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  Hyper Inflation on the Horizon?

Currencies are commodities that must obey market forces like any other commodity.  If someone starts planting a new crop that brings a premium price and makes money doing so it isn’t long before others see the potential and start planting the crop too. 

 At some point the market becomes saturated with the new crop and the price of the product drops as the ratio between supply and demand equalizes.  In business you understand that if your product is too profitable you are inviting competition so it is best to make a slight margin to prevent other companies from knocking off your product and competing with you.  Market forces have no favorite, whether it is a widget, a watermelon, or a dollar, when there are too many on the market the value will drop.

Some experts blame the severity of the Great Depression in part on the erection of protective tariffs with the goal of protecting domestic jobs that stifled free trade, killing exports and the velocity of the exchange of money around the world.   A tariff is nothing more than a tax on imported goods that increase the cost so domestic manufacturers can compete.  But with the advent of trade agreements governments find that they can no longer punish imports with tariffs so they have started devaluing their currencies in an effort to make their exports more cost competitive.

A devalued currency is one that loses value against other currencies, it takes more dollars to by a Yuan therefore the cost of imports rises as domestic manufactured products and exported commodities increase as the Yuan purchases more product than before.   The downside is that inflation rises as those who have saved money for retirement or receive a set pension or salary find that their money buys less and less.    Devalued currency is nothing more than a hidden tax on savings and pensions.   So the government increases exports at the expense of those who save money, invest money, or are living on a fixed income.

And if done in an economic vacuum it would work as exports rose along with employment.  The problem is that the other governments whose currencies become stronger find their imports choked off so they buy up the weaker currency by flooding the market with their currency.   Switzerland is one example of a country that has been spending billions in an attempt to stop the rise in value of their currency, buying up other currencies using their Swiss Franc, soaking up the cheap currency from the market while flooding the market with their currency.

The U.S. started this currency war in 2008 and 2009 with the TARP bailouts and continued with the “Quantitative Easing”, flooding the world currency markets with trillions in new printed dollars along with electronic currency.    The idea was to make so much money available that trade increased but the world was in recession, people and companies weren’t borrowing money from banks due to the uncertainty of the economy so the banks were investing their borrowed money in any market that offered a decent return.  They could borrow from the Federal Reserve at one quarter of one percent so investing the same money at five percent was a pretty profitable deal.   This created “hot money”, massive amounts of cash that needed invested and drove development in places like Vietnam, Brazil, Thailand, and Malaysia.   As the dollars poured in, the local currencies rose in value, choking off exports while flooding the local economies with cheap imports that drove local manufactures out of business.

Eventually the other countries caught on, first it was Q. E. 1, then Q.E. 2, now Q.E. 3 that has no limits on how much the Fed can print and create electronically, sparking a currency devaluation war world wide.

The week before last saw the Bank of Japan increase their currency purchase to one trillion dollars.  Earlier this month we saw the European Central Bank begin buying up debt from their economically troubled members, allowing the member countries to lower their borrowing costs.   Between the two central banks trillions of Euros and Yen were dumped onto the market to depress their currency and as a result government debt paid in Euros, Yen, or Dollars has a low interest rate of return.   That has pushed trillions in hot money into emerging markets

Almost like something out of Alice in Wonderland this week has seen the Brazilian Real, the Polish Zloty, the Korean Won, and even the Mexican Peso appreciate.   Brazil reacted by dumping Brazilian Reals on the market followed by Peru and Turkey dumping their currencies on the market to counteract the massive drop in the value of U.S. dollars since 2010, as much as 18 to 20% against some currencies.   Recession is spreading from the weak countries of the E.U. to the stronger countries and almost every major economy saw its manufacturing sector contract.

The experts are warning that right now the recession has tamped down demand on goods and services, keeping inflation at bay and that the vast majority of the newly created money has been soaked up by banks, held in reserve in anticipation of hard times.   But even at one quarter of one percent, trillions of dollars sitting in bank vaults incurs a lot of interest expense so the amount of hot money available that needs investing is tremendous.  Once the economy begins to crank back up all hell is likely to break loose as these trillions upon trillions of new monies hits the market, driving down the value of currencies and starting hyper inflation.

