Promoting Alpaca Together! 
Oct 30,2015 
The LAST 100% Alpaca Blanket Project Items

100% Pendleton Alpaca Blanket Project Blankets and Scarves      

You may have heard...The LAST of the 100% Pendleton Alpaca Blankets and Scarves have been produced. From now on an 80%/20% alpaca/wool blend will be the only option.

We contacted the Alpaca Blanket Project and bought most of the remaining 100% Natural Alpaca products. 

100% Alpaca Blanket Project Throws and Scarves
100% Alpaca Blanket Project Blanket Throws 100% Alpaca Blanket Project Blanket Throws 
Get your piece of the American Alpaca industry history with these heirloom items before they are gone, forever.

Alpaca Felt Fiber Call! 
Do you have alpaca fiber sitting around?
Need to find a use for it?
Want to promote alpaca?

We know there are a number of farms who have alpaca fiber that needs to be put to use, particularly those coarser, less-than-top-quality clips that are not destined for fine sweaters or accessories.

They are likely sitting in a room, stuffed into a cabinet or perhaps filling a portion of the barn. We want to give those bags of alpaca fiber new life as alpaca felt products! 
This is a great opportunity to get value for your coarser fiber. 

Alpaca felt products such as shoe liner inserts, felt lined gloves, boot liners, felt bags, bedding and more offer an EXCELLENT way to utilize coarser alpaca fiber!  Nothing works like alpaca for warmth and comfort! 

Give your otherwise forgotten clips of alpaca a new life and promote alpaca with felt alpaca products!

Our sister store, in collaboration with Heartfelt, LLC invites you to join in a new simple project, The Alpaca Felt Fiber Call. No fees, committments or hassles. This is a limited call. Project starting NOW.


Seeking American Knit Fabric 
Choice Alpaca is seeking a wholesale supplier of soft, comfortable yet durable alpaca knit fabric (100% or blend) for a new 2016 project. We want to buy American (or Canadian) for this prototype product.  A few 100 yards to start... 

Contact Brian @ Choice Alpaca if you would like to discuss further. 


Alpaca is Selling! 
This season has been HOT for alpaca products! We're pretty amazed at just how many people want alpaca!  All the hard work of alpaca farmers, vendors and promoters have made a big difference!
Though we ordered TONS of products, some items already appear that they will sell out.  If you are looking for alpaca items to showcase in your store, we encourage you to stock up now. 
Though we bought more than ever, our very popular PacaBuddies Plush Toys WILL sell out. We're down to the last few of the cute Alpaca Windup Toys too. There will not be more this season after these sell out.
But, and this is a FIRST, the USA made Superwarm, OutdoorAdventure and SlipperBootie socks are in good shape! We're making them at breakneck speeds, have a large stock here and another eight TONS of yarn arriving at the mill this week! 
Stock up on these very popular alpaca socks. 

You can see current stocks of ANY of our products at the bottom of each product listing. 


Stock up! Financing Available for Larger Orders
Would you like to place a larger order for this season?
Not sure if it will all sell?
Would 6-month financing help?
How about a no-problem post-season refund guarantee?

We want to grow with you!

Multiple retailers have asked about a financing program that would allow a large purchase ($750+) to be spread over time. 

The "financing" is simple: 6 even automated monthly charges against a credit card on file. There is a small $30 fee to setup the financing arrangement, but this is more then offset by free shipping.

Just click the Custom Payment Method After Order Placed

option online with your online order. We will follow up afterwards.


"Go Large" with your next order!

* Get free shipping ($750+ orders).

* Return anything that does not sell by April of next year for a refund.

* Be listed on our SEO marketed Preferred Retailers map!

Preferred Retailers Map


*This program is only available to existing customers making at least 1 prior purchase (aka, "credit established"). 


We're Seeking an Alpaca Farm to Purchase!
Miss it too much!
We are seeking an alpaca farm with warehouse facility to purchase. Anywhere in the country will be considered.
In 2001, we started with our first alpaca farm. After years of enjoying these gentle creatures, "life" got in the way and we left the farming side of things in 2008. But the draw of alpacas never left. 



If you are looking to sell or know someone who is, or have a local friend in real estate with a listing, please contact us.

More details of what we are seeking can be found HERE.

Choice Alpaca Products
P. O. Box 8598
La Jolla, CA 92038 * 877-787-3592