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A warm welcome to new group members:

  Matthew Maskin (M)
  Rupert Burnett (M)
  Markus Westphal (M)
Diary Dates:
 Sat 13 May Tutor Training
 Sun 4 Jun Low-speed event
 Mon 12 Jun 
 Tech Talk - Graham Feest

 Sun 25 Jun
 Prescott Bike Festival
 Mon 3 Jul Tech Talk
 Mon 4 Sep Tech Talk
 Thu 5 Oct AGM
Articles needed

If you have interesting snippets or would like to write a short article for this newsletter then please let us know. 

All contributions welcome.

Wanted: Group Ride Leaders 

We need more volunteer Ride Leaders - No experience required, full training given.


Call Stephen Wilkinson-Carr on 07976 644485 for more details.



May 2023


Chair's Introduction
Many congratulations to Larry Humphries who has now qualified as an Approved Group Motorcycle Tutor. Thank you Larry for all your hard work and commitment to road safety and Gloucestershire RoADAR.
Glos RoADAR has risen from the ashes of recent enforced periods of inactivity and we're busy planning many events and activities in support of our goal of improving road safety. 

For example, we're investigating options for our 40th anniversary event this Summer, engaging with local motorcycle dealers to provide assessment rides for their customers, planning a signpost rally, preparing for our stand at the Prescott Bike Festival, setting up the latest motorcycle low-speed skills event, investigating a four-wheeled skid pan / off-road event. All this in addition to long-standing plans for training, recruiting and marketing.

Our catchment area is now huge, mainly due to the demise of neighbouring RoADAR and other advanced driving and riding groups.

The upside is that we're attracting lots of applications from drivers and riders. Hereford seems to be a hub now and it would be good to be able to meet that demand.

The downside is that we're desperately short of car Tutors. Are you interested?

Please let me know if you are - we need all the help we can get due to the increased demand for advanced car training.

Stay safe all.

Car & Motorcycle Tutor Training - 13 May 2023
If you're keen to become a Tutor, car or motorcycle, then you're invited to attend our Tutor training event on Saturday 13th May, 9:30am to 3:30pm, facilitated by Advanced Tutors Andy Cheetham and David Blackledge.

The day is intended for Car and Motorcycle Tutors and anyone else interested in finding out what Tutors do.

The event will be held at:

Witcombe and Bentham Village Hall, Pillcroft Rd,
Witcombe, Gloucester GL3 4TB N51 50.554 W02 8.416

The day will include theory training, practical sessions and of course the much-loved Highway Code / Roadcraft / Motorcycle Roadcraft knowledge check!
(Click for details about free 2023 Highway Code App)

Lunch and hot / cold drinks will be provided on the day (we mi
ght even stretch to chocolate biscuits).

RoSPA's Group Tutors Training Guide includes this requirement:

The Group should provide regular tests of knowledge and ability, either by written test and/or tasking sessions, to maintain and refresh their Group Tutors' knowledge and skills.

To meet this requirement Glos RoADAR runs Tutor training / refresher events twice annually and they are a great opportunity to pick up some new perspectives and provide input / insight to your fellow tutors.
If you wish to remain a Group Tutor, you are expected to attend at least one such event each year.

Please confirm your attendance to us by Monday 17th April 2023 as we need to plan both catering and the practical sessions.

Looking forward to catching up with you all.

Kind regards 

Andy Cheetham and David Blackledge

Treasurer needed

As usual, there will be some changes of Committee roles at the October AGM.

In anticipation of that we need a volunteer to take over as Treasurer from October.
Glos RoADAR cannot exist without a Treasurer
The Treasurer is one of the Group's three core roles, required by our constitution, and their main duties are to oversee the financial administration of Glos RoADAR, review procedures and financial reporting, provide cash flow forecasts and advise the Committee on financial strategy.

Our accounts are very simple and we have a pre-established set of easy-to-maintain spreadsheets to help with the necessary updates and forecasts at our regular committtee meetings.

In addition to the main duties you would act as our liaison with the Group's bank.

Are you willing and available to take on this important and key Group role (full training will be given)?

If so, please call Stephen Wilkinson-Carr on 07976 644485 or e-mail him at

Goldwing Retriever
Yes, it's a motorbike towing a broken-down car.

This is the Honda Goldwing Retriever, first produced in Sweden a few years ago.

Apparently there is one actively assisting drivers on the A1 in UK: The Minuteman Patrol.

Here's the rider in action (click on image for video):

The Goldwing Retriever was displayed by CF Motoring Servcies Ltd at the Emergency Services Show at the NEC in Birmingham in 2014 (I missed it) and here's a video of them demonstrating its capability (click on image for video).


Technical Talk - Graham Feest Mon 12th June 2023

Traffic, Transport, Roads and Safety
Graham Feest F Inst MTD, FARRM,
Road Safety Consultant.
Our next Technical talk will be on Monday 12th June 2023 at:

Norton Village Hall, Old Tewkesbury Road, Norton, Gloucester GL2 9LJ
N51 54.864 W02 12.640  /
Our presenter will be Graham Feest who will explore some of the current and future topics which are driving the traffic, transport, roads and safety agenda including any specific issues appertaining to driver training and testing. This is intended to be an interactive session and there will be time for open debate, questions and opinions.

