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Smackdown At the
Oklahoma County GOP Convention
Citizens Activists Force GOP Officials
to Allow Registered Republicans to Vote
9:11pm Mar 3
There is a local republican lobbyist who comes into my place of business. Today he entered looking very disheveled. I asked him what was wrong. He said, "I just came back from the county convention, and it was like occupy Ron Paul. Those people are absolutely crazy!" He made some mention of afros and nose rings. I just smirked. Good job shaking things up, guys.
  "It was the best of times: it was the worst of times.  It was dark intrigue in high places followed by anarchy in the trenches. It was pretentious speeches about the tradition of honor and fair play in the GOP followed by helpless laughter for obvious reasons. It was the Oklahoma County Republican Convention 2012."       
        Charles Dickens and P.H. 
I wrote this my own perspective.  There is lots of back story that I don’t know, and lots of players who I can’t identify, hereafter referred to as “suits”.   I have no press credentials: I was just there. 
 Ron Paul supporters believe that he is the last chance for our republic.  Like the Blues Brothers we are on a mission from God. But we play by the GOP rules.  We showed up at the Oklahoma county precinct meeting and got ourselves elected as delegates. We filled out the paperwork and turned it in and waited for the confirming Emails from the GOP.  Around 45 of them never came, including mine.   According to the GOP’s own rules, the delegate list was supposed to be posted at least 10 days prior to the convention. The list was never posted, despite several calls and requests.  
            Since many of us had no confirmation that we were delegates, we had a meeting the evening before the convention at Al Gerhart’s carpenter shop and decided that if we were excluded, it would not be business as usual at the GOP.  We would petition for a redress of grievances and get answers and establish an even playing field according to the existing rules before proceeding with the game.  
            I arrived early at the convention, was treated with courtesy, and had no problems.  I signed in, presented my voter ID, and was given a delegate name tag.  But there was a long line outside the “credentials” area.  I talked to lots of Ron Paul supporters, and heard some strange tales. 
 For instance, Kathryn, a retired nurse, was supposed to be a delegate, but was not on the list.  She was one of five people who attended her precinct meeting, and one of the four delegates chosen, after which the precinct chairman closed the delegation.  However, not only was Kathryn denied delegate status, but the Oklahoma County GOP, against their own rules, opened her precinct delegation after it was closed by the members, and inserted two people of their own choosing, one of whom did not even attend the precinct meeting. 
Luckily, one of the original four chosen delegates was a young attorney who reviewed the GOP rules and was able to get this irregularity resolved with the credentials committee. 
Some people said they were denied delegate status because, mysteriously, the paperwork they submitted could not be found.  Most of us had taken pictures of the precinct documents with our cell phone cameras, and brought print-outs, and many of the issues were resolved this way.  Had we not mistrusted the GOP officials we too would have been denied the right to attend the convention and vote.  Why did we take pictures?  Many of us remembered the incident in 2008 when Tulsa activist Angela Daniels stood her ground on the same issue and was rewarded by then State Chair Gary Jones going into a back office and then angrily slamming down a thick stack of "missing" documents while screaming "There!"
            The convention convened at 9:00 a.m., and there were speeches and introductions.  Then it was time to begin the business part and the voting, but too many people were still tied up in the credentials area.  So Matt gave several political figures a five minute heads up that he wanted them to speak. After several more speeches, Matt threw the agenda away, in a symbolic gesture, and people began to mill around and drift away. 
 I drifted back to the credentials area where one disenfranchised Ron Paul delegate, Warren, was juggling five rubber balls.  He was a fantastic juggler.  He was also bored.  By now it was about two hours past the time when business was supposed to commence.  Like me, Warren had spent several hours at the February 6th precinct meeting getting elected as a delegate, and now it was back to square one.
 It was almost noon, so I left and got a sandwich and read the Gazette. When I got back, people were still milling aimlessly around.  I sat down in my precinct area and started re-reading Robert’s Rules of Order.  Then I heard Al’s voice calling "Point of Order" meaning that the rules were not being followed.   People started filing down the central isle to back Al up and it was game on!
 The credentials committee had reinstated all but thirteen delegates, and the business meeting was ready to commence.  Al advised the suits that the people lined up had not been given satisfactory reason for being excluded, that massive corruption was done in the Credentials Committee, and that those kicked out deserved the time to present their issues openly to the convention for resolution. 
 The suits were agitated.  One stated that the chairman of the credentials committee had a sterling reputation and had served the GOP with honor for a long time and everyone, including the excluded delegates, should just accept his decisions for that reason.  Trust us they said! 
The excluded delegates declined, opting for an examination of the actual facts concerning their exclusion.  The suits indicated that would take too long and delay GOP business.
              Speaking for the excluded delegates, Al began, once again, to explain their right to be heard according to GOP rules. The suits had a conference.  There was a suggestion from the floor that we just amend the credentials report to reinstate all disputed delegates as long as they had a current Oklahoma County voter ID for the Republican Party.  Heated discussion all around!  The suits were concerned that the mess that they had caused in the first place by not sending Email notices or posting a list, and trying to arbitrarily exclude over forty delegates, was taking too long to resolve.
            In weariness and desperation they called for a vote.  There was so much mistrust by this time that we went with a role call vote, precinct by precinct, with people handwriting backups and videotaping the results on the projector to prevent further dishonesty.  Several Ron Paul delegates were up front by now with their phone or video cameras.  We were just documenting the heck out of this vote!
