AshGPS: Firmware, Software Update Notification
for Spectra Precision, Ashtech, Magellan Professional, Thales Navigation
Mon 21 October 2012
In This Issue:
 ProMark 120 / ProMark 220 New Product Release
 ProMark Field Version 3.0 (for PM100, PM200, PM120, PM220) 
 MobileMapper Field V3.0 New Manual
 Geoid12A (for GNSS Solutions and GEOID extraction tool)
 Videos: On/Off Switch and others
 Connecting a ZMax, ZX, ZSurveyor to NTRIP/DIP without GSM Modules
 Musical Website Chairs
 Spectra MM100 or Trimble GEO 5?
New Stuff and Gossip
ProMark 120 / ProMark 220

New versions of the ProMark 100 and ProMark 200 were announced at InterGEO.

ProMark 120 replaces ProMark 100
ProMark 220 replaces ProMark 220

Prices remain the same!

Platform enhancements include:

                New GNSS Engine tracks GLONASS L2
                New Z-Blade GNSS Centric Engine (no US SV’s required for fix)
                Updated OS: 
                Enhanced Language Support: English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese

The ProMark 120 now includes RTK and NTRIP/IP options, standard. So any standard ProMark 120 receivers can be used as an L1 base / rover pair, optionally upgraded to GLONASS and L1/L2+G1/G2.

We hope to have inventory the first week of November, pricelists and brochures should be available on our website this week!

We do have plenty of PM100’s and PM200’s in stock, not to mention demo equipment. Look for killer deals on these receivers.

ProMark 100, ProMark 200 End of Sales Announcement

[  E O S  ]

Basically the PM100 and PM200 are no longer available for sale. Of course the PM120 and PM220 are now available, have more standard options and are the same price.

ProMark Field Version 3.0

A new version of ProMark Field is available for ProMark 100 and ProMark 200 devices. The new version is a major improvement, you can download the installer as a single ZIP file:
                [ here ]

Mobile Mapper Field Version 3.0

While there has been no official announcement of a new MobileMapper Field software product, the manual for just such an update is currently available on the public FTP site:
                [ here ]

Since I can't discuss this, you will have to look through the manual to see all the exciting new features.

GEOID 12A for GNSS Solutions

I have compiled the GEOID12A model for GNSS Solutions:
 [ G2012  ]
This is a digitally signed, self installing tool that should figure out where the correct place to put GEOIDS is and stick G12A there.
This is not an official Spectra Precision / Ashtech product, I personally produced it.
On / Off Switch on MobileMapper 100, ProMark 100, 120, 200, 220
The On/Off switch on the MobileMapper and ProMark series is hard to use. Hopefully an 8-minute video will straighten us all out. Really!
Check out: [ On Off Switch ] on YouTube

Some of My New Training Videos

Of course, if I can make an 8-minute video on an On/Off switch, just imagine what I can do with:
  0.3048 vs. 0.30480061 what is the difference?
  Why does my GPS measure distances short?
  Why is the elevation on my GPS receiver off 70 feet?
# 4
  How do you hold your receiver while collecting data to maximize accuracy?
Connecting a Z-Max/Z-Extreme to Network/VRS/DirectIP without a GSM Module
Have you ever needed to use a legacy ZMax (without GSM module), ZExtreme or ZSurveyor in an RTK Network?

Checkout my blog for details: [ ZMax to NTRIP/DIP ]
Musical Website Chairs
The  website now redirects the to the website, which is the old Ashtech website with optical instruments added in.
The old Spectra Precision website is now
So, I guess that the old SP website is going away.
I have to say that “Visually it looks like Ashtech just took over SP.” Of course, we all saw that coming.
Trimble vs. Spectra Precision Ashtech
Is it just me, or does the new Trimble GeoExplorer 5 look really similar to the SP Ashtech MobileMapper 100?
Just saying they look similar, that’s all.
For more information:
There is some interesting “fine print” at the bottom of the Geo5 information page:
“Trimble GeoExplorer 5 series handhelds are available in most regions but will not be available initially in North America or China. For further information contact your local Trimble reseller.”
It also looks like the Geo5 won’t (initially) have the L2G2 capability of the MM100. I wonder what the pricing might be?
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