Legislative Session News
The Coalition Board and other stakeholders are already busy on Capitol Hill.  Our two issues this year are: 
   1)   removing the deductions from McKay
Scholarships when students take FLVS courses; and
   2)  developing a Transition to Work Program for McKay Students 18 - 22 years old so they have positive job training away from the school.
We will keep you posted.
 Sen. Kellie Stargel
Distinguished Service Award
Presented at the 2014 Conference
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Reading in Rhythm
January 27, 2015
2015 Florida Youth Leadership Forum
   If your school has students rising to 11th or 12th grade next year, don't let them miss this opportunity for an ALL EXPENSE paid leadership weekend in Tallahassee.  The Youth Leadership Form is in it's 16th year.  The Able Trust has brought 50+ students with disabilities to Tallahassee each year in July and filled a four day weekend with experiences that have literally changed their lives.
for the application and more information about the Youth Leadership Forum. 
"As a person with a disability, I rarely get the opportunity to experience such opportunities as YLF.  This is an opportunity tobranch out and try something different.  Meeting others with disabilities will be an exciting learning adventure."
-          Caroline B., Gainesville
"I try not to let my disability define me.  I like to challenge myself and my abilities as far as I can go.  I'm super excited about this opportunity!"
-          Rickma T., Riverview
   Reading In Rhythm® is a series of brain compatible operations/exercises sequentially employed to facilitate new neurological pathways in the brain for children and adults with phonological reading disorders like Dyslexia. The operations are then performed simultaneously while learning to read.
   Dr. Penny Bryson’s neurological methodology has also shown to improve learning outcomes for children with: ADHD, Auditory Processing Disorders, Executive Function Disorders, Coordination Disorders, and Oral Motor/ Tone Disorders.
   Our method targets brain anatomy by encompassing all theories of dyslexia by progressing students through all the stages of reading from rapid naming to reading in context. Language acquisition comes alive through our unique use of study dances to build higher order thinking skills.
   Certification training is available for schools and professionals. Full implementation kits are available at www.readinginrhythm.com
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