When the results were tallied, the Ron Paul people won, 181 to 174!  All our delegates were back in!  And not just that – the thirteen reinstated delegates gave us a solid majority at the convention.  Or to be more accurate, twelve, since one of the excluded delegates was actually a Mitt Romney supporter. He had been swept into the GOP Ron Paul net by mistake, I suppose, in the same way that dolphins are sometimes swept up with the tuna. 
The GOP officials were forced to re open their credential’s table, digging out all the gear needed to make the little hanging neck tags.  Some of them were elated and joyous, having had to deal with the corruption within the Oklahoma County Republican Party, preferring to stick it out rather than abandon the average GOP voter to the unfettered predetations of the corrupt GOP officers.  But other GOP officials were wailing and gritting their teeth as they were forced to do the right thing.
            This is the point where the veneer of civilization broke down.  By the time the vote results were posted, the Ron Paul people had bonded like superglue and the suits were deep into revisionist history  about how the Ron Paul people were bringing chaos into the convention and playing fast and loose with the rules. 
             Debate began on the party adding 15% of the total delegate count by their own authority, after the convention, from people of their choosing who had missed the convention because of sickness, family emergencies, or other legitimate reasons.  Funny how those same reasons didn’t  cut it for the Ron Paul delegates a few hours before in the credential committee room. 
The Ron Paul supporters opined that 5% should take care of all legitimate cases and a young man had prepared an amendment to that effect.  The GOP suits took exception and started once again to invoke the long honorable history of the party and how they just wanted to make sure no one was excluded. 
Why, heroes from Afghanistan may have missed the convention because they returned from active duty a few days too late!  This outrageous statement elicited a shout of “You are just trying to stack the deck” and  “don’t wrap the flag around it!”  At this, the undercurrent of laughter broke the surface and the tension and frustration of a very long day spilled over.  
            This amendment was defeated, and the 15% stands.   Many of us were a bit puzzled how we lost on the second vote after winning the first vote with 12 fewer delegates on our side.
 Strangely, by this time many of us felt a pleasant camaraderie with everyone in the room.  After all, we were all patriots engaged in the process to save our republic and pass the torch of liberty to our children, as is our right and duty.  These engagements should be energetic and robust.  Watch congress on youtube sometime!  Or a Ron Paul campaign meeting where we disagree with each other and get loud.  The underlying cause of saving liberty is much more powerful than any of these surface agitations, and our friendships and loyalty remain strong. 
 As I stated above, the Ron Paul supporters are bonded like superglue because the issue at stake is the survival of our republic and LIBERTY.  And we are fighting for the liberty of all those who oppose us as well as our own.
            “I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.”       Thomas Jefferson
Editors note: 
The article above was sent from a Ron Paul supporter that had emailed us after the convention.  As she stated in her letter, she was unaware of much of the background information on what went on.   After talking with several that were present and up front when much of the controversy occurred, here is a little illumination on why things went the way they did.
Be sure and read the next to the last story in this newsletter to get the full story of what went down. It is disgusting to have to recount the story but if we don't the problem will not go away.
Rumors of over 50 Ron Paul supporters kicked off the delegate list were floating around late last week.  Dozens of Republican Ron Paul supporters didn’t receive the email from Oklahoma County informing them that they were a delegate despite their attendance at the requisite precinct meetings.  Some were supposedly not found on the Republican voter rolls, others were seated in the wrong precinct due to the massive confusion at the February 6th precinct meeting.   
These GOP officials aren't the sharpest knife in the drawer and they proved it at the February precinct meetings when they told over 300 people to all stand up and shout out their precinct number so that the others in the precincts could find them.....  Finally one of the more intelligent ones took the microphone and started calling out precinct numbers. 
When the Ron Paul State Coordinator talked to the Oklahoma County  GOP Chair on Thursday  the number of removed delegates supposedly had dropped to between 12 and 16 voters that needed to be put through the credential process on Saturday morning.    And there are always some that slip through the crack when dealing with three hundred people and the Ron Paul supporters were assured that anyone showing up with a valid Oklahoma County voter ID and a photo ID card would be allowed into the convention.  Now you and I would assume that a thirty second peek at the ID cards would have been sufficient. 
But the corruption swung into action as Credentials Committee singled out over 40 Ron Paul supporters, even Senator Ralph Shortey, one of the Ron Paul Co Chairs, was required to prove that he was a Republican.  And Senator Shortey was at the precinct meetings in February!  That didn't stop Representative Gary Banz from waltzing into the room uninvited and waltzing back out 45 seconds later with his credentials approved.  See, Gary Banz is a RINO, one of their kind. 
Three and a half hours later 28 Republican voters that had attended the February precinct meetings had survived the questioning leaving 13 registered Republican Ron Paul supporters and another half dozen Republicans kicked out as delegates.  Something tells me that they knew exactly how many Ron Paul supporters they needed to throw out.
You really couldn’t put your finger on the disrespected Republican’s “type”.  We had a Doctor that was told that her sudden emergency case was not a good enough reason to miss the February 6th precinct meetings, a young precinct chairman who was told that his newly reissued voter ID card “proved” that he wasn’t a Republican on February 6th, another that was told that his lack of “involvement” in party would prevent him from being a delegate, and another young man that was involved in several Republican college organizations, serving as an officer in one, and despite having voted Republican the last four elections he was told that he too wasn't "involved" enough. 
The massive redistricting in our state meant that a lot of voters received new voter cards if their precinct number had changed.   My card was re-issued in January but it in no way proves when I actually became a Republican, the date reflects when the car was re-issued. 
Other discrepancies were delegates that had attended their precinct meeting were kicked off the delegate list and people that had not attended were put in their place.  In one egregious example a legislator had been specifically voted down as a delegate at her precinct meeting, only to be given one of the delegate slots and another slot awarded to her husband who hadn't attended the precinct meetings.   Of course the precinct papers were marked as a closed delegation which meant that no one was allowed to be added to the delegate list. 
