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Pastor Ryan

Pastor Ryan

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There is always new information to share about what is happening at It is a joy to be able to share with all of you the exciting things happening and the new resources available to all users. I pray that you will find this information useful and will be blessed by the features and resources at that are intended to help you in your ministry to youth. Please allow me to share with you some news and announcements about the highlights, help, and resources at your disposal..

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Get R.I.C.H.
Scheduled to Survive!
The Basics Bundle
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Get R.I.C.H.


If you were to ask your kids, “How many of you would like to get rich?” I imagine there would be no shortage of hands that would be raised. It is also true that most teenagers do not understand the power or value of money. The last thing teenagers may not understand the spiritual principles behind attaining, spending, or budgeting money.

These sessions are designed to get kids talking and thinking about money and why it’s important to God that we be good stewards of it.

You’ll be using the acronym R.I.C.H as the basis of the study and it stands for


Real about your money
Investing in good soil
To Choosing Wisely
Hoping for a harvest

In these pages you’ll find four complete sessions to talk with your kids about money, but you’ll also find some tools to help along the way.

My prayer is that your kids will be blessed because they start looking at their money differently so they can bless the Kingdom of God, your church, kids you may sponsor, and missions programs. Let’s all agree that our offering plates don’t have to be empty every week and by the end of this study, they never will be again.

This is a Four-Week Study on how to multiply your blessings by Getting R.I.C.H.

"Get R.I.C.H." is the NEWEST Study Available to our Gold Members! If you are not yet a Gold Member, don't miss out on the incredible resources available to all Gold Members, as well as monthly give-aways. Find out all about Gold Membership HERE!!!

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Scheduled to Survive
by Brian Holland

what's new

I know that when some of you read the first word of the title for this post ("scheduled") you had tremors run through your body. However, scheduling is not the enemy. It actually is what helps us accomplish things throughout the day that are meaningful and helpful to those we've been called to pastor. Before I started scheduling out my week I found myself frustrated because there never seemed to be enough time to accomplish what I thought I wanted to accomplish. But the problem when I didn't schedule out my week was that I didn't really know what I wanted to accomplish. I just lived and worked in each day, working on things that came to mind rather than working toward a vision with specific goals to accomplish. So when I began to schedule out my week every Sunday I found that I got more things accomplished that actually mattered. I found that my family had more quality time with me because it was scheduled in my calendar. I actually even had regular times with Jesus in his word because I scheduled it in my calendar. Here are some of the things that helped me, and still help me, keep track of my day and focus on the tasks at hand.


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The Basics Bundle

in the trenches

The Basics Bundle

This bundle includes:

  • 1 The Basics video curriculum
  • 3 10 Minute Moments: The Basics

The Basics video curriculum
The best coaches, the most effective teachers, and the strongest leaders all know this truth: If you want to build something that endures, you have to start with the basics.

This DVD-based curriculum covers four topics:

  • Start Here: Salvation [08:13]
  • The First Step: Baptism [05:29]
  • Remembering the Past and Looking Forward: Communion [06:50]
  • Keep Moving Forward: Next Steps [07:14]

You'll get tons of helpful materials to help you use the curriculum, including discussion guides, promotional materials, and more. All of the resources are editable and reproducible, so you can tweak away and infuse them with your ministry's unique personality!

10 Minute Moments: The Basics
Want to help teenagers build a lasting life of faith? It all begins with a solid foundation!

10-Minute Moments: The Basics will help students in their spiritual journey, whether they're new followers of Jesus or have been Christ-followers for years. The truths in this book aren't called "basic" because they're childish or simplistic; they're "basic" because they're foundational and essential to leading a life that honors God.

Click on the Image Below to Purchase!!!

The Basics Bundle - Physical 

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If I can help you out with any of this information, please don't hesitate to let me know.

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