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Fall From Grace, Slither Back Up, the Pat McGuigan story
Speaker Steele Humiliated as Ethics Committee Bill Fails
Who Shot the Sheriff?  RINO backed Democrat Protection Bill Killed
Culture, Corruption and a Big Unfinished Building
A Conservative Gone Bad
Oklahoma Education Corruption
Senate District  22 Seat Up for Grabs!
Dumb as a Box of Rocks
Lee Denny, AKA “Little Smokies”
A Con-Con?   Not a good idea!
What is That Stench? 
Mommy?  Where do RINOs Come From?
Charlie Brown and the ALAC Football

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Okay folks, this newsletter is huge this week and there are several crucial action alerts in this newsletter that simply must be carried out so here is a list of the three must ready articles.  Please read them and call and email those legislators tonight if at all possible.
The SB 327 bill that makes Sheriff races non partisan
The Con-Con bill that is very, very, dangerous
The HB 1552 bill, ALAC, that would prevent Sharia law from being imposed on Oklahomans.
Please be sure to call and email as many legislators as possible either tonight or very early Monday morning.  One email and one phone call for all three bills is fine.
Fall From Grace, Slither Back Up, the Pat McGuigan story
A few weeks back the perennial State Chamber of Commerce shill Mike McCarville offered a story on why the Ron Paul campaign didn’t succeed here in Oklahoma.  Of course McCarville did his best to find writers that would blame Al but he wasn’t very successful.   The problem was that most political commentators tend to value their reputation and usually don’t write things that aren’t true.  Indeed the mark of a shill like Mike McCarville is the wholesale rejection of ethics and facts in favor of a nice payday from State Chamber of Commerce supporters.
One “journalist” did take the bait though Patrick B. McGuigan and there is an interesting story that has dogged Mr. McGuigan for over a decade.  McGuigan is a “senior” editor at the City Sentinel, a small weekly newspaper that covers downtown Oklahoma City.  Or so they say, I’ve never heard of it till research turned it up for this story.  McGuigan also is a contributor to the OCPA newsletter and was a contributing editor for Tulsa Today, an online blog. McGuigan does most of his dirty work though using a blog called
McGuigan once was the chief editorial writer at the Oklahoman until a sudden fall from grace, well sudden in the fall, but not in the events leading up to his self emollition.  This story began back in the early 2000 when McGuigan allegedly became enamored with then Labor Commissioner Brenda Reneau.  Reneau was first elected in 1994 and lost the 2006 race to Lloyd Fields.  McGuigan was married but rumors of an inappropriate relationship began circulating, a relationship that was described as “inappropriate, systematic, unusually close contact” between McGuigan and then Labor Commissioner Brenda Reneau.  Reneau had allegedly gone through a series of failed marriages.
Further info linked McGuigan with Denise Bode in an unusual relationship, one that allegedly contained no sexual misconduct but was centered around Bode’s conversion to Catholicism with McGuigan acting as a mentor or sponsor.  The details alleged a highly unusual, protracted, unusually close, high profile relationship between the married McGuigan and then Corporation Commissioner Denise Bode.
All these allegations and rumors are just that but what can be proven is that Patrick McGuigan began quite enamored with both women, writing an unusually large numbers of editorial articles plugging both politicians.
In 2002 former Republican Representative Tim Pope runs against Brenda Reneau in the Republican primary for the State Labor Commissioner slot.   Pope was an incumbent House member who had received the endorsement of all of the GOP House members at the time in his race against Reneau. McGuigan writes a letter from his position as the chief editorial writer for the  Oklahoman, using Oklahoman corporate letterhead, that basically told the GOP House members to retract their endorsement of Tim Pope and to endorse Reneau or “kiss any favorable coverage” from the Oklahoman goodbye.
Tim Pope reportedly raised the issue with the Gaylord family, which at the time was conservative; leading to McGuigan’s firing within 48 hours.  This horrendous breach of journalistic ethics also brought along visions of violation of campaign laws by coordinating an endorsement by the Oklahoman.
McGuigan fall from grace is hard and fast, going from the chief editorial writer for the largest paper in the state to working for a tiny weekly newspaper, the Sentinel.  Helped along the way back reportedly by one Ralph Harvey of Marlin Oil Company, McGuigan slowly slithered his way back up journalistic circles.  Brenda Reneau kept her campaign office in Marlin Oil’s offices during her last political campaign for Labor Commissioner causing some at the time to make noises about possible campaign finance violations if it turned out that no rent was paid.
By 2003 McGuigan had landed a Deputy Commissioner job at the Department of Labor, one of the usual political pay off jobs. And yes, the same Brenda Reneau was Labor Commissioner at the time. Once thrown out of office after Reneau’s defeat in 2006, McGuigan spent two years as a teacher at a charter school.
McGuigan resurfaces as a contributor for the OCPA group’s Perspective newsletter, as a result of strong ties between Harvey and the OCPA.     McGuigan’s current reputation is as a writer for hire for the highest bidder, usually supporting big business/corporate welfare organizations.  McGuigan claims press status while generally shilling for corporate welfare and hacking on conservative Republicans.
Among the gems found in our research of Brenda Reneau was this Grand Jury Petition casting allegations against Reneau, who had apparently remarried once again, taking the last name Wynn.  Mr. McGuigan apparently also was being investigated for bid rigging and bribery according to the Grand Jury Petition.   What became of the investigation is unknown.
Speaker Steele Humiliated Once Again as
Ethics Committee Bill Fails
In 2011 Speaker Steele was in the midst of his war on conservatives, having “reprimanded” three House members on the floor of the House Chamber, for the first time in memory according to long time political observers.    Steele was feeling like a whole man I suppose and got a bit carried away when he went after Representative Randy Terrill, empanelling an “investigative” committee before Terrill was convicted of any charges stemming from the Leftwich scandal of 2010.
The investigative committee met for one day, reported back that not only was there nothing to report, but that if there were anything to report, it would have to wait till after Terrill was convicted of a crime.  Speaker Steele flew into a rage, demanding that the committee continue its work for a few days in order to save face.  Afterward, Steele announced the formation of a new House Committee on ethics, claiming that the investigative committee had recommended the formation of such a committee.  In fact, the investigative committee had done just the opposite, recommending a committee to protect House members from unwarranted investigations!
Speaker Steele came up with a “code of conduct” along with the new “ethics” committee and did his best to ram the rules changes through.   The “ethics” and “code of conduct” required were nothing more than a very shallow attempt to control the behavior and free speech of the House members.   Steele seemed to forget that these House members were elected to serve their constituents, not serve at the Speakers pleasure and advance Speaker Steele’s personal agenda of social justice and corporate welfare.
Steele had been humiliated on numerous occasions by information given to the Sooner Tea Party newsletter and was desperate to plug the leaks and suppress dissent among the conservative Republican House members.   The Code of Conduct never had majority support inside the GOP caucus nor did the majority of the Democratic caucus support the rules.   A mere handful of his lieutenants, like Representatives Banz and Hickman actually supported the issue, most merely went along to keep their chairman position and perks.
After increasing resistance Steele tried to bully the caucus; your opponents would use this against you, he claimed and then Representative Dale Dewitt put it on the agenda.   What came next would be a world class comedy if it wasn’t done using taxpayer money because over 40 amendments were attached to the bill that made it illegal to have sex with other House members, lobbyists, or staff, made infidelity by House members illegal (boy, that one alone would have lost Steele some votes!), or making it illegal for family members to lobby the Capitol (Earl Sears, we haven’t forgotten about you).
Other amendments added due process to the committee,  allowing an accuser to be cross examined and allowing counsel to help in defense  Minority Leader Scott Inman tried to pretty it up with the first amendment making some minor changes, then a barrage of amendments  followed:
·         one that would have made it an ethical breach for a committee Chairman to discuss their      opinion of a bill before it had been
           heard in committee (designed to keep leadership from killing bills before they were voted on in committee)
·          for  any committee Chairman that refused to place bill on the agenda
·          discussing how committee members were going to vote before the bill was heard
·          giving a lobbyist a commitment to vote for or against a bill before it was heard
·          for the floor leader to refuse to add any bill to the agenda that passed out of committee
·           for the presiding officer of the House for refusing to enforce the rules especially on making motions in writing
·           for members refusing to vote on a bill if present in the House Chamber
·           for not allowing sufficient time for a House member to vote
·          for the Speaker not following the advice of the parliamentarian on rulings 
·          for the Speaker attempting to influence the vote of any House member other than during debate on the bill 
·          for  the Speaker to make private visits to influence how House members vote 
·           for the speaker to have discussion with any state agency, trust,  or board about future employment opportunities 
·           for  the Speaker of the House or any member to have private discussions with any private business entity about future employment unless said discussion was   
            posted in the House Journal 
·          for the Speaker removing any Committee Chairman unless the Chairman had violated House Rules 
·          for the ethics committee to refuse to investigate any claim that should be investigated by the Attorney General, a District Attorney, the Ethics Commission, or other
           law enforcement agency
·         for  not hearing bills before deadlines,  for any member with family members that were lobbyists or legislative assistants 
·          for any member holding tribal office, political office, or governmental office 
·          for not providing equal access to all  House members  resources including legislative assistants, 
·         for forcing adjournment of the House with less than 2/3rds consent, 
·          for requiring all ethics committee members and replacement members to undergo a full OSBI background check with all details being given to all House members 
·          for the Speaker or staff for entering into any outside contract for services without using the House Resolution process 
·         for providing an additional ten days for accused House members to respond to charges 
·          for retaining the right to be present when testimony is presented against an accused 
·           changing the proof required for charges from “preponderance of the evidence” to “clear and convincing” and changing the final proof required for punishment
             from “by clear and convincing” to “beyond reasonable doubt” 
·           changing the required votes for punishment from ¾’s of the committee to a majority of the House members 
·          allowing the recovery of reasonable attorney fees for any member accused of wrongdoing but cleared by the committee
·           preventing the refilling of charges after begin cleared once by the ethics committee
·           adding the right to question witnesses and to examine evidence
·           for not recognizing amendments to bills in the order that they were offered
·           for failing to comply with the Open Records Act or Open Meetings Act.
