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  December 2017
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  • Challenging Vaccine Safety Myths
  • Emerging Science – Why It’s a Game Changer
  • Protecting Children’s Health
  • Parents Outraged Over Ontario’s New Exemption Form
  • Removing the Blinders on Vaccine Safety
  • Vaccine Injury Denial
  • VCC at Toronto’s BabyTime Show
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Challenging Vaccine Safety Myths

As the number of independent studies pile up revealing mechanisms of vaccine injury, the worn out claim of vaccine ‘safety and effectiveness’ by government agencies is unsupported by any credible science as discussed in this excellent article by the World Mercury Project team.  In this detailed analysis, VCC Vice President, Ted Kuntz challenges Ontario’s Ministry of Health, the Ontario Medical Association and Pediatric Alliance on promoting myths and misinformation on vaccine safety. And here, the Informed Consent Action Network serves notice to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services demanding that it provide confirmation of having fulfilled its legal obligations concerning vaccine safety. Among the growing chorus of voices demanding proper vaccine safety research, James Lyons-Weiler Ph.D discusses the Biological Mechanisms of Vaccine Injury.

In sharp contrast to the vaccine establishment’s platitudes on vaccine safety, is the emerging science based on new and precise technologies which reveal how vaccine components can end up in the brain like a Trojan horse that derail normal brain development and impair brain function.

The latest aluminum toxicity study headed up by world renowned aluminum expert Christopher Exley Ph.D has found some of the highest quantities of aluminum yet recorded in the brains of autistic boys.  This study signals a sea change in the public’s understanding of how vaccine aluminum can migrate into the brain and destroy normal brain function in children.

“...any vaccine that includes aluminum adjuvant, you will get aluminum from that going into your brain...It is no longer safe to use aluminum in vaccination."
                                           Professor Chris Exley ~ November 27, 2017
With these words, Exley has sent shock waves through the medical institutions that persist with vaccine injury denial while continuing to play vaccine roulette with children’s lives.

What is coming into sharp focus now is that our children are under environmental toxic assault and that the injection of complex biochemical vaccine components started often at birth, contributes significantly to the myriad neurological and immunological disabilities our children suffer from today. The latest CDC survey shows that 1 in 36 children is now on the autism spectrum, and studies show that at least 50% of children suffer from some form of chronic disease. If we fail to clearly identify and stop this assault on our children’s health, our future as a species is bleak indeed.

Emerging Science – Why It’s a Game Changer
It’s been known for over 30 years that the immune system and brain are intimately interconnected.  Immune cells within the brain are directly involved in brain development.  In fact, the brain has it’s own immune system with its own immune cells called microglia.  For at least the past dozen years, neuroscientists have known that when the immune system is hyper-stimulated and inflammation is triggered, as vaccines are designed to do, the microglia in the brain are hyper-activated and start to emit toxic chemicals that wreak various degrees of havoc in the brain. This is especially so in the first two years of life during the most critical phases of brain development, when the largest quantity of vaccines are injected into babies.  These vaccine boluses injected during brain growth cause huge inflammatory events that can derail normal development of thinking, concentration, attention, behavior, language and cause neurological motor injuries.

What is critical for parents to understand is that many of the vaccines injected in infancy and early childhood are loaded with aluminum adjuvants designed to ramp up immune activation leading to inflammation and brain injuries as explained so well in this powerful article by JB Handley, father of a vaccine injured child,

“Five clear, replicable, and related discoveries explaining how autism is triggered have formed an undeniably clear picture of autism’s causation, and possibly ways to alleviate the symptoms, too. Most of the research that has created this understanding has been published in the last 36 months, and largely from international scientists in the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Israel, and China. The U.S. media? Silent.”
We know that the aluminum nano-particles are picked up by immune cells and transported into the brain where they can remain indefinitely, and where they continue to inflame the brain. Once the brain’s microglia are activated and primed, every vaccine that is injected will reactivate these immune cells and continue the destructive activity in the brain.

What your doctor and public health officials won’t tell you is that babies are programmed to remain in a non-inflammatory state in the first 2-3 years of life, and that vaccines cause massive inflammatory reactions which negatively impact normal brain development.  What they also don’t tell you is that vaccine induced immune system activation repeated over and over during infancy, overrides nature’s evolutionary programming designed to protect the baby’s brain from inflammatory events, and are the very root of vaccine induced brain inflammation and injury.

Protecting Children’s Health
In order to effectively protect their children’s health, parents must be able to make an informed vaccine decision.  This means evaluating the evidence on vaccine safety provided by government vaccine policy makers and critically comparing this with what the new science is revealing about mechanisms of vaccine injury. One quickly learns that the pro-vaccine establishment has no credible science backing up its vaccine safety claims.  It has no science to show where vaccine ingredients go once injected into the body, or what these ingredients do on the cellular level, or the impact these substances have over time.

Current vaccine science is based on primitive technology whose only parameter is whether antibodies are produced, even though it is known that immunity from disease is much more complex than just antibodies. And since the vaccine establishment has refused to do the definitive gold standard studies comparing the long term health of both vaccinated and unvaccinated populations, claims of vaccine safety are irrelevant, even fraudulent.

