November 2016
Thank you to everyone who came and made this event a massive success. Fair Trade Organisations are led by you our experts and WFTO-Asia is proud to be the network bringing this melting pot of Fair Trade knowledge and experience together.  It’s the strength of the Fair Trade movement and you the people investing in the Summit that made it the success it was. CONTINUE READING
Our recent work in developing a gender program within WFTO-Asia, including the formation of the regional Gender Working Group and the adoption of the WFTO Gender Policy, provided an opportunity to exchange best practices, lessons learnt and hopes for the future of gender within the Fair Trade movement during the Asia Fair Trade Summit. The outcomes were both enlightening and inspiring and we thought we would share with you the highlights.
As part of the Asia Fair Trade Summit, the talented ladies from Bangladesh’s Aranya Studio, Chiang Mai's Studio Naenna, and Pun Mai Group of Thailand presented a workshop on natural dye. This was a practical manifestation of Fair Trade centered around hands on training with world experts in natural dyes. CONTINUE READING
The overwhelming response from students and media professionals across Asia showed that The Fair Trade Student and Fair Trade Media Award are seen as valuable and significant markers of achievement in the Fair Trade community. Having been met with such success, we will continue to recognize outstanding individuals and organizations with these awards next year and many years to follow. LEARN WHO THE RECIPIENTS ARE!

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