All in all, this would have really cleaned up House politics had all these amendments been added but this was a bad bill, designed to stifle dissent, not to further ethics and fair dealing.
Finally Representative Fred Jordan, no friend to the conservative cause, stands up and offers an amendment that the Code of Conduct and the Ethics Committee bill be tabled (killed).  What follows next is a 58 to 36 vote that delivered a stinging rebuke to an incompetent Speaker of the House.
Looking at the Nay votes, those that voted against killing the bill, we find the usual RINO suspects:
    Banz                DeWitt             Nelson             Russ              
    Billy                 Grau               Nollan             Sears             
    Brown              Hardin             Ortega             Sherrer           
    Casey              Hickman            Peters             Shumate           
    Coody              Holland            Pruett             Vaughan           
    Cooksey            Hoskin             Quinn              Walker            
    Cox                Lockhart           Richardson         Watson            
    Dank               McDaniel, J.       Roberts, S.        Wright            
    Denney             McDaniel, R.       Rousselot          Kris Steele
Representative Banz attempts to lay over the bill, to bring it back the next day, but the motion was ruled out of order as the bill had been killed.  This at best was a half hearted attempt to serve his master, Kris Steele, as a more proper motion would have been to a motion to reconsider.  Pretty clever of Banz, he licked his master’s boots while ensuring that his motion failed.
In the end a very bad bill was killed, Speaker Steele received another stinging blow that highlighted his lack of leadership and his incredible poor judgment, and representative government survived.  Even Mike McCarville admitted that the new ethics commission seemed to be aimed at the Sooner Tea Party leaks so there was no legitmate purpose for the committee.  This bill will become one of the crucial bills for figuring the Conservative Index this year as it is a clear division of those that stand for tyranny and corporate welfare and those that stand for liberty and representative government.
Who Shot the Sheriff?
RINO backed Democrat Protection Bill Killed
SB 327 was filed by Senator Rob Johnson was orchestrated by Democratic Sherriff Whetsel of Oklahoma County.   Whetsel’s bill was co authored by Randy Grau, a Republican Representative that has increasingly taken the State Chamber money and followed Speaker Steele’s RINO agenda unfailingly.  The bill was reportedly pushed by former Representative Ray Vaugh and Sheriff Whetsel’s chief lobbyist former Representative Richard Phillips, whom some claim is no stranger to dealing with the police from another perspective.
Sources say that this bill is Whetsel’s alone, that the Oklahoma Sheriffs Association isn’t backing the bill and is a naked attempt to stave off defeat in the next sheriff election.
The bill cleared the Senate on a 29 to 17 vote before coming to the House where it was narrowly defeated on Thursday 3/29 by 50 to 44 vote.  Before the vote there were several amendments to the bill including one that would have implemented a 12 year term limit on Sheriffs, and as it was retroactive, this would have prevented Whetsel from running this year.
Representative Grau made a mistake by trying to advance the bill, maneuvering it around any amendments that could possibly be tacked on to the bill.  The vote is too close to call, so the chair calls for division and the motion passed 40 to 39 so the bill went to debate.    Democrat Ben Sherrer called attention to the fact that a similar bill had been offered last year,  HB 1238, which would have made the consideration of this bill illegal had the bill been defeated.   Sherrer claims that the bill actually failed and he remembered as he was the author of the bill last year.    A rule is quoted, 18.12 that Sherrer thought would prohibit the bill but this turned out to be not to be the case.   Another rule, 7.8e was recommended as appropriate but again but having received a do pass recommendation by the committee the bill would be allowed to be heard.  
By this point some normally supportive House members are getting a bit pissed off with the breach of protocols and the effort to limit debate and discussion on the bill.  Normally this sort of bill would have be sent to a conference committee to die a natural death rather than forcing a vote and embarrassing the authors.  All the while, Sheriff Whetsel and some of his deputies sit up in the North galley watching this play out.
Representative Terrill requests a motion to table (to kill the bill) and another motion is made to record the vote, which fails and the bill goes to a up or down vote.  The bill fails to win a majority (51 votes) by one vote but Representative Grau asks that the bill be reconsidered, meaning that the bill can be brought up the next business day.
The Democrats joined in to defeat this bill.  We keep telling everyone that not all Democrats are bad, that most are as conservative or more conservative than a lot of Republicans.   Another thing that was striking about the demeanor of Representative Hickman who was serving as the chair was that he was much more polite and non confrontational than what we saw last year.   Looks like Speaker Steele’s standing order to not piss anyone off is still in effect.
Action  Alert!
But this bill will be brought up again on Monday so we need everyone to call those who voted yes on this bill and demand that they act as Republicans and to vote no on SB 327.   The Republican brand is on the way up while the Democrat brand is on the way down; this is no time to turn such an important race into a non partisan race.   While the Republican and Democrat brands are changing they still tell voters what the candidate is supposed to stand for and therefore are helpful in demanding accountability from elected officials.

The list of Representative phone numbers and emails is at the bottom of all of these newsletters.  You can send them using Bcc, leave their name out, send one email to all 101 House members.   Some email systems want you to split the emails up into two groups to avoid triggering a spam warning that could freeze your email for an hour or so.  If you want to call at night and leave a message that is great or you can call 405-521-2711 during the day and simply ask for the legislator you wish to speak with and the operator will connect you.
Culture, Corruption and a Big Unfinished Building
The latest scam on citizens
By Ms PM
I suppose to the big government supporters, when the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum can't get the funding from private donations it only makes sense to get the money through a bond paid for by taxpayers. What do you think about this tactic? Never mind, it doesn't matter what you think, what matters is what does the State Chamber of Commerce think.
The construction began in 2006 and the morons still can't get it built. Is sits half-baked and the group of folks that helped secure funding to renovate the state Capitol dome are organizing to find the money to finish this. You can read the article here:
This statement jumped out at me; "Private donors have committed to the remaining $31 million it will take to finish the museum, so long as the government dollars are there." I want to clarify something here, it's taxpayer money not government money. Mr. Blake Wade, CEO of the Native American Cultural and Educational Authority, thinks this is a dandy idea to get over the remaining hurdle for funding. He fails to mention anything about the hill to climb for the doors to be kept open if it fails to be self supporting. Not to worry...we'll just cough up some more money when this fact surfaces.
This "sack-o-crap" is supposed to cost $170 million dollars. Not bad considering the tribes aren't spending much of their money.
In this next article here the museum says their annual operating costs are only a measly $1.5 million and are modest for creating a world-class museum.  But look at the capitol costs and what that will take to repay the bonds.   There is no way they are going to make any money.  The only problem is they aren't creating it, taxpayers are. This is a clear case of whiners and losers. They whine and we lose.
Senator Patrick Anderson said; "The fact that we haven't been able to finish the project raises concerns." Ya think? Anderson has a bill that would eliminate the state agency that was created 18 years ago by lawmakers to build the cultural center and would give the project to the Oklahoma Hysterical Society. How not funny, take it from one and give it to another to spend the money. How about a bill to stop spending taxpayer money? If the tribes want a museum, build it and then fund it. Aren't they  sovereign nations? Where's all the money from the casinos?
The bulk of the agency's budget goes for salaries and the remaining half million goes to run the agency. Not bad for an 18 year boondoggle. 
In this article they say that the state has already given the not completed project $63 million in three previous bond issues. The groveling for money doesn't seem to stop even though promises were made that no other money would be needed. I am the only one with trust issues about our spend and spend some more government?
Another clue to the corruption is legislative opponents say the museum will never be self-supporting. The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled in 1999 that "moral obligation bonds" do not require a vote of the people. This means bureaucrats will spend your money and there is nothing you can do except get up and go to work so they can spend some more. Sweet!
This tidbit of information on this issue from George Faught would have knocked me off my chair had I not had my seatbelt on.   We found this quote:
"Rep. George Faught opposes the bond and said he doesn't think the museum will ever be self-supporting or that this will be the last time its builders ask the state for money. He called the partially built facility "a big albatross."
He also commented that if this is such a great idea then he would expect the tribes to pick up the balance to complete the project.
The tally...
1999-$5 million bond, taxpayer money
2003-$33 million bond, taxpayer money
2008-$25 million bond, taxpayer money
All of these from the Legislature and another $40 million bond in the works-taxpayer money
Federal government-14.5 million-taxpayer money
City of Oklahoma-$4.9 million and a 250 acre site-taxpayer money
Tribes and private sources-$4.2 million-not taxpayer money.   Notice this is the smallest amount?
And a State Chamber connection?   Who would ever think the Chamber of Commerce would ever poke their finger in the pie?  The Chamber supports legislation to allow state bonds to be issued to match privately-raised funds to facilitate the completion of the American Indian Cultural Center & Museum.  Here is one of their many comments supporting the boondoggle:
“It is vital for the success of our businesses and the future of our community that we have an effective lobbying effort at the Oklahoma Capitol.”