There were other instances of legislators or former legislators being given credentials despite their not attending the precinct meetings.  Others were thrown off the delegate list and replaced by people that hadn’t chosen to be a delegate! 
But the most crucial part of the story was what happened after Mr. Gerhart called "Point of Order" and slammed the brakes on the corruption.  Despite having an agreement with the grassroots leaders that Al would handle the kicked out delegate issue and the grassroots leaders would handle the added delegates after the convention issue; a grassroots leader unwisely interfered in the process. 
Al had stunned the GOP officials by stopping the convention and had the majority of the crowd on his side with his demand to allow those kicked off the delegate list to speak.  It was critical that everyone in that room hear just how flimsy the excuses were so that they could understand just how crooked the GOP officials were.  Yes, there were a few that were fighting the corruption but allowing the same bunch to add 15% more delegates after the convention would be an invitation to pack their RINO supporters onto the list and to prevent our latecomers to attend. 
But a Ron Paul supporter named Steve Dickson stood up and made a motion before Al finished his Point of Order explanation.   Had this man kept his mouth shut, those thirteen Republican voters would have been heard and the crooked GOP officials would have been solidity exposed.   According to the plan, Al's next move was to have made a motion to suspend the rules and allow these visitors to state their case. 
Frustrated by the interference, Al had no choice but to support the "friendly" amendment and miss the opportunity to cement the facts firmly in the attendee's minds.  To do otherwise would have exposed a schism between the Ron Paul supporters and weakened our hand.
Even worse was the fact that the motion had been made without specifying that the Republican voters must be Oklahoma County residents to be added as a delegate!  There were dozens of visitors sitting in the visitor's section, many that were not Ron Paul supporters, and this misguided motion would have swept all of them into our delegation even if they didn't live in our county!  Luckily Dickson accepted Al's demand that the motion be modified to specify only Oklahoma County registered Republicans.
What came next though shows the need for trained activists instead of well meaning but blundering supporters interfering.   Dickson was being convinced by the "suits" that his motion to amend must wait till after the entire credentials committee report was approved!  Some of us were thinking "Idiot!  Don't you realize that once the report is approved it can't be amended!".  At that point Al was in the midst of the crowd of "suits" crowded around our seemingly hapless interloper and stating not only no, but Hell No, the amendment would be accepted first and voted on before the credentials committee report was approved.
This is a teachable moment.  The "suits" had seized on the opportunity to split the movement by what seemed appeared to be innocent mistakes of a well intentioned but ignorant Ron Paul supporter.   The GOP officials had heard Al tell them that he had a dozen or more points to cover and that we can be here all night if that is what it takes.  Threats of closing the convention without electing delegate were laughed at as the idle threats they were so the GOP crooks were desperate to seize the opportunity to prevent the kicked out Republicans from having their say and gleefully led Mr. Dickson down a rabbit hole.
This explains the loss of the second issue, allowing the same crooked GOP officials to pack the delegate list by up to 15% between the county convention and the district and state conventions.  The GOP officials had found someone "reasonable" to work with, prevented the full story of the credential committee corruption from being told, and enabled them to negate the earlier victory that seated 12 more Ron Paul supporters and enabled them to potentially seat another 45 RINOs after the convention ended.
Few understand that politics is a fist fight not a reasonable negotiation between reasonable equals.  Al had them on the ropes until what appeared to be useful idiots got in the way and turned a rout into a partial victory.  The vast number of Ron Paul supporters never understood just how much had been lost through the actions of what appeared to be one undisciplined supporter unwilling to stick to an agreement.  Not only that, but why would a person with no standing in the official national campaign stand against the State Coordinator?  Why buck the very man that was appointed by Ron Paul to lead the effort in Oklahoma?
The answer will become clear in another story at the end of this newsletter and it is a sad tale of petty strife and complaint, of a willingness to lick the hand of the oppressors in a vain hope of begging scraps from the table rather than standing tall and fighting for what is right.
English Only Please
Assimilation to American Culture
By R.H.
There comes a time in the life of an immigrant to this country, when they must decide to assimilate to the country itself. That includes learning the laws, the customs, the history and above all the language.
Without the language, a person has a hard time expressing themselves to the rest of the public. For years now, Representative Terrill has attempted to have an English only bill passed in the House, and for years it has failed. I would expect more of the same this year especially since this bill doesn't fit with the Speakers social justice agenda
You can read the entire bill here:.
The bill makes English the official state language of the bill, requires that the state use only the English language in it’s official actions and activities.  There is an exception for any requirement of the state constitution of the Federal constitution and the final decision is by the people of the state through a state question.  Funding to teach English to non English speaking students is still allowed.  Forcing an employer to allow Spanish in the work place is also prevented.
Also required is for state agencies determine what they are spending on interpreters, expenses, wages, salaries, or charges to help employees or contractors learn a language other than English,  preparation, translation, printing, or recordation of documents, records, brochures, pamphlets, flyers, or other materials in a language other than English, and wage differentials or benefits provided to employees or contractors because they are expected to speak languages other than English while providing or performing services for the state, and
This is one of the simple bills. It is truly just common sense. What's not figured in here is the money saved in printing cost and interpreters by not having to print the same forms in multiple languages and not having to hire someone to interpret for these people. Some say that's an inconvenience for the immigrant, I say it's not. They came to this country for an opportunity. Part of that opportunity included the chance to become an American. That involves familiarizing yourself with the customs, the language and the writings of the Nation you immigrated to. Granted there are times when even the best training will not get you through. Those are the times of extreme mental anguish and sorrow. Those are the only exceptions I can see for not imposing this law. The only thing stopping it is the social justice agenda of Speaker Steele. Step aside Mr. Speaker and make this bill happen.
