashion Ruana

A few of our other TOP sellers

The American Traveler socks!

We love these socks!
Made from USA grown alpaca,
these USA made 80% alpaca socks feel wonderful!

They work great during cold mornings which become warm afternoons. 

Superwarm, OutdoorAdventure and SlipperBootie sock

AlpacaTrax are also BACK IN STOCK!
More Top Sellers for your store...


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