Release Promo
1. D-Nox & SQL - Swarm - Microtrauma / Astronivo Mixes - Qilla Records
2. Cid Inc. & Monaque - Collaboration - Original Mix - microCastle Unreleased
3. Radiohead - Lotus Flower - Lank 'Space Flower' Bootleg Remix - Blanche Recordings
4. Yunta - Perpetuum - Original / dPen / Luis Bondio Mixes - Sound Avenue
5. Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic - Violence - Original Mix - Movement Recordings
6. Cid Inc. - Winter Precipitation - Original Mix - Blanche Recordings
7. Astronivo - The Porges - All Mixes - Sounds Of Earth
8. Deep_D & Sofin - Mimnisoma - Moshic / Loquai Mixes - Underground City Music
9. Dio S - 3rd Child - Original / The Stain Mixes - Stellar Fountain
10. Glenn Morrison & Matt Lange - Bowed / Class B - Original Mixes - Morrison Recordings
11. Martin Etchegaray & Sebastian Lah - Ignition Sequence - Original Mix - Light Digital LDR
12. Simon Firth - On The Edge EP - OLD SQL Recordings
13. FC Kahuna - Hayling - Kosmas Epsilon Remix - White Label
14. Ketracel - Cold Warriors - DNYO / Rich Curtis Mixes - Indigo Records
15. MSZ - Air Under There - Original / Suffused Mixes - Mistiquemusic
16. Erdi Irmak - Cyber Girl - Stefan DJordjevic Remix - LuPS Records
17. Breeze & Quadrat - Walk On The Sky - Original Mix - BQ Recordings
18. Psychowsky - In Search For Hope - Original / 21street Mixes - Future Synth
19. Monaque - Lineta (Don't Tell Henry) / Again - Original Mixes - Blanche Recordings
20. Kenneth Thomas - All Is Not Lost - Alessandro Diga Remix - Spring Tube
21. Toppy - Vei - Original / Kay-D Mixes - BQ Recordings
22. Breeze & Quadrat - You Are My Dream - Original / Prog Mixes - Underground City Music
23. Toppy - Significant - MSZ / Stanisha Mixes - Mistiquemusic

Kultrun - 126 - Original / Juan Deminicis Night Remix - AlterImage Recordings

25. Trim The Fat - Disco Head / Butterfly - Original Mixes - Mind Burst Music
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Balkan Delights
Taking a slight turn towards "softer" and more melodic music, Greek/French DJ, producer and former-Destination Sunshine Trance label owner Alex Coollook started his new musical venture Balkan Delights (based in Sofia, Bulgaria) in late 2011.

Aiming at delivering to the world the best in progressive (from deep, dark to happy, tech house and techno, always with progressive elements), the label has already managed to sign artists, which have already made an impact on the progressive scene in the last years in the likes of Kiilto, Prancing, Orelse, Loquai, Sandro Peres, Aris Grammenos, just to name a few.

With only objective to bring new young and talented faces at the forefront of the scene, Balkan Delights aims to mix carefully and adequately quality vibes with enchanting melodies and forward-thinking productions.

[Alex Coollook hosts a regular weekly radio show called Balkan Delights to promote the label and music he enjoys]

Send your demos/promos to:

Follow Balkan Delights on the Web:

Radio Show/Mixcloud:
Radio Show/Facebook:
Irish producer Soulfinder found his way into our Hype Charts on many occasions over the course of 2011. His intelligent, atmospheric brand of progressive tech house is refreshing and unique in an age of jacked up nonsense that dominates most charts. His newly formed Sleepless Nights imprint also made its mark over the second half of 2011 with three quality releases. Soulfinder has a new single out next week on Russia's Underground City Music and we had a chance to sit down and talk to him about his Sleepless Nights imprint, electronic music in Ireland, his first album 'Wasteland' and a variety of other topics. A transcription of the interview is below and we hope you enjoy it.

1. How did you get involved in electronic music? How did you discover your love for it and what made you decide to pursue it full time?

SF: I have always had a passion for music, not just dance music but any music that touched me melodically, as a young kid i used to listen to all kinds of music from Phil Colins to Sasha. When i was 13 i got my first set of turntables and from then on I thought myself to beat match and mix in key but it wasn't until i was 23 that i finally decided to get involved with production and after a few years of learning and some one on one tuition i finally had my first release when i was 27. I see it now as an addiction, i never get bored of writing tracks and i am always trying to learn new ways to discover my talent. As a young dj i used to hold my own radio shows on some of Dublins well respected Radio stations, and i met a lot of people in the industry through that . I also got involved with local gigs even if it was only playing at the begingi when the club was not too packeed, it was always a learning process for me and a stepping stone. I used to listen to dj mixes by sahs etc on my walkman all day long and just fell more and more in love with it each time.