Chamber of Commerce to the Rescue
Tax Credits for the Aerospace Sector
By R.H.
Only in the Great State of Oklahoma can a veteran be forced to wait five years to get his tax credits, while a State Senator plots to give tax credits to the Aerospace sector not only near immediately, but backdated to 2009. Way to go Senator Mazzei. These are both your proposals.
To date, thankfully, this bill has gone nowhere. Let’s hope it stays that way. There are more problems with this bill than you can shake a stick at. To begin with, this proposal would violate a moratorium on tax credits that was in effect from July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011. This was pointed out to the Finance Committee in the Fiscal Report from the Oklahoma Tax Commission. You can see the report here.
Now this bill as proposed, SB 1190, modifies existing law and makes new law at the same time. Most of the modifications are simple word changes. You can read the entire bill here.
“Para 5: in part “For purposes of this paragraph, prior employment in the aerospace sector shall not include employment or contracting with a qualified employer as an intern on a non-permanent basis;”
You can't get much more transparent than this. This was written to cover people coming in from the Boeing plant in Wichita, Kansas. Can somebody tell me why these people deserve a better break than our veterans who have fought for us do?
This bill is an insult to every Veteran in the State of Oklahoma. Many of us are Combat Veterans. Many of us are Disabled Veterans and we are waiting for our tax break, and yet you want to give an immediate tax break to a bunch of yahoos who look at aircraft plans every day. Give me a break.
This year, even with the increased revenues from sales tax collections, this state is expected to experience a five hundred million dollar shortfall in revenue. You can read the projections here: States Continue to Feel Recession’s Impact — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. This is not the time to be giving out tax credits. This is the time to be cutting the bloated state budget. This is the time to be looking at a pay cut for the Representatives and Senators.
I have an idea for you Senator Mazzei. Instead of trying to pass a bill to benefit you buddies at the Chamber of Commerce, why don't you get a Joint Resolution or Consensus stating that it is the Conscious of the House and Senate that the Flags at all State Offices should be flown at half-staff upon the news of the death of an Oklahoma soldier and shall remain so until his or her burial. Maybe then you can start making up for what you did to the Veterans of this great state.
Here is a list of the rascals that need phone calls in order to stop this corporate welfare scheme.  Tell them to stop SB 1629.
Senator Brian Crain, Committee Chairman, (405) 521--5620; Sen. Rick Brinkley (405) 521-5566;
 Sen. Rob Johnson (405) 521-5592;
Sen. Dan Newberry (405) 521-5600;
Sen. Steve Russell (405) 521-5618;
Sen. Mike Schultz (405) 521-5612;
President Pro Tempore Brian Bingman (405) 521-5528.  
When Your Vote and Voice Matter
Weeding Out Corruption in State Government
By R. H.
HJR 1071
Finally a piece of legislation to close some of the loop holes in the good old boys system in Government Employment. This is a proposed Amendment to the Oklahoma Constitution, and must go to a vote of the citizens of this great state.. You can read the entire legislation here. 
Basically the legislation prevents increasing the pay for government agencies, closes a loophole in existing law to prevent former legislators from working for the government.  The legislation does allow former teachers to return to the classroom and prohibits legislators from working for state agencies.
They have made a stumbling start to clean up the government. There is no doubt that event over the last year drove the changes reflected in this piece of legislation. It's a shame that it comes too late to protect the people of Oklahoma from the dictatorial power sought by the Speaker. I would urge all members of the House and Senate to vote YES on this bill. I would further urge you to start work on legislation to return power to the people to harness their power to remove corruption from office by the recall election. That is what is truly needed.
HB-3114, Rep.Hickman
By Ms. D.B.
 This is another addition to the group of firearms bills presented by Rep. Hickman. It is to clarify the  manner in which firearms may be carried by handgun licensees. It takes conceal carry to a entirely different level. It would allow licensed gun carriers the right to also show that they had a gun.
I would like to take a trip down memory lane with the open carry topic. Does anyone remember last year’s SB-129 that Rep. Hickman supposedly was co-producer of? It was the one that so many were in favor of because it supported our 2nd amendment right. It didn't pass due to lack of support by the Representatives who wrote it. It like the new HB-3114 supported the constitutional right  of our second amendment. When it was all said and done Rep. Hickman didn't even show up with his support by voting. His excuse was he figured it would slide on through. In other words-he had better things to do.
 This noncommittal attitude leads me to believe that Rep.Hickman doesn't support the 2nd Amendment , nor does he really have interest in supporting gun rights at all. His behavior is that of a dog and pony show with it's only purpose being to bamboozle his constituents. In reality, it just isn't that important to him.

Is that the mentality that he hopes he receives at election time?  Experience says that when there is an issue that is truly an interest it is supported to completion. Is he setting us up for another disappointment? Has he blocked off his calendar for the event? Is it possible for him to act with the interest of the people in mind? Or will it be just another string along strictly for show and personal gain.
 The track record of Rep. Hickman says that constitutional right or not, if it isn't something that benefits him then his efforts in getting it passed are not dependable. The conservatives need to make it clear to Rep. Hickman that this time , for a change , he needs to concentrate on bills that uplift our constitution with the same interest he gives to the ones that benefit him financially.
Senator Big Government Brown
SB-999, SB-1059 / Senator Brown
Ms. D.B.
