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Monday 7 November 2011
'FAST Survey' and 'GNSS Solutions' issues are described below
New: ProMark 800 GNSS Receiver! My notes on the new ProMark 800 GNSS receiver can be found at [ PM800 Gossip ].
FAST Survey Version 2.8.6 - PM500 Failure
Please note that the information described below is not 'Official Ashtech'. It is based on comments from other users of this 'AshGPS Mail List'.

Pervasive issues with 'FAST Survey' Version 2.8.6 have been reported (by more than three users and I have verified) when used with the ProMark 500 GNSS receiver:

o The 'Monitor Skyplot' screens are non-functional, a command error is generated when the screen is accessed.

o 'Equip: 3. GPS Rover' during the rover configuration, a command error is generated.

I strongly recomend that you not update to FAST Survey 2.8.6, unless you have a good reason to do so. If you choose to update, you can always back-grade to the previous released version 2.7.3:

This error has been reported to the factory and assigned the field non-conformity number 2753.

Thanks to all the users who took the time to point this out!
GNSS Solutions V 3.70.5 - VRS Function Failure
The latest version of GNSS Solutions V 3.70.5 crashes when computing any VRS solution. This issue has been independently observed by several list members, and duplicated by me.

For this reason, I recomend that if you are using the VRS function in GNSS Solutions, you should NOT upgrade to V 3.70.5.

The latest stable version is [ GNSS Solutions V 3.60.1 ]

This error has been reported to the factory and assigned the field non-conformity number 2755.

Again, a 'Thank You' to the users who reported this issue!
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