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November 2012 extra
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Tour of our award winning shows comes to an end in Halifax
Celebrate Christmas with us and check out the latest Chaotic Combinations
Actors and Writers
Info on upcoming shows from other groups including a call for short films
An evening of Mid-Winter themed short pieces of theatre.
Our next event takes place as part of our Christmas party
Call for short films and Short Film Corner evening
Links to more information on Organised Chaos and social network links
AfterWords & Bottled Wasps NW Tour
'AfterWords' charts the journey of Julie, a recent arrival in the afterlife, as she attempts to be reacquainted with her husband Derek who passed away many years before. The controlling dynamic throughout is that in the afterlife your physical appearance is determined by the age at which you were happiest in life. This simple conceit has significant effects on the relationships between husband and wife, father and daughter and past and present. Julie took her own life to be with Derek. This afterlife will keep them apart forever.
Grace and Patrick have returned to the scene of their great romantic adventure, the small seaside hotel where they stayed when they left their respective partners in order to be together. During the course of an evening they realise that much has changed. Walter, mine host, has his own issues: defender of his country and its traditions and what thanks do you get? With a complimentary bar and a sniper’s rifle that can take off the top of your head from half a mile away, how bad can it get?

supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England
AfterWords is the Winner of the NEW WRITING AWARD at Buxton Fringe Festival 2012
Reviews : AfterWords

**** Well crafted play directed with panache. Excellent writing... Stirring stuff. (What's On Stage)

The acting is good and the direction is sharp. It is confidently written and performed work. (Buxton Fringe)

Super writing, excellent acting, thoroughly enjoyable evening. (Audience member)

Reviews : Bottled Wasps

Bottled Wasps presents an intense hour of entertainment. (Buxton Fringe)

Very well acted, a lot of issues dealth with in a very concise, very funny hour (Audience member)

Lover every minute! Perfect example of comedy/drama (Audience member)

Final tour date: 22 November 8pm - Square Chapel, Halifax
Mid-Winter Ignition
An evening of an eclectic mix of short pieces of new and unique theatre created by some of the fantastic new and emerging talent from the North West - with a Mid-Winter theme.
Writers, directors and actors were brought together to creatre new peieces of theatre specifically to be shown as part of this event.
At Three Minute Theatre (3MT) Oldham Street
Tickets are £7 (£5 concession) - available online here

The pieces are: Seeds Of War This is a Remembrance Day story for 2012. Sophie is a young Manchester girl whose life has been devastated by the conflict in Afghanistan. Consortium Three people occupying one body are awakended by their AI caretaker to carry our scheduled maintenance on the compound. They soon discover that the other Consortium has been murdered, and must find out which one of them is responsible. Deal? No Deal? A girl sits on a bench. She is approached by a man looking for Mandy. Who is he, why is he looking and why could the girl be in so much trouble, including losing her daugher if she told him? A Christmas story to keep you guessing till the very last moment! The Angel Leaning to live an inconsequential life.
A Fairytale in Manchester Eddie wants to be allowed to see his son. He wants it so much that he’s drive to a mad, desperate act, in Selfridges, Manchester, where hundreds of children are waiting for Father Christmas... Hogamastide Alien abductions have been taking place on Birchwood Drive, but Tom is not a believer. Kate’s self-appointed mission to save hogs from fire puts her in danger every night and she has left herself little time to stock up for Hogmas. Will the aliens get Kate? Will the hogs survive Hogmas? Christmas on the Canal Craig is 18 and has been thrown out of home by his parents. He’s cold and hungry and just needs a place to sleep. He spots a barge on a canal. It looks empty… but it isn’t… A story of consolation, baked beans and a retired Hells Angel Yuletide Override The turkey is in the oven, the crackers are being pulled but not everyone is feeling the Christmas cheer. Will anything persuade Ken to end his Christmas boycott? Will he just stay in the shed?
People involved are: Dolly-Rose Campbell, Maia Terra, Adam Deane, Patrycja Oprawko, Edward Rowland, Andrew Grogan, Anthony Thomason, Peter Quinn, Lynn Peglar, Sarah Grace Logan, Robert Pegg, Gregory Skulnick, Mark Till, Cath Nichols, Rik O'Neill, Martin Henshell, Meliss Ward, Carly Tarett, Ben Patterson, Alastair Zyggu
Click here for more information
The OC Christmas Party feat Chaotic Combinations
The Organised Chaos Christmas Party

