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January 21st, 2020 Issue
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Dance Quote:

“Dance is the timeless interpretation of life.”
Shah Asad Rizvi

Non Profit Board of Directors:
Jerry Goldman (Chair)
Nicola Creary
Shireen Dickson
Greg Miller
Philip Ribolow
Steering Commitee:
Greg Miller, Executive Director
Henya Emmer, Parade Production
Janelle Issis, Parade Programming
Dori Garcia, Team Coordination
Darya Mars, Project Manager
Alan Wright, Grandstand
Gabriel Kutnik, Grandstand
Carlye Eckert, Education
Jamila Holman, Festival Production
Sherrell Whitmore, Festival
DJ McDonald, Curatorial
Jessii Parham, Team Coordination
Rebecca Myles, Media
Audrey Ross, Media
Doug Kowlessar, Finance
Nosa Omoregie, Finance
Natalya Grigoriev, Finance (CPA)
Brian Austin, Creative
Jason Parrish, Creative
Chauncey Dandridge, Social Media
Dori Garcia
Ali Coleman
Honorary Committee:
(Power Team & Grand Marshals)
Dr. Valerie Feit
Mahayana Landowne
Kevin Farley
Erik Bryan Slavin
Bill T. Jones
Baayork Lee
Louis Mofsie
DJ Dara
Camille A. Brown
Mickela Mallozzi
Rafael Espinal
Doc Martin
Maurice Hines
Frankie Bones
Mestre Joao Grande
Rosie Mendez
Garth Fagan
Carmen de Lavallade
Robert Battle
Mary Verdi-Fletcher
Rekha Malhotra
Savion Glover
Jawolle Willa Jo Zollar
Hex Hector
Jacqulyn Buglisi
Baba Chuck Davis
Louie Vega
Ashley Tuttle
Elisa Monte
Bill Shannon
Trevor Hochman
Peter Zehren
Samir Bitar
Mel Alvarez
Jonathan Peters
Charles Reinhart
“Billy Elliot” (Joseph Harrington)
Kat Wildish
Amy Marshall
Jellybean Benitez
Elizabeth Zimmer
Ellenore Scott
Don Campbell "Campbellock"
Morocco (Carolina Varga Dinicu)
Luis Salgado
Kool Herc
Danny Tenaglia
Djoniba Mouflet

Advisory Board:
Jeanne Fleming
David Katz
Teddie Kern
Anil Kumar
Joseph McElroy
Tasha Blank
Sponsorship Team:
Greg Miller
Lauren Williams
DJ McDonald
Nikki Creary
Phil Ribolow
Parade Production:
Henya Emmer (Production Lead)
Janelle Issis (Programming Lead)
Meke Brown
Rhina Valentin
Jerry Goldman
Alan Wright 
Silvian Martinez
Zahidel Alvarado  
Frank Bator
Hal Lamster
Alan Wright
Gabriel Kutnik
Julia Johanson
May Kesler
Aaron Chase
Andrew Kemp
Bobby Speakerwire
Michelle Kirby
Carrie Hawks
Disco Mike Park
Wandalynn Miftahi
Alyssa Hampton
Daniel Kahn
Milly Rosario-Summers
Doris Martinez
Diane DeJesus
Phil Ribolow
Meke Brown
Zahidel Alvarado
Sharon Folkes
Zakeya Warren
Festival Production:
Jamila Holman (Production Lead)
Sherrell Whitmore (Assistant Lead)
Mona Freeman (Curatorial Chair)
DJ McDonald
Paula Lederman
Eva Sol
Shannon Norman
Randall Hernandez
Sheila Jamison
Lorant Duzgun
Yolanda Edwards
Daniel Lee
Luis Rosas
Keith Porter
Johnathan Cedano
Ameca Holman
Franci Medrano
Alex Florencio
Jose Rivera
Edgar Vazquez
Jackie Cohen
Donnie D'Amato
Francisco Tavernes
Chinese Committee
Kate Xie (Co-Chair)
Justin Wei (Co-Chair)
Jie (Jessica) Feng
Yi Lu
Xie Zhu
Educational Outreach
Carlye Eckert (Chair)
Jacque Colburn
Shireen Dickson
Jamee Schliefer

Doug Kowlessar (Chair)
Nosa Omoregie
JoAnne Bute
Natalya Grigoriev

Victoria Behr
Carmen Casado
Jerry Goldman
David Leventhal
Paul Llewellyn
Kaye Scholer LLP