To make an informed vaccine decision, parents must understand the relationship between the immune system and the brain. Key points to understand are:
• A baby is programmed to remain in a non-inflammatory state while the brain is rapidly developing in the first two years of life. Baby’s prime directive is to PREVENT and reduce inflammation.

• There is an intimate, interconnected relationship between the immune system and the nervous system, including the brain.

• Key immune cells are involved in brain development and must remain in a non-inflammatory state to protect the developing brain.

• Repeated vaccination during early life triggers inflammation forcing the microglia, the brain’s own immune cells, to emit toxic inflammatory chemicals that can result in damage to the developing brain.

• Vaccine adjuvants (aluminum) trigger brain inflammation, create allergies, autoimmunity, constant inflammation all around the body and cause mitochondria to stop working properly.

• Protect normal brain development, by protecting baby from inflammation.

• Breast milk deals with anything inflammatory, helps protect baby from bacterial and other infections, and protects from inflammation. Breastmilk is a continuum of blood and is an extension of in-utero growth. It orchestrates the baby’s immune system for the duration of breastfeeding, which should ideally continue for the first two years of life.
To understand the criticality of protecting the baby’s brain from inflammatory processes, Dr. Suzanne Humphries video lecture, Neonatal Immunity: The First Three Years is an excellent educational resource.

The World Mercury Project’s Campaign to Restore Child Health is led by Robert F. Kennedy and a dedicated team of researchers. They provide important information and educational resources to help parents protect their children’s health

Parents Outraged Over New Ontario New Exemption Form

When the Ontario government passed the recent legislative amendment forcing parents to attend a “vaccine education” session prior to being ‘allowed’ to file a vaccine exemption for their children, one could feel the ‘mandatory vaccination’ noose tightening around our collective necks.  This was followed by another bombshell. In September parents were outraged to discover that the new vaccine exemption form contains a self incriminating statement titled ‘Risks of not being vaccinated’….  “With the decision to delay or refuse vaccines, you are accepting responsibility that you are putting your child’s health and even life at risk.” Parents are told they cannot cross out the offending statement and if they do, the form won’t be accepted and the child won’t be allowed to attend school.

Lots of information has been generated about this which you can read here on our website. Parents we speak to say the new amendments, the regulations and implementation and the Immunization of School Pupils Act (ISPA) need to be challenged in the courts. They say this encroachment on our right to informed consent and our civil liberty to refuse vaccinations must be stopped.

There’s no doubt that this authoritarian move which threatens our basic human right to refuse unwanted medical treatments has stimulated a huge surge of interest in this issue.  And the timing couldn’t be more perfect as emerging science now reveals the mechanisms of vaccine injury with many strong voices challenging institutional lies about vaccine safety.

Removing the blinders on vaccine safety
For decades vaccine safety advocates have been calling for studies comparing vaccinated vs. unvaccinated populations to measure overall health outcomes. Public health institutions have refused to do these studies, citing ethical reasons for their refusal.  It has long been suspected by many that the increasingly aggressive vaccine schedule, rather than protecting children’s health, is undermining it on a large scale resulting in myriad non-specific chronic diseases and increased mortality. This was verified by a recent study that examined health records from the 1980s in an African nation which found that DTP (diphtheria, tetanus, pertusiss) vaccine increased infant mortality 5 to 10 fold compared to unvaccinated babies. The study authors warned that, “All currently available evidence suggests that DTP vaccine may kill more children from other causes than it saves from diphtheria, tetanus or pertussis.”

For years sudden infant death (SIDS) following babies’ 2, 4 and 6 month shots has been denied as vaccine related and deemed a ‘coincidence’ by the medical establishment. Without a clear research base comparing health outcomes in vaccinated and unvaccinated groups, it’s not been possible to determine just how many children have been sacrificed at the vaccine alter. The work of other researchers who have tracked infant deaths following DTP vaccine has been ignored or discounted as was the case with William C Torch’s analysis of infant deaths following vaccination in the U.S. in the early 1980s.  In concluding his 1982 paper which showed the clusters of infant deaths following DPT shots he stated,
“DPT vaccination may be a generally unrecognized major cause of sudden infant and early childhood death, and that the risks of immunization may outweigh its potential benefits.”
Dr. Torch’s findings were shouted down by attendees at the 1982 American Academy of Neurology conference where he presented his findings that two thirds of the babies classified as sudden infant death had died within three weeks of a DPT shot.

