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Five Years Later Democrats Begin to Turn Against Obama Care

Fiscal Disaster Deepens even Prior to Full Implementation


No one had to tell us what would happen here in Oklahoma when Obama Care became the law of the land.   The State Question had already shown that the vast majority of Oklahoma voters was dead set against Obama Care and the Tea Party had rallied around stopping the state insurance exchange and holding RINO Republicans accountable for trying to shove it down our throats.

But it took five years, two disastrous midterm elections, and a program rollout failure that reminded everyone just how incompetent government can be to finally drag the conservative/moderate Democrats into opposition of Obama Care.   As the program begins kicking in for the third year and three years of premium increases it is hitting people’s pockets hard leading many Democrats to break with the Obama administration.

The biggest reason for the split is the Cadillac tax on full coverage health care plans, found on the larger employer’s list of benefits, unions, and government employee plans.   This 40% tax hits benefits above a threshold which will cost union members hundreds of millions of dollars, bringing austerity to the usual union campaign donations and PAC money.  Unions lobbied hard to remove their liability from the Cadillac tax but Congress and Obama refused to exempt them as they needed the massive tax, expected to raise 32 billion dollars in the first ten years, to offset increased government costs for implementing Obama Care.  Their plan was to show Obama Care as revenue neutral.

Private employers have done what everyone expected them to do, indeed they did what the RINO support for Obama Care was trying to do, they stopped offering expensive health care plans.    Big business supported Obama Care as a left hand way of getting out from under massive health insurance costs and shifting those costs to the workers.  Oh!  The government is forcing us to cut back on benefits!.

Obama Care itself is intended to change medical usage patterns and to force everyone into cookie cutter policies that are “equal”.   The rich get less, the poor get more, it was as simple as that.  Socialistic equality, meaning there is less to go around but it is shared with those who do not pay for their own medical care.   Indeed, in the debate for Obama Care the Democrats argued that expensive health care plans increased over utilization of health care resources and by taxing good health insurance policies they would either wither away or the increased tax revenue could be used to pay for other’s health needs.  By reducing worker benefits you get fewer people using health care, reducing demand and intending to drop prices through increased competition for fewer health care customers.  The liberals always looked at high health care costs as being driven by middle class and upper class customers spending too much on health care.

Instead rates have skyrocketed every year since Obama Care was implemented.   Insurance companies were hammered with massive increases in usage and double digit increases were requested by the insurance companies so they could remain afloat in the sea of red ink.  Delaware asked for 22.4%, Florida 16.2 and 13.9%, Iowa was asked for 19.8%, and Michigan asked for 11.4% increase in premiums while predicting an additional 40% increase as the insurance companies got a handle on exactly what costs and useage would be for the massive flood of newly insured customers.

Obama of course sold the plan by saying full coverage of everyone would send the cost curve down and that people would have more choices to shop for health insurance through the exchanges.  Tell that to Blue Cross Blue Shield that lost 19 million dollars in New Mexico in 2015 and is shutting down 35,000 policies as they pull out of the state.  Tell that to me after I learned that my insurance company had exited the health insurance field, cancelling my policy as of December of this year along with hundreds of thousands of other customers across the U.S.

Why did Blue Cross Blue Shield shut down in New Mexico?  Because they were denied a 51.6% increase in premiums needed to stay profitable and in business.    Then there is New York where over 100,000 customers just found out that their plans will be canceled on December 31st as the company shuts down due to losses.   And Democrats are beginning to back away from Obama Care as the largest price increases will occur prior to the November 2016 elections.

Look for more bad news for taxpayers as billions of dollars of loans head into default.  The New York company in the example above had borrowed two and a half billion from the taxpayers, one of 22 other start up insurance co-ops.  Of the 23 co-ops, 21 have already shut down or are losing money, six are in critical condition according to the Obama Administration although it won’t say which six are in critical condition.

The co-op were the brain child of Obama who decided that nonprofit co-ops could sell health insurance cheaper than greedy insurance executives and drive down the prices of all health insurance plans as the “profits” were squeezed out of the plans.  They hired political hacks with zero insurance experience to run the co-ops and didn’t allow the co-ops to spend on marketing or advertising.   Louisiana lost their Health Cooperative in July after massive losses forced the shut down, Iowa’s co-op collapsed in January with 145 billion dollars in federal loans outstanding, and Nevada’s co-op will shut down at the end of this year with 65.9 million in federal loans unpaid.

