Relax and Grow RICH September 2007 Newsletter   

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EFT for Pets

Tip of the Month 

If your pet is shy and came from an animal rescue or shelter, it probably has a fear of rejection, fear of not being safe or abandoment issues. 

Use surrogate EFT to release the pet's fear by tapping on yourself and talking as if you were the pet, e.g.,

"Even though I, Fluffy, felt so afraid and unsafe when my family left me at the strange place with all the other animals, I release my fear and know that I am now safe with my new Mommy and Daddy in my forever home."

Imagine what kinds of fears an abandoned animal would have in a shelter, then tap them away!  Your pet should act more confident and less fearful.


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Welcome to the September 2007 edition of the

Relax and Grow RICH Newsletter! 

 (RICH = Relationships, Income, Career, Health)

How can YOU use EFT to

Relax and Grow RICH? 

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Write down all your fears about issues regarding relationships, income, career and health and the level (1-10) of each fear.
  2. Write down what you'd like to have happen in each of those fields.
  3. Combine them into a long setup statement and start tapping until you reach level zero!

TIP: To be sure you are at level zero, imagine the event that you fear really happening.  If you have no emotional or physical reaction then you're at level zero. 

My two most important rules of making EFT work successfully are:

  1. Be sure to address the core issue, which in my opinion is always a FEAR (False Evidence Appearing REAL) of failure, abandonment, not being safe, the consequences of success or rejection.
  2. Be sure to tap the fear down to zero.

Here's an example of how Helga, a 76 year old retiree, tapped away her fears of financial failure with my help. 

Helga called me as she was terrified that the capital gains tax on income from land she'd sold earlier in the year would drain her savings account.

She'd been tapping on "afraid I'll lose all my money" but the fear grew even stronger.  This told me that she wasn't tapping on the true core issue. 

I asked Helga what was the worst thing that could happen if the tax statement drained her bank account.  She replied that she might have to borrow money from her adult children.  I asked if she feared being in debt to her children.  She replied no, that her biggest fear in losing her savings was that she'd lose her independent lifestyle.

Helga and I tapped over the phone using these setup statements:

"Even though I'm afraid the tax bill will drain my savings and I'll lose my independence, I don't even know how much the bill will be, so I choose to feel safe NOW."

"Even though money in my savings account means I can be free and I'm afraid of losing my money and freedom, I choose to release this silly fear NOW and trust that I will always have enough money and freedom."

"Even though I don't know how much tax I owe on the land sale but am afraid it will drain my savings account, I choose to feel safe now and call my tax advisor tomorrow for advice so I can stop scaring myself with these worries."

I asked Helga to think about losing her savings and independence then tell me how she felt.  She laughed and said she felt confident that the situation would turn out okay.

Remember that old saying: "At least 90% of what we fear never happens and the 10% that does is rarely as bad as we imagined it would be!"

Have a joyful month and keep on tapping!

--Colleen Flanagan, EFT-ADV