Greg Miller
Alan Wright
Brian Austin
Jason Parrish
Rengim Mutevellioglu
Amanda Alston
Media & Promotions Team:
Rebecca Myles
Audrey Ross
Nhadyr Reyes Cardenas
Chauncey Dandridge
Josef Pinlac
Ali Coleman
Nic Holler
Kevin Farley
Shiela Jamison
Special thanks:
·New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio
·NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo
·Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer
·City Council Member Carolina Rivera
·NYC Cultural Affairs Commissioner Tom Finkelpearl, Assistant Commissioner Kathleen Hughes and Program Officer Alana Dapena Fraiz
·Community Boards 2 and 3
·NYC & Co Foundation
·NYPD Lt Christopher Cheng and Sgt Patrick McGuire, 9th Precinct Det. Jaime Herandez
·NYC Department for the Aging
·New York State Council on the Arts
·Lower Manhattan Cultural Council
·NYC Parks & Recreation Director Claudia Pepe, District Supervisor Terese Flores, Deputy Director Venus Melo (Citywide)
·NYC Dept of Sanitation Superintendent Joseph Signoril  
·NYC Dept of Transportation Event Coordinators Michael Callery, Ivory Henderson-Robb and G.I.S. / Events Coordinator Shuan Bruney
Dance Parade
graciously acknowledges
our 2019 Sponsors and Partners:



Friends of dance,

Hope you're moving into the new year with flow and rhythm!  We're thrilled to announce our Grand Marshals for Dance Parade and celebrate them at our Season 14 Launch Party February 29th!
Enjoy the newsletter below!

Greg Miller
Executive Director

Dancer: Director Greg Miller at the 13th Annual Dance Parade 5/18/19, photo by Totally Cool ® Richard Renda
Meet our 2020 GRAND MARSHALS!

Headlining the May 16, 2020 parade are Grand Marshals who are accomplished in the field of dance:
Modern Dance choreographer David Dorfman, world renowned dance artist Princess Lockerooo, Masala Bhangra pioneer Sarina Jain and SiriusXM Radio DJ Liquid ToddLiquid Todd!
They’re all innovators in their respective genres of dance,” notes Dance Parade’s Executive Director, Greg Miller. “Each year we select people we want to honor for their contributions to the field of dance artistry.”

 Save the Date - LIFT OFF!
Season 14 Launch Party

Show your support for Dance Parade—and be a part of a very special evening!
Celebrate with us at the beautiful Taj lounge as we kick-off the planning season with performances you’ll see at Dance Parade this year — Featuring four Dance Parade Grand Marshals, a Taste of Dance Parade performances and SiriusXM Radio DJ Liquid Todd! 

a Passionate Spanish Ballroom Dance!

Some may recall that our Sponsorship Director’s favourite style of dance is Pasodoble. We decided to do some research on it to show you this fantastic dance genre in detail!

Pasodoble (which in Spanish means Double Step) is a fast-paced Spanish military march used by infantry troops. Its speed allowed troops to give 120 steps per minute (double the average of a regular unit, hence its name). This march gave rise to a traditional Spanish dance, a musical genre including both voice and instruments, and a genre of instrumental music often 
played during bullfight. Both the dance and the non martial compositions are also called Pasodoble.  Nowadays it is also danced in Spain as part of town festivities for social get together and wedding celebrations, between others. 
Read More
latin dancer who is Coordinating the Team!



We enjoy casting the Spotlight on our awesome team members to find out more about where they came from and to suss out their connection to dance.
Hi Dori, Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with us!
How did you first find out about Dance Parade?
I found out through my partner who was taking a Cuban Salsa Class with the organization’s director, Greg Miller.     
What is your current role in Dance Parade New York?  
I am the Team Coordinator and Project Manager. I basically work with all the committee chairs to place prospective team members. We are seeking over 200 this year so I’m looking forward to the challenge!    Read More
 Check out our COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Programs -- Making a Difference!

Dance Parade’s Community Engagement Programs allow participants of all ages – from schools to community and senior centers – to discover their own innate capacity for the communication of ideas, thoughts, and feelings through the medium of dance.
All participants in Dance Parade’s Community Engagement Programs have the unique opportunity to dance alongside their teaching artists in our annual parade on Broadway and Festival in May!

If you are interested in becoming one of our Teaching Artists, we will be holding an Orientation on Friday February 14th at Judson Church Assembly Hall 3-6pm. For more info, contact our Community Engagement Director Carlye Eckert at



Amigos de la danza,
¡Espero que te estés moviendo hacia el nuevo año con fluidez y ritmo! ¡Estamos encantados de anunciar nuestros Grand Marshals for Dance Parade y celebrarlos junto con nuestra fiesta de lanzamiento de la temporada 14 el 29 de febrero! 
¡Disfruta el boletín a continuación!

Greg Miller
Executive Director


Dance Parade New York is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

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