And remember the failed green energy project Solyndra?  Only a half billion was lost, five times less than the single failure in New York.   And where is the outrage over wasted tax dollars, increased federal debt, and families finding themselves without health insurance?

If you think that surely it can’t get any worse you would be wrong.   Blue states like California signed up millions of low income voters on Obama Care and are now offering medical coverage to illegal immigrants.  As of this writing 48 California counties offer illegal alien children coverage and are talking about expanding coverage to their parents at a cost of one billion dollars a year.   With 2.6 million illegals living in California the one billion dollar cost estimate is a bit low 

Four other states have agreed to provide illegal alien children health care benefits, Massachusetts, Illinois, New York, and Washington with the argument being that providing preventative care is cheaper than treating serious illnesses in emergency rooms.  However a 2009 Congressional Budget Office report found that preventative care usually leads to higher spending.  Of course the emergency room visit cost for illegals is soaring because the states have refused to set policies that discourage illegals from living in those states.

Giving away other people’s money is a favorite tactic of legislators, buying today’s vote with tomorrow’s economic collapse.  The average voter is sick of the deceptions and irresponsibility of politicians as evidenced in the poll numbers for the Presidential race.  Here in Oklahoma we have done better than most states by rejecting the state insurance exchange so that all of the debt will fall on the federal government and by rejecting increasing Medicaid.  However Fallin is pushing to increase Medicaid in the coming year and her Chamber of Commerce backers will continue to push legislators to set up the state insurance exchange that allows them to shed millions of dollars of health insurance costs onto the state and federal budgets.


Glanz is Going to be Gone!

After nine weeks of grand jury process we see Tulsa County Sheriff Stanley Glanz offering to step down.    One of the reasons was testimony coming out stating that Glanz told employees to “keep your mouth shut” according to witnesses.  Other reasons were exempting Pay to Play reserve deputy Robert Bates from being reprimanded after unsafely handling a weapon at the gun range, leading to Bates leaving in a huff and not completing the safety course.  Glanz ordered the instructors to give Bates a passing grade.

Another allegation was that Glanz profited from purchase made by the Sheriff’s office but details of those allegations were nearly nonexistent as of this writing.  A total of eight allegations were presented to the grand jury supporting the petition for removal yet Glanz’s offer to resign makes the allegations moot except for any role they might have in the three pending criminal indictments handed down by the grand jury.  The grand jury handed down two misdemeanor criminal indictments, refusal to perform official duties and willful violation of the law, along with a third sealed indictment that the judge has left sealed.  These three charges will continue despite Glanz’s resignation.

The grand jury made eight main recommendations to the Tulsa County Sheriffs Office, to follow their policies uniformly and closely, that they adopt a policy that anyone absent from law enforcement for over five years be retrained and retested, that they set training and experience requirements for units such as SWAT and task forces,  that training and documentation compliance needs improved and audited, that they account for field training hours, that anyone transferred should have their records transferred with them and audited to ensure that the person is trained for the new assignment, that the internal affairs department become autonomous from the Sheriffs Office and that each investigation be assigned a number, and that an anonymous reporting system be in place for employees to report wrongdoing and that the reports are documented and retained.

The grand jury was set in motion after the shooting of a subdued suspect by Pay to Play reserve deputy Robert Bates, an elderly insurance executive.   Sheriff Glanz refused to accept responsibility for the support of the elderly volunteer or address the lack of training and accountability given to the reserve deputy.  Glanz offered an apology through a proxy, being out of town on “business”.


The first indictment is over Sheriff Glanz’s refusal to turn over the 2009 internal investigation report into Bates after media outlets made open records requests.  Glanz ordered employees to not turn over the report.    11 of the 12 jurors voted to indict Glanz.

The second indictment accuses Sheriff Glanz of using county vehicles for official business even though he takes a $600 stipend for his personal vehicle.  All 12 jurors voted to indict Glanz.

All 12 jurors voted in favor of the second indictment, and 11 of the 12 voted “yes” on the first one. It takes nine jurors voting in the affirmative to return an indictment.

