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May 2022
Dear Subscriber  
   Welcome to all who have recently signed up to these very occasional newsletters. Our subscriber list for these has now passed 1500, something we never imagined could happen.
   The main news, as ever at this time of the year, is that our new Imray-drawn chartlets for the Deben and Ore entrances are now available for you to download from our website. We are faintly surprised that Trinity House have decided that the new surveys they carried out still indicate the best route to buoy at the Deben was the southern entrance. But it really looks now as though it wouldn't take much to close this off completely - we shall wait and see! The Ore entrance, too, is very similar to the 2021 position, but that was to be expected.
   As ever, these entrances are not hazardous at all if you follow the advice, in particular not attempting them in strong winds or more that 2½ hours either side of High Water.
   In the Book Updates sections of our website  there have been quite a few new entries this year, including several for popular East Coast destinations. The easiest way to look at these is to go to our 'Summary by Date' page, where you will find the printable lists of changes brought up to date to the end of April 2022. We do hope these details help you keep your 5th Edition ECP up to date.
   The News page too has had several new entries recently, including an item about Dover Marina, outside our area but probably useful (and perhaps disconcerting) knowledge for some of our readers.
  Our ECP Facebook Group page continues to be viewed by many, where we post stuff ourselves and we do allow posts by readers if these are relevant, useful (and polite!!).
  Both Garth and I are afloat again after the winter layup, although I have so far only ventured to Chatham and back from my base in the Swale. We both look forward to the summer's cruising, as I'm sure are all those of you who can get away this year, and we wish you all the best in your adventures. See you afloat somewhere, perhaps!
Our website and social media will still be maintained in spare moments, so do keep an eye on it all.   
 Kindest regards,
 Dick Holness
 Co-author and webmaster
 East Coast Pilot. 
Header photo: Benfleet YC, on the port side at the head of Benfleet Creek.
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