“Decisions made at the state capitol have a significant impact on the success of our businesses, as well as our city's ability to recruit new businesses and grow the economy. Therefore the PAC will support the election of candidates at the state level who favor a strong business climate conducive to job creation and growth, a strong school system and a progressive future for Greater Oklahoma City.”
Who else questions their "progressive future?"
Now let’s look at Representative Paul Wesselhoft’s part in all of this.
Interestingly, he does not include the fact that he also serves as a Tribal Legislator who has never taken Constitutional Privilege when voting his tribe additional funding or benefits from the Oklahoma taxpayers.
Wesselhoft writes about "Ought." He says:
“Think about it. We ought to be good, do good; we ought not to be bad, do bad. We ought to perform acts of kindness; we ought not to diminish any human.”
Have you thought about the money that is taken from taxpayers for your personal agenda? Maybe you "Ought" to think about that.
Anytime you have a group of people that thinks their fellow citizens owe them money for a cause they deem necessary the door to corruption is opened. If you haven't been able to get this up and running by now try giving it up. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. These fools are living proof that insanity is live and well in Oklahoma.
A Conservative Gone Bad
By R. H.
Representative Enns has all the credentials to be a Conservative politician. From what I’ve seen of his proposed legislation, it’s been semi-conservative. So why won’t he sign HB 1004? Why do his votes look liberal? Could it be because he owes his position as Chair of the Public Health Committee to the Speaker of the House and is afraid to go against his dictatorial rule?
Mr. Enns has demonstrated his independence by his chosen profession. He is a Rancher and a farmer by trade. In these trying times he has also worked as a teacher, a crop loss adjuster for the USDA and a Deputy Assessor. All jobs I would not envy him for. As a legislator he has proven to be an above average individual who champions health care issues. Once again I ask why he won’t allow the voices of his fellow legislators to be heard.
An example of Mr. Enns concern for people is his recent vow to continue the push to aid those with physical challenges after a narrow defeat of his bill in the House. He also shows his concern for people with his trying to fund medical research. He proved his desire to save the state money by pushing an agreement on mail order prescriptions for educational employees over the objections of local pharmacies that would have charged higher prices. He has been praised, rightly so, for his work on health care. He was also instrumental in getting a bill passed to allow citizens with a concealed carry permit to have their guns in their vehicles on Career Tech campuses. All of these are pretty conservative issues. Let’s take a look at his record over the last two years.
In 2011 he submitted 11 bills for consideration by the House. Of those 7 died in committee, 1 died in Senate committee and 3 were passed into law. Let’s look at those laws.
HB 1652 Authorized Concealed Carry in Vehicles on Career Tech Grounds-Conservative
HB 1655 Poor Person Coverage for Prosthetic device-Conservative
HB 1658 Oklahoma Chiropractic Act-Conservative
I’m not surprised. Mr. Enns is a Conservative at heart. These are bills that truly show that he cares for the health and welfare of the individual Oklahomans.
In 2012 he has submitted 12 bills, 1 House Concurrent Resolution and 1 House Joint Resolution for consideration. Of those 7 are still in committee, 2 are on the House Floor, 2 are in Senate committees and 1 is on the Senate floor. The House Concurrent Resolution has not even been assigned to a committee. The House Joint Resolution is in committee.
Based on the last two years record, this would place Mr. Enns in the average to slightly above average category as a legislator. His constituents are fairly well represented, but how much of that has to do with his voting the way Speaker Steele wants him to?
Speaking of voting records, let’s take a look at his. This information comes from
April 17, 2007 Comprehensive tort reform-Yea-liberal
April 17, 2008 Tax Rebate for Sport Franchises-Yea-Liberal
May 12, 2008 Professional Malpractice Lawsuit-Yea-Liberal
March 4, 2009 Tort Law Amendments-Yea-Liberal
April 21, 2009 Top Marginal Income Tax Rate-Yea-Liberal
February 1, 2010 SB 1685 Regarding Gun Rights-Co-Sponsor-Conservative
February $, 2010 HB 2430 Space Industry Development Authority Budget-Yea-Liberal
March 16, 2011 HB 1593 Repealing Collective Bargaining Requirement for Cities-Nay-Liberal
There it is. On key measure for conservative he voted the liberal position. Based on everything else and his voting record, he is a moderate if not a liberal. Either way he is a RINO Republican. His voting record indicates he is more interested in holding on to his power than letting the voices of his fellow Representatives and their constituents be heard.
Now unlike most politicians, Mr. Enns does want us to know where he stands on issues that matter to us all. Here is a look at his stance.
Budget and Taxes
Slightly Increase Higher Education and State Employee Pay
Greatly Increase K-12 Education and Transportation and highway infrastructure
Greatly Decrease Welfare
State Taxes
Slightly Increase Cigarette Taxes
Slightly Decrease Corporate Taxes and Income Taxes
Crime Issues
Implement penalties other than incarceration for certain non-violent offenders
 He started off good here, but blew it with the soft on crime stand. A crime is a crime.
Employment Issues
Reduce State government regulations on the private sector
Provide low interest loans and tax credits for business that provide child care
Support work requirement for able-bodied welfare recipients.
This was good up until he wanted to provide tax credits. That’s like picking winners and losers. Do we really want a Solyndra type affair on our hands? Look what happened to American Airlines.
Now let’s look at interest group ratings.  Remember the higher the pro-business rating, the less they care about the average citizen.  Remember that the higher the RIED score the more liberal a politician is.
2010 Research Institute for Economic Development-Lifetime Score                                    90%
2010 Research Institute for Economic Development-Position on Pro-Business Policy          75%
2009 OKWatchdog Position on Consumer and Patient Advocacy                                          58%
2009 Research Institute for Economic Development- Cumulative Score                              95%
2008 Oklahoma Center for Consumer and Patient Safety                                                     64%
This tells us that Mr. Enns has not always been the conservative champion of patient rights that he claims to be. In fact under Speaker Steele’s leadership he has become more pro- big business.
Now we are going to take a look at his campaign finances. To start we are going to look at the reports filed with the State Ethics Committee for the periods of Apr 01, 2010 thru July 12, 2010, Aug 10, 201 thru Oct 18, 2010 and Oct 19, 2010 thru Dec 31, 2010. These reports have to deal with repetitive expenditures to two companies, VME Consulting and Enid News and Eagle. We’ll start with VME Consulting. The expenditures are listed below.
VME Consulting
Apr 12, 2010 VME Consulting                         $250.00                                  
May 13, 2010 VME Consulting                       $1,000.00                               
Nov 04, 2010 VME Consulting                        $2,645.84                               
Dec 09, 2010 VME Consulting                                    $1,500.00                               
Total                                                                $5,395.84                               
Enid News and Eagle
Aug 10, 2010                                                   $75.00                                    
Aug 14, 2010                                                   $75.00                                    
Nov 14, 2010                                                   $169.00                                  
Total                                                                $319.00                                  
Now if we go to we can look at all of his finance records for the 2010 campaign season. After reviewing this report and comparing it to the state reports, I found that I did not need to go into a lot of detail.
Although he accepted money from only one Native American Tribe in the amount of $1,500.00, it was enough to qualify him as a member of the club who accepted money from one of the tribes hoping to negotiate in a meaningful way with the state of Oklahoma over water rights, but who had no intentions of doing so. This is enough in itself to qualify him as a liberal.
It would seem that Mr. Enns has, to borrow a phrase, “gone over to the dark side.” A once a promising Conservative politician has been corrupted by power. It’s not too late to redeem yourself and your reputation Mr. Enns. For too long Speaker Steele’s dictatorial reign in the House has silenced the voices of your fellow Representatives that represent a good majority of the citizens of Oklahoma. It’s time that those voices are heard. Sign HB 1004. Regain that mantle of conservatism you started out with
Is the Oklahoma Ed-A-Ca-Shun Department Just Stupid?
By Ms PM
This article brings to light how corrupt the Oklahoma Education Department actually is. There is no better example of the sociopathic tendencies these blowhards have portrayed with their lack of values and continued spending. This is more than troubling considering every time I turn around I hear about how much more money the education department needs. You can read the entire article here  
A mere $2.3 million was spent through slush funds in undisclosed accounts over the last 10 years, claims the audit. This pork-a-soris paid for drinks and food at education conferences. The menu included $2,600 for 85 bottles of wine and 3 kegs of beer. $5,700 for food which included a "chocolate fountain", Maryland crab cakes, Mini beef wellingtons and smoked salmon mousse in a puff pastry. Was any of this done following any of the requirement normally associated with government expenditures? Nope!
Hidden accounts
The audit states; “Some of the Education Department officials may have deliberately concealed those accounts from the board of directors.”   May have? Remembering how smart these idiots claim to be, you can bet it was deliberate and calculated. They got caught and continue believing they have done nothing wrong or figure they can lie their way out of it. 
"Anytime you gather funds as a state employee, on state time, those funds should be deposited into a state account. Obviously, that didn't happen," state Auditor and Inspector Gary Jones said. "When you start looking at how the money was spent, I think there were obviously ways the money was spent that were not legal, like alcohol."
Donations in question;
The audit notes that because state employees solicited donations from vendors "they may feel compelled or obligated to make those donations in order to maintain their contracts."
The funds were hidden not only from the state auditor's office but also from members of the nonprofit.
Gary Jones said the remaining balance in the accounts, roughly $90,000, has been transferred to the Oklahoma State School Boards Association, but that they have not followed up to determine what has become of the funds. Why not?