Despite the objections of all the people who do not want more government access snooping around in their health information, the Senate Retirement and Insurance committee (AKA-Brown's Big Government Health Information bills) continue to press on like our voice means nothing. SB-999 is Brown's attempt to do something for consumers, or so he says.
Save the bull Senator Brown. In reality, what it would accomplish is help in making government bigger, and more into our personal business. Brown has tried to bring forth a bill previously SB 411, but it failed. Research stopped it and labeled it for what is was.  A government information gathering masked as just another website just for our convenience. It failed because of the people calling to make it known they were not going for it.
Please note how quickly the state legislation has lined up with the Feds. Not only doing what they know the people are against, they ask no questions. They appear to not really have enough information themselves to know what to ask. They work diligently like a bunch of mice running around our feet, avoiding the facts, dodging questions to try and push it through as quickly as possible. Brown still insists that it is just a website of health information for the public. Say cheese Senator Brown.
 Either he is really this stupid in denial of the obvious, or his actions speak for him, and that would be  being a string puppet with the limited vocabulary consisting of a list of lame excuses. Senator Brown, would a strictly informative website just for me need to know all and every personal piece of information about me? Don't you think that I already have such information? So then, who is it really for? Would I need this website to tell me my banking information? Of course not. I know all that. What it does do is say that you’re a liar. The fact that you disregard the justified questions makes your integrity less than acceptable as part of the leadership.
SB-1059 stated purpose is to "allow insurers authorized to engage in the business of insurance in other states. If so Okla. governing policies would not apply. If this is allowed then exactly where is this data base? Does this bill state nowhere that the data base must reside in Okla.? Do you have the permission of the people to hand out personal information? Do third parties have access? Mr. Brown has stated that "there is much misinformation about this bill". Ok. Then why don't you just explain to the people what you do know starting with the questions that I just stated. Most likely you can’t, and if not why don't you take the next step and try finding out. The final question is are you truly someone that was elected by the people of this state for representation?? If so, you have failed pathetically.
Clarifying the Use of Force
HB-2702 Rep.Vaughn
Ms. D.B.

HB2702 , by Rep.Vaughn . The purpose of this bill is to clarify the manner in which the use of deadly force can lawfully be used. Previously written a person was legally covered by the guidelines of The Castle Doctrine which gave a person the right to protect himself from a violent attack using deadly force.
What this adds is the right to protect yourself against an attacker that is trying to inflict harm by means of deception. This seems justified because not all attacks are initial displays of violence especially if the intended attack is premeditated.
If anyone is familiar with deception Rep.Vaughn surely is. After all, he was on the list of the "Dirty Thirty" that chose the State Chamber over their constituents.
While bill HB2702 stands to be of value somewhere in the background he has been a busy bee working on other hidden agendas. Better keep a close eye on this flipper flopper.
Modifying Conditions Related to Carrying Firearms
by Ms. D.B.
HB-2332 by Rep. Moore relates to the conditions under which firearms may be carried legally. This bill would make it legal to open carry a firearm on a person’s private property for any legitimate reason. The previous version made it legal to hunt or target shoot, but did not allow firearms to be open. 
The rules described have never really made any sense, and obviously needed to be updated. It would appear that in the past the way that people looked at firearms may have caused such restrictions.
Let’s face it, who hunts or target shoots at home, and each individual should have the right to be in control of his own private property and possessions. This puts the responsibility where it should be; with the individual.
Conditions Under Which
Firearms May be Carried
HB-2998, by Rep.Newell
By Ms. D.B.
HB-2998 introduced by Rep. Newell is to modify the definition of concealed handguns. It has been modified so that its definition is" The Presence of which is not openly visible by ordinary observation by a reasonable person. This bill also gives private property owners the right to restrict concealed firearms from their property such as a business or employer. 
If a public place, they can prohibit anyone from carrying a concealed firearm onto property, but are required to have signs posted. They have the right to enforce this right by denying access, and can inflict a penalty of not more than $100.00 if they have to call the law to enforce it. Like the HB2332 the right to inflict the rules in given to the property owner.
Judy, Judy, Judy
By Ms P.M.
Warning, Will Robinson, Warning, Warning
This Story is offensive
I commend Senator Judy McIntyre for upholding her right to protest although there is something disturbing about these elected officials not being held to a higher standard, they are groomed to know better.
With all the "rhetoric" about toning down this type of thing, as I see it, the outward justification is because she happens to be passionate about this issue. This picture without doubt explains her side but I would bet if someone of a different Party pulled this type of demonstration she would have a conniption fit. You can read the article here. 
There is no need for this type of fanfare. It's time to grow up and stop pretending you are someone you are not. This incident is a perfect example of the hatred shared between Party's. Let's stir it up a little more, offend people that are just as passionate but do it in a way that stomps hard just to get your point across. There is a time and place for everything and this is neither. Go home Senator and take your child-like behavior to your corner and think about it a while. Disgusting!
Here Comes the Judge
By Ms P.M.
Well folks....You better sit down, shut up and listen. A Pennsylvania Judge has used his courtroom to push Sharia Law. You can read the full story here.
In a nutshell this nut, Judge Mark Martin, has dismissed assault charges against a Muslim who allegedly choked a man for wearing a "zombie Muhammad" costume at a Halloween party because it offended Islam. Following along the lines of "zombieism" there was a costumed "zombiefied" Catholic Pope.
Police officer Bryan Curtis witnessed the assault, intervened and charged the "choker" with harassment. Even though Curtis brought a case that showed proof beyond a reasonable doubt, Judge Martin dismissed the case...but not before brandishing a Quran along with his doofus speech to the man that was choked.
