Relax and Grow RICH August 2007 Newsletter   

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On August 9th, Colleen & Dan Bian presented a class on "Acupressure Wellness Techniques for You and your Pet" at the Glendale, AZ Library. 

 Dan's Self-Applied Shiatsu Handouts for people & pets are FREE on his site's Articles page at


Have you used EFT on yourself and not received the results you wanted?

Wondering how to use Surrogate Muscle Testing like Colleen does?

Colleen will be conducting tele-classes soon to answer your questions about EFT and do FREE muscle testing readings for individuals who attend the tele-classes.  


Colleen will answer  one EFT question a month in future newsletters!

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Welcome to the August 2007 edition of the

Relax and Grow RICH Newsletter! 

 (RICH = Relationships, Income, Career, Health)

This month's newsletter is about



Are you wondering why your relationships, income, career or health issues are not improving despite all the EFT you're doing?

Perhaps you've cursed some aspect of your life in the past?  (And who hasn't?)

One dictionary definition of "blessing" includes "good wishes or approval; anything that gives happiness or prevents misfortune; special benefit or favor."

How do blessings work?  The universe is always ready to "take your order" just like in a restaurant.  Intentional blessing or damning yourself, others, any place or thing places your order, be it positive or negative.

In the past few months during EFT sessions on myself and with clients, I've used surrogate muscle testing (SMT) to identify any RICH aspects that may have been cursed, then reversed the curse with a simple EFT routine.

In June I found that I had cursed my income in the past, and SMT indicated that my income was still cursed. Using 3 simple setup statements (no 9 gamut or reminder phrase tapping) I was able to reverse the curse.  The next day, a former co-worker called to tell me about a lucrative short-term consulting position that was available and perfect for me!

Here is the technique I used:

While rubbing my right sore spot, I repeated three times

"Even though I've damned my income in the past when it was low, I now choose to reverse the curse, and bless my abundant income."

Feel free to try this on any or all RICH aspects of your life and let me know if you notice any changes!

Have a joyful month and keep on tapping!