The grand jury cause for removal from office were habitual or willful neglect of duty, gross partiality in office, oppression in office, corruption in office, and willful maladministration.  The accusations run seven pages plus exhibits and include the 2009 internal investigation against Bates stating that he was untrained and afforded special treatment through intimidating training officers and supervisors into excusing certain reserve deputies from requirements required of full time deputies.   These reserve deputies were afforded special treatment due to their Pay to Play donations to the department and to their influence in the community and their campaign donations to the Glanz administration.

The removal accusation from the grand jury also requested an immediate hearing to remove Glanz pending the outcome of a trial to protect current employees of the Sheriffs Office.    Glanz’s attorneys are calling the suspension unnecessary due to the pending resignation, no doubt a bid to gain Sheriff Glanz some time to clean up evidence of other actions prior to losing control of records.  Glanz could retain his pension if the third unsealed indictment is not a felony.

Glanz appeared in court on Thursday on the two misdemeanor criminal indictments and was released on his own recognizance and instructed to appear on November 10th.


But what of the unsealed indictment and the accusations that Glanz profited from Sheriff Department purchases? 


DDG Protections LCC is listed as being owned by Stanley Glanz with a business address at 8535 E 38th St in Tulsa.   Supposedly a business services company that is listed as inactive by the Secretary of State.  Another allegation is that Sheriff Glanz bought stock in a company called Pure Bioscience, a California based company making a cleaning product called Staph Attack, prior to purchasing the product and there are allegations that ordered employees to constantly use the product and online press releases and news stories where Sheriff Glanz touts the product.

The local distributor was said to be Enviroguard Technologies  located at 4725 East 91st Street, Tulsa, OK 74137  Michael Sitton and Fred Stoops were partners in what appears to be a now defunct firm.   Earlier  Jeffrey G. Levinson and Coffey, Gudgel & McDaniel, P.L.L.C were associated with the firm at another Tulsa address according to the Secretary of State information.


We will continue to look into business dealings of Sheriff Glanz and report what we find.  Allegations claim that Tulsa County Assessor Ken Yazel and Tulsa Attorney Clark Brewster were also involved in business dealings with Sheriff Glanz so there is a lot of smoke out there and it remains to be seen if there is any fire.


Of course all of this begs the question of when Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel is going to fall victim to a grand jury investigation.   Many of the same problems are occurring, pay to play deals with wealthy reserve deputies, allegations of dereliction of duty, and improper business dealings that have persistently clung to Whetsel over the years despite insulation provided by local media and a supportive District Attorney office.




The Oklahoman Doubles Down on Support for Muslims after the College Shootings

I personally won’t buy the rag but it is available free online and in a few local breakfast shops so I occasionally take the time to see how far they have sunk.   Last week Oklahoma was treated to an editorial and a large sympathetic story reminding us that Islam is a religion of peace and mercy.

One story covered an Islamic Relief volunteer working with Syrian refugees that have overrun Europe..    Imad Enchassi, imam of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City, was the focus of the story that lead off with him buying a little girl shoes.  The goal of course was to create sympathy for the refugees and for the Islamic Societies that are little more than fronts for expanding Muslim control over the world.

Oh the gut wrenching story of his country before he migrated, or so we are told.   Lebanese Christians attacked the camp he was living in and killed hundreds we are told.   He admits that the goal is to have Syrian refugees relocate in Europe and America and that while the refugee camps are welcoming the refugees want to make a better life for themselves.

Of course the article brings up “several American organizations” asking the U.S. State Department to allow more Syrian refugees into America, no doubt omitting that they are Islamic Societies or groups like CAIR; an unindicted conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation criminal case..   10,0000 refugees isn’t enough he says and calls it like a multibillionaire giving a penny to charity and he is already planning to “assist “the Syrian refugees that eventually will come to Oklahoma.”

The second outrage written by the Oklahoman was an editorial that took to task one of the organizations trying to point out the goals of the Islamic religion.   Their example was ACT for America’s Central Oklahoma chapter, an organization the Oklahoman Editors accused of making wild leaps of logic to exploit a local tragedy, something they said offends common decency.  They were referring to the Moore beheading of Colleen Hufford by Muslim convert Alton Nolen in September of 2014.   The Editors admit that Nolen was “clearly influenced by radical ideology” they attribute the beheading to a “workplace dispute” and as having no connection to Sharia law.

