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July 24th 2016 Newsletter

Another Brick in the Wall

Those that ought to be holding police officers accountable simply are not listening nor are those that society holds responsible for training police officers.  Decades of increasing brutality toward citizens culminated in eight dead cops over the last few weeks but the lesson hasn’t sunk in.
Wynnewood Oklahoma made national and international news with the shooting of a family pet, inside the yard at the Malone family home, while the children were celebrating a five year old child’s birthday.  Opie, the family dog was shot by a cop using a high power rifle to stop the dog from barking and two more shots in the presence of the children to finish off the dog.  The officer claimed that the dog attacked and he had to kick the dog off but the cop was on one side of the fence and the officer on the other side of the fence.
And the reason for the killing of the family pet?    The cop was searching for someone that had listed the address as his home over ten years before.   The ten year old warrant was for Shon McNiel who had lived in the rent house a decade earlier and the police department was aware that the Malone family had lived there for over a year. 
Another example of enormous insensitivity and blindness to the real problems was a police chief in Waterbury Connecticut telling a crowd of black community members to simply give up their 4th Amendment rights when being confronted by a police officer.
The 4th Amendment wasn’t about providing an avenue to sue after your civil rights were violated by the state, it was about preventing citizens from having to go through the indignity of an illegal and unneeded search in the first place.  Suing the state after an illegal stop, search, or arrest might bring some level of justice but as it is the citizens of that locality paying the bill and not the actual out of control cop even a lawsuit does little to remove the incentive.   Here is a short video about such a lawsuit and the pitfalls involved for an average citizen.
The case above was pretty typical, a driver following the speed limit, doing nothing wrong, and being pulled over simply because the cop wanted to search the car.   The cop in this case is caught lying, first claiming the passenger was nervous, then telling the passenger that the driver was nervous, then using a K-9 dog to signal a false hit on the car to force the driver into allowing a search.   Nothing found of course, it was a fishing trip by the cop and illegal as hell.
Rodriguez vs. U.S. from the Supreme Court is one recent case that makes it very clear that cops can’t conduct a dog sniff absent reasonable suspicion and they can’t prolong the stop while a dog is brought to the scene.  In the Rodriguez case the dog was actually in the car with the cop but the cop waited eight minutes after writing a traffic warning, holding the driver while a second officer showed up.
Previous SCOTUS decisions have laid out the restraint on cops when using a traffic violation as a pretext for detaining and searching cars.  The cop is to use the stop to deal only with the traffic violation and any safety concerns.  Running the driver’s license, checking insurance and registration, and enough time to write out a warning notice or ticket is all that is allowed.  Using a dog to search the vehicle isn’t part of the mission to regulate traffic and public safety.  It is of no issue if the dog searches before or after a ticket or warning notice is written, what is important is if running the dog around the car increases the time spent on the traffic stop and that doing the dog search isn’t part of a traffic violation stop.
The game that was shut down in April of 2015 was that of a cop using a traffic stop to do a fishing expedition to search for other crimes.  Absent reasonable suspicion a hunch isn’t sufficient to get away with violating 4th Amendment rights yet due to the profitable civil asset forfeiture laws the cops continue to break the law and the Constitution and in doing so they like the pet dog shooting above adds to the ledger sheet of injustice that led to the murder of eight police officers.
The training of police officers has been done with a “them versus us” mentality and it has bred a coward mentality among out police officers.  The shooting of the unarmed black therapist in Miami last week is further proof of that.
It seems an autistic man had wandered out of a day care center and the unarmed black therapist had intervened after police showed up and were ready to kill the autistic man for playing with a toy truck.   The video show cops hiding behind trees and cars while aiming rifles at the autistic man who was sitting in the roadway playing with his toy truck.  The day care worker, the therapist, had came out warning the cops that the guy wasn’t normal and couldn’t follow the demands being made and that all he had was a toy truck in his hands.  Ordered by the cops to lay down and keep his hands in the air the black therapists was then shot in the leg after one of the cops attempted to shoot the autistic man, shooting three times with a high powered rifle, one bullet of the three striking the therapist in the leg as he lay on the roadway.  When asked why he shot the therapist the officer replied “I don’t know.”  Later the story changed to say that the cop was actually aiming at the autistic man and he simply missed.
