May 2006

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HELLO and Welcome!- I know I'm a little late getting this newsletter out this month, and I am SURE this has not gone un-noticed, given the alert nature of this readership! I have a good excuse though. The cover for the new design, the Tandem Tote, was just a tad late coming back from the printer, and since many of you have been inquiring about when it would be available, I just delayed the newsletter a bit, so I could announce the release of the design here. It must be time for you to take a break, so why not grab a cup of coffee, and relax, while i fill you in on what's happening in my neck of the woods!
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Feline Quote for May -
"The cat could very well be man's best friend, but would never stoop to admit it."- Doug Larsen

New at StudioKat Designs- The Tandem Tote
Today I am officially releasing the eighth handbag design in my "Bags w/Panache" Collection, the "Tandem Tote", and you are the first to know it! It's a quick and easy-to-make bag, with TWO exterior zippered pockets for storage. One of the pockets is tall and thin, ideal for glasses, or a checkbook, and the other is shorter and wider, perfect for a cellphone, a small wallet, and makeup. I've been carrying the prototype for this bag for over 3 months now, that's how much I enjoy it. I hope you will too. The pattern retails for $10.00, BUT, for the month of May only, I am offering the Tandem Tote pattern to you for a low introductory price of $9.00 US. Click here for more information and additional pictures!

Presto Purse pattern fix-
Many thanks to alert stitcher, Joyce Atkinson, of Oak Harbor, WA, who called in this week to let me know of an illustration label that needs to be corrected in the Presto Purse pattern instructions. The label in the step 28 drawing should actually read, "Wrong side of Coin Purse Bottom EXTERIOR", (not Lining). It's not a huge thing, but noting this correction will quite likely will save you a little time, aggravation, or both! There's a little notice box on the Presto Purse page, of my website, detailing this info, so if you'd rather just wait until you're ready to sew to make the label change, you can always go there at that time to get the info you need. I really appreciate Joyce letting me know about this. I sure do hope this hasn't caused anyone any heartburn! This little glitch has been corrected this week and for all subsequent printings of Presto Purse.

A Cool Place to Shop!- Twisted
The Twisted Stitcher is a purveyor of Socks for Quilters. They strive to bring their particular brand of foot fun to the toes of quilters and quilt lovers all over the world! I like the "Short Sox", they're great to wear with sneakers! Check it out! Whether you want sox or socks, the twisted stitchers is the place to shop.

A Byte of Chocolate- Chocolate Games!
Got some restless kids on your hands? Are you looking for some fun games to play at your 8 year olds' birthday party? Well check out The Chocolate Games, at CandyUsa.Com. They have several downloadable games that can be printed and distributed to your little guests, and the subject matter is something near and dear to their hearts, and to mine too... CHOCOLATE!

Question of the Month-
"If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?"
-Steven Wright

Love Handbags?- NappaStudio.Com
Say you want a new handmade handbag, but you just don't have the time to make it yourself right now, where would you look? I recommend You can find a terrific selection of handmade clutches and handbag in great spring and summer prints! My favorites are the kimono bags. It's a little handmade clutch with drawstrings on each end. it's adorable!

Did You Know?-
When NASA first started sending up astronauts, they quickly discoverd that ball-point pens would not work in zero gravity. To combat this problem, NASA scientists spent a decade and $12 billion developed a pen that writes in zero gravity, upside down, underwater, and on almost any surface including glass, and at temperatures ranging from below freezing to over 300 degrees C.

The Russians use a pencil!

SKD Promotions Update- Fab Shop Hop Winners!
Congratulations to the following lucky "Hoppers" from the January Fab Shop Hop! They EACH win a $10 virtual gift certificate from StudioKat Designs! Gosh, that'a a FREE pattern!