The Judge stated he had the benefit of spending over two-and-a-half years in Muslim countries. Given his accomplishment, I would like to be his huckleberry and donate the money for a one way ticket back. 
Obama Care/Fallin Care
Rears its Ugly Head Again
By D.B and R.H.
How many times do these lame brain politicians have to be told that the People of Oklahoma have rejected Obama/Fallin care? Apparently Senator Brown just doesn't get it. To make matters worse, Senator Brecheen decided to add his name to this piece of garbage they call legislation. Senate Bill 999 seeks to implement parts of Obama/Fallin care by directing the “Insurance Department” to set up “in collaboration with the State Department of Health” a comprehensive health care information system. You can read the bill here.    
These two big government liberals are out to grow the size of government again. They seek to do this with a website that “permits consumers to see approximate pricing” on health care products. Have they considered the cost of developing the program, or the cost of maintaining the program? How about the cost of staff required to maintain the program? Where is the cost for office space and equipment for this program even considered?
They have lofty goals for this program. Section 1 Para B. 1 states in part: “Serve as a resource for insurers, employers, providers, purchasers and state agencies” This gives priority to everyone but the consumer. Hello Senators. Remember the citizens. Why aren't they receiving top priority? Oops I forgot. You have to repay the State Chamber of Commerce.
Para B.2 “Enhance the ability of consumers and employers to make informed and cost-effective health care choices. Do you really think we're that dumb? We all know that the system is only as good as the information you put into it. Information of this nature is better left to an open market solution not government cronyism.
Para C States in part “comparative consideration shall be made regarding geography, demographics, general economic factors and institutional size.” Now this sounds suspiciously like channeling business to the larger institutions. You know the old saying. “Move along nothing to see here” is a lie. This is better hidden than most, but is still paying back the State Chamber of Commerce.
Para D Directs the Insurance Department and the State Health Department to enter into a “memorandum of understanding for collaboration”. This is typical of cooperative agreements between government agencies.
Para D.2. “The criteria and procedures for the development of limited use data sets;” Who decides the limiting factors? Since this deals with a person’s choices, shouldn't all information be made available.
Para D.3. “The criteria and procedures to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal laws; and”. This part is critical to the implementation of Obama/Fallin care. Despite the fact that Oklahoman's resoundingly rejected Obama care, we still have the Senate trying to pass laws that would implement its intrusions on our personal liberties through the back door. We are not dumb. We already know what arguments they'll make.
Para E. This is, perhaps, the only good section of this bill. It prohibits the use of “personal identifiers.” Those identifiers include as stated in part “the name, street address, e-mail address, telephone number or social security number of an individual.” This is a good thing.
Now these good liberal Senators will make the claim that this bill is to help insulate the state from a federal takeover of our health care system. I will admit, it's an argument with some merit, however there are things they can place in this bill that would truly protect all Oklahoman's from both a federal and a state takeover of our health care system. A simple statement at the beginning of the bill claiming in words something to the effect that the  Patient Affordable Care Act is found to be Unconstitutional andshall become NULL and VOID in Oklahoma.
This bill passed the Senate Retirement and Insurance Committee on February 15, 2012, with no vote recorded, and was referred to the Senate Appropriations Committee. To date, no apparent action has been taken within the Appropriations Committee. This may be a good thing. With any luck, Senator Jolly will allow this bill to die in committee. Should it make it to the floor, I would strongly urge all Senators to vote no on this bill. Oklahoman's have already rejected this measure.
Oh, The RINOs Are Getting Desperate
Useful Idiots or Saboteurs?
Mike McCarville, or should I say Chamber ho Neva Hill cranked the spin machine up to the limits last week after an email to corrupt Cleveland County Vice Chair Lisa Shriver was given to the McCarville Report.  Joining in were a host of Ron Paul "supporters" who in reality were grassroots leaders miffed over Al's appointment to lead the official Ron Paul Campaign in Oklahoma.
As always there is more left out than what was included in the story.  Several weeks ago Cleveland County grassroots activists started demanding the Cleveland County delegate list from GOP Chair Bobby Cleveland.  Bobby had been playing nice lately so Al stepped in to defend him, telling the Ron Paul grassroots activists to wait till ten days before the convention when GOP law stated that the list had to be shared with any registered Republican.  Privately Al spoke with Bobby Cleveland and received assurances that the list would be shared in electronic format.
Not that it was a surprise, but it turned out that Bobby Cleveland hadn't changed his stripes and had set up Vice Chair Lisa Shriver as the whipping girl, shielding himself from criticism for not releasing the list.  Nowhere in the article nor in the nasty comments afterward was the basic fact stated, that Ms. Shriver had broken the rules of the State GOP by not returning emails or phone calls to registered Republicans.   She was actively trying to prevent the list from being easily available and we will tell you why at the bottom of this article.
Joining in the fray was Matt Pinnell, notorious for claiming support for the Tea Party movement while telling a legislative Caucus meeting last March that Al had been "contained" with the GOP/John Birch Society led destruction of the OCA, the 35 member umbrella group led by Al in 2010, the same group that had put through 4 major bills to the Governor's desk :  Opt out of Obama Care bill, Firearms Freedom Act (a tenth Amendment bill), the Anti RFID Chip in the Drivers license bill, and a full blown Open Carry bill.
As late as Wednesday,  before Al's rebuke to the corrupt Cleveland County vice Chair Lisa Shriver, Matt Pinnell had a meeting with the notorious Richard Engle in which Matt Pinnell had firmly stated that "Al Gerhart has got to go".  Now given Engle's record of a lack of veracity in such  circumstances, we took this with a grain of salt, but the naked stance taken by State GOP Chair Matt Pinnell in the McCarville Report email apparently proves that the State GOP has it in for the Ron Paul effort.
