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June, 2014

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  • What do you do on the first day of school?
  • Summer Seminar at UC Santa Barbara
  • Need a teacher? Need a job?
  • LA STARS Calendar of Language Events
  • Summer Exchange Student Program
  • Lunches Around the World
  • La Fête de la Musique à Los Angleles
  • Using Comic Strips in Class
  • Online ImageQuiz
  • World Language Binder
  • Documentary: The Role of Girls in the Peruvian Educational System
  • The Flipped Classroom
  • MA in Spanish
  • The World Cup
  • Le Tour de France
  • Dear Poly



IEFLA Summer Observation Workshop for NEW and EXPERIENCED teachers.

What do you do on the first day of school?

With the World Language Department
Granite Hills High School, Apple Valley, California
Wednesday, August 6, 2014, 7:45 a.m. to 2:15 p.m.

How do you get students into the target language on the first day?
How do you help the students feel comfortable in the target language from the beginning?
How do you give the students lots of exposure to the target language and keep them ACTIVELY involved in the lesson?

The teachers at Granite Hills High School have mastered a myriad of techniques that do just that. In the observation workshop, you will get to see their teachers in action ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL? Yes, their school has its first day of class on Wednesday, August 6, 2014. They will NOT be going over class rules. They will NOT pass out a syllabus. They will NOT be talking about what the class will be doing this year. They will actually be doing it. From day one they take the students on an ENGAGING, ACTIVE, and INSPIRING experience with a new language.

In this workshop, you will observe their many techniques and then debrief what we see with an opportunity for their teachers to clarify any points. You won't need to "reinvent the wheel." And then you will get to use their secrets with your own students on your first day.

Registration: $25 Members $40 Non-members. Lunch included.
7:45 a.m. - 2:15 p.m. Observation and discussion

Please pre-register by Thursday, July 31, 2014. SPACE IS LIMITED.  A spot will not be held for you until we have received both your registration (online or paper) and your payment (online or check).  We cannot take PO’s.

For further information, email Jennifer Lovelace at

Register online.

Download and mail registration form.


Summer Seminar at UC Santa Barbara

Registration deadline: June 13, 2014

Now accepting registrations - Spend a week right on the ocean.

Common Core and the World Language Standards: Engaging 21st Century Language Learners, July 18-23, presented by CLTA (California Language Teachers' Association) and CWLP (California World Language Project, nine strands to choose from. Download the Program Brochure. Register online at Registration deadline: postmarked or uploaded by June 13, 2014.

Need a teacher? Need a job?

See the LA STARS Jobs Bulletin Board for Southern California.

See job openings in Southern California.

Add your name to available candidates.

Calendar of Southern California Language Events

LA STARS calendar of Southern California language events is ONLINE! See the whole line-up of summer activities for language teachers.


Summer Exchange Student Program

Students from Spain and France

Looking for host families in Chino, Whittier, and San Gabriel Valley. - Short term summer exchange student programs

Nacel Open Door Student Exchange Programs: There are two sessions available July 7- Aug 1 (four weeks), Aug2-23 (three weeks). High school students from France and Spain. They will be with a tutor from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Mon.-Fri. Families provice room, board, and a safe environment on evenings and weekends.For information contact Gary Johnson, the area coordinator, at (626)334-8029 or email him at Nacel Open Door website:

Lunches Around the World

Buzzfeed slide show

La Fête de la Musique à Los Angleles

Oui, on fête la fête de la musqie à LA!

Using Comic Strips in Class

La Bande Desinée pour les classes de FLE


Tech Corner 

Tech Corner 
Each month we will explore a different aspect of technology that can help you in your classroom.  This month may just be the only link you’ll ever need: ImageQuiz.  ImageQuiz allows you to upload a picture and have students identify different parts of the image.  Check out this quiz in Spanish.  To use ImageQuiz click on “Create new” and follow the directions. 

World Language Binder

IEFLA’s World Language Binder – for general information that applies to all language teachers including tabs for all of the links to websites featured in the Tech Corner, Common Core, participation and much, much more! 

YouTube Clip of the Month

Google Translate

A mini-documentary on the role girls play in Peruvian education system.


The Flipped Classroom

There’s so much talk right now about “the Flipped Classroom.”  What is it?  What does it meant?  If you’re interested in “flipping your classroom” next year check out this article from Calico Spanish Blog which gives a good overview as well as some pros and cons. 

The Flipped Learning Network also has some great resources for flipping your classroom. 

Here are some examples of Video Logs to use in your flipped classroom and a video example for parents and another video about a flipped Spanish classroom

How to hold students accountable?  Here’s a homework chart as an example.

If you’re considering using videos check out which allows you to use only the parts of the video you want and to add questions and your voice.

All of the flipped learning information is available in the IEFLA Live Binder.



Spanish MA Program at CSUSB to Offer New Track and Teaching Opportunities

The Spanish MA program at California State University, San Bernardino, is a 2-year program which offers recent graduates and professionals the possibility to continue their study and deepen their knowledge of the Spanish language and Hispanic literatures and cultures. The program is particularly well suited for high school teachers and others who wish to pursue a career in college/university teaching or who intend to enter a doctoral program.

In response to many requests, the Spanish MA program now features a Hispanic Applied Linguistics track, in addition to its Hispanic Literature, Linguistics, & Civilization track. Designed for Spanish teachers, translators, and bilingual professionals, the Hispanic Applied Linguistics track includes new courses, such as Translation Techniques, Spanish for the Professions, Spanish and Media, and Applied Spanish Grammar. The Spanish MA program on either track requires 45 units (29 units in core courses and 16 units in electives).

Students on either track are eligible to apply for our Teaching Associate positions, whereby they have the opportunity to teach first-year Spanish language university-level courses under the mentorship of a full-time professor. Teaching Associates also enroll in a professional development course, in which they prepare a teaching portfolio documenting their experiences and receive career guidance, if they wish to pursue a doctoral program or other options.

California State University, San Bernardino now also offers graduate-level certificate programs in Hispanic Literatures and Spanish Applied Linguistics. These certificates are designed for those students who wish to enroll in a credential or other graduate program at the university, but would also like to continue their Spanish studies. Certificates require 28 units (16 units of core courses and 12 units of electives).

Applications for the Spanish MA program are currently being accepted for Fall 2014. To apply you need an undergraduate degree in Spanish from an accredited institution, a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0, and a minimum GPA of 3.0 in all Spanish classes.

Contact information: For more information about the Spanish MA program at CSUSB, please contact Prof. Jany at or (909) 537-7386.

Sports Overload!

The World Cup

Don’t miss the two biggest sporting events in the world!! ..
June- The World Cup

Le Tour de France

July – Le Tour de France


Dear Poly

Each month Poly responds to your questions.  Do you have a question for Poly?  Submit your question by filling in the form here.

Dear Poly,
I’m exhausted.  The end of the year has just run me ragged.  Grades, finals, cleaning my room…  I’m ready to throw in the towel and run away.  How can I make sure I get recharged during the summer and I’m ready to go for the start of school?

Exhausted in Etiwanda

Dear Exhausted:
This is the classic teacher cycle.  By the end of the year everyone is ready to just run into a cave and never see another paper again.  Not to fear!  The summer is the best time to rejuvenate and get excited about the year to come.  First, take some time off and don’t think about work. Then, when you have some time, start to explore some different ideas.  Pinterest is a great start.  Type in your idea and start surfing.  You’ll be amazed at all of the great ideas you’ll find. 



Do you have a question for Poly?  Submit your question by filling in the form here.

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