The Oklahoman Editors admitted that Nolen had jihadist materials on his Facebook page and that he was influenced by radicalism but they claim that this was simply a disgruntled employee getting revenge using work place violence.   The article also claims that Nolen was insane, something that most Oklahomans would think about most radical Muslims and they bend over backward to attempt to prove that Nolen’s act were not Islamic terrorism.


Right….Muslim man posting jihadist information on their Facebook page and screaming Allah Akbar while sawing of heads sure sounds like your typical work place violence to me.

The editorial ends with a convoluted defense claiming that Nolen couldn’t read in Arabic and therefore the most violent aspects of the Koran were inaccessible to Nolen.    They also admit that a “significant share” of the religion’s global adherents are brutally violent, repressive, and homicidal but then sets up the straw man argument that not all Muslims are terrorists or fans of ISSIS and that “countless Muslims peacefully coexist with their neighbors all across the United States…”

Meanwhile we find out that the Oregon shooting rampage was anti Christian and that the terrorist had contacts on his social media that were known militant Islamists and the guy showed a fascination with the Irish Republican Army terror group.


No doubt the Oklahoman Editorial staff was attempting to defuse any backlash against the Muslim community simply because of the State Chamber of Commerce’s desire for Oklahoma to become a more “cosmopolitan” and “less backward” state.  In the process they have no problem with throwing the average Oklahoman under the bus nor are they too concerned if a few heads get sawn off as long as they can attribute it to “workplace violence” much like the Ft. Hood shootings thanks to Barack Hussein Obama.



American Citizen’s Job Chances Tumble While Illegal Immigrants Experience Solid Gains in Job Numbers

Three months running, native born American citizens saw their job numbers plunge while immigrants picked up an additional 14,000 jobs.    American born workers lost 262,000 jobs in the same period, bringing a three month total of over one million jobs lost for American workers.

The same three month period saw illegal immigrant job gains of 218,000 new jobs.

Several dynamics are at work here.  First, yes the immigrants will work for cheaper wages, meaning less payroll tax paid, significantly adding to the bottom line.   You have many large companies like Toys R Us, Google, Microsoft, an endless list of companies, all pushing to hire HB 1 workers to replace workers with decades of experience simply because hiring new workers at lower rates increases profits.  A worker with ten years not only has had numerous raises, they are also getting close to retirement benefits and have families on the health insurance plan.  Bringing in a trained college graduate from Romania to replace a worker is going to save thousands of dollars in salary and payroll taxes each month.


Second, the companies have an iron grip on the HB 1 workers who can work for only the company that sponsored them.  Work or get fired and deported.  Complain about no overtime pay will get you fired and deported.

Lastly the American workers have homes, cars, and families to support so they aren’t going to apply for the new, lower paid positions.

Now there are a few that will benefit handsomely by exploiting immigrant and illegal immigrant workers but the worst are those like Oklahoma GOP Acting Chairman Estela Hernadez who hires only illegals, escaping the need to pay a livable wage and escaping the payroll and workers comp taxes.  The workers aren’t going to complain or file labor complaints or sue the company when they get hurt.   Sure companies like Lone Star Construction might find it difficult to compete for commercial jobs where workers comp certificates have to be filed but they will win every contract they bid on for residential work as few contractors ask for any paperwork or insurance.   Or they simply deal directly with the homeowners who aren’t required to ask for anything.

But their actions are ruining America and new generations who are locked out of well paying jobs.    Not that that idea is going to stop Estela Hernandez from getting rich in the process and paving the way for more and more illegals to pour into Oklahoma.  You simply can’t shame those that are shameless.



More Information About the Muslim Clock Boy Scam

Of course the wild claims of Islamaphobia were widely accepted thanks to the main stream media even after it turned out the boy hadn’t invented anything, but simply removed the guts of an old 120 volt electric clock and placed it in a small container.  The father of the boy turned out to be a Muslim activist who likely put the kid up to the silly idea of passing off a disassembled clock as his own invention and taking it to school to create an opportunity for a lawsuit.  Then it turns out that the sister of the boy had been suspended from the very same school in 2009 for her involvement in a bomb threat or bomb scare.

