Refirement Network :: July 2016


Dear Refirement Members

I am not a great lover of winter. The mornings and nights are cold, but the days are glorious. The seasons change faster than our lives do, but we should still be thinking through these changes and planning ahead.

There are so many changes to think through within 5 years of retirement. Where to stay, how to continue earning, what to do with your investments, plans to travel and many more.

The greatest one is to do with our identity. Many are not aware of how much their identity is attached to their work. It is key to unlock this piece as part of this process.

This month we share some ideas on work and mentoring. Take the time to read and share with others.

Warm greetings

Lynda Smith
Founder of Refirement Network. Wisdom Preserver and Connection Specialist.





The World of Work

The world of work is changing and it is exciting to see some of the new ways in which we can work. The demand economy also offers us many services and ideas. Read some thoughts here.

Thoughts on Mentoring

I share some thoughts on mentoring. It is a privilege to be a mentor and the process adds much value to my life. Why not consider adding this skill and practice into your life? Read more here.

Aging Grace

Read the story of a Jet flyer who is now gracefully changing lives through a concept called Aging Grace. There is also an opportunity here to engage and start your own business. Read more here.

Talks for Women

It is Women’s month in August. We have a number of talks available for women. Please be in touch if you want to book Lynda for an event. Read more here.




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