I wish I was smart enough to predict what will result but I expect that all of us will not be able to comprehend the distortion of the markets and how much disruption will occur when the market corrects.  What I do know is that interesting days are ahead.   Business is booming right now here in Oklahoma with housing starts 2 ½ times what they were this time last year.  Already this month  I’ve turned away more work than my shop did in the last two years but the question is how long will this surge last and what will follow it?

One thing that I can predict is that we are going to be living in interesting times.




Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt Does Oklahoma Proud

Last week A.G. Scott Pruitt filed a fresh challenge to Obama Care, focusing on penalties that employers would have to pay if they didn’t provide health insurance.    Workers that participate in Obama Care and receive a federal subsidy to purchase health insurance will generate penalties against their employers.

Pruitt filed a 23 page amended petition in U.S. District Court in Muskogee challenging procedures used to implement Obama Care.   U.S. District Judge Ronald White had halted the case while Florida and 25 other states had their court case before the Supreme Court

The amendment was filed on the last day the lawsuit could be amended under an order filed by U.S. District Judge Ronald White, who lifted a stay in the case.  By refocusing his lawsuit, Pruitt has attacked Obama Care for not complying with the Administrative Procedures Act, goes against the Oklahoma Constitution that protects citizens from mandated purchase of health care, and is unconstitutional because it gives the federal government control over state legislative and executive power, exceeds Congress’ authority, and infringes on state sovereignty.

Scott Pruitt has turned out to be one of the rare politicians willing to keep a campaign promise.   It remains to be seen just how hard he fights for Oklahoma’s sovereignty but it is a breath of fresh air to see one elected official stand between the citizens and an overreaching federal government as he fulfills his oath of office.



November State Questions Information

Last session the Oklahoma legislature set six state questions to be decided on the November ballot.  Here is what they will be and our recommendations:

SQ 758 lowers the increase in property tax assessments from 5% down to 3%, slowing the rapid rise in valuation.  Of course this is somewhat of a shell game as the millage rate that is assessed against the home value is actually set by the County Excise Board.   Part of the millage rate was set by a vote of the people but the majority is set by asking each government organization to estimate their need for money in the coming year.    If the County Excise Board believes that they need X amount of money, they set the millage rate for that year that will raise that amount of money.  So even slowing or even stopping the increase in property tax assessment does little to slow the rise in actual property taxes paid.   Still this is better than a sharp stick in the eye so we recommend a yes vote for SQ 758.

SQ 759 eliminates large parts of Oklahoma’s affirmative action programs for employment, education, and contracting.    This one is a no brainer!   Vote yes on Sq 759

SQ 762 removes the Governor out of part of the process for the Pardon and Parole Board, allowing prisoners to be released earlier than the voter approved 85% rule. It is important that we have an elected official in charge of releasing and pardoning criminals, not an appointed board that is immune from political pressure.   Please vote no on SQ 762.

SQ 764 issues another $300,000,000 in new debt for Oklahoma taxpayers.    We have a constitutional requirement to balance our state budget and live within our means, why are we borrowing money?  Please vote no on SQ 764.

SQ 765 abolishes the commission that oversees the Department of Human Services, an appointed board, and makes the director of DHS directly appointed and accountable to the Governor.   In a perfect world we would elect this director but this is a move in the right direction at least.   Please vote yes on SQ 765.

SQ 766 prevents counties from taxing intangible personal property of business like goodwill, trademarks, mailing lists, or client lists.    It also removes the Business Activity Tax that was levied on Oklahoma businesses after a court decision.  This is another no brainer, vote yes on SQ 766


Shariah Law Creeps into Oklahoma Banking


For several years now we have been trying to get a bill passed here in Oklahoma that would pass the scrutiny of the courts to exempt all foreign laws from influencing our state legal system. The first attempt was ruled un-Constitutional, because it named Shariah law specifically. The second attempt was shot down by our congressional leaders, because the basically bowed to their masters, the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. But one area that no one has paid any attention to is banking.