The school officials can’t release additional information about the incident due to the family’s refusal to sign a privacy act form but other sources have identified Eyman Mohamed as the sister suspended from school over an accusation from another student claiming that Eyman had made threats of blowing up the school.  The girl admits that she did nothing to contest the suspension


A Reversal of Fortune for Police/Public Relations


Things had reached a tipping point sometimes in the last few years and police departments are losing more and more support from the public when abusive officers are caught.    Part of it is the proliferation of camera systems, the proliferation of personal cameras in cell phones, and an unwillingness of judges, the unwillingness of co workers, and the citizens at large to support abusive behavior.  Wasn’t that long ago that few cops were charged much less convicted regardless of the evidence against them but that has changed.

This week a suspended Owasso police officer was charged with assault over his beating of a suspect in June following a high speed pursuit.  When you watch the video it is amazing at how fearful the officers are despite them outnumbering the suspects three or four to one.  You can also see one or two officers that are really unsure of what to do, one kept looking away, glancing back at the car camera, even attempting to holster his gun while the suspect is still inside the truck.   It is really telling about just how much the average cop has realized he has a big target painted on his or her back.

Owasso Police Lt. Michael Dwain Denton was charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon  and reckless conduct with a firearm after the arrest of Cody Mathews of Glenpool.

A suspended Owasso police officer was charged with felony assault Friday in connection with actions he took against a man following a high-speed pursuit in Nowata County in June.

Nowata County prosecutors charged Owasso Police Lt. Michael Dwain Denton, 49, with felony assault and battery with a deadly weapon, a felony, and reckless conduct with a firearm, a misdemeanor, stemming from the arrest of Cody Mathews of Glenpool on June 14.  Denton used his shotgun barrel to beat the suspect prior to pulling the suspect from the vehicle, striking a fellow officer in the process.  Once removed from the truck Denton struck Denton six times using the butt of the shotgun, a really stupid move if you know anything about guns.

As the suspect had been surrendered and subdued striking him in the head with a hard object was considered unjustified deadly force.   Not only that, Denton was creating a hazardous situation where the shotgun could have discharged and killed fellow police officers and interfering with other police officers that were trying to handcuff the suspect.  The suspects hands are empty, he is trying to protect his head in a defensive manner while he is on the ground with one arm under the control of a cop while being beaten with the butt end of a shotgun.

Denton is still at large and has not surrendered to authorities at the time of this writing.  Denton has been on leave with pay since the June incident.


However this is not Denton’s first rodeo.  In 2011 he was fired for abuse of another suspect which was also recorded on police video but was reinstated with back pay after arbitration and an appeal found that the police contract wasn’t followed.  The City of Owasso paid Denton more than $366,000 in back pay, overtime, and interest over that firing.

Then another case received a favorable court ruling in federal court after video tapes of the attack were destroyed by the police department, destroyed by one of the men accused of beating the suspect.   Cherokee County officials were contesting a ruling by a judge that determined that destroying video tapes harmed the chances of the lawsuit brought by the suspect.  The Federal judge had found that the jail or one of its employees were responsible for destroying the video recordings made during the booking of suspect Daniel Bosh.  Bosh had been arrested for having an unpaid parking ticket warrant.


The video is pretty graphic and damming to the jail officer involved.   The suspect is standing with his arms handcuffed behind his back, standing flat footed, not moving when the jail officer gets agitated and comes around the desk to confront the suspect.  After  a few seconds of interaction the jailer slams the handcuffed man’s head into the counter, then body slams the handcuffed suspect to the concrete floor, fracturing his back, then the suspect was swarmed by other officers and dragged into a back room where he was allegedly beaten.  Two days after he was beaten and body slammed Bosh was allowed to be taken to the hospital where he was digonosed with spinal injuries requiring rods and steel pins implanted into his back.

The local D.A. refused to file charges, claiming that the susptect was  standing on tip toes and preparing to spit on the jail officer and because of some previous arrests of the suspect.   However the video shows the suspect standing flat footed the entire time, calmly waiting to be processed, and the fact that someone has a previous record in no way removes his constitutional right to not be beaten by officers of the state.  Bush died in 20104 from seizures that family members say are related to the spinal injuries but his estate is continuing the civil rights lawsuit.

Attorneys for Cherokee County asked the judge to reverse his decision to take the case to trial and that if the case goes to trial the jury will be told that the jail or jail employees had acted in bad faith by not preserving all the video recordings.   The county claims that it was just negligence but the judge is willing to give “adverse inference” instructions to the jury should the case go to trial.

