NADKC Western Region
November 2017
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  • A Tribute to Atlanta KS vom Hege-Hof
    by Frank O'Leary
  • Western Region Raffle 
  • Walla Walla VGP 
    by Frank O'Leary
  • Walla Walla Solms/AZP
  • Judges Wait for Leaders - For a Change
    by Frank O'Leary
  • WR BOD Call for Nominations
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A tribute to
Atlanta KS vom Hege-Hof
April 27, 2005 – October 19, 2017
by Frank O’Leary  
In the rodeo world they say that every contestant is entitled to one good horse, if you are extremely fortunate you may even have a great horse. 
Well I guess the DK world is similar.  We have been very fortunate – we have had eleven KS dogs and each has been very special in their own way.  However, as Mr. Bommers said the night before we brought Atlanta home from Germany for the last time; she made a total of seven trans-Atlantic flights,
“Frank you will have many good dogs but you will never have another Atlanta.” 
We first saw Atlanta at Bommers in late June of 2005.  We were there to pick her up at nine weeks of age.  She wasn’t the best looking pup in the litter but we were the stupid Americans and everyone else getting a pup from that litter was either a Hege-Haus family member or had been getting dogs from Hege-Haus for years.   We were just happy that Christian Plange, Frau Stramann’s son who was operating the HH Zwinger under the name Hege-Hof, had decided to let us have a pup.  Besides, Mrs Bommers, who had whelped the litter, said that Atlanta was her favorite. 
When we returned home with Atlanta and Ussa vom Osterberg, a beautiful pup from Dr. Lemmer, it didn’t take long to realize what we had.  In the fall we were hunting with the young dogs and very surprised how good they were at such a young age.  I liked to kid Mr. Bommers that my early training is what made Atlanta....  
Western Region Annual Raffle
The 2017 Western Region Annual Raffle drawing did not take place October 15th.  We still have tickets stubs in the mail coming from Canada that have not been received as of this writing.  The drawing will take place as soon as we can confirm that all of the sold tickets have been received so they can be included in the drawing.
Again this year has not one but TWO GREAT  PRIZES and TWO LUCKY WINNERS.  The first ticket holder drawn will have their choice of an Upland Bird Hunt for 4 persons or a Beretta Over/Under Shotgun.  The second person drawn will receive the other prize.
Hunt Oregon, LLC, has graciously donated an upland bird hunt for four people, for three days, and four nights. All meals are included and there is a hosted open bar.  Transportation to and from the Pasco, WA Airport and bird processing is included.  The total value of the package is $12,000.00.  The hunt will take place on the famous Cunningham Sheep Company ranch.  One of the largest family owned ranched in Oregon, these properties have only been open to family and friends until now.
A Beretta Over/Under 686 Silver Pigeon 20/28 gauge Two Barrel Set will be the other prize awarded.  This is a great gun and the two barrel set makes it special.  The retail value of this set is $3,500.00.
If you need additional tickets please do not hesitate to contact Frank O’Leary at 509-520-7483 or
Walla Walla VGP
October 13 & 14, 2017
With beautiful weather in the valley and a full slate of dogs entered, and Judges on their way what could possibly go wrong.  Well, how about an early winter storm at Meacham where the forest work was scheduled and predictions of snow fall of 7” to 14” for Friday, the first day of the test and the day the forest work is schedule.  That was the news I received on Wednesday night.
Test Director Hubertus Krieger was already in route from Northern Germany and could not be reached.  So the call went out to Senior Judge Francois Aldrich.  His council was to move the forest work to Saturday, start with the field and water work on Friday, and get a backup location for the forest work.  No problem after all I have all day Thursday, except Judges must be picked up at Walla Walla and Pasco,   the leaders had to be tracked down and notified of the change and meeting locations, and the spectators and helpers had to be contacted.
Thursday, I started on the phone contacting landowners for a last minute bale out and thankfully Ron and Donna Lefore were there for us.  We had our backup and now we could wait and see what the weather would give us.  Contact was made with everyone that could be reached, must importantly the leaders were located.....    Continue Reading . . .    
Walla Walla Solms/AZP
October 15, 2017
Sunday morning, October 15th, was a Chamber of Commerce day.  Blue skies, pleasant temperature, and no wind, that would prove to be a challenge for the field work.  The group met at the Touchet Merk, enjoyed coffee, donuts, and conversation until it was time to head to the field.
The Judging group for the Solms/AZP included Hubertus Krieger, Test Director; Francois Aldrich, Senior Judge; and Joe Kelly.
Upon arriving at the field we had little or no wind, and what we did have was coming from the east instead of the west.  This happens early in the morning but usually switches by 9:00 AM.
We started the first search going from west to east and sure enough the wind changed during the search.  The dog did well and before the next dog we reversed directions and we were off again.  All four dogs............
Judges Wait for Leaders
For a Change
by Frank O'Leary
There is always the time between when the test is completed and the paper work is finished that the leaders have to wait for the Judges.  To fill that time period we thought following the Solms/AZP in Walla Walla we would have the leaders and spectators participate in a clay pigeon shoot.  Then they could meet the Judges at the Stone Hut in two hours.
When the test was completed the Judges returned to Walla Walla to finish the paper work and the rest of the group returned to the elevator for some clay pigeon shooting.  Rob Burns was in charge of the shooting and he organized a fun event for all.  In addition to the competition Rob brought along his 8 gauge S/S complete with hammers.  Everyone was given the opportunity to shoot the weapon, at least those that could shoulder the weapon. 
The event must have been great....... 
WR Board of Directors
Call fo Nominations
Position # 1 of the Western Region Board of Directors, expires on December 31st. At this time the Position is held by Joe Furia, from Portland, OR.
We are calling for nominations for this three year position. Nominations will remain open until November 15th. Please forward your nominations to:  
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