There is one thing I am quite sure of... A just punishment would be to rub their butts raw with a corn cob and dump turpentine on it. That would come close to the shame this sorry and pathetic bunch should feel when they go back to work and have to explain. None of them would be able to sit down. The corruption in our government is never lacking. I often wonder when the citizens of Oklahoma are going to stand up and demand this nonsense stops.
House District  22 Seat Up for Grabs!
Take a look at this map and if you know anyone living in this  House District that is willing to run and is a rock solid conservative, please email us ASAP!   Wes Hillard isn't running for reelection this year so this is a golden opportunity to take another House District into the conservative camp.
Exactly How Dumb is a Box of Rocks?
By Ms PM
I suppose it depends on who lives in the box and which particular representative in our state government chooses to act like the rock.  The Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchange bills appear to have been defeated this year with Republican House and Senate leaders saying they will wait till the Supreme Court rules on the constitutionality of Obama Care.  Dave Bell, Darren Gantz, and Al Gerhart were given credit for forcing the House author, Representative Glen Mulready, to withdraw his bill and Senate Pro Tem Bingham had told Al at the March 6th GOP watch party that the Senate had rejected the Health Insurance Exchanges.  Still, the process I went through trying to ascertain how certain Senators were voting was interesting enough to warrant a story.
Oklahoma is one of the 28 states that has filed suit against the federal government to challenge the Constitutionality of the federal health care reform law.
Last legislative session the rocks decided they needed to enable creation of the Health Insurance Exchange. Fortunately this was discovered by sharp eyed activists, was exposed and rejected by Oklahomans and ultimately Oklahoma legislators. In April of 2011, this push back also led to Governor Fallin returning 53 million in federal funds for the creation of the Health Insurance Exchange.  Insurance Commissioner John Doak returned another one million dollars as well.
 When SB 1629 went to committee a few weeks back I had my own "fast and curiously furious" going, I wanted to find out which rocks voted for the Exchange. My first call to all nine of the committee members was on February 27th, 2012 and it went something like this.
Six had their answering machines pick up the phone.
One, I couldn't leave a message because it was full.
One I talked to actually knew how the Senator voted.
Another I talked to did not know how the Senator voted.
So.. I called back on February 28th. I got four messages. This time Bingman’s office answered and told me he is for the Exchange and said it was to keep Obama Care out of Oklahoma. She also said he was not in the committee. I asked her how the Exchange would keep it out when Obama Care mandates were setting it up? 
I didn't get an answer….
I was able to talk to Senator Russell's office and she did not know how he voted. I asked for a call once she had found out how he had voted and left my name and number. Once again armed and amazed with my ESP capabilities, I knew I would not get a phone call back. 
Today is March 28th, a whole month gone by and as of yet no phone call from Russell's office. I called back. I found out the "regular person" was out in February and now it is "really busy" and "crazy times". Boy howdy, I'm busy trying to get answers and it is for sure crazy trying to pass a bill like this. She didn't know how Senator Russell voted but took my name and number and said she would call me back today...which she did and was very pleasant about it. The interesting part of the conversation was his reasoning conveyed to her as to why he said he had voted for the bill: 
 “It needed to get out of committee to be worked on.”
The majority of Oklahomans like the majority of Americans are adamantly opposed to a federal takeover of their health care but....our rocks in the box don't care and keep pushing forward no matter what we say or do.
It is a pitiful affair when you can't get a person to answer the phone and if you do, most of the time they can't answer your question(s). This surely prompts the caller to "fa-git-a-bout-it" or creates more time spent trying to find out how they are voting for us.
Either outcome makes me wonder why this process is justified and I am left with a "tude". When you treat people as if they don't matter, I find it hard to comprehend how their paychecks are justified.
If you had doubt, you now know that they are proof of exactly how dumb a box of rocks really is. I wonder if they know what a board stretcher is and how long it would take to figure it out and let you know.? Our tax dollars at work!
Lee Denney, AKA “Little Smokies” or  
"Jabba the Hut"
How Can a Representative of the Pipeline Capitol of the World
Fail to Tell the President that We Don't Need Any Red Tape Cut?
By. R. H.
I cannot explain what was going on in Representative Denny’s mind when she met the President. I’m sure she felt honor in having been the only state elected official being there to greet him, as well she should. She was representing her district in that regard. Having been a life time resident of Cushing though, she should know that there are few things needed from the federal government regarding the construction of the southern end of the Keystone pipeline that have not already been achieved. In fact I would not be surprised if the one clearance needed from the feds, the Environmental impact statement, has already been completed and approved.
Now Mrs. Denny has chosen a hard profession for a career. She is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. I don’t envy her some of the hours she must work. I’m sure she finds it to be a very rewarding profession. It’s also one of independence. That is why I am surprised to see her going along with the dictatorial powers of Speaker Steele by not signing HB 1004 which would allow the voices of many of her fellow Representative to be heard in committee, not just those that support the Speaker. Now I understand that she holds her current position as Chair of the Appropriations and Budget, Education Sub Committee, and that position would be in jeopardy if she were to go against the speaker, but such are the dangers that come with leadership. Let’s take a look at her record.
Representative Denny appears to be a mediocre to average legislator. In 2011 she submitted 10 bills and 4 House Resolutions for consideration. Of those all 4 House Resolutions where passed. They were resolutions honoring individual players and the head coach of the Oklahoma State University football team. 4 bills died in committee, 2 died on the house floor, 1 died in Senate committee, 1 died in Conference committee and 2 became law.
Her efforts in 2012 aren’t looking much better. She submitted 8 bills and 1 House Resolution. Of those the House Resolution has not even been assigned to a committee. On the bills 1 is in committee, 1 is on the House floor, 1 is in Senate committee, 4 have been approved to advance to the Senate floor and 1 has been laid over.
Some of her public statements are a little questionable, if not well meaning. All these statements were obtained from here state website. On April 26, 2011 she released a statement regarding the approval by the House of the Scholarship Act for Needy Children. This is a notable and credible accomplishment, but recent court rulings have held acts such as these unconstitutional.
On May 2, 2011 she released a statement regarding the schools in Oklahoma. A bill was passed and signed into law that now grades the schools on a scale similar to the one students get. This grade is to be accomplished by the Department of Education. The current chaos at the DOE is likely to see this requirement fail to be accomplished.
On February 13, 2012 she released a statement regarding the committee vote to approve Innocence Investigations. This bill would authorize the OSBI to collaborate with higher education institutions or agencies to investigate possible innocence of incarcerated individuals. In other words we would be setting up our own Innocence Project.
On March 13, 2012 she released a statement regarding the passage in the House of HB 2641. This bill sets up an evidence-based counseling curriculum for schools by the Office of Juvenile Affairs and the Oklahoma Association of Youth Services. This bill is dangerous. It is an ever expanding bill that could place the entire counseling system under their control. What were they thinking?
The following information was obtained from We’ll start with the Political Courage test. Oops I forgot she doesn’t have any political courage. She has repeatedly refused to answer the questions posed in the political courage test regarding where she stands on the issues. I don’t know about you, but I kind of like the idea of knowing where my Representative stands on the issues.
Now let’s take a look at her voting record.
March 14, 2006 HB 2608End of Instruction Test-Yea-Liberal
March 15, 2006 HB 3120 Tort Reform-Yea-Liberal
April 17, 2007 SB 507 Comprehensive Tort Reform-Yea-Liberal
April 17, 2008 SB 1819 Tax Rebates for Sport Franchises-Yea-Liberal
May 12, 2008 HB 2458 Professional Malpractice Lawsuits-Conservative
March 4, 2009 HB 1603 Tort Law Amendments-Yea- Liberal
April 21, 2009 SB 315 Top Marginal Income Tax Rate-Yea-Liberal
February 4, 2010 HB 2430 Space Industry Development Authority-Yea-Liberal
We could go on, but I think I’ve made my point. She hasn’t met a tort reform bill she doesn’t like, even though they work against the people. She has all the indications of being a RINO Republican.
Next we’ll cover her ratings by interest groups. Remember the higher the ratings by business groups means the more pro-business, less supportive of her individual constituents.
Business and Consumers
2010 Research Institute for Economic Development-Position on Pro-Business Policy 83%
2010 Research Institute for Economic Development-Lifetime Score 90%
2009 OKWatchdog-Position on Consumer and Patient Advocacy 58%
2009 Research Institute for Economic Development-Cumulative Score 96%
2008 Oklahoma Center for Consumer and Patient Safety 71%
2008 Research Institute for Economic Development-Position on Pro-Business Policy 94%
I could go on, but I’ve proved my point. She is consistently high on pro-business advocacy and consistently low on consumer and patient advocacy. She’s looking out for her own business interest not those of her constituents.
Environmental Issues
2010 Oklahoma Sierra Club 50%
2009 Oklahoma Sierra Club 75%
One would think that as a veterinarian she would be more concerned with environmental issues. This could be because of her support of the oil and gas industry in her district.
Family and Children Issues
2008 Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy 100%
2007 Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy 80%
Senior and Social Security Issues
2006 Oklahoma Aging Partnership 83%
2005 Oklahoma Aging Partnership 90%
Those are the latest figures available to me, and the trend downward. That is disturbing.
Over all the Issue groups do indicate a lean towards business over the individual. Nothing in these reports shows me where she has fought for the little guy.
Next we’ll take a look at her campaign finances. This information covers the 2010 campaign season and was obtained from This should prove to be interesting. This lady has a rather large war chest. Here’s how it looks.
