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Visit Site |10/18/13


'Tis a short one this time as we draw your attention to a pair of hoolies a'happenin' for Halloween.
  • Boos and Booze on October 26
  • Tricks and Treats for the Wee 'Lil Ones on October 31
  • Halloween - It's An Irish Thing
Boos and Booze
It'll be a Haunted O'Halloween on Saturday, October the 26th.  DJ B Savvy will be raisin' the dead n' the un-dead startin' at 9pm and rollin' through to 1am.  Come as you are or don your favorite costume - those of you in costume will get a chance at $500 in cash and prizes
Quenchibility comes with a fright in the Spook-Tini.  Or Perhaps 'tis the $1 Zombie Shots that'll send a shiver up your spine.  There'll be plenty of other ghastly fun and frolic as the Halloween weekend gets Shamrockin' on the Southside!

Wee 'Lil Ones Tricks and Treats

Bring your Wee 'Lil Ghost and Goblins, Policemen and Princesses in for a pre-Trick-r-Treatin' meal.  Judy is whippin' up some specially spooky meals.  Those special creations and all our Wee Meal Deals will be free for those that are 12-n-under with an adult's paid meal.
There'll be additional trick or treatin' fun and plenty to keep everyone entertained and ready to haunt the 'hood back home.
Halloween's Origins 
Not many may know, but Halloween originated in ancient Irish (Gaelic) customs.  In fact, 'twas called Samhain in the Old Irish - meaning "Summer's End."  And was celebrated by donning disguises and going door to door singing songs for food - a bit of the Trick-or-Treatin' our wee lads enjoy today.  They also found their way through the night by hollowing out large beets or turnips to act as lanterns.  They even took the step of carving faces of spirits and goblins.  Perhaps 'twas a pumpkin they needed, for when the tradition spread to England, that became the custom and the name jack o'lantern was adopted.
So now you know from where 'tis we get our Halloween.  And now you know where to be come Saturday the 26th and then on Halloween itself!
N' Don't Forget to Remember 
Until then, May the Lord n' The Luck of the Irish Be With Ya...and don't be forgettin' to come by for the Pink Paddy ('tis for Breast Cancer, ya know) and to celebrate our German cousins with a Boulevard Brat smothered up in your favorite fixins'.
If'n you missed Judy n' Tim on TV41's KC Live - you can see them dishin' up great food here.
And a final reminder - if you'll be wantin' to do more for the cause of Breast Cancer, consider donatin' to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation through our Pink Paddy page on their website. 

Slainte' and God Bless

Paddy O'Quigley's