For those of you not in the know, Shariah Compliant Banking is not what you and I are used to. When you and I take out a loan, we expect to pay interest on that loan. When you and I make a mistake and overdraft our account, we expect to pay an overdraft fee on that account. When we have a credit card from a bank we expect to pay interest on the purchases we make with that credit card. That is not how Shariah Compliant Banking works.


Shariah Compliant Banking is not allowed to charge interest on their loans. They collect a fee at the beginning of the loan that is basically an initiation fee. They also collect a much smaller fee for overdrafts on accounts that they call an administrative fee. Instead of charging interest on a credit card, they charge a transaction fee. All of these are much smaller than what you or I would normally pay.


Why should we be concerned about Shariah Compliant Banking? In the first place, the money these financial institutions are losing by being Shariah compliant to begin with, they make up for by raising the fees they charge us. The main reason though, is any profit that these investors may see that is considered unclean according to Shariah, is funneled into charities that often have ties to terrorism. You can get a better explanation of how it works here. About Shariah Finance | Shariah Finance Watch The Federal Government has already shut down three of these charities.

But we don’t have to worry about Sharia banking here in Oklahoma, right?    Uh, no..


Oklahoma Banks, mortgage companies,  or investment firms with Sharia Banking programs according to Muslim websites:


Bank of America, AIG, J P Morgan Chase, Citibank, G E Capitol, HSBC bank, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and UBS.


Bancfirst Mortgage

Main & Broadway

View More Info

Bancfirst Mortgage

Main & Broadway


Mortgage Brokers

Mega Mortgage Company of America

Oklahoma City, OK

American Mercury Insurance Company

2000 North Classen Boulevard
Oklahoma City, OK

First American Title And Trust Co Nichols Hills

133 Northwest 8th Street
Oklahoma City, OK

Mortgage Pros LLC

1326 Northwest 12th Street

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Mortgage Pros LLC

1326 Northwest 12th Street


Mortgage Brokers

Liberty Mortgage CO

Liberty Tower

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Liberty Mortgage CO

Liberty Tower


Mortgage Brokers

Chase Bank
(405) 525-2489

2200 N Western Ave
Oklahoma City, OK

View More Info

Chase Bank

(405) 525-2489
2200 N Western Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73106



Office Hours


American Eagle Title Insurance Company

1141 North Robinson Avenue Suite 100
Oklahoma City, OK

First Fidelity Bank

1521 North Mustang Road

View More Info

First Fidelity Bank

1521 North Mustang Road


Mortgage Brokers

Midfirst Bank Banking Centers

119 North Robinson Avenue Suite 100
Oklahoma City, OK


Doesn’t this make you wonder? With all the former Goldman Sachs people in the current administration, and Goldman Sachs being Shariah Compliant, are they manipulating the energy market to insure the Middle East has a never ending supply of petro dollars?


It’s time for our legislators to get off their well-worn derrieres and protect the people of Oklahoma from the predatory lending practices of these Shariah Compliant financial companies. It’s time to protect the citizens of Oklahoma from all foreign laws in our courts. It’s time they took a stand against the over-reach of our own federal government.




Hope and Change… In Libya at Least

Early on in the Tea Party movement some of the militia types were puttering around the movement trying to get some traction.  It never took hold, thank God.   On a philosophical level I understand what they stand for but on a practical level they scare the bejessus out of me.   Government by elected officials is bad enough; I can’t imagine self appointed governments taking root in a chaotic situation.   But what is going on in Libya these days is interesting and it shows us a window into what potentially would occur should we ever face a non functioning government here in the U.S.

Late last week residents of Benghazi Libya erupted in protest after the killing of the U.S. Ambassador and warned the armed militias and Islamic extremists that they weren’t in charge.  The weak government countered that some of the militia were needed to keep order until the government restructured itself but that didn’t stop a mass protest of thousands of Libya citizens from going after several of the militia headquarters and compounds where the crowds drove out Ansar al-Shariah gunmen and set fire to the cars in the compound.   The crowd then went on to the Rafallah Sahati Bridade base where Bridgade fighters opened fire on the protesters, killing four and wounding 70.