2. Talk a bit about the electronic music scene in Ireland, would you say it's as strong as it was 5-10 years ago? how does it differ nowadays?

SF: Over the last 10 years it has really changed in Dublin, it used to be big festivals like Homelands and Creamfields, and the Tripod used to have big names every week like Sasha, Nick Warren etc. Now you rarely see any of these guys over here, a lot of the promoters in my opinion have turned to the more commercial DJ's that pull the young crowd. But i can say that over the last year i have noticed some new nights starting up and melodic oriented dance music seems to be slowly finding it's way back again so i hope 2012 will showcase the Irish passion for dance music again.

3.You launched your Sleepless Nights imprint earlier this year and you've had three very well received releases thus far. Talk a bit about why you started the label and your vision behind it.

SF: It was something that has been in the pipeline for a long time, i was just waiting for the right time to launch it, plus i needed to find a partner willing to put everything in to the label too, thankfully my good friend Vincent Furlong decided to jump on board. I don't think i would have the time to run the label on my own as i am busy with productions, podcasts, etc for the Soulfinder project. Basically we hope to release one track per month and we don’t want to release tracks just for the sake of having a massive back catalogue. The key here is quality over quantity and we want to represent those who truly make great music in the best light possible. We also want to establish ourselves as a quality label, focusing on quality music rather than trends or profit. Quite simply put, We are focusing on Deep / Melodic / Progressive house for the moment with some exceptions to tech house and techno, which means that there needs to be enough melody and music to cut through the noise in order for us to consider signing up. We are also looking at branching out into progressive/deep breaks in the future so watch this space.

4. Some of your most successful releases have come courtesy of Eelke Kleijn's 'Outside The Box'imprint. How did you initially begin a relationship with such a great label early on in your career?

SF: It all started back in late 2007, i had just finished writing Colour of Love and Forte and i needed to find a good guy for my Stereo mastering, and in the end Jessie Skeens from Medway referred me to Eelke. Eventually i wrote the Trauma EP and Eelke loved it and offered me a contract for it straight away, this was incredible for me at the time as i received support on that release from the likes of Hernanjavascript:void(0);" Cattaneo, Danny Howells, Nick Warren to name a few. So to say the least it was a dream start for me. Since then i have always being in touch with Eelke and i still use him today for all my Stereo Mastering, i think it's best to get a second ear over the final touches, sometimes i can be very critickle of my own work, but in way i think that's a good thing.

5. Your 'Wasteland'album was released in November of 2009, what was the writing process of that like and did you set out initially to record an album or was it something that just happened? and what are your thoughts on it now two years later?

SF: The album was something i needed and really wanted to do, i thought it would be a great way to show what my style was all about. I started the album back in November 2008 and finished it in April 2009. I used to go to the studio 5 days a week from 9 in the morning until 7 or 8 in the evening, sometimes like all producers i would get writers block, but i 'd just go away from the studio for a couple of hours and then come back with a clear head, but this only happened on occasion. I think the album was a great kick start to my career and i can honestly tell you that i still receive good royalties from the label on sales, so i am really happy to see that after 2 years people are still buying it.

6. Do you have any plans for another full length album and what do you think of artist albums in the digital era? Do you feel they are as important as they once were?

SF: Yes i have started work on my new album already and i am really excited about this new challenge, but i won't be setting any deadline I'm just going to take it slow. I think that they are very important,but i also think that the artist should try find a label that is willing to give a 100% for it, like releasing it just on digital sites is not enough now a days, there needs to be cd prints, quality artwork and lots of promotion, radio give always of the cd , interviews etc.

7.What do you draw inspiration from when working on a new track or remix? Are you influenced by the sounds of other producers when you are in the studio? Who are your favourites?

SF: I usually just get melodies in my head when i am away from the studio, then by the time i get in there i end up writing something completely different ha ha , even when i listen to podcasts or some new material by other artists i never try to copy their style, but there are only so many cords you can use so i think with melodic material there will always be similarities in tracks by all artists. Some of my favourite artist would be Biologic, Deep Fog, Exoplanet, Parantor to name a few.

8. What does the core of your current studio consist of and what are some of your favourite software programs to use?

SF: Some of my favourite software programs would be the native instruments,Omnisphere ,some of Rob Papen stuff. I use Nuendo as my workstation, i have used it for almost all my time as producer so far, i spent one year with Ableton but i now re-wire it and use it for effects only. I use the Axiom 49 key as my midi controler and it's all hooked up to my external soundcard and my M-Audio Studiophile reference monitors.

9. What do you feel has been the biggest moment of your career thus far? Both from a DJ and production standpoint?

SF: My biggest moment besides signing up to Groove Collection Bookings as DJ would have to be playing at the Street parade Switzerland in 2009, it was insane i did 5 sets in 24 hours and the crowd was amazing, some fans travelled far to see me play there and to hear them tell me that was a proud moment for me. I also got to play some of the tracks off my Album which wasn't released yet at the time.

10. What do you do outside of music? Do you have a regular day job and what do you like to do for fun when you're not working on music?

SF: Yes i run a small part time business which suites me fine it gives me the chance to get away from the studio and tracks that i am working on and then go back after a few days with some fresh ears and ideas. As for fun i am never short for that i have a wife and two children a boy and girl, i love having fun with them, watching dvd's playing the xbox and of course watching Liverpool play with my son the banter's always flying ha ha .

11. Many people seem to be of the opinion that the industry has become over saturated with too many labels pushing out mediocre music. What are your thoughts on the electronic music scene at the moment?

SF: I can't blame these people for having opinions like that, there is definitely way too much music being put out, if you look back to 2000 – 2005 when tracks got released you would be playing the same track for months and still love it, this rarely happens now a days, and because of this i think it has become very disposable. This is why i alway use tracks in my podcasts even if there from last months promos or have being used in a podcast by someone 2,3 months ago, for me it's all about creating a journey. So my thoughts would be for labels to cut back on the amount of releases and stop putting out 7 remixes for one original, this is insane and in my opinion doesn't give the original enough respect and devalues it. This is one thing when founding my label that we talked about and we decide we would put releases out with 1 remix or 2 remixes max, for the reason being we have respect for the artist and want to showcase both the original and remix to compliment each other rather that just ower crouding the release with too many reworks of the original.

12.This is one we generally ask everyone and I know it's a tough question but please list your top 5 all time favourite tracks? Also what are your 5 favourite labels at the moment?

SF: Way to many going through my head rite now :-}
Pole Folder – Apollo Vibes (Young American Primative's remix)
James Zabiliea - Human
Salt Tank – Eugina
Sasha – Belfunk
Sasha – Cloud Cooko
Eternal Music
Stripped Records

13. If you were trapped on an island for the rest of your life what is the one album you would take with you?

SF: That's an easy one Sasha –Airdrawndagger :-)

14. What can we expect to see in 2012 from Soulfinder and also Sleepless Nights?

SF: I have new releases coming up on Groove Collection Records with remixes by Terry Grant and Deepfunk, there's a remix i did for DJ Tarkan due out early 2012 on No Smoking Records, new stuff for my label and an EP on Underground City Music. I also have a lot of unsigned originals that i am using to build my new album around and i have some plans for the Groove Finders project to. As for Sleepless Nights Recordings you can expect to see the likes of Nick Stoynoff, Silinder, Piyush Awasthi and Simon Firth releases and some amazing work by Vincent Furlong too. I also have some gigs in the process one in Dublin on March 17th and i am in talks about going back to Switzerland and possiblly Russia to, and we are currentlly looking for a location in Dublin to hold a Sleepless Nights label night so if all goes well it should be a great year.

15. Finally, what advice would you have to all the aspiring producers and DJs out there?

SF: Always be true to yourself no matter what and don't expect things to happen over night, we are always learning new things in the production game and that's what i love about it the most. Try make as many friend as possible and respect each and every person that show a liking to your music, and don't expect to make a fortune, it's all about pushing your name out there and being as professional as you can be.

Release Promo would like to send a huge thanks to Stephen (Soulfinder) for taking the time to do this interview! Be sure to look out for his 'Footprints' EP that's out next week on Underground City Music!

Technical Progress Vol 2 (Movement Recordings)
featuring: Slang & Technodreamer, Kostas Skretas, Alessandro Otiz and more!
The first instalment of Movement Recordings 'Technical Progress' saw its release in April 2010. A mere twenty months later the label has grown leaps and bounds and now sports an artist roster that includes industry heavyweights like Cid Inc., Dousk and Luis Junior. Movement however continues looking for the freshest up and coming talent on the scene today.  'Technical Progress'  Vol 2 showcases that quite nicely along with a few industry veterans as well.

Russian duo Slang & Technodreamer kick the package off with a deep tech house gem in the form of 'Night Mist'. The softly textured pads and ultra smooth groove sets the stage for the bulk of the compilation perfectly. The sultry grooves and melancholic rainy day melodies of 'Night Call' by Greek