Balance forwarded $129,192.00
Health $ 8,550.00
Government Agencies/Education/Others $ 4,100.00
Energy and Natural Resources $ 3,450.00
Labor $ 2,500.00
Finance, Insurance and Real Estate $ 2,250.00
Lawyers and Lobbyist $ 1,950.00
Construction $ 500.00
General Business $ 500.00
Communications and Electronics $ 350.00
Agriculture $ 100.00
Uncoded $ 100.00
Total $151,291.00
Now for a district that’s largest city is Cushing itself, that’s a lot of money. Her district also covers Perkins and Langston, but does not cover Guthrie or Stillwater. Let’s dig a little deeper and see what we find.
Public Sector Unions $2,500.00
Now Unions who donate money to a politician usually are looking for something in return. I wonder if that is the case here. Her previous voting record on collective bargaining for city employees, except firefighters and police, would indicate no.
Cherokee Nation $2,000.00
Choctaw Nation $1,500.00
Osage Nation Executive Branch $ 200.00
Total $3,700.00
I see here that she is a member of the club that will take money from the Tribal Governments that had hoped to negotiate with the state over water rights. Again the state just wants to legislate the water into state control. Despite what you here on radio and television, the water right belong to the Native American Tribes by treaty. This is an out and out attempt by liberal politicians and organizations funded by groups like Media Matters to strip Native Americans of what is theirs by treaty. I am not a Native American, but I do believe we should live up to our Treaty obligations.
Now let’s look at what was reported to the ethics commission. Nowhere could I find where the campaign carried over $129,192.00 from previous campaigns. The highest amount I found was $62,293.28. This discrepancy needs to be explained. We would welcome an explanation from Representative Denny, or her campaign.
Representative Denny’s voting record labels her as a RINO Republican. Taking donations from public sector unions puts her further in the camp of big government, liberal politicians. With this record it’s easy to see why she hasn’t signed HB 1004. It would facilitate her fall from grace with Speaker Steele. Little does she care that the voices of millions of Oklahomans are being silenced by the Speaker, by his directing that the bills of his none supporters not be heard in committee. It’s time you did something for the people of Oklahoma. It’s time to sign HB 1004. It’s time to show you care about the people of Oklahoma.
No, it wouldn't be like this at all, think Homer Simpson and Barney Frank
A Constitutional Convention This Late in the Game?  
A Con-Con?   Are You Nuts?
 By R. H.
Now I am sure that Senators Russell, Ivester and Breechen and Representative Osborn are all well-meaning calling for a federal Constitutional Convention. There reason as stated in SB 1903, which you can read here. 
Constitutional Conventions are said to be “limiting the convention to proposal for amendment to the United States Constitution to require state legislative approval for increase in federal debt”. Me, I personally feel that an increase in the National Debt should be put up to a vote of the people.
What are you guys nuts? Citing a legal scholar if I may:
 “I have also repeatedly given my opinion that there is no effective way to limit or muzzle the actions of a Constitutional Convention. The Convention could make its own rules and set its own agenda. Congress might try to limit the Convention to one amendment or to one issue, but there is no way to assure that the Convention would obey. After a Convention is convened, it will be too late to stop the Convention if we don’t like its agenda. The meeting in 1787 ignored the limit placed by the Confederation Congress “for the sole and express purpose.”
Some of you may have guessed which legal scholar I’m talking about, and most of you haven’t got a clue. His name is Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Warren Burger.
Another danger you have discounted is the delegates to the convention. Most, if not all sitting members of the House and Senate will want to be delegates. Are you aware that that includes a staggering near 39% of Democrats that also belong to the National Democratic Socialist Party?   We aren’t talking about conservative Oklahoma Democrats, we are talking about Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi!   Do you want that many dedicated, influential socialist running around the convention? We’re talking Socialist like Senator Bernie Sanders and Congressman Conyers. Let’s not forget all the union thugs that will be brought to the convention. Most of them believe in the socialist movement also. This could swell their ranks to near 50 percent. Then what kind of Constitution are we going to have left?
What is wrong with a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution? Sure, I know all the arguments. It’s been tried. We can’t get it passed. Well you are wrong. If nothing else, President Obama has given us that. He has brought this country to a Constitutional crisis over the debt and it must be addressed. A balanced budget amendment is the only legitimate way to address the issue head on and still leave a future for our children. Several things need to be addressed by this November though right here in our state.
Part of the problem lies with our representation in Washington D. C. Although we will soon have a new Representative in District 2 to replace Representative Boren, Mr. Boren will not be missed. He consistently rated at 50% or below on the conservative scale. Representatives Lucas and Cole also need to go. They are RINO Republicans from the word go. They don’t rate much better than Mr. Boren coming in at a consistent 60% conservative rating. Representatives Lankford and Sullivan do better, but could still improve. They consistently score an 80% on the conservative scale. What would be wrong with our state legislature calling these individuals in for a live joint session dressing down by the house and senate?
In 1983 32 of the required 34 states signed on for a Constitutional Convention. Since then, several other states have considered, but rejected the idea due to the risk. Since then most states including Oklahoma have rescinded their applications for a Constitutional Convention. That resolution, SJR-11, was signed by Governor Brad Henry.
I guess what is most disappointing is that this isn’t even an original thought. This agenda is being pushed by the Texas based and the Pheonix, Arizona based Goldwater Institute. A similar bill was passed earlier in North Dakota and to  date it is the only bill calling for a Constitutional Convention to be passed. We shouldn’t let this be the second.
For you three Senators and the Representative, who wrote or sponsored this bill, shame on you. Inadequate preparation is no excuse for putting your name on legislation that could bring this country to her knees. For you that sit on the Judiciary and Appropriations Committees, shame on you for letting this out of committee. For you 27 Senators who voted Yea on this bill shame on you also for not doing your homework before voting on a measure that has this potential. For you 16 Senators who voted Nay, Congratulations for seeing the dangers in this bill.
For you members of the House Judiciary Committee, pay heed to the words in this article. They will serve you well. Don’t let this bill out of committee. For all House members don’t let this bill see the light of day. Vote No on this dangerous and insidious piece of legislation.
Action Alert!
To all readers of this newsletter, no matter how strongly you feel we need a Constitutional Convention, trust me when I say now is not the time. I urge you to call your Representatives office and urge them to vote no. Remember call early and call often.  The Senate and House emails are at the end of these newsletters.
Rub-a-Dub Dub, Look Who's in the Tub
By Ms PM
"As far as we know in the year 1492 the first "Holocaust" began against a race of people that were on this land for millenniums. Treaties made in good faith, are not honored, and still being broken. Indian land and sacred ground, including burial grounds, are still being desecrated and taken away at the discretion of the American Government. And who is the American Government....WE ARE SUPPOSE TO BE! I hope this makes you stop and think!"
Tribal rights are a complex issue and frankly, when one looks back at history the victor of a struggle usually controlled the territory with little regard for the conquered people.  When land has changed hands multiple times throughout history, at what point do you stop when you go back to make whole those that once controlled the land?  When one discusses Tribal treaties here in America in general it is understandable that a winner take all attitude took hold, indeed when you think about what tribe pushed another tribe off  what section of land or exterminated another tribe to get their land, sorting out exactly who owns what becomes futile.  That said, Oklahoma is a very different situation.
Oklahoma was created as the dumping grounds for American Indians.  Yes, many of the tribes did side against the federal government during various wars and were defeated and the surviving tribe members were sent to Oklahoma.   A hundred years earlier these people would have been simply massacred so I suppose sending them to Oklahoma to wither away was an improvement in the humanity of our government.  Regardless of the motivations and ethics, treaties were struck with defeated tribes or in some cases, friendly tribes that had been on our side in the wars, and the Indians were hustled off to Oklahoma.  Therein lies the problem for corrupt Oklahoma politicians, there are treaties to consider when dealing with public issues in Oklahoma.  Issues of laws that must be properly adjudicated, not just swept away because those in power wish to line their pockets.
This topic was covered in a story written about HB 2552 regarding water rights. At that time a few red flags popped up about the possible correlation between the bill and a lawsuit on Native American water rights. Well...finding a website that now encourages citizens to sign a petition to "save Oklahoma water" reinforces the gut feeling I had in the original story. I have no doubt that our elected and apparently corrupt officials are trying to pit citizens against the tribes. It certainly appears that Oklahoma government has learned a few things about class warfare from the big house on the big hill.
Here is the site to look at.
This is what the petition states:  
Support our efforts by signing the petition!
“I stand alongside Governor Fallin and my fellow Oklahomans in holding that all of our state’s surface waters must continue to be maintained and managed by the state for the benefit of all Oklahomans, present and future, and strongly oppose the federal court lawsuit initiated by the Choctaw and Chickasaw tribes in an attempt to gain a large and inequitable share of this invaluable resource.”
To me, this statement insinuates that because the tribes want this negotiated with them, as it should be, they are not being included as "fellow Oklahomans." So I guess it really doesn't matter that there is a treaty? What a bunch of arrogant blowhards!
In the "facts" section from it states:
“The Chickasaw and Choctaw suit threatens the water rights of Oklahoma citizens”
 That's seems the tribes have been very concerned for a long time and to hear the Governor and Speaker chirping away you would think just the opposite. It appears there might be a bit of "the pot calling the kettle black going on here."
“Because sustainable management of our water resources is imperative for the progress and prosperity of all Oklahomans, we have worked diligently to establish a working relationship with the state on this issue. Unfortunately, our efforts have been unsuccessful, leaving us no realistic alternative to legal action.”
Tribal efforts for negotiations have been in the making for at least a decade in this scheme of things.
