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Eclipse Patio Party
'Tis comin' - less than a couple o' weeks from now.  The Moon will pass in front o' the Sun and block it out.  
And - Did Ya Know - the "path of totality" is right upon us.  Which means, 'tis gonna be 99.7% blocked right here on our patio - perfect for a long lunch to witness a once in a lifetime event.
The sun for us will start to get blocked around 11:41 AM on Monday, August 21...near total blockage (99.7%) will come at 1:08pm and last for about 43 seconds.  Then, 'twill be about 2:30pm before the moon is fully outta the way and we can get back to normal.
To recap for those of you not payin' attention:
  • Monday, August 21st - the sun will be 99.7% blocked by the moon
  • At 11:41AM, the moon will move in front of the sun (slowly)
  • At 1:08pm, maximum blockage 
  • At 2:35pm, 'tis all over
If'n ya join us on the patio this fine day, here's what ya can expect:
  • Complimentary certified eclipse sun shades with any purchase
  • $3 Blue Moon pints (get it - Blue MOON pints?) and other stellar specials to keep ya 'round, keep ya fed, and keep ya hydrated
  • A first class view of the sky on our award-winning patio
Stay tuned to our social media and check out our website to keep up to speed with further party plannin', the weather, and much more!
'N don't forget to remember:  Every weekend, Thurs-Sat, we have live music on the Paddy-O Patio.  Come 'n give a listen - we've been known to add some music on Wednesdays and Sundays too!
Thursday, August 10:  Dallas Lybarger
Friday, August 11:  Miner's Bluff Band 
Saturday, August 12:  Phil Vandel
Thursday, August 17:  Garry Lincoln
Friday, August 18:  Andy DeWitt 
Saturday, August 19:  Ethan Ridings
Thursday, August 24:  Aaron Lucero
Friday, August 25:  Joey Glenn and Skinny Webb 
Saturday, August 26:  Andy DeWitt
~~~~~  Final Words for Family 'n Friends from Paddy Hisself ~~~~~
Don't Stand Up In A Canoe,
Don't Eat Yellow Snow, and
Don't Look Directly at The Sun
Paddy O'Quigley's