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These are today's subjects:

1. HSUS on the line for lack of hurricane help
2. Pet Cancer Awareness Program
3. Poison control center
4. Dr. Jones "heal your pet at home" program
5. 130 cats in a tiny apartment?


For quite some time, there have been rumors that the
Louisiana Attorney General had plans to investigate
complaints filed against the HSUS (Humane Society of
the United States) for misuse of donated funds in
connection with rescue of pets from the Hurricane
Katrina and Hurricane Rita ravaged areas of the southern

It's now official. Complaints and reports have indicated
that supplies (beds, blankets, toys, crates, pens, etc.)
and food were never allowed to be used to help the animals
housed in the rescue centers.

If you personally volunteered in the post-hurricane rescue
effort (or if you know someone who did) and may have
firsthand knowledge of the pet rescue situation in the
aftermath of the hurricanes, please contact Attorney General
Foti and provide him with all pertinent information to
assist him in his effort to ensure that funds and/or supplies
donated by the compassionate pet owners of the U.S. were
and *will be* used for the purposes for which they were donated.


More info at this web site:


VPI 2nd annual cancer awareness program:

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) launched their first Pet Cancer Awareness
Month in November 2005 to call attention to the nation's
number one killer of dogs and cats.

Carol McConnell, DVM, director of veterinary relations for
VPI said, "Combined cancer claims were the fourth-highest
in frequency last year, which compelled VPI to educate the public about pet cancer detection and treatment, while simultaneously raising money towards a cure."

VPI data from the year before reveals that the most common
cancers in dogs were lymphosarcoma (a cancer affecting the
lymph node system), skin tumors and osteogenic sarcoma
(bone cancer). The data also suggests that cats also suffer from lympohsarcoma and skin tumors.

Look here for more: http://tinyurl.com/yvwdkw

And here is my beloved Henri the day before he died of his lymphsarcoma:



ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center
(Info you might want to keep by the phone but hope you
never need)

Established in 1978, the APCC is the only 24-hour,
365-day facility of its kind staffed by 30 veterinarians,
12 of whom are board-certified toxicologists/veterinary
toxicologists. Located in Urbana, Ill., the specially
trained staff provides assistance to pet owners, and
specific diagnostic and treatment recommendations to
veterinarians. In 2006, the center handled over 116,000 cases.

For more information on potentially dangerous
substances in the home or to reach the APCC,
please call (888) 426-4435 or visit


Dr. Andrew Jones has this to say about vaccinating:

"I am convinced that I gave my own dog far too many
vaccines, and this CONSTANT bombardment on his immune system
wore him down, ultimately leading to Cancer that
ended his life. If I had to do it all again, I would have
given him a FRACTION of the vaccines that he had.
And vaccine reps are GREAT at informing Veterinarians
about the Newest upcoming disease. BUT if our pets were
eating well and not over medicated, then their immune
systems would be in better shape to challenge these

To learn more, go to his web site here:


Can you imagine 130 cats in one tiny apartment?

Link: http://englishrussia.com/?p=1199

Not everyone is able to open this link, and I'm not
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to you.


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