In her outstanding essay, From Nuremburg to California: Why Informed Consent Matters in the 21st Century, Barbara Loe Fisher’ provides an overview of utilitarianism, the philosophy that dominates science today as it justifies sacrifice of the few for the benefit of the majority. She examines how dominant corporate science affects cultural values and laws and threatens our basic human right to refuse risky medical treatments like vaccination. Fisher recalls how Dr. Torch was treated by his peers at the meeting.
“This pediatrician was concerned that DPT vaccine may be a major unrecognized cause of early childhood death, including SIDS, and he suggested that more research be done. As soon as he finished, his physician colleagues launched a vicious attack on his professional expertise and personal integrity that left him physically trembling in a cold sweat. I had never seen anything like it.”
Vaccine Injury Denial
The vilification of researchers and denial of their findings on vaccine safety is a pattern that has been ongoing for decades, culminating with the pillorying of Andrew Wakefield for his 1998 case series research into gut disease in children who regressed into autism following MMR vaccine. This detailed report by the Alliance for Human Research Protection reviews the Wakefield case and the massive institutional conspiracy to bury the evidence on vaccine damage and silence vaccine critics.

“Public health officials and the medical profession have abrogated their professional, public, and human responsibility, by failing to honestly examine the iatrogenic harm caused by expansive, indiscriminate, and increasingly aggressive vaccination policies. On a human level, the documented evidence shows a callous disregard for the plight of thousands of children who suffer irreversible harm, as if they were unavoidable 'collateral damage'.”
Today babies receive more than just the old 3 in one DPT vaccine. Starting at two months and repeated 4 or five times in the first two years of life are the 5 in one (pentavalent) or 6 in 1 (hexavalent) vaccines containing diphtheria, acellular pertussis, tetanus, polio, Hib and or hepatitis B vaccines, along with other shots than can total 7-9 vaccines in one doctor’s visit. These also have a legacy of inordinate numbers of babies dying in close proximity to the vaccines, and are discussed by Christina England in her recent article, Are Untested Combination Vaccines Killing our Children?
“Here we had another problem with Hexavac. A pathologist had autopsied a child who had died two days previously, after getting the Hexavac vaccine. He found that the child had a massively swollen brain, something that he had never come across before in his career as a pathologist. Several other cases were mentioned; it was not just this one child.”
Dr. Richard Moscowitz’s recent book, Vaccines – A Reappraisal is without a doubt the most important book written on this topic in decades.  He challenges the validity of the vaccine paradigm and elaborates on what many medical researchers have already determined but has been suppressed by the medical industry - that vaccination rather than enhancing health, insidiously undermines it in myriad ways and is at the root of today’s explosion of chronic degenerative diseases. During his 50 years as a medical doctor, Dr. M has witnessed a wide variety of non-specific reactions to vaccination which can exacerbate inherent genetic weaknesses and result in disease which might otherwise never have manifested.

Drawing from the emerging published research Dr. Moskowotz shows that there is great risk in administering large numbers of vaccines simultaneously in infancy and early childhood as is currently prescribed by the vaccine schedule. He writes,

“…the primary determinant of overall risk, is the total vaccine load, the total number of individual vaccines or vaccine components administered over time, or in other words, the total exposure to the vaccination process in general, rather than any particular vaccine.”
VCC at Toronto’s BabyTime Show
Tens of thousands of postcards, pamphlets, flyers and business cards were distributed from VCC’s booth at the BabyTime show in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on November 10, 11, and 12, 2017. A favorite amongst the parents-to-be was the detailed Ontario Vaccine Schedule flyer. All provincial vaccine schedules can be found here. Thanks to Nelle Maxey for this.  A new postcard comparing the 1950, 1983 & 2017 Ontario Vaccine Schedules was a real hit too and you can view, print or download this on our website.  Thanks to Patricia for donating funds to have the postcards printed, and to Scott for the postcard design.
A first for VCC, our booth included a captivating slide show that caught the attention of show attendees. Special thanks to Robert, Cindy and Edda for their work in putting together this educational and entertaining work of art!

While there were some complaints about our presence to the organizers of the show and a few negative reviews on the BabyTime Facebook page, many attendees and other booth owners stopped by with their appreciation of the information we were providing to the public, including a few medical doctors!  Sadly, many parents continue to believe that vaccination is mandatory to attend school. We handed out many vaccine exemption forms. We also heard from parents who are unable to find a physician willing to take their infants and children into their practice due to their delayed or non-vaccinating status. We also heard vaccine injury stories; but thankfully heard some vaccine injury recovery stories as well.

Thank you to all of our dedicated show volunteers: Skylar, Robert, Esther, Nilla, Joel, Margaret, Cindy, Joanne, Beatrice, Mary, Gisele, Rita, John and Martin. With such great volunteers and skillful organizers (special thanks to Rita & John!), we plan to continue this type of key public outreach in the future. Thanks to All!!!

From all of us at Vaccine Choice Canada, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season.  We appreciate the tremendous support from our members across Canada and other countries who make our educational outreach work possible.

Special events
VCC – London Ontario Chapter presents author Heather Fraser speaking on Learn the Risks, You’re your Rights on Wednesday January 17, 2018 - Details here.  For further information contact
Medicine Hat, Alberta - Vaccine Information Evening - A discussion [Naturopath and Medical Officer of Health] to bring awareness and education to those who seek to broaden their knowledge about childhood and adult vaccination
Monday, February 5, 2018  7 -9 PM at the Medicine Hat Public Library Theatre
Details here
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State of Children’s Health today – World Mercury Project

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