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Image: Nikola Olic, rectangle triangle. See pages 110-111 of the June/July issue.

Photographic Homage

Over the next two years, PHotoEspaña will celebrate its 20th anniversary through an expansive programme that looks back at the festival’s development since its establishment in 1998. The programme is an opportunity to take stock of the past and to take forward new ideas and investment that will lead to the festival’s consolidation both nationally and internationally.

Image: Antonio Guerra, Ver De Acción. More »

Cultural Destinations

The Leading Culture Destinations Awards (LCDA) returns for a fourth consecutive year. From institutions to emerging locations, the award celebrates exhibitions, architecture, retail and restaurants, as well art influenced hotels and cities.

Image: Museu do Amanha, Rio de Janeiro. More »

Influencing Exchange

Beginning in July, the Korea/UK season 2017 – 2018 kickstarts a year of cultural dialogues between two countries. 20 institutions across the UK are playing host to a sequence of creative events, including exhibitions, performances, public installations and workshops.

Image: Do Ho Suh, Home within Home (2013). Courtesy of the artist. More »

Alternate Perceptions

Colour has long been a point of investigation for Hella Jongerius (b. 1963), whose designs reject traditional styles in favour of a bespoke and indefinite finish. Adopting an open-ended approach to research allows for the creation of products which value the act of process above a final, resolute form.

Image: Breathing Colour by Hella Jongerius © Roel van Tour. More »

Imaginary Narratives

The winner of the Prix Découverte des Amis du Palais de Tokyo 2015, Hayoun Kwon (b.1981) provides audiences with access to the imaginary world of a mysterious woman, nicknamed “The Bird Lady.” Several of Kwon’s pieces on display in the exhibition at Palais de Tokyo, Paris, are linked to geopolitical questions of borders and territoriality.

Image: Hayoun Kwon, 489 Years (2015). Courtesy of the artist. More »

Pinterest News

We have revamped our Pinterest page for your viewing pleasure: our boards are now organised by more specific categories. Our Artists’ Directory board is still displayed and our Artists’ Directory Studios board has been updated with new pins. More »

Artists' Directory: June/July issue

The piece shown here is by Phil Hughes; he is one of the artists in the current Artists’ Directory. More »

Artists' Directory: Artist News

José Galant (who participated in the December/January 2017 issue) has a new project: The Steamsnail’s Beach. In what he describes as “the first multisensory watercolour immersive experience”, the project explores and links reality, augmented reality, virtual reality and augmented virtuality. To see how he does it, click here.

Image: a still from the creative process. More »

Artists' Directory: Artist News

The work of Andrew Harrison (who participated in the October/November 2016 issue) was recently on show in his studio as part of the Walthamstow Art Trail. New works have also been added to his website. More »

From the Archives: Pop Allure

From the August/September 2015 issue: Lush, bold sets in complementary hues provide the backdrop for Parisian-born, London-based photographer, stylist and publisher Olivia da Costa’s (b. 1974) vibrant compositions, which showcase her devotion to jewellery and the fashion accessory.

Image: Olivia da Costa, Acapulco, 2015. More »

Complimentary Article From The Current Issue: Angular Distortion

Serbian artist Nikola Olic reimagines environments as disorientating and dimensionless, inviting viewers to examine urban and decontextualised structures.

Image: Nikola Olic, building with steps. More »