Of course the victim, the therapist, was handcuffed and searched after being shot, removing any doubt that the police officer as trying to protect him from the toy truck wielding autistic man.
This is insane, police that have been so poorly trained or are so obsessed with avoiding all risk that they are incapable of using common sense in dealing with a mentally challenged man child.  The therapist was a true hero, inserting himself into a dangerous situation trying to save an innocent person from harm.   I think that the majority of citizens have enough sense to understand that a mentally incapable man-child playing with a toy truck isn’t endangering anyone and add the fact that you have a day care center therapist telling the cops that the guy isn’t normal and only an imbecile would escalate the situation to the point that guns are drawn and pointed.
The therapist made a significant comment, saying that if the cops would just admit they made a mistake that would go along way of defusing the situation and earning back some respect.  Instead the police force usually finds a way of blaming one of the victims and the injustice goes unpunished while an idiot cop remains on the force to use bad judgment on other situations.
There will be no short term solution to what is to come.  The pump has been primed well by massive disrespect toward citizens by the police.  Decades of bad will might mean a protracted war on police unless state and local government step up and begin setting things right.  Even the Justice department has begun warning cops that gangs have begun discussing the targeting of cops.   The police chief in Austin did the right thing when he described the brutality used against a school teacher during a traffic stop and suspended the officer involved.   When the day comes that the trainers and leaders of law enforcement officers begin calling a spade a spade then the citizen’s trust in law enforcement will begin to be reset.  Good cops will always need backing and respect but the bad apples MUST be rooted out and be dealt with using the rule of law.
How's it feel Adam Pugh?
SD 41 Challenger
By the Watchman
This candidate possess a challenge not only to the residents of Senate District 41, but also to the residents of House District 82. It would appear that he was undecided about what office to run for until the very last minute. It appears he thought it would be easier to fill an empty seat than it would be to take on an incumbent. We wouldn’t doubt that it is. As of now he faces a run-off election between himself and Paul Blair.
What led to the confusion on which office he was seeking was this article Adam Pugh for Oklahoma State House | Indiegogo. This article indicates that he had every intentions of running for the Seat in the House of Representatives. Don’t misunderstand us. We could use a lot more good solid conservatives in both chambers of the legislature. So it makes us sit up and take notice when he doesn’t follow through with what he had indicated. Its America he can do as he pleases, but we can’t help but ask why?
Barely a month after the previous article was published, we found this article The Okie » Pugh Announces For Edmond Senate Seat. All of a sudden he’s decided to run for Senate. The sudden change once again makes us ask why? What made him change his mind?
The next article of interest we found was this Pugh makes bid for House District 82 | Local News | This article just adds more confusion to the question as to what office he was going to run for until he actually filed for that office.
We next went to his campaign web site here  Pugh for Senate to see what information was available there. Right off the bat we noticed that he has failed to identify his party affiliation on his web site. If he is so ashamed to carry the Republican Brand on his campaign literature then why isn’t he running as an independent? This is a tactic used by liberal politicians throughout the country and it’s becoming more common in Oklahoma. Without that one flaw, Mr. Pugh has supplied more information on his biography page than most candidates ever will. It is highly recommended that he be  straight forward about his actual job in the Air Force. We know it can be done without letting out any National Security secrets. We do salute you and thank you for your military service.
We next went to the principals page of his web site  here  Pugh for Senate and he does have a pretty rounded platform, however it’s more of what he thinks people want to hear not actually what he intends to do.  We pulled one of those principals he follows and posted it here for you.
“A Patriot, not a politician    All too often our government, both locally and nationally, is made up of career politicians who have never served in the private or military sectors. That reality leaves a stark void of accomplishment where certain critical virtues of leadership and sacrifice are developed and proven.”
As we said everything you want to hear and nothing he can keep a promise on.
The next article of interest we found was this Adam Pugh - Ballotpedia.  This is where we found the election results of his bid for the House seat in 2014. We will say this much, unlike anyone we’ve seen before he financed his 2014 campaign out of his own pocket. That says a lot about the man in itself. He put $70,000.00 of his own money into that campaign.
The next article we found was this Adam Pugh Enters SD41 Campaign | The McCarville Report. It gives us a hint as to why he was not a pilot, but aircrew. The Air Force has a tendency to save all the pilot openings for their Academy grads.