"Three years ago the Chickasaw Nation sent a letter to then Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry and Oklahoma Water Resources Board Executive Director Duane Smith. That letter, dated June 10, 2008, expressed support for Oklahoma’s effort to update the water plan but also communicated the critical concern that the effort had excluded government-to-government dialogue between the state and tribes. Without such dialogue, the Nation said, the State’s water planning would be inadequate and flawed."
Offering no meaningful response, the State never took steps to engage substantively with the Nations on the subject. Now that the Fallin/Steele brood have waltzed in and deemed this situation as one that needs to be addressed, there isn't much they won't do to convince the public that they need our help to put pressure on the tribes. How does that famous D.C. saying go? Never let a good crisis go to waste?
Stephen Greetham, counsel for the Chickasaw Nation, said that action was filed to protect tribal water rights against one-sided action by the state of Oklahoma.
 “The Chickasaw and Choctaw Nations hold treaties with the United States that secure prior and paramount rights to the ownership and management of water resources throughout their territory,” said Greetham. 
The states formation of a water committee is another indication of disregard for tribal rights. This tactic may be similar to a buffalo stampede.
“The Choctaw Nation is committed to protecting and preserving the sustainability of water in Southeast Oklahoma and the rest of the state. We will continue to seek a resolution that works for all of us, and I have faith that through the Court, we can reach a decision that is fair, meaningful, and serves the best interest of all Oklahomans.”
But...the haughty bunch of RINO leaders at the Capitol  just might not want the court to get involved. They may get caught with their panties are down around their ankles.
This article states:
  “The lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court seeks to stop the Oklahoma Water Resources Board from selling its water storage rights to Sardis Lake to the Oklahoma City Water Utility Trust. The trust is seeking a water-use permit that would grant it the right to annually withdraw water from the reservoir, which is located within the territories of both tribes.”
The Water Resources Board and its members, Gov. Mary Fallin and the Oklahoma City Water Utility Trust are among the defendants named in the lawsuit. In Governor Fallin’s statement a while back she had stated how committed she was to developing a water policy that serves the needs of all Oklahomans. Typical of her to set it up so it appears she is the great master-baiter of this concocted "see how great I am... again" episode of "bend over baby." Does anyone know that tune?
So...there you have it folks...another wild ride on the spin-o-rama. You decide.
That is one bad toupee
What is That Stench?  Corruption at the
Grand River Dam Authority
Did Dr. Cox Prescribe a Political Fix for
His Cronies Financial Difficulties?
R. H.
Ever been down along the Arkansas River after a spring flood?   Lots of rotting fish, mainly carp and gar, that got caught in fences or in puddles, along with a stench of rotting fish.   The same odor wafts from Republican Representative Doug Cox.  One can only speculate as to the reason for Representative Cox’s refusal  to sign HB 1004. I fear it has to do with greed, power and the influence he currently enjoys under the leadership, or lack thereof, of Speaker Steele. I know that all the favor he thinks he has curried from the Speaker has still resulted in him being a mediocre legislator. That doesn’t say much for the lack of respect he lost by his actions. Let’s take a look at his record.
One of the public statements he is proud enough to list on his web site is the October 14, 2011 statement praising the hiring of former Representative Dan Sullivan as the Grand River Damn Authority boss. You remember Dan Sullivan. He’s the guy who cheated on his wife, got a second mortgage on his house against a court order, abused his wife and lied about how many  guns he owned when the police investigated her dissappearance. Now this same guy is in charge of the Grand River Damn Authority and Dr. Cox is praising him for it. That sounds a little fishy to me.
Dr. Cox’s legislative record is not that impressive. In 2011 he submitted 13 bills and 6 House Joint Resolutions for consideration. Of those 7 bills died in committee, 2 died on the floor 1 died in the Senate and three passed into law. Of the 6 House Joint Resolutions, all died in committee. The three bills that passed into law all had to do with health care.
In 2012 he submitted 14 bills, 1 House Concurrent Resolution; I house Joint Resolution and 1 House Resolution for consideration. Of those 9 bills are still in committee, 4 are in Senate committees and 1 is on the Senate floor. The House Concurrent Resolution is in a Senate committee, the House Joint Resolution is on the House floor.
Now the House Resolution was submitted on February 22, 2011. It has not been read on the floor yet, nor assigned to a committee. You can read the resolution here.   
 This resolution praises the Muslim Republic of Turkey.   All part of a plan to curry favor with Mulslim extremists and gather political donations.  I smell a RINO in the crowd.
So what does his voting record look like? This information comes from
Feb. 23, 2006 HB 2496 Info. Requirement Prior to an Abortion – Nay
Feb. 23, 2006 HB 2369 Parental Written Consent Requirement for Minors Abortion – Nay
Mar. 7, 2006 HB 2138 Release From School to Attend Religious Instruction – Nay
Mar. 14, 2006 HB 2608 End of Instruction Test – Yea
Mar. 15, 2007 HB 1317 Ban on State Participation Regarding Abortion – Nay
April 3, 2007 SB 714 Ban on State Funded Abortions - Nay
May 14, 2007 SB 139 State Funded Abortion Ban – Nay
Mar. 12, 2008 HB 2628 Parental Consent for Sex Education – Nay
April 17, 2008 SB 1819 Tax Rebates for Sports Franchises – Yea
May 12, 2008 HB 2458 Professional Malpractice Lawsuits – Yea
Mar. 4, 2009 HB 1603 Tort Law Amendments – Yea
April 23, 2009 HB 1326 Ban on Certain Types of Stem Cells – Nay
Feb. 4, 2010 HB 2430 2010-2011 Space Industry Development Authority Budget – Yea
As you can tell, he didn’t do much to protect parental rights, the rights of the injured or the state coffers. This is typical of the big government, liberal mentality.
Next we’ll take a look at his political courage. Oops I forgot. He hasn’t got any political courage. It seems the good Doctor doesn’t want to let his constituents know where he stands on the issues. This is also a favorite tactic of liberal politicians. What’s the matter Doc? Are you afraid people will see you for who you really are?
Now we’ll take a look at how the interest groups see him. This should be interesting.  Remember that the high RIED scores below mean that he is a tool of corporate welfare supporters.
Consumer and Business
2010 Research Institute for Economic Development – Position on Pro Business Policy                      80%
2010 Research Institute for Economic Development – Lifetime Score                                                       85%
2009 OKWatchdog – Position on Consumer and Patient Advocacy                                                             64%
2009 Research Institute for Economic Development – Cumulative Score                                                                86%
2008 Oklahoma Center for Consumer and Patient Safety                                                                                               68%
It’s obvious here. It’s also disgraceful that a Doctor would receive such low marks in consumer and patient advocacy. Clearly he is pulling for big business.
Government Reform
2003 Oklahoma Libertarian Party                                                                                                                               40%
Gun Issues
2010 NRA Victory Fund – B
2008 NRA Victory Fund – B
2006 NRA Victory Fund –A
2004 NRA Victory Fund – 83%
These are a little more believable.
Senior and Social Security Issues
2006 Oklahoma Aging Partnership – 83%
2005 Oklahoma Aging Partnership – 89%
The trend here is downward. One would think that as a Doctor he would pay more attention to the needs of seniors and ways to keep them healthy.
Next up is campaign finances. You must understand that Mr. Cox represents Delaware and Mayes Counties in Eastern Oklahoma. From looking at the map, the largest town in the two counties is Grove, Oklahoma. That will give you some background when we look at his campaign finances.
Representative Cox has built himself a very hefty war chest. I’d dare say he could run his next two campaigns without the need to raise any additional funding. Here is what the 2010 campaign season looked like. This information was obtained from
Balance Forwarded                                                                                                                         $101,782.00
Health                                                                                                                                                   $  16,500.00
Government Agencies/Education/Others                                                                            $    4,150.00
Lawyers and Lobbyist                                                                                                                     $    2,200.00
General Business                                                                                                                             $    2,100.00
Uncoded                                                                                                                                             $    1,300.00
Labor                                                                                                                                                     $    1,200.00
Energy and Natural Resources                                                                                                   $    1,100.00
Agriculture                                                                                                                                          $    1,050.00
Finance, Insurance and Real Estate                                                                                          $    1,000.00
Communications and Electronics                                                                                               $       550.00
Total                                                                                                                                                      $132,932.00
That’s a lot of money for a campaign in those two counties. Whoever looks to unseat him better be well organized and well-funded. Let’s dig a little deeper into his campaign finances. Three Native American Tribes donated to his campaign they and their amounts are as follows.
Choctaw Nation                                                                                                                                              $2,500.00
Chickasaw Nation                                                                                                                            $1,000.00
Osage Nation                                                                                                                                     $   200.00
This tells me that the good Doctor is part of that group of legislators that is accepting contributions from these tribes but have no intentions of ever negotiating for water rights. Speaking of water rights, although under the control of the Grand River Damn Authority, do you know who actually owns the water rights to the area? Primarily the Cherokee Nation and Creek Nation own the water rights. Do they plan to fight them also?
Although there is room for legitimate reasons for his closeness with the Grand River Damn Authority boss, but for the life of me, I can’t think of any. I for one wouldn’t want to be associated with an individual who allegedly treated his former spouse the way he did. But it is typical of liberal politicians to hold crooks and adulterers in high esteem.
Mr. Cox the best thing you can do at this point is sign HB 1004. Granted you will lose some of the power and privileges you currently enjoy, but just think of the increase in respect you’ll achieve by finally allowing the voices of millions of your fellow Oklahoman’s to finally be heard.