Chasidie Hudson-Newland, NC
Kimberly Johnson-Loxahatchee, FL
Nancy Chandler-Bloomington, IN
Linda Hughes-Birmingham, AL
Judy Medeiros-Jacksonville, NC
Helen Schmitt-Sherrill, IA
Phyllis LaCroix-West Union, IL
Donna Carver-Pelham, MA
Theresa Ginsberg-Belmont, MA
Lisa Sarluca-White haven, PA

Help me name my new handbag design!- A new StudioKat Designs Contest!!
OK, I'm going to give you a sneak peek at my next and newest handbag design!!! Click here for more information and to check it out!
I LOVE carrying this bag, but I need to come up with a unique, catchy, yet descriptive name for the pattern cover, and that's where YOU come in! I'm giving you the opportunity to help me give my latest creation a name! Use the form on THIS page to send in youe pattern name idea. Send in as many different ideas as you can come up with, but please, don't send in the same idea twice. If I choose YOUR unique idea, you'll win the 1st pattern of this type off the press! I'll announce the winner in my June Newsletter!

Laugh Lines-
Two kids were playing when one suggested, "Let's play doctor." The other one said, "Good idea! You operate and I'll sue!"

Talk to Me- Baking Cookies with your Cat (an illustrated story)
I was having a blah day last week, when lo and behold, someone changed my whole outlook by sending me a very cute and appropriate email! My thanks to alert reader, Patti Jo McDaniel, of georgetown Illinois, for sending me this fun and all-too-true story about what it's like to cook with a cat in the house. (There's some cool pictures your going to like too!) You can read this story by clicking here. Keep those stories coming. You can never read too many good cat stories!

"Catsite" of the Month-Infinite
It all began innocently enough when a user on an Apple user forum posted a picture of his cat, Frankie, contemplating the beauty of a flower. Shortly afterwards another user posted a picture of his cat bristling at the image of Frankie on the monitor. It was decided that this was so much fun, that the concept was advanced as The Infinite Cat Project which is, simply put, cats regarding cats regarding cats in an electronic milieu. If you like this web site then thank your lucky stars that the world is populated with cats, Macs, and people with WAY too much time on their hands.

A Fun Place to Surf- TimeandDate.Com
I can walk through my house right now, and I guarantee you that all eleven of the various time pieces I have, will all be displaying a DIFFERENT time! How can this be? And which one is RIGHT?? Does this sound familiar to you? Well, I have a great site for you to check out!! It's called TimeandDate.Com, and this site will also help you in other ways as well. For example, do you ever find yourself wondering how many more days until your birthday, or what time it is right now in Singapore? Then this is a site you need to bookmark! This website can answer all of these IMPORTANT questions and more. You can even design your own "Personal World Clock" to show the current time in cities around the world. So if your daughter is in Nepal, and your husband is in the Dominican Republic, (don't laugh, it happens!), you won't be calling either of them in the middle of the night any more!

Monthly Trivia- May 1st is a day RICH in trivia. Of course there's May Day, which has been observed as a holiday since ancient times. Spring festivals and maypoles are still common, but the political importance of May Day has grown since the 1880's when it became a worker's holiday (Labor day) in European countries. Here's the best thing though! The ENTIRE month of May is "Eat Your Dessert FIRST month!! How cool is that? Forget what your mother told you about eating your dinner before you eat dessert. In May each year, Rowena's Inc. of Norfolk, VA, encourages you to eat dessert first & to enjoy life to its fullest. Life is meant to be lived with gusto & quite frankly, I can't think of a better way to start!

Judy Collins, (she of the "Blue Eyes"), was born on this day in 1939, in Seattle. She is best known for writing such 60's classics as "Both Sides Now" and "Send in the Clowns", which I swear (and I am NOT making this up!) was written as a tribute to my in-laws. She shares her birthday with country singer and heart throb, Tim McGraw, born in 1967 in Delhi, LA. And some of you might not know that "The Tonight Show" had a host BEFORE Johnny Carson, but it was Jack Paar, born this day in 1917 in Canton, Ohio.
And if May 1st is also YOUR birthday, that's TERRIFIC! Happy birthday to YOU, even though I'm a little late! And if May 1st wasn't your birthday, that's OK, it's over anyway, but if you want to, you can still celebrate May 1st by getting the biggest slab of chocolate cake you can find, and eating it BEFORE your dinner tonight! Oh what the heck, why even BOTHER with dinner at ALL! Oh, and why not make the occasion extra delicious by telling your Mom first? Unless of course your Mom can still run faster than you, which mine can't, so make mine GERMAN chocolate if you would please!

Well, that's it for now, so until next month, remember!
Sewing Forever, Housework Whenever!

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