We next went to to see what information they had available on Mr. Pugh. We started with his biography page and were surprised to see that there was less information there than what was on his campaign web site.
We next went to the Ratings and Endorsement pages to see what was available. As he had never held office, we were surprised to find that he actually had three endorsements. They are listed below:
2014 Oklahomans For Life                                            100%
2016 NRA                                                                               86%
2014 NRA Victory Fund                                                      0%
We next went to the Campaign Finance page provided by to see what they had on his campaign finances. The only information they had was the amount we indicated earlier where he self-financed his 2014 campaign. We verified this by going to and finding his 2014 records.
We also went through the state’s new system for campaign finance reporting and looked at his 2016 campaign finance reports. This time he did not try and pay for it out of his own pocket. We were able to get a list of donors  that was accurate up until June 13, 2016. Here is some of what we found.
Mar. 03, 2016     Loan from Candidate                                      $10,000.00
Apr.05, 2016       Farmers PAC                                                      $  1,000.00
Jun. 02, 2016      Ok. Ag Fund                                                       $  1,500.00
We could go on and on about this, but it gets monotonous. The man isn’t even elected and he’s already beholding to special interest groups. That’s a bad move. If you combine that with his work for the former Senator Rick Santorum, you’ll see Washington intrusion more and more. This is not a man that can be trusted to do your business.
Throughout His biography he attempts to mislead the public by using the word “Aviator”. Many will get the impression that he was a pilot. That is far from the truth of the matter. Those within the military community are fully aware of what his job was as an aviator aboard the type of aircraft he flew aboard. What it amounted to was a glorified airborne air traffic controller. Don’t let this smooth talking politician fool you.
There have recently been personal attacks made against his challenger in the Republican Party and an education activist that attempt to lay the blame of the dismal public education system in this state on them. The claims made by the individual is a longtime supporter of the Common Core Curriculum and still seeks to have it implemented in our education system today.  Mr. Pugh embraces these remarks instead of distancing himself from them which would indicate that he is in favor of a federal takeover of our education system and a dumbing down of our children. These are not Oklahoma values or virtues. He should have stayed in Pennsylvania where they would have been more accepting of these practices.
You as the voters now have the information on both candidates going into the runoff election for the State Senate seat Republican candidate. It’s now up to you to make your choice.
Konawa Tea Party
(4th) Tuesday July 26, 2016 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Kennedy Library - The Dougan Room
Konawa School, 701 W South Street
Speakers for this month’s meeting include   Bob Donohoo, Steve Byas - Civil Asset Forfeiture,  Rep. Josh Cockroft - Candidate for Dist. 27, and Bill Smith – Liberty
Frustrated Teachers aren’t Going to Make Good Legislators
By the Watchman
We here at the Sooner Tea Party fully understand the frustration of our educators regarding pay and classroom size. We have ourselves sat here and been amazed at the lack of leadership demonstrated by our political leaders at the state capitol year after year. We’ve watched the administrative staffs of most districts grow at a rate four times faster than the rate of the student population and three times faster than the rate of the number of educators. We’ve also witnessed many of our best educators leave the state because they could get better pay elsewhere. We do not believe that educators leaving the classroom during the school year is the appropriate way to get the changes they seek done.
To be completely open about this, we do not usually write about Democratic candidates or legislators unless they or their supporters have really made a mistake. This is one of those instances. Last week we mentioned one article contained in a blog written by a Tulsa school district teacher who thinks he’s so smart that he even amazes himself. It goes without saying that he was following Saul Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals, to the letter. That’s typical of what Democrats do. We hope that the parents in Tulsa have approved that their children are taught History by a socialist.
The first item of interest we found was this Kevin McDonald (Oklahoma) - Ballotpedia. We didn’t expect to find a lot of information on this page simply because Mr. McDonald has never held or ran for a political office before.  This does give you the facts that he is definitely running for the Senate District 41 that has been vacated due to term limits.
The next article of interest we found was this Standout Edmond teacher running for senator | News | This article was printed in the Edmond Sun on April 8, 2016 and is the first notification we have of his candidacy for the Senate District 41. Mr. McDonald was named the 2015-2016 Teacher of the Year for the Edmond Public Schools. This raises a question. Do we really want him in the Senate or would we prefer a teacher of his quality in the classroom. We would think that his students would suffer by missing his skills in the classroom during the legislative session each year.
