How are YOU arriving at PEX Summer Festival?
Help us Leave No Trace, by teaming up with friends and PEX to reduce parking and emissions. Travel via the PEX BUS, From Manhattan or Brooklyn straight to Ramblewood, MD for only $60 Roundtrip!! Have fun with old friends and meet new ones! You will arrive at PEX Summer Festival Friday afternoon, on the bus PEX Provides.
Visit our Ticketing Site for more info
 Or YOU can CAR-pool
Got extra room in your car to PEX each year? Here is a simple way to SHARE the space in your car!
Simply register your car, it’s FREE on our PEX Summer Festival Group RideVu Page.
RideVu is a website designed to help you find friends to carpool with because traveling is always more fun when there are friendly shenanigans involved!! Sign up today as either a driver or a rider today!
We encourage carpooling to save on space and cost,  parking passes are limited and are selling fast. Don’t forget to purchase your parking passes.
Age Parameters
We are a 21+ event and you will be asked to provide an ID at check in. Children 8 years of age and under can attend the event only accompanied by a parent or guardian and who must be with them and in attendance during the entire event. Children 8 years of age and under are free.
Leaved no Trace!!!
We are a Leave No Trace community. Whatever you pack in you should pack out. Plan on taking all of your trash with you, do not leave trash bags in fields or by the trash cans. We want to be invited back to Ramblewood and so we must respect the staff and grounds.
2018 Ticket Reminders
Don't forget your tickets! The festival has sold out every year, if you haven't purchased your ticket yet don't delay, because once they're gone..... well they're gone!
Ticket Info
We value participation in the creation of PEX Summer Festival and encourage you to let us know how you would like to be a part of this event.
To celebrate and recognize the participants and lifeblood of the entire PEX community, we will be gathering for an intimate collective experience. For this reason PEX Summer Festival is by invitation only.
Invitation codes are going out every Friday until we sell out!
Each invitation is a one time use, good for the purchase of up to two event tickets, you do not need a ticket code for a bus ticket, meal plan or car parking pass.
If you have participated in the festival in the last two years you will receive an invitation! If you attended last year but bought your ticket from someone else we may not have your email address so you should Request an Invitation! If you want to join us for the first time or are returning from hiatus you should Request an Invitation!
Car passes
For several years now we’ve sold car passes in order to control the number of cars on site, all cars that arrive will be required to pre-purchase a parking pass OR a car camping pass. A limited number will be sold and we highly encourage our community to share rides and car pool or take the bus if you don’t need your car.
All money that comes in through Parking Passes will go directly towards growing the Art Grant funds for 2019. Don't forget to get yours as they will sell out and once they are gone they are gone, and no passes will be sold at the gate!
No really they sell out every year!!!
Car Parking Pass
Giant Bear & the PEX Posse
Check the website to organize your daily schedule of events