Hello Fellow Cat Lover,

I hope your Memorial Day weekend, for those
of you in the U.S., has been fun and/or
relaxing... whatever you wanted out of it.
At least the weather has been nice here,
and the cats are enjoying it, too.

For this issue, I just want to pass along some
interesting little tidbits of news that have
come across my desk.


Pet food recall info is still all over the
place, and you still need to be very watchful
of the foods you are feeding your cats. It
seems a new brand hits the recall list every
week. I'm beginning to think nothing is safe.
Some of the brands I trusted are on the list now.

But there is still hope. Many companies are
doing their best to produce better quality-
assurance policies and safe products. Just
do your own homework, and call your vet if
you have concerns about your own cats.


According to the magazine, Petfood Industry,
May 2007:

"The Pet Food Institute has announced the
formation of the National Pet Food Commission,
composed of nationally recognized veterinarians,
toxicologists, state and federal regulators
and nutritionists, to further strengthen
industry procedures and safeguards in light
of recent petfood recalls."

To read more about this commission, go to:


The University of Nebraska has added a new
program to their curriculum: They now offer
a major in pet food technology! It could be
open as early as this coming fall semester.
The Board of Regents also is expected to vote
on adding 'animal science related to pets' as
another major next year.


Wow... people spend a lot on their pets:
According to the American Pet Products
Manufacturers Association, we spent more than
$38 billion in 2006 on our pets, with more
than $16 billion expected to be spent on pet
food alone in 2007.

Compare that to a total expenditure in 1996
of "only" $21 billion.

Of course, we should consider the fact that
prices have gone up! It's not entirely, or
simply, more sales.


Now K-Mart is getting into the act, by
offering their own line of pet foods!
The brand will be called Champion Breed.
There will be 9 varieties of dry cat food,
and 8 kinds of wet food.
For dogs, 14 varieties of dry, 6 of wet,
and 13 kinds of treats and biscuits.


Don't forget, Dr. Andrew Jones still has
his pet food seminar available, if you'd
like to get the info package.

He recorded the seminar he did recently,
and has prepared a printable report also.
Here is his contact info again, so you can
get it at your convenience:



The Health Benefits of Pet Ownership
interview I did with Dr. Maria Moratto
has reached the end of its week on her
web site and is no longer available. BUT,
she has offered to put it back up when
she gets some time, but it will only be
available as a download for a minimal
$5 donation. So, keep your eyes on her
website and I hope you get to hear it

In fact, if you missed it, you also missed
all the goodies I offered at the end of the
call as my gift for listening. I'll leave
that up on my server, though, in case you
get another chance to listen and get the
gift info.


(You will have to register to gain access to
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have to say, Dr. Maria puts out a very nice
newsletter and I'm sure you will like it.)


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