R. H.
In response to an article written by me that appeared in our newsletter of March 25, 2012, we received the following email from Mr. Heath Casey:
From: Heath Casey
Date: Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 10:13 AM
Subject: Rep. Casey

Sooner Tea Party (R.H.),
I really wish that you would have researched your article on my father in your recent newsletter a little more. There are a couple misleading and errant things that could have been easily prevented if you would have only read the actual bill or asked questions. I know my father's door and phone are always open.
My father does come from a background in education. He has worked his whole life as a teacher, coach and administrator. He nor my mother ever joined the NEA or the OEA. Instead of posing the question and leaving it open ended to insinuate the worst, why did you not just ask? It is so frustrating when liberal outfits like Media Matters use these techniques to mislead, but when we on the right do it to our very own I am dumbfounded.
I also wish you would actually read the bill he wrote that passed into law regarding OHLAP. My father actually made changes to the program to save the state money. Students who receive the scholarship who either fail a course or drop out have to pay that money back to the state. It was not increased funding as you put it.
I am proud of the fact that my father went out of his way to teach me growing up about liberty, freedom, and our very special and unique form of government. He was and is passionate about it. You cannot imagine my irony to see those with which we have the most in common attacking my father the most.
I wish the writer (R.H.) that actually calls my father a disgrace would actually go visit him in his office and talk to him. Have an honest and open conversation and really discuss issues and ideas. Ask him about the people in his district that he represents, about his years in education and his thoughts on government. On the other hand, it is much easier to harbor vitriol against someone you do not know.
"A building has integrity just like a man. And just as seldom." - Ayn Rand
Heath W. Casey
For privacy reasons, I have chosen to omit Mr. Casey’s email address and phone number.
There is nothing misleading in my article. If you would have completed your research before flying off the handle, you would have realized that prior to Oklahoma becoming a Right-to-Work State, as an educator your father paid dues to the OEA as the law required. It is also as an educator that they would expect some of their radicalism to have rubbed off on him, and it apparently has. It is also a Media Matters technique to use a sibling to help get their parent out of something.
Your father may have taught you about liberty, freedom and our very special and unique form of government. Tell me did those lessons include how to co-op a Tea Party Group? How to rig a straw poll or even how if you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, you baffle them with you bull s_ _t? If they did, you’ve still got a lot to learn.
I have no need to call your fathers office. Any Republican that takes money for their campaign from the likes of an A.C.O.R.N. spinoff called the Oklahoma Association of Community Action Agencies is a RINO. In case you don’t know what that means, it’s an abbreviation for Republican in Name Only.
You also mentioned your dad’s bill on OHLAP. I did read the bill. Unlike the intentions of the bill, there is no enforcement arm. The entire OHLAP should be scrubbed and re-written from the beginning with some teeth in the enforcement arm. That’s the problem with liberal politicians. They are under the misguided belief that words are enforcement.
Now let’s take a look at your dad’s voting record
HB 1595 911 Tax-Yea-2 times-Liberal Bill
HB 1397 Public Health and Safety -Yea-3 times- a Conservative Bill
HB 1647 Crimes and Punishment-Lifetime Concealed Carry for members of the Armed Force-
                Yea-3 times and Nay- twice. A conservative Bill.
HJR 1002 Ad Valorum Taxes-Ballot Initiative-Yea-a Conservative Bill
HB 1593 Cities and towns Collective Bargaining- Didn’t go far enough-left the bargaining for firefighters and police intact making it a liberal bill-yea-3times
HB 2130 Obamacare-Yea-3times, Nay once a liberal bill.
SB 331 Raised the number of people required to report fraud-Yea-2 times, Nay once
SB 160 Motor Vehicle Racing Act-Yea once-Nay once –left leaning bill
SB 216 Creating Task Force, Distribution of Municipal Sales Tax Yea twice-Liberal bill
HB 2131 Soft on Crime –Yea twice-Liberal Bill
HB 1446 Immigration- Yea once-Nay twice. Conservative Bill. Voted Yea after enforcement was eased making his vote a liberal vote.
HB 2171 Transportation Finance-Yea 5 times left leaning bill
HB 1953 Economic Development-creating Oklahoma Quick Action Closing Fund-The Governors Slush Fund- Yea 11 times-Nay 3 times. All three Nay votes were on Motions to Table. Liberal Bill.
HB 1990 Transportation and Regional Economic Development Authorities-Yea twice Tax Increase Bill-Liberal
SB 154 21st Century Quality Jobs Incentive Act -3 times-Paying to bring jobs here-Liberal bill.
Those are just the bills we tracked. Your father repeatedly voted a majority of the time for the liberal position on bills. That makes him a RINO.
You and your father cannot come close to teaching me about this country and the form of government. I first swore an Oath of Allegiance to this Great Nation forty two years ago. That oath took me through two tours of duty as an infantryman in Vietnam. I live by that Oath today. I also notice a lack of any military service in your father’s biography. That indicates one of two things. He either did not serve or he is ashamed of his service. The first one is acceptable but only barely in my book. The second is completely unacceptable. I have no knowledge of your service, nor do I wish to intrude on the life of a private citizen. Only you can put yourself out there for now, but I do have ways.
Where Do RINOs Come From?
Bureaucracies and Big Cities
By R. H.
Wouldn’t you know it Representative Cooksey comes from both.  A former Deputy Chief of Staff, Lieutenant Governor’s Office and a resident of Oklahoma County. She claims a profession in the Oil and Gas Industry and as a Realtor. We’ll see later on where that presents a conflict of interest in her duties within the House of Representatives.
Representative Cooksey sits on the Health and Social Services Committee as Vice-Chair, Energy and Utility Regulation Committee, Higher Education and Career Tech Committee and the Judiciary Committee. It is the Energy and Utility Regulation Committee that creates the conflict of interest. As she admits working in the Oil and Gas Industry, she should not be sitting on a committee responsible for writing regulations for that industry. In fact she should not vote on any floor vote regarding regulations on the oil and gas industry. To do otherwise is a conflict of interest. The only reason she is allowed to do so, is because she has the protection of Speaker Steele.
Now let’s take a look at her legislative career. By any standards she is a sub-standard legislator. She has accomplished virtually nothing for her constituents. In 2011 she submitted 4 bills and 1 House Joint Resolution for consideration. Of those 2 bills died in committee 2 bills and the resolution died on the House floor.
In 2012 she isn’t doing much better. She submitted 5 bills and a House Joint Resolution for consideration. Of those the 5 bills are still in committee. The House Joint Resolution failed. That doesn’t say much for someone with her experience does it.
Now let’s take a look at some of the key votes that she has made. This information was obtained from I think this will enlighten you as to her character.
March 14, 2006 HB 2475 Unattended Children in Motor Vehicle Safety Act                                            Nay
March 14, 2006 HB2608 End of Instruction Test                                                                                                   Yea
March 15, 2006 HB 3120 Tort Reform (Limits on amounts)                                                                              Yea
April 17, 2007 SB 507 Comprehensive Tort Reform (limits on Amounts)                                                   Yea
April 17, 2008 SB 1819 Tax Rebate for Sport Franchises (picking winners & Losers)                              Yea
May 12, 2008 HB 2458 Professional Malpractice Lawsuits (Limits) Veto override failed                      Yea
March 4, 2009 HB 1603 Tort Law Amendments (Limits)                                                                                    Yea
May 4, 2010 HB 3354 Concealed and Unconcealed Weapons Guidelines                                                 Nay
I want you to remember the vote on Concealed and unconcealed weapons guidelines. When we discuss Interest group ratings, see if it makes any since for the NRA’s rating? It sure doesn’t to me.
Next we would normally discuss political courage. In this case Representative Cooksey has decided that her constituents don’t need to know where she stands on the issues important to them. This gives her a O% in the political courage index. Nothing like pulling the wool over their eyes is there. I know if you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, you’ll baffle them with your bull s _ _t.
Now we are going to cover interest group ratings. Some of these are no surprise, some are. I can’t help but wish that these will effect campaign donations in the future.  As always, high rankings from RIED means you do not represent your constituents but believe in corporate welfare.
Business and Consumers
2010 Research Institute for Economic Development-Positions on Pro-Business Policy                      58%
2010 Research Institute for Economic Development-Lifetime Score                                                          84%
2009 OKWatchdog Position on Consumer and Patient Advocacy                                                                 59%
2008 Oklahoma Center for Consumer and Patient Safety                                                                                               68%
2008 Research Institute for Economic Development-Position on Pro-Business Policy                        89%
As you can tell, she shows a continued decline in her position for pro-business related legislation. This is a stand typically taken by liberal Democrats and RINO Republicans. Her positions on Consumer and Patient Safety and Advocacy are abhorrent.
Family and Children Issues
2008 Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy-Positions on Child and Youth Issues                                            100%
2007 Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy- Positions on Child and Youth Issues                                               70%
These positions are a little on the odd side when you consider that in 2006 she voted against the Unattended Children in Motor Vehicle Safety Act. There is nothing in the legislative record to indicate a change that would warrant these high marks.
Gun Issues
2010 NRA Victory Fund                                                                                                                                                  A
2008 NRA Victory Fund                                                                                                                                                  A
2006 NRA Victory Fund                                                                                                                                                  A
2004 NRA Victory Fund                                                                                                                                                  92%
Notice the 2010 Victory fund rated her an A. This is remarkable since the only bill to come up for a vote was the Concealed and Unconcealed Weapons Guidelines bill in which she voted no. How can the NRA support her after that kind of vote with an A? This goes to show you why the endorsement of the NRA has become meaningless.
