US PROStitutes Collective asked us to forward this…

A Women's History Month event

Over 200 women missing in LA! 100 believed to be victims of serial murderers.

Participate in a Day of Solidarity with victims and family members

of the serial murders of Black women

Keynote speaker Margaret Prescod, Founder of the Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders, host of Pacifica Radio’s “Sojourner Truth”

Some Mother’s Daughter –

No to Poverty, Violence and Criminalization

Saturday March 19,  2pm
 Redstone Building, Rm 302, 2940 16th St. SF (near 16th/Mission BART)

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Scenes from the powerful film,Tales of the Grim Sleeper documenting the case, & how the Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders organize against the stereotyping of victims and for justice  ̶  law enforcement referred to the victims as NHI, no humans involved. Followed by discussion.

Hear how a campaign led by sex workers  working with formerly incarcerated people and others, got the victim compensation law changed so sex workers can now get compensation for rape and other violence on the job and people on probation or parole can get compensation if they are victims of crime. How to press for implementation and further changes.

Exciting gains in the local, national and international movement for decriminalization of sex work ● New Hampshire’s proposed law (HB1614) following Amnesty International’s groundbreaking policy ● Video testimony from a Symposium on Sex Work in the UK Parliament ● CA lawsuit and more…


Speakers from: All of Us or None; Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders; Erotic Service Providers Union; US PROStitutes Collective.

Called by: In Defense of Prostitute Women's Safety Project; US PROStitutes Collective.

Co-Sponsors: All of Us or None; Legal Action for Women; Global Women’s Strike Omni Collective; Queer Strike; Women of Color/Global Women’s Strike.

Contact: IDPWS 415 626-4114

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US PROS at Sex Worker Symposium,  UK Parliament