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Let's Tell Breast Cancer to "Pog Mo Thoin!"
'Tis October - a grand month for our German kin and Oktoberfest, as well as the ghouls, goblins, and ghosts of Halloween (more on those later).
'Tis also Breast Cancer Awareness Month and all month long, we'll be givin' a portion of the proceeds from the Now Famous Pink Paddy Martini.  Now, if'n you can't make it by for this grand drink, or even if you do, you can always contribute by makin's a donation on our Event Page with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation n' help us help some of the finest people doing great work to prevent breast cancer while finding a cure!

Linsday Makes the Pink Paddy

Now, to Make the Pink Paddy, we asked Lindsay to show us how.
"Start by muddling three or four fresh Raspberries in the bottom of a cocktail shaker."
"Mash them up real well - you want to release all the juice and that's what is going to give the cocktail it's great pink color."
"Then cover them up with about 3 ounces of nice, fresh lemonade."  
We like it with a little Pulp, so make sure to use good lemonade or make it from concentrate."
"Next, we'll add about an Ounce of 360 Vodka before adding ice to the shaker."
"That's really it - just muddled raspberries, lemonade, and Vodka.  Shake with ice, then strain into a martini glass.  Simple, but very good!"
"Then all you have to do is sit back and enjoy it.  It's for a great cause!"
"And this one is for you, Janis.  Congratulations on completing chemo!"

Oktoberfest, Halloween, n' Other Fun
Now, you might be thinkin' why an Irish Pub would be concernin' themselves with a German occasion like Oktoberfest.  But if'n you're aware, we are always for Feasting, Imbibery, & Debauchery with Quenchibility & Gusto for All, and the way we see it, the Germans are on to something in Oktober, just like we'll be on to something come March.
To Commemorate, we added two Bratwursts for Oktober, n' both start with a Boulevard Beer Brat.  The Traditional is covered in Kraut and spicy Mustard while the Shamrockin' Brat has shredded cheese and candied jalapenos - the perfect combination of savory, spicy, and sweet!  Pair one with your favorite Boulevard draw, pick your side, and let out a "Wunderbar!"
But come the end o' the month, mark your calendars for Saturday the 26th as DJ B Savvy will be here playin' toons and keeping the party goin'.  Costume contests with Cash Prizes for the winners, not to mention some special Halloween cocktails, will keep the fun a-happenin' from 9pm until the hours be wee. 
Speakin' of Wee - bring the wee 'lil ones by anytime before the tricks n' the treats - on October 31st, each kid 12 n' under gets a free Wee Meal Deal with a paid adult's meal.  Judy's cookin' up some specially spooky meals sure to delight with just a little fun fright.  Plus there'll be Tricks n' Treats to kick the night off right.  Look for more to come on both Halloween Happenin's.

Finally - it's fall n' football is in full swing with baseball playoffs heatin' up.  The patio heaters and continued live music keeps it warm and happenin' outside in the cool, crisp fall night air, while the ballgame action rolls along inside.

Slainte' and God Bless

Paddy O'Quigley's