The Three Minute Theatre, Sunday 9th December 2012
A Christmas party with a twist
Featuring Chaotic Combinations - pieces of Christmas themed theatre created by some of the North Wests great new and emerging actors and writers.
There will also be some great music from local bands.
A great way to celebrate Christmas
Entrance by donation on the door.

Chaotic Combinations
Our next Chaotic Combination takes place on 9th December at Three Minute Theatre.
Want to be involved in our unique theatre challenge and great networking opportunity? Then carry on reading...
We are looking for enthusiastic WRITERS and ACTORS who are willing to be challenged by collaborating as writer and actor, preparing a monologue for the actor to perform in front of a judging audience!
You will be given a theme to work with and then you will be locked away in a rehearsal space on Saturday 8th December for a full day of creativity. The outcome of this will be performed on Sunday 9th December and who knows what we'll end up with? That's the fun part
It's all about working with people whom you are not familiar with. No experience is needed, just your willingness to try!
Get your CV in to asap
Casting/Creative Calls
We are currently looking for Writers and Actors for Chaotic Combinations - see above
There is more information on these roles here:
Elysion Productions - Film Call & Short Film Night
Elysion Productions are looking for short films up to 30 minutes in length in any genre to screen at our short film event at The Lass O'Gowrie 30th November.

There is no entry fee. Entries are welcome from across the UK.

Please include your email address with your entry.

Send your film on DVD to:

Elysion Short Films
White Wall Gallery
3 Newbrook Road
Over Hulton

Entrants will be contacted if their films have been selected for screening.

Film makers are welcome to send multiple entries, but please send each entry on a separate DVD (multiple films on a single DVD will be void of entry).

Please note that Elysion Productions cannot return any submitted entries.
More information on their website
From other companies
Loose Lips Christmas Comedy Special...

The ladies are back and feeling festive! .......But who's playing baby Jesus? Where's the Turkey gone and why is Grandad in the sink? 
Christmas will never be the same again. For turkey talk and Christmas quackers reserve your very merry tickets now! 
Written by Karolyn Szejner & Sarah Turnbull
Created, Produced and Performed by Kadie Jo Green, Sarah Turnbull & Karolyn Szejner
12th December at 3MT (More info here)
X'mas with Headway at 3MT
Headway 2 is comedy and on its merry way with Santa to 3MT on the 20th to the 22nd December. Book your Xmas party and enjoy an Xmas buffet before the show.
'Not Dead Yet' by Victor Alexander and Cassandra Bernard
Two wannabees and two hasbeens desperately attempt fame but is this thwarted by the evil twins...
'Breaking Point' by Micheal Beswick 'responds to the landscape of east Manchester' in all its glory.
(More info here
Life In A Bubble
Brand New Comedy from Alasdair Jarvie
A family move into a new house on Christmas Eve, a new house in the most dangerous place in the world
Tickets vary, see locations
28/29 Nov - Smiths Restaurant, Eccles (contact 0161 788 7343 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            0161 788 7343      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            0161 788 7343      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            0161 788 7343      end_of_the_skype_highlighting) - Dinner Theatre
30 Nov - Black Lion, Salford (Tickets £6)
04/05 Dec - The Oakwood, Gloosop (Tickets £5)
10/11 Dec - Taurus Bar, Manchester (Tickets £6)
(More info here)
Organised Chaos on the net
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We also have a blog - come and follow us at
With this we are hoping to bring our audiences an insight to what we get up to behind the scenes and to the teams of people we work with.
On Twitter we're @orgchaosprods, on YouTube we're OrganisedChaosProd and our website is
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