Adverse inferences are a remedial measure to try to make an inured party back in the position they would have been had the jail not destroyed evidence.  The jury is instructed that the reason for the destruction is that the evidence would have been harmful to the jail’s case, a very corrosive instruction.  At least two other cameras recorded the beating but the jail administrator made copies of only one of the three camera tapes.  He admitted that he pulled the tape after Bosh had been sent to the hospital and he wanted the D.A. to review the tape.

Officer Gordon Chronister continues to claim that Bosh “had raised up on his toes and faced me as if to spit on me” and had shouted obscenities.   The video footage shows no such actions.   Bosh’s testimony was that he asked Chronister if his handcuffs could be loosened and that Chronister told him to “shut the f--- up” before Chronister came around the counter and began shouting at Bosh before slamming the handcuffed man into the counter.

A few hours after Bosch was taken to the local hospital he was sent to Hillcrest Medical Center in Tulsa where he had spinal surgery to stabilize his fractured spine.   Bosh was a painter and wall paper hanger prior to his arrest and had a prior conviction of domestic abuse and assault in Cherokee County plus the parking ticket which resulted in his arrest.

The OSBI had also investigated the case but they cleared the officers of any abuse of force charges over the beating.   Vicki Lyons, the OSBI investigator assigned to the case  stated that had she known of the additional cameras she would have wanted to see the tapes however the one existing tape should have been more than enough to realize that a handcuffed man was brutally slammed face first into a counter and then body slammed to the floor.  It was obvious that Chronister had no need to take the man down as he was calm, handcuffed, and waiting patiently,  the body slam was clearly intended to injure Bosh.  The officer that testified that he was the one that didn’t keep the additional video tape was also accused of hitting Bosh three times in the face once Bosh had been dragged into a back room.

Even more sickening is the attempts by the local D.A. to discredit the suspect, claiming it was his “opinion” that Chronister “slipped” before he and Bosh fell to the floor.   If you watch the video it was no slip and fall but a premeditated attempt to bodily injure a handcuffed suspect.


In the first case the Owasso police were clearly the victim of a police union and from watching the video the other cops clearly understand that Denton is a loose cannon.   Denton is pushed out of the way by other cops, his shotgun is moved after the idiot lays it near the suspect, you can tell the fellow officers are excited and scared as well but they aren’t using any more force than is needed to handcuff the suspect who even the OSBI says was acting defensively and not resisting.   The police department and city tried to fire Denton for good cause and they promptly suspended him once he beat another suspect.    I bet his fellow offices are glad to see the guy being charged because the days of rogue cops beating people is close to being over.

The second case, and admittedly it was four years ago, isn’t as supportive for the jail employees.  One employee has enough sense to stay out of the fray, just walks in circles, you can tell that he doesn’t like what is going down but is powerless to do anything about it.   He just stays near the camera so he isn’t implicated.    The rest of the officers act like animals, lie to protect their bad apple, destroy or allow to be destroyed evidence according to the federal judge, even the D.A. and the OSBI refuse to see that justice is done and the public is protected.  Thank God we have federal judges that are immune from public pressure and one of them had the courage to stand up and call a spade a spade.


But things are changing.  Every week new police brutality stories come out and we don’t write about them.  These two cases were different because it showed the difference that four years has made.  Times have changed;  it is time for legislatures, good cops, and prosecutors to start nipping brutality in the bud by prosecuting it when it occurs.  If they don’t public confidence in our police and government will continue to spiral downwards and no justice will lead others to take the law into their own hands and innocent cops will usually be the victim, not the scum bag that is causing the problem.


Unknown Candidate for State Chairman?


By the Watchman


We have at the candidates for the State GOP Chair the last few weeks and have reported on Pam Pollard and Estela Hernandez in the past, so we decided to take a look at the other candidate for the office Robert Hubbard. We thought we had heard of this gentleman before and we had. This is not the first office Mr. Hubbard has run for.


 The Okie » Hubbard To Challenge Lucas.  This was an attempt to remove a RINO from office that fell short. The problem was campaign financing. Mr. Hubbard didn’t accept funds from major corporations and unions; his primary source of funding was individual donations.  What he stood for and why he ran is better explain here Robert Hubbard announces candidacy for OK-3 congressional seat | Red Dirt Report.  The Red Dirt Report article goes into a little more detail.