But more telling, and also completing our top story about the brawl at the Oklahoma County GOP Convention is Steve Dickson's part in the March 2nd McCarville articles and his subsequent comments on the website.   Steve Dickson wasn't a well intentioned Ron Paul supporter blundering into the brawl at the convention; it appears that he was someone with an ax to grind hell bent on using the Ron Paul supporters to achieve his agenda.  And that agenda included damaging the Ron Paul campaign and its chosen leader.
Does one have to stretch the imagination to find that Dickson is most likely a saboteur rather than a Ron Paul supporter?  Was what we thought a well intentioned idiot a clever wolf in disguise?
And another attacker was the infamous Sandy Crosnoe of Bartlesville.  Despite her vaunted long term connection to Dr. Paul she was unable to get her "concerns" addressed.  Could it be because she had been banned from contacting the National Campaign after several days of inappropriate phone calls and emails?   Rightly so because grassroots groups making independent expenditures are prohibited from cooperating and collaborating with official campaigns due to FEC regulations.
And the Tea Party connection for Ms. Crosnoe?   Well I remember that, she basically stole the name when the Sooner Tea Party formed and set up a face book page under her control.   A few years later she did join the Sooner Tea Party group only to be promptly kicked out for refusing to do any work or research, which led her to change the name of her "sooner tea party" face book page, taking all the "friends" with her.
Now folks, what we are seeing here ought to be easily seen.   State Chamber ho's Mike McCarville and Neva Hill, RINO State GOP Chair Matt Pinnell,  RINO George Faught backer Howard Houchan, wanna be Ron Paul leader Steve Dickson are all using the Ron Paul effort to further their attacks on Al. 
When the enemy starts telling you who your general ought to be you should get suspicious don't you think?
And consider this, after all this backstabbing last week, Al still had the backing of the Ron Paul supporters at the convention.  Gives me hope that people are figuring out just how politics works.
And exactly why did Lisa Shriver not just hand over a copy of the electronic delegate list that her Chair had agreed to provide?  Because she and Bobby had done the very same thing that the Oklahoma County GOP crooks did, they threw registered Republicans that had attended their precinct meetings and had been elected delegates off the list and added their own people in order to pack the vote.   Ms. Shriver wanted it to be as time consuming as possible for the Ron Paul campaign to re construct that list from a photograph, making it more difficult to expose her corruption.
Next week we will have a special edition to expose examples of the GOP corruption in Cleveland County, including exactly who was thrown off and who was added against the state GOP rules.  Not likely that State GOP Matt Pinnell will do anything about it, so perhaps our complaint ought to go right up the chain to the top, after all if the top is rotten then the bottom has a reason for corruption.
Should Oklahoma Take a Stand Against the National Defense Authorization Act?
 By R. H.
Many citizens are blissfully unaware of the unconstitutional and liberty-stripping, H.R. 1540 - National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (NDAA), that was passed by the U.S. Senate on December 15, 2011 (ironically on the 220th anniversary of the Bill of Rights), and quietly signed into law by President Obama on December 31, 2011.  Fortunately for us here in Oklahoma, we have a man of principal and a champion on the side of the Constitution already fighting to protect our state’s rights. 
Representative Charles Key has authored the House Concurrent Resolution 1025 (HCR1025), which exercises a right given to the states by the 10th Amendment of the Constitution.  It is used to reign in the Federal Government in a process called nullification.  It is seldom used, but when it is, it is a powerful tool.
Rep. Key’s HCR1025 asserts belief that the NDAA is “unconstitutional” and directs the Oklahoma Congressional Delegation to “repeal certain sections of the act” and to “prohibit state officers from enforcing them.” The resolution states that “the Oklahoma and United States constitutions are infringed, endangered, or usurped by provisions of the NDAA,”  as it directly violates them on several counts:
1.       U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 9, Clause 2 and the Oklahoma Bill of Rights, Article II, Section 10, both concerning the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus.
2.       U.S. Constitution, Article III, Section 2, Clause 3, ensuring a trial by jury in the state it was committed
3.       U.S. Constitution, Article III, Section 3 and the Oklahoma Bill of Rights, Article II, Section 16, concerning the definition of “treason.”
4.       U.S. Constitution, 4th Amendment, states:  “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures…” and for the requirement of probable cause for the issuance of a search warrant.
5.       U.S. Constitution, 5th Amendment, conveying the right of a Grand Jury, and the right not to be deprived of life liberty or property without due process of law – (also in Oklahoma Bill of Rights, Article II, Section 7)
6.       U.S. Constitution, 6th Amendment concerning one’s right to a speedy trial in the district in which the crime was committed, with an impartial jury, witnesses, and defense counsel,
7.       U.S. Constitution, 8th Amendment and the Oklahoma Bill of Rights, Article II, Section 9 both stating,  “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel or unusual punishments inflicted.”
In paragraph 21 of the Resolution it states, “Whereas, the NDAA, in direct violation of the U. S. Constitution's 8th Amendment, and Oklahoma's Bill of Rights, Article II, Section 9, authorizes “cruel and unusual punishments', in the form of “indefinite detentions”, and the transfer of American citizens to “foreign nations”, and/or unnamed foreign “entities” for unspecified purposes; and” If looks like a violation, and it sounds like a violation, then it must be a violation. I want a Congressman to justify this to me.