The militiamen were a bit upset and blamed Gadhafi loyalist of causing the protests.  The country remains controlled by various militia factions both pro new government and pro Gadhafi loyalist backers.   Gadhafi’s leadership had gutted the military and police, keeping them weak so that his faction could maintain control left little local government available to fill the vacuum after Gadhafi’s death.   Some militias are acting like gangs and Islamist militias often push their demands for enforcement of strict Shariah law.

The problem that is the new government needs the militias to guard prisons, weapon depots, and hospitals.   Some of the militias have been brought under the authority of the military of the Interior Ministry but they are only superficially subordinate to the state.

Activists and protestors are demanding that the militias be disbanded or they will push  for another revolution.   They are demanding stability and the rule of law so they can start rebuilding, calling for only army and police to patrol the streets to keep order.

The raid on the Ansar al-Shariah compound came hours after 30,000 people marched to the gates of the compound on Saturday.   The May election chose a national assembly, a new president, and a new prime minister but squabbling has broken out as the Muslim Brotherhood has interfered and called for the replacement of the interior and defense ministers.

Learning just what motivates a lot of those that get involved in politics makes me even more leery of there ever being any sort of militias operating in Oklahoma.   The most effective leaders are usually the same sort as the crooked politicians that run the government, the wanna be’s are sometimes just using politics to put themselves in power.  The bottom line is that our founder’s system of checks and balances is there for a reason and inertia in politics serves as the great flywheel of American democracy.   I would shudder to think that we should ever have to watch factions in fighting for control as they are doing in Libya.   Far better an imperfect system that can slowly be changed than taking a chance on chaos building something better.   It is refreshing though to see a Middle East population push back against the Muslim extremists after the embassy killings.


State GOP Leadership Slammed by Candidates


Last week two Tulsa area Republican candidates slammed State GOP Chairman Matt Pinnell and Republican House members for inaction and for interfering in attempts to raise campaign funds for races challenging Democratic incumbents.

The first was one of our favorite candidates, Dave Bell of North Tulsa.   Dave sent the following email to thousands of Republican voters outlining the inaction of the Oklahoma Republican Party and Chairman Matt Pinnell in particular:

My name is Dave Bell I live in Tulsa and I am the candidate for the State Senate District 11.   I am running against Rep. Jabar Sumate that vacated his House seat just before the final hour and filed for the Senate. His buddy Kevin Matthews with a few hours left filed for House District 73 and was unopposed. Jabar is one of the most liberal Democrats in Oklahoma. Jabar says his mentors are David Boren and Senator Judy McIntyre.

 The State Republican Party has done nothing to help me and other Republican Candidates, nothing! No Republican has ever held this seat in District 11 and I really have an excellent chance to win this if State Republican Chairman Matt Pinnell was doing what he was supposed to be doing, helping Republicans! He is not! I have no money to even do the very basics to campaign.  The Republican Party gives money to which one they choose mostly Rino Republicans with all their PAC’s.  What advantage does an honest conservative candidate have being a Republican? 

Matt Pinnell said they would help Candidates, he does not tell the truth.  By the Party not helping me they are helping this liberal Democrat. Matt Pinnell should be the State Democrat Party Chairman.

Dave Bell

Senate Candidate District 11, Tulsa/Osage.

Almost before Bell finished sending the last groups of emails the phone was ringing and a frantic Matt Pinnell was on the line complaining “Why didn’t you call me Dave?    I didn’t know who you were or that you needed help.”  Pinnell then offered a paltry sum of $1,000 in a crude attempt to shut Dave Bell up but Dave wasn’t having it. 

GOP State Chairman Matt Pinnell is one of our late Sunday night readers, always opening up his copy of the Sooner Tea Party newsletter within minutes of delivery.   He has read four or five articles on Dave Bell’s senate race so to claim he didn’t know Bell is a bald face lie.   Pinnell is like the rest of the crooks in politics, he squeals when he feels the heat but don’t expect the truth out of him. 