We next went to his campaign web site here About - Kevin McDonald for Senate District 41. We were sorely disappointed in what we found. He is basing his entire platform on education and being an advocate for teachers. We agree that educating our children is vital to our future success as a nation. We also agree that top notch educators are needed to do that.  Where those educators would be more useful is getting both houses of the legislature to follow the state Constitution for a change. If you think times are tough now, just wait until the one cent sales tax hike goes into effect, if approved by voters that David Boren is trying to get. That’ll make Oklahoma the highest taxed state in the union. When that happens, companies will stop wanting to come to Oklahoma.
The next article of interest we found was this Memorial High School English teacher selected Edmond Teacher of the Year | This is the quality teacher that we need in our classrooms not roaming the halls of the capital. We understand his frustration and that of his colleagues. We and many other grass roots organizations have been fighting right alongside you for several years to get teachers a pay raise.
The next article of interest we found was this Edmond teacher details reasons to run for state senate | Oklahoma City - OKC - Now we urge you to open this link and watch the video. Mr. McDonald explains his reasons for running for office.
The next article we found, we won’t call it interesting but does show the prejudice of a person who looks only to demean the competition by name calling and no facts to support his statement is this Blue Cereal Candidate Profile: Kevin McDonald (D), Running for Senate District 41 - #OKElections16 | Blue Cereal Education . Once again we’ll say that we can understand being zealous towards a candidate, however when writing an article for consumption by the public you as a blogger or reporter or whatever you care to call yourself have to remain neutral.
It has become painfully clear that Mr. McDonald lacks the fortitude necessary to keep his supporters in control. Two instances come to mind. The first was the biased article written by the Tulsa Public Schools History teacher on his blog. The second was even more hateful. We found that a Senate candidate made a photo shopped picture of him wearing a KKK suit. The candidate blamed it on his Republican competitor, however we suspect it came from the Democratic competitor. This is the type of things they like to do. You can read the article here State Senate Candidate Holds Press Conference To Deny He’s In The KKK… | The Lost Ogle.
We tried to identify the number of teachers and administrators that were terminated due to budget cuts this year in the Edmond School District. We were unable to locate any specific numbers. We did find this article 59 teachers, administrators, support personnel retiring from Edmond schools | News | These were all retiree’s. We know that Edmond Public Schools are among the best in the state if not the nation and if they managed to get by with only those losses, we are glad to hear it. Somehow though we don’t think we are getting the full story.
We next went to to see what information they had available on him. We started with the Biography Page. What we did find was that prior to teaching in Edmond, he taught at Guthrie and was once named Teacher of the Year in Guthrie. From here we viewed all the other available files and there was nothing on file. We knew we had to dig deeper.
We next went to to see if they had any information on his campaign finance reports. Once again we drew a blank. They had nothing on him.
We next went to to see what they had available on his campaign finances. We know that he filed for office on April 12, 2016. There was one typographical error on the report that they had to correct and did so on May 3, 2016. That was a simple mistake that anyone could make and in fact happens more frequently than you would think. We found few surprises there. Many teachers and retired teachers donated to his campaign. There were a few lobbyists. We found two Community Organizers but it’s what we didn’t find that surprised us. We failed to find any contribution from either of the two teachers unions or any union at all. That is unusual. There wasn’t even a donation from the party.
The bottom line folks is we’ve got to do everything that we can to educate our children. Throwing money at the problem is not the only solution. Spending the funds we have wisely needs to be figured in on that as well. The biggest thing we as voters and tax payers can do is to ensure that our legislators obey the law and the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma. There are parts of the state government that can and should be eliminated. There are things our legislature is doing that based on the state Constitution are only allowed to be done by the city and county governments. The people at the capital no longer work for We the People. They are now owned and operated by the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. Our own State Treasurer informed us that there was a 7.7% decrease in revenue last quarter. The federal government has placed the state in a recession and all the clowns at the capital can think of is to raise taxes which will drive away business.
We are sure that Mr. McDonald is an outstanding teacher. We need him to stay in the classroom not in the Senate. He would do more for the state in the classroom than we could ever hope he could accomplish in the Senate. We need men and women like him to force legislators to stop giving out almost two billion dollars a year in tax credits to companies that don’t need them so we can start getting to work paying our teachers what they are worth.