The NDAA gives the government the power to arrest and detain any and all American Citizens without a warrant, without a trial and without representation indefinitely. Just imagine, with this authority, any power hungry politician who makes it to the Oval Office would have the right to persecute his political opponents and remain in office.  Or perhaps the law-abiding citizen who openly questions government policy and will be quietly disappeared forever? It not only allows for the indefinite detention of citizens, but also their transfer to “foreign nations”, and/or unnamed foreign “entities” for “unspecified purposes.”
 In addition, the NDAA gives the President the power to use the military within the boundaries of the United States. This is a power he has not had since the Indian Wars.  It enables the President to treat the United States as a “battleground” and its citizens as “combatants.” This would make every citizen in this country subject to the law of war and martial law. How soon do you think this will happen? Hello dictator, good-bye freedom!
Here is where Representative Key has drawn the line in the sand. HCR 1025 is a rectification of this power-grabbing law, and will take our rights and our sovereignty back.  It charges that our legislators accountable for doing it on the grounds that “the U.S. Constitution, 14th Amendment, Section 1, states: “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of live, liberty, or property, without due process of the law;” It also clearly reminds the legislators of their oath of office. 
 Simply put, it states that the primary responsibility of our legislators is to protect the fundamental liberties of the Citizens of Oklahoma from any infringement, coming from any source, foreign or domestic. It also argues that the “…execution of the NDAA may require members of the Armed Forces to violate their oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.”
HCR 1025 states “… no officer, employee, or agent of the state will implement, enforce or otherwise support, directly or indirectly, any such unconstitutional provisions, and that a violation of such policy will be deemed a violation of their oath of office or employment and will subject them to discipline up to and including termination.
Sounds pretty good doesn't it. Well, it's a start. There's no language in the bill promulgating distribution to the various state agencies particularly law enforcement agencies that would have the most contact with the general public. Nothing in this bill requires city and county governments to abide by this bill. There is room for improvement.
As you can see, many of your rights have been given away by the passage of the NDAA. You might ask, “how did such a dangerous piece of legislative material pass in the first place if our legislators were honoring their oaths of office?” While HCR 1025 directs our Congressional delegation to take steps to repeal parts of the NDAA, it doesn’t tell you how they voted on NDAA to begin with. I will.
Sen. Coburn     No                               Sen.  Inhoff     Yes
Rep. Boren      Yes                              Rep.  Cole        Yes           Rep.  Lankford       Yes
Rep. Lucas       Yes                              Rep . Sullivan       Yes
You see all but Dr. Coburn voted for this stripping of your rights. All of them use the same lame excuse of “ that's not what the bill says.” Even Coburn does not publicly recognize the NDAA as violating our Contitution rights, when it clearly does.  So what was his real motivation for voting “yes?” Because there wasn't any "oversight" on the spending in the bill.
Many people, smarter than this ole country boy and girl, have said otherwise. They were saying it before the bill was passed. They are saying it now. Some of you won't like it but here is the reason we have an uphill battle to get our Congressional delegation to do anything on this bill; You can find the actual Senate voting records here and the House voting records here.
So what is happening with this wonderful bill that would stop the NDAA in Oklahoma?  Representative Gary Banz is sitting on it in the Rules Committee and has said:
"this particular bill has run the time out and after a lot of research with the Congressional people  including Tom Coburn, we tabled it as it is a federal law and we have no power to change it.  The Heritage Foundation did a lot of research on it and feel that Section 10 and 12 of the law protect US citizens  except those found on the battle field or are arrested as enemy combatants over seas.  We will not be bring it out of committee after reading this research."
Please call Gary Banz  Chairman of House Rules committee and demand that he let HCR1025 out of committee and to be heard on the House floor.
Call Gary Banz at 557-7395  and email him at
Several other states have now passed or are in the process of passing Nullification bills for the NDAA, based on its direct violation of the constitution, and ambiguous language which is vague enough for twisted interpretations.
The idea that our House of Representatives would be forced to take the actions in this bill is repugnant to me as a combat veteran, and a military retiree.  What truly needs to be done here is these six Congressional delegates that voted yes on NDAA need to be brought in front of a televised joint session of the House and Senate and reprimanded for their votes on this horrendous piece of legislation.
Maybe then they will begin to understand who they truly work for. Five of these six Representatives need to face challengers in their primaries this year. Hopefully, we can come up with someone who will better represent We the People. Representative Boren resigned in January. The verdict is out on his replacement.
This is further evidence of why the Legislature of the State of Oklahoma needs to return the power to the people of this great state. Many of these politicians would be subject to recall elections if the people of this state had the power to do so. Politicians afraid to give up this power, will not even consider legislation to allow this to happen. Their power has gone to their heads. It's time they showed a little courage and practiced what they want to preach. Return some freedom to the populace. Give them a Constitutional Amendment to allow for the recall of all elected officials including those at the federal level.
This bill has been sent to the Rules Committee to die. It has been there since February 7, 2012, and has had not moved since. Please call the Chair, Vice Chair, and members of the committee (listed below), and hold their feet to the fire in moving this bill through.  And tell everyone you know about the voting records of our “representatives” that helped to pass the NDAA in the first place.
The Oklahoma Bill of Rights can be found here:   
Rules Committee Chair
Rep. Banz, Gary W.
(405) 557-7395
(405) 769-5722
Rules Committee Vice Chair
(405) 557-7330
Members (Click Link for contact info.):
Rep. Armes, Don     
Rep. Dorman, Joe      
Here are all the House members in two fifty member blocks of email addresses.  Use Bcc in your email address header and email fifty of them with one email yet they won't know who else got the email.
Here are the State Senate email addresses in one block:
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