 Bell sent out another email blasting Pinnell’s refusal to act:


What is your plan for Dave Bell? You never told me anything about money, calling, walking or mailers that I need and what you intended to do. I want to approve anything you dropped with my name on it before it’s dropped. The thousands of dollars mail drop in my district you talked about is for Mitt Romney that has already won Oklahoma and Jim Bridenstine who has likely also won. You admitted you never heard of me and so it was not for me.

Just like you asked to let you know, 3 people have sent me new large GOP email list because they support what I sent out and they are fed up with the way our Oklahoma GOP candidate selection is funded. The Oklahoma Rino GOP and the Chambers do the selection of candidates they support and others like David Tackett and I are not considered. I have downloaded “Mail Chimp” for the new emails. I would like to get on with my Campaign but I need to know what your plan is for Dave Bell. (Soon, very soon)

Thanks Dave Bell

At a later meeting Pinnell promised precinct walkers, campaign funds, phone bank calls, a full mail out for Dave’s Senate district, and one third of a mail out for the general Tulsa area that will support Bell, Romney, and Bridenstine.  But not before Dave Bell rang Pinnell’s bell, telling him that he had a reputation of a liar among grassroots activists.   Bell will get to find out if Pinnell will keep his promises in the coming days or if Pinnell just told him what he wanted to hear.   Whatever happens we will report on whether or not Bell receives any assistance from the State GOP.   I would recommend that Republicans stop donating to the GOP itself and instead send donations directly to deserving candidates.


The second candidate is from Broken Arrow, again in Matt Pinnell’s backyard.   It is incredible for Pinnell to claim not to be aware of these two candidates when he lives in the same town and there aren’t that many general election races.   Candidate David Tackett sent out the following email blasting Republican House members that were actively choking off donations to Tackett’:s campaign.


Dear friend, 

As you may know, I decided to run for State House in District 12, which is in Wagoner County.  Considering how there has never been a GOP challenger to the Democrat incumbent, Wade Rousselot, since 2004, I felt the time was right to run against this liberal Democrat.

I knew the campaign would be difficult.  But I never expected that my greatest challenge to winning this seat would be my fellow members of the GOP House Caucus.

There are State Representatives who are actively blocking any money from coming into my campaign.  So much so that I haven't received one dollar from any of the Republican-leaning PACs or even the House PAC, whose supposed purpose is to elect new GOP State Representatives!

Why may you ask are these unnamed House members so determined to see a liberal Democrat like Wade Rousselot win over me?  It's simple.  I dared to call them out on their liberal votes and even had the gall to support their primary opponents.

I guess the notion of coming together and supporting the Republican Party in the general election is lost on these GOP House members.  They don't care about the Republican Party.  They only care about being called out for their liberal voters.

This is why I am writing to you today.

Our party is at a crossroads.  When moderate members of the GOP party are so scared of a Constitutional Conservative being elected that they would rather have a liberal Democrat in office, then you can understand how important it is that I win this race in November.


These GOP House members are scared that once in office, I will continue to call them out on their bills creating corporate welfare, their attempts to implement Obama  Care, or their efforts to allow Sharia law.

But with your contribution of $25, $50, or even $100, you can help me ensure that a true conservative Republican will represent the people of House District 12.

Please click here to make your online contribution today. With only 45 days left before the election, time is of the essence.

Together we bypass the selfish efforts of these RINO Republicans and defeat liberal Wade Rousselot on November 6th!


David Tackett

GOP Candidate for House District 12.


Tackett is an intensely loyal Republican.   He steadfastly refuses to support a Democratic candidate even when the Democrat is more conservative than the RINO Republican opponent.    His apparent sin is to demand that elected officials follow the Republican Party Platform and their campaign promises.

I know both of these men personally and both would make excellent legislators.   Dave Bell would be the first on his feet calling B.S. right in the Senate chambers when needed and you can bet money that Tackett will be true to his principles once elected.   Please contact them and donate money even if you aren’t in their district as they can add to the numbers of true conservatives at the Capitol.  If you are in the Tulsa area, get involved in their campaigns and help win two more seats for constitutional conservative Republicans.