In summary

  • Head of Road Safety – The Rich Works
  • Chairman of the National Road Safety Committee
  • Chairman of the Institute of Master Tutors of Driving (IMTD)
  • Road Safety Advisor to the ADI National Joint Council (ADINJC)

Graham is a UK-based Road Safety Consultant. He is an experienced Road Safety Practitioner starting his career with Worthing Borough Council in 1974. In 1984 he moved to West Sussex County Council where he became Senior Road Safety Officer with specific responsibilities for Education Development. He was appointed County Road Safety Officer for Northamptonshire in 1989, a post he held until May 2001 joining the Institute of Advanced Motorists as Head of Road Safety until the end of 2003. He is qualified to teach at both Further and Adult Education Centres.

He is Chairman of the UK National Road Safety Committee, Chairman of the Institute of Master Tutors of Driving and the Road Safety Advisor to the ADI National Joint Council. He is also a member of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety and serves on their Road User Behaviour Working Group.

Graham at the AIRSO Blue Light Conference in 2015

In addition he is an Honorary Life Member of the Association of Road Risk Management, Honorary Member of the Institute of Large Goods Vehicle Driving Instructors, and a Fellow of the Institute of Master Tutors of Driving. He has been Vice Chairman of the Local Authority Road Safety Officers Association (now Road Safety GB), a past Secretary and founder member of the Association of National Driver Improvement Scheme Providers and a former member of the Prince Michael Road Safety Awards Advisory Panel. He was a member of the Steering Committee set up to develop the Driving for Better Business Programme.

He was honoured by RoSPA in 2004 with an Award for Distinguished Service in recognition of his outstanding contribution to road safety.

Graham's talks receive excellent reviews. This is one not to miss folks.

See you there I hope.
Group Motorcycle Ride - 29 April 2023

On Saturday 29th April twelve of us took part in the regular monthly group motorcycle ride. This time our destination was Cheddar Gorge and the ride was open to all levels of rider, whether trained or not.

Here are a few snaps of our day out (click on red text for more information):

The pre-ride briefing
Quick briefing at the closed-after-186-years Bristol Zoo
Departing our afternoon tea stop

It was a grand day out and I hope to see you all again soon.

Worcester Custom Show 14-15 July
Low-speed Skills Event - Sun 4 June 2023
We will be holding a FREE and open-to-all Low-Speed training day on Sun 4th June 2023 to be held at the  Lower Car Park, Berkeley Power Station, Berkeley, GL13 9FB / N51 41.406 W2 29.727 / 

You do not have to be an advanced rider or even a member of an advanced riding group to attend. All are welcome.
The day will run from 10 a.m to 1:30 p.m. and will include a range of low-speed riding skills and exercises designed to improve rider confidence and skill. The low-speed circuit favourites such as the snowman, figure of 8 and intersection will feature alongside braking drills and a slow race to make for an enjoyable learning experience.  
A number of favourite exercises such as the snowman, figure of 8, offset cone weave, the 'W' and intersection will feature and you will have plenty of time to learn and practise each obstacle.
It does not matter if this is all new to you as we will be running a session to revise the basics and if you have been before there will be an advanced low speed circuit to test your skills – and a slow race - there really is something for everyone!
Example of an advanced circuit
Please e-mail Tony Dix to register an interest and further details will be sent out nearer the time..
The Lower Car Park
Berkeley Power Station
Berkeley, Glos
GL13 9FB
N51 41.406 W2 29.727
The Lo Res Car

The bespoke, four-wheeled wedge known as “The Lo Res Car” is a fully functional representation of a Lamborghini Countach (originally designed by Marcello Gandini) that has been subject to extreme deresolution.
Fully operational, the promotional Lo Res Car has no doors. To get in you have to lift the body from the front of the car.

Click on image below for a short video

Cost? It sold for $111,111 (about £88,000) in 2021.
Just in case you're yearning for more information, it's here.

UK's Rarest Cars

On 5th May 2023, The Telegraph published an intriguing article about which cars are the rarest on our roads. I've owned at least two of them.
No, most of them are not high-quality cars built to last. Nor are they all design classics, just the ones that didn't rust away into non-existence...

Some examples:
Wartburg Knight

Ford Fiesta Mk1 Ghia

Daimler Majestic Minor

Datsun Bluebird Estate

Fiat Uno

Hillman Imp

Renault 5 GTL

That brought back a few memories...

I wonder if your parents' or even one of your previous cars is on the list?

Original Telegraph article is
MonoRacer - Fully Enclosed Electric Motorcycle

The MonoRacer is a fully enclosed electric motorcycle that stands above the rest of its competition. With its unique design and cutting edge power and features, this bike redefines what it means to ride a motorcycle. 
The MonoRacer is aesthetically beautiful, sleek, and minimalistic in its design. And, despite its size and weight, it still manages to look slim and compact. In addition, it carries two people and is ready to take on any speed limits. In fact, the MonoRacer reaches speeds of up to 150 miles per hour with a range of up to 248 miles.
Click on images below for videos
The latest model has been approved by the EU for use and purchase with a base price of €79,950 (£69,724).

Full technical details are here.

I think I'd better start saving as it looks like it could find a place on my bucket list.
Did You Know? 

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has issued a warning to anyone who passed their test before 2014 as they could face a £1,000 fine if they have not renewed their licence.
The DVLA wrote: "You must renew your driving licence every 10 years. Renew online today - it’s easy, quick and secure at: Your licence should arrive within a week if you apply online."
Photocard driving licences were first introduced in 1998 and are only valid for a decade after they are issued. Anyone who continues to drive with an expired permit could be fined as much as £1,000 or even have their vehicle seized.
You must renew a photocard licence every 10 years.
Paper licences issued prior to 1998 remain valid until the holder turns 70, although this format was abolished in June 2015 and they are no longer issued alongside the photocard.
Figures from the DVLA published in October 2022 showed 926,000 people in Britain needed to update their driving licence.
Who knew?
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