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Dog Days of Summer
Here in San Francisco we have more dogs than kids, and “dog days of summer” has a different meaning.
The name applies to the period of time between July 3 and August 11 that are in most places the hottest period of summer.  In The City that period of times coincides with cool, windy, foggy days and some people would actually enjoy having the fur of a dog to keep them warm.  
To celebrate the polar opposite of usual Dog Days we offer  as our Tour of the Month SF In A Nutshell our flattest and most dog friendly tour.  The route includes lots of spaces that  are pup friendly.   If you give us a head’s up that you are bringing your pet along we will have special games and treats just for your furry friends.
Each month a portion of the sales of our Tour of the Month goes to support a local service organization, this month our beneficiary is  PAWS [Pets Are Wonderful Support]  Founded in 1986 Paws supports the healing impact of the human/animal bond and provides foods and services for people who are ill and their pet companions.
 To learn more about PAWS or to donate directly to their cause, click here.
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Nice Catch picture courtesy of Bring Fido.
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