Dave Bell’s email address is :

David Tackett’s email address is :


Home Depot or Homeland Security Depot?


Saturday night I made a late trip to the 240 & South Shields Home Depot store to pick up some building supplies for a project at home and was more than a little surprised to see an Oklahoma County Deputy standing guard in the front entrance.      Curious I stopped at the front help desk and asked if there had been trouble and was told that they had started paying for armed security because some of their customers were “bad people”.


I asked if it was safe to shop at the store and was told that the armed guard was to deter shoplifting.   I went about my shopping but found it quite creepy that a dang building supply store thought they had to go to such lengths.    To tell you the truth, it made me uneasy to know that not only they could privately hire a deputy but also get the full authority and power of the county sheriff’s office for a few bucks an hour.  You can bet that an Oklahoma County Sheriff cruiser was sitting in the parking lot to boot.

I know retired cops and deputies that supplement their income with private security work and don’t have a problem with that as they wear security uniforms and are acting as a CLEET certified security officer.   They work at gold and coin shops, banks, high volume jewelry stores, places where there is a legitimate need for additional security.   But a blasted glorified hardware store!

So after I paid for my purchases, I went back to the help desk and asked for the manager.  In a few minutes a young lady named Brandy shows up to explain that the armed rent a cop was to “deter” theft.    I asked her if it was safe for me to shop at her store and she assured me that it was.   I asked her if the message she was sending to the general public was that it wasn’t safe to shop there if they had to resort to hiring armed guards and asked if the police presence also cut down on returns and upset customers which she denied of course.

Really though, armed security at a hardware store?

I told Brandy that I found the use of a uniformed police officer not only offensive to civil liberties but also overkill and unsettling, that it made it uncomfortable to shop knowing that they had hired the power of the county sheriff.    Why stop there?   Why not hire a judge to try shoplifters on the spot and hire some state prison guards?    Put the inmates in orange aprons and make em pay off their debt to society….

Many years ago I had a furniture factory and had a customer that had talked me into putting thousands of dollars in furniture into his warehouse on “consignment”.  He was a steady customer, almost every week so it made sense but the week we dropped off a load of inventory his sales disappeared.   The deal was that when he sold a set of tables and chairs, he would call so we could adjust the inventory and he would mail a check that day.  After a few weeks I was pretty suspicious so I called the local sheriff’s office and got the contact info for a deputy that I could hire to do a spot check on the inventory for me, contacted him, and sent him an inventory and a check for $100 for his report.

Well, a week or two later with zero sales being reported,  I knew something was up so I jumped in the bob tail truck and headed for Texas.   Sure enough, when I get there the majority of the inventory was gone and I had a babbling customer begging me not to prosecute him for grand theft.     I accepted a post dated check for the missing inventory, loaded up what was left in the inventory and headed back to Arkansas.

About a week later I get a phone call from the deputy that I had hired to spot check the inventory.   I had forgotten all about him in all the turmoil.  Turns out he had paid a visit to the warehouse a few days earlier and called to report no inventory and a customer that was “shaking like a dog pooping peach seeds.”    After I had quit laughing I told him what had happened.   Needless to say the post dated check cleared the bank.

It was funny at the time and quite effective but now I realize that a government that will allow private businesses to hire out its police power isn’t a good thing.    Now the civil libertarian in me realizes that hiring uniformed police in private enterprises is just plain wrong.    It would be useful to have a cop along when going to collect money from a difficult customer or to collect a bad check but bad business in the end as customers would tell others that they paid under duress.   In the same vein customers feel uneasy when there is unwarranted police presence and might not complain or comfortable in shopping.

I told the manager that next time I came into her store and found a uniformed police hired to intimidate shoppers for whatever reason that I would leave and never shop there again.    People have the right to vote with their feet and there is a Lowes a mile west that doesn’t intimidate customers.    Little things like speaking up in a situation like this is what will keep our country free for our children.  Speak up firmly but politely and tell the manager that it is unacceptable.



If you are liberty minded, give the store a call and complain.   The store’s manager is named Freddy  Buck and their main number is (405)631-9600 and their corporate complaint email address is



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