Health Issues
2009 OKWatchdog Position on Consumer and Patient Advocacy                                                                 59%
2008 Oklahoma Center for Consumer and Patient Safety                                                                                               68%
If you need any proof that she cares for no one but herself, this is it. One would think that above all else they would care for the patients, but not her.
Senior and Social Security Issues
2006 Oklahoma Aging Partnership                                                                                                                            83%
2005 Oklahoma Aging Partnership                                                                                                                            90%
These are the only two years available. The trend doesn’t look good. One would think she would consider her own age when it came to this subject, but apparently she doesn’t.  I suppose she “has hers” and everyone else can look out for themselves….
Now we get to Campaign Finances. The time covered is the 2010 campaign. The information was obtained from
Balance Forwarded                                                                                                                                         $33,064.00
Health                                                                                                                                                                   $  9,925.00
Energy & Natural Resources                                                                                                                        $  7,500.00
Government Agencies/Education/Others                                                                                            $  3,360.00
General Business                                                                                                                                             $  1,650.00
Finance, Insurance and Real Estate                                                                                                          $  1,600.00
Uncoded                                                                                                                                                             $  1,450.00
Lawyers and Lobbyist                                                                                                                                     $  1,350.00
Party                                                                                                                                                                     $  1,000.00
Ideology/Single Issue                                                                                                                                     $     500.00
Construction                                                                                                                                                      $     200.00
Labor                                                                                                                                                                     $     200.00
Total                                                                                                                                                                      $61,799.00
That’s not much money for a race in Oklahoma County. She must not have had a viable challenger in the past.  But that has changed this year.   Let’s dig a little deeper into this report and see what we find.
Some of her biggest donations come from fields that she helps write the regulations for. She also works in one of these industries. This definitely leaves one to believe that the industry is trying to buy some favoritism in the committee that writes the rules.
Oil and Gas                                                                                                                                                         $5,750.00
Electric Utilities                                                                                                                                                 $1,250.00
A folk that’s around 10% of her campaign funds there, you can’t tell me that doesn’t buy some influence.
Chickasaw Nation                                                                                                                                            $2,000.00
Here she became a member of the group that the tribal governments supported in the hope of getting negotiations started on water rights. Again this is to no avail. This legislature is bound and determined to take the water regardless of the fact that the water rights belong to the sovereign Indian nations by treaty with the federal government. I fear that millions of tax dollars will be spent defending a law that will not hold up in court.
Representative Cooksey it’s easy to see why you haven’t signed HB 1004 yet. You are a RINO Republican who is hanging on to what little power she has by supporting the most corrupt Speaker of the House in Oklahoma History. You have failed to represent your constituents and you have failed to represent the state of Oklahoma.
 It is time you did the right thing. It is time that you let the voices of all the other Representatives be heard. It is time to let the voices of the rest of Oklahoma be heard. It is time to sign HB 1004. Though it may cost you your positions, it is the right thing to do. It alone will earn you more respect than anything else you may do in your committees. We will be watching.
Representative Cooksey does have a good challenger though in Bob Dani, the leader of the High Noon Club that meets every Friday at the H & H Gun Club.  Here is a map of House District 39 so you can find your friends and family that live there.  Encourage them to support Bob and vote for him.      Here is his website
Charlie Brown and the ALAC Football
Will Senator Sykes Kill Another Anti Sharia Law?
Do you remember the Anti-Shariah Law Constitutional Amendment…the one that 70% of voters approved? Well, after the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in its infinite wisdom said that they really knew better than the citizens of Oklahoma and stuck the Amendment down, Representative Sally Kern introduced a bill last year commonly known as “ALAC” (American Law for American Courts). In essence, the bill says that “any foreign law, legal code or system” that denies an Oklahoma citizen of his or her rights under the Constitutions of the U.S. or Oklahoma is void. This prohibition applies not only to Shariah Law but any other law as well and avoids the objections made by the 10th Circuit. Pretty straight forward, right?
The bill passed the House on March 17, 2011. Since then, the Senate sponsor, Senator Anthony Sykes, has let the bill lay dormant in the Senate. Last year, Senator Sykes let the session expire without bringing up the bill due, in large part, to a concern raised by Gary Bastin, a lobbyist for the Chickasaw Nation that the Bill might have an adverse effect on tribal law. Despite the fact that Representative Kern changed the language to address Bastin’s concern and despite the fact that some of the most knowledgeable attorneys and experts in the country were standing by to work with all parties involved to address whatever concerns they may have, Senator Sykes let the session expire without up the bill, much to the chagrin of conservatives who were counting on him to carry the ball (not to mention his constituents).
This year, prior to the legislature going into session, Senator Sykes looked several conservative leaders in the eye and gave his word to them that he would make sure the bill was heard. To date, nothing has happened. Numerous phone calls and emails to Sykes trying to find out what was happening went unanswered. Now, at the last minute, Sykes says that he will see to it that the bill comes up in the Rules Committee, chaired by Senator Rob Johnson, this coming Wednesday, the VERY LAST OPPORTUNITY for the Bill to be considered. But hold the phone, Lobbyist Bastin has, once again, raised his concern about the Bill’s effect on tribal law.
We see what you’re doing, Senator Sykes. By waiting until the last minute to bring up this Bill and then having your ol’ buddy, Lobbyist Bastin, go to the Chairman of the Rules Committee, Senator Johnson, to raise this concern, you’re setting up a situation where Johnson can refuse to hear the Bill because of this concern you never addressed and then you can protest vehemently over the outrage that has been perpetrated on your poor constituents and the citizens of Oklahoma once again. It’s called “plausible deniability.”
But why, you ask, would Senator Sykes do such a despicable, dirty devious, underhanded thing? Well, the word is that Senator Sykes has designs on running for the U.S. Congress sometime soon and that he is courting the support of the Chamber of Commerce. And, of course, the Chamber of Commerce wants to present an image of Oklahoma as a tolerant, cosmopolitan, all-inclusive state to attract business of all kinds and this “Islamophobe” image just doesn’t fit the mold. Hence, the State Chamber message to Sykes is “Let the Bill die.”
This situation reminds me of the old Charlie Brown episode where Charlie Brown wants so desperately to kick the football, but he is hesitant to try again because the holder, Lucy, pulls the football away from him at the very last second every year. Every year, however, the smooth-talking Lucy talks Charlie Brown into trying again and Charlie Brown, the eternal optimist, ends up laying flat on his back. In the current remake of this Charlie Brown episode, Senator Sykes is Lucy and he is about to pull the ALAC “football” away at the last minute.
We’re calling your bluff, Senator Sykes. If the Chickasaw Nation has a legitimate concern about how the ALAC bill, as proposed, would affect tribal law, draft an amendment to address their concern and add it to the bill you have allowed to languish since March 17, 2011. See to it that the Bill gets passed out of committee and work out any differences in Conference Committee. That’s what good legislators do. If you can’t figure out how to navigate a bill out of committee that is supported by 70% of the voters of Oklahoma, what makes you think you can cut it as a U.S. Congressman?
Action Alert!
If you feel strongly about the ALAC Bill, why don’t you let Senator Sykes know what you think?
By the way, even though you just knew what was going to happen, weren’t you rooting for Charlie Brown anyway?
Here is Sykes office number    (405) 521-5569
Here is the cell phone number for lobbyist Gary Bastin  (405) 627-0458
Here is a list of his clients and their contact info:
*Chickasaw Nation   (580) 436-7259  
*Composure Oklahoma  (no contact info available)
*Oklahoma Osteopathic Assn.    800.522.8379
*Oklahoma Society of Accountants   (405) 677-2151
Call these two rascals and tell both that their career is over in Oklahoma if they dare to stop this bill from being heard.   We can make Bastin radioactive to his customers if that is what it takes and Senator Sykes can glow right alongside of Bastin.  The State Chamber might have the money but we have the votes.
Then call Bastin’s other clients and tell them that we will oppose every issue they stand for if Bastin is not brought to heel.    If they feed this crook then they suffer the consequences.
Ron Paul Organization Sweeps 5th District GOP Convention
On Saturday the grassroots Ron Paul group managed to sweep all seven National Delegatge slots and the one Presidential Elector slot after a long, boring, convention.  The Chairman of the District was inept, ballots were printed with duplicate letters causing a fourty minute delay, and once again the Credentials Committee took far too long to accomplish a very simple goal.
In the first five rounds of voting the RINOs split their votes between Stuart Jolly of Americans For Prosperity and various establishment type candidates.  On the last vote they got a little smarter and withdrew all the candidates except for Stuart Jolly but once again they delivered a humiliating sixth loss for Stuart.
Stuart Jolly is the leader for the AFP organization, and he is loathed almost universally among the grassroots community.   Sitting a few chairs down from Stuart and surrounded by establishment type Republicans, which as an earlier story had mentioned tends to bond even political opposites, I learned that a lot of the establishment types aren't that fond of Stuart Smalley either.  One told a story about a military group specifically requesting another speaker other than Stuart.   Another person told us that Oklahoma Vice Chair Pam Pollard used to work for Stuart Jolly and thoroughly hated him after the experience.
Stuart Smalley must have overheard as he eventually quit passing his ballots down the row and choose to hand deliver the ballots to the girl collecting ballots at the end of the rows.
In the end the establishment types were more confused than alarmed, with a lot of bewildered RINOs wandering around afterward.  A couple  of the people elected were not of good character but they were Ron Paul supporters and although it pains me to see support for those that are not what the good Dr. Paul stands for, we are better off with them if their delegate drops out of the convention.
Here are all the House members in two fifty member blocks of email addresses.  Use Bcc in your email address header and email fifty of them with one email yet they won't know who else got the email.
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