AshGPS: Firmware, Software Update Notification
for Ashtech, Magellan Professional, Thales Navigation
Monday 5 December 2011
Updated Firmware for:
  ProMark 100, 200 GNSS Reciever
New RINEX Tool
ProMark 500 Allocated, ProMark 800 replacement available now
New ProMark 100, ProMark 200 Service Layer (V 1.5.3)
New Service Layer Version 1.5.3 is available for ProMark 100 and ProMark 200 receivers. This version adds support for Coordinate Transformation messages, and the new ProMark 800 receivers.
Complete release information may be found here: [ ReleaseNotes ]
This is a direct link to the folder containing the firmware: [ V1.5.3 ]
New RINEX Tool: V 4.0.8
A new (stand-alone) RINEX Tool, Version 4.0.8 is available.
This is a direct link to the single ZIP file containing the software: [ V4.0.8]
ProMark 500 Under Allocation
Uggh! Allocation comes three months early!

The ProMark 500 receiver has been superseded by the ProMark 800 receiver. You can read my full description of the changes/enhancements [ here ]. Basically the ProMark 800 adds 45 additional tracking channels, Galileo tracking, L5 tracking, an upgrade to a 3.5G cell modem, and an upgrade to the Pacific Crest ADL radio.
We had thought that the ProMark 500 receiver would be available in quantity for at least the first quarter of 2012. However they are currently under allocation. Customers wanting to purchase ProMark 500 receivers without GLONASS enabled should contact us immediately. PM800 receivers without GLONASS are not available!

This early changeover should not affect any customers who purchase units with GLONASS enabled. The ProMark 800 includes GLONASS on every receiver and the incremental price increase from the ProMark 500 to the ProMark 800 is only +$15 (in the US market). 
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