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Did you know Indonesia offers not only stunning ocean depths but also breath taking views from the peaks of its volcanos and mountains? You can enjoy snow mountains on the equator line (Puncak Jaya, Papua) and an active volcano within another volcano (Gunung Rinjani, Lombok)? Papuan Carstensz Pyramid (4,884m) and Rinjani (3,726m) are definitely the places worth to sweat a bit. Well... you will sweat a lot.
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Naga Indo status

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"I have lived in populated Java for a year and decided to move to Lombok for its remote character." says Zuzana Puskasova, the new office manager at Naga Indo in Kuta Lombok. These two islands have some common features - they are parts of the same country, both have muslim influence, very similar cuisine, climate etc. At the same time, there are huge differences between them:

Java - 143 milion (57 percent of Indonesian population) vs. Lombok - 3,4 milion
Java - 124,412 square km vs. Lombok - 4,514 square km

Besides, much of Indonesian history took place on Java. It was the center of powerful Hindu-Buddhist empires, the Islamic sultanates, and the core of the colonial Dutch East Indies. Java was also the center of the Indonesian struggle for independence during the 1930s and 1940s. Java dominates Indonesia politically, economically and culturally. However little is known about Lombok before the 17th century. Before this time it was made up of numerous competing and feuding petty states each of which were presided over by a Sasak 'prince'. This disunity was taken advantage of by the neighbouring Balinese who took control of western Lombok in the early 17th century.

Formed mostly as the result of volcanic eruptions, Java is the 13th largest island in the world and the 5th largest in Indonesia. Java is almost entirely of volcanic origin; it contains thirty-eight mountains forming an east–west spine that have at one time or another been active volcanoes. The highest volcano in Java is Mount Semeru (3,676 m). On the other side, the Lombok Strait lies to the immediate west of the island, marking the passage of the biogeographical division between the prolific fauna of the Indomalayan ecozone and the distinctly different, but similarly prolific, fauna of Australasia—this distinction is known as the "Wallace Line" (or "Wallace's Line") and is named after Alfred Russel Wallace. Wallace was the first person to comment on the division between the two regions, as well as the abrupt boundary between the two biomes.

Finally, the origins of the name "Java" are not clear. One possibility is that the island was named after the jáwa-wut plant, which was said to be common in the island during the time, and that prior to Indianization the island had different names. As for Lombok it means "chili peppers" in Javanese.

It seems, the more eastwards you travel, the less populated and wilder it is. Travelling through Nusantara (old javanese for "archipelago") is like using a time machine.
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Investors to give time to Jokowi

There’s a giant in Asia, shifting the tectonic plates of manufacturing, trade, services and the global economy. It’s not China. During the next 10 years we expect ASEAN to replace China as the world’s manufacturing hub and we expect it to become the fifth largest economy in the world by the end of the decade.
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In late April Indonesia’s president, Joko Widodo, better known as Jokowi, wooed foreign moneymen at a big international conference. Investing in Indonesia will bring “incredible profits”, he promised. “And if you have any problems, call me.” Two days later, at a summit of Asian and African dignitaries, Jokowi struck a different note. He called for “a new global economic order that is open to new emerging economic powers” to avoid the “domination of certain groups and countries”. That is not necessarily a contradiction...
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Indonesia’s economy unexpectedly shrank for a second straight quarter as exports and government spending dropped, underscoring the challenge for President Joko Widodo as he seeks to reinvigorate growth. The rupiah fell.
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Development in Lombok

Bigger players break ground into the South Lombok tourism market

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and Lady Iriana Joko Widodo visited last month the Special Economic Zones (SEZ) of Mandalika project in South Lombok. Release of funds for 2015 through 2017 was announced. Besides, for better convenience, the Central Government through the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) of Indonesia will delegate authority to a newly built office on Mandalika to speed up the licensing process of all activites in the area.
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A subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, Silk Air, has announced it has applied for Lombok-Perth direct route. They will replace Jetstar, which stopped it last October after disagreement with the local governement and despite 80% occupancy rate.
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The One Partners, a South Korean-based property developer, says it is developing a villa-hotel project worth Rp 250 billion ($19 million) in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Eric Kim, chief executive officer of The One Partners, said recently that the company sees growing potential from tourism in Lombok.
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Tourism in Lombok

Sun bathing, snorkeling and diving in Lombok

If you want to expand your beach horizons, if you want to make some new memories, consider some of the following options for your next tropical adventure! This is not an exhaustive list - there are far too many hidden gems to cover!
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The joy of diving in Belongas Bay Lombok is one of the exhilarating destinations for snorkeling or diving in Lombok. Little known among tourists, this place offers stunning underwater landscapes. Check out The Magnet, Coral Garden, Bawahan Reef, Wollis Pinnacle, The Cathedral, and Blue Hole.
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Indonesian hoteliers are putting on their thinking caps to find ways to keep business afloat amid a challenging year that has seen the continuous development of new hotels and a dampened meetings sector. Recent government regulations to cut officials’ travelling budget and limit the number of meetings held in hotels has taken its toll on the hospitality sector, and forced hotels to rethink strategy.
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Welcome to our new office manager, Zuzana Puskasova


We would like to introduce and welcome a new member to Naga Indo team in Kuta Lombok: Zuzana, our new office manager.

She studied finance in her homeland, Slovakia. Then she worked for more than 10 years in different international companies. Her adventurous nature led her to different parts of the world - Australia, Indonesia, India, UAE, England and Thailand. She even studied at the Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang, Java. So she understands local culture and respects what Indonesia is all about. She visited Lombok for the first time in 2011 and was fascinated by its unique atmosphere and beauty decided to return again. As a keen yoga practitioner, holder of the 500 hour certificate after training in india, she came early 2015 to teach at Ashtari , Kuta Lombok.

She is a yoga freak, traveller, passionate reader and dancer, loves ocean and experimenting in the kitchen, meeting inspirational people and discovering new horizons. Her favorite mantra is “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is a time to pause and reflect” and that is the reason she decided to take a challenge to work and live in Lombok. Because Lombok is a special place.

Zuzana, along with her Indonesian crew, will be running office duties (administrative, marketing and sales) while Jean-Marc, the founder, and the rest of the team, will cover ground and sales duties outside the office (site servicing, sales and local affairs).

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