The next item of interest we found was a Facebook page that you can see here (32) Robert Hubbard. To some extent we can agree with this statement, however recent moves from the Democratic Party are also treasonous. In fact at the prompting of the maniacal Dirty Harry Reid, the Democrats in the  U.S. Senate  recently  filibustered a bill in that would provide funding for the Veterans Administration and indicated that they would continue to do so until such time as the budget for all other agencies were raised. This is a case of both parties failing to conduct the People’s business for the want of a few dollars that we don’t have.


The next item of interest we found was this  Businessman in Yukon plans run for governor | News OK 

This was the first political office that we could find a record of him running for. We went to www.ok.gov/ethicscommission  to see what campaign records they had on him. We could find no record of him ever taking a donation from a Political Action Committee, union or corporate organization. To be completely honest, he invested over one third of his own money into his campaign coffers. You could say the man ran the most honest campaign this state has ever seen.


The next item of interest we found was this Rancher Robert Hubbard wins OCPAC endorsement against US Rep. Frank Lucas - YouTube. Unfortunately this campaign was doomed to failure. From what we were able to find out Mr. Hubbard also tried to finance this campaign with individual donations. We have to admire him for that. It’s not often you find a candidate that draws no funds from big money donors or organizations. It makes it obvious why he received the OCPAC’s endorsement against Representative Frank Lucas.


We next found this in the Where I Stand section of his campaign web site for State Party Chairman Hubbard For Chair | WHERE I STAND. This is a brief, direct statement on where he stands on issues that are important to all Oklahoman’s and indeed all Americans. Most Americans would stand behind him on these issues.


The next item we found in his campaign Web Site was this Hubbard For Chair | MY PLAN. In this he indicates a plan to grow and work with the grass roots groups in the state. He mentioned several groups that have done admirable work in the state, but at the same time it is noted that some of the groups that worked very hard to get the Republican Party in power were not even mentioned. Groups such as the various 912 Groups and Tea Party Groups throughout the state. Is he taking his cue from the National Republican Party Headquarters or what? Has he noticed that the House and Senate leadership in both the state and national level are doing their best to eliminate true conservative legislators from the Republican Party? 


The next article of interest we found was this Robert Hubbard Has a Plan for Republican Party as State Chair. Now in this article you’ll find he goes into a little more detail than the plan listed on his campaign site. It still doesn’t recognize the work done by the 912 Groups and Tea Party Groups in the state to make this the reddest state in the nation.


We next ran across a series of articles in the MuskogeePolitico.com that actually covered all three candidates for GOP Chair. We concerned ourselves, as stated earlier, with Robert Hubbard. The first article is here MuskogeePolitico.com: Answers from the OKGOP Chair Candidates, Part 1. This article describes a little about the upbringing of Mr. Hubbard. It also allows his deep roots in religion to be expressed.


The next article of interest we found was this MuskogeePolitico.com: Answers from the OKGOP Chair Candidates, Part 2. Once again Mr. Hubbard states his opinion in a brief and bluntly honest statement. He has recognized something that most politicians and even most citizens never realize. That one statement in part is “None of us are the same,”. Unfortunately our current Republican Party Leadership doesn’t seem to have room for the conservatives in the Party.


The next article of interest we found was this MuskogeePolitico.com: Answers from the OKGOP Chair Candidates, Part 3 . This article covered several questions and gives a good idea of how the candidates responded. Mr. Hubbard’s are always clear, short and concise. As Pam Pollard has had more interaction with the state party, her answers are longer, but are concise. It is with regret that we say that we just can’t seem to get a direct answer from Mrs. Hernandez.


The next article of interest we found was this MuskogeePolitico.com: Answers from the OKGOP Chair Candidates, Part 4. Here we find that all three candidates plan on running for a full term as GOP Chair in May of 2017. Mr. Hubbard’s answer is once again refreshingly brief, direct and to the point. The one thing that we find disturbing is the fact that the elite seem to believe that it’s perfectly okay for a few of them to select the at large delegates to the national convention. It always seems like these at large delegates are State Senators or Representatives. Why should they be allowed to go? Haven’t they messed this country up enough?


In closing all we can say is that we have written articles about all three candidates for the position of GOP Chair. From the information we have seen and that we have gathered for ourselves, it appears the best person for the job would be Mr. Robert Hubbard. His directness and point blank answers would lead us to believe that we can expect a better shake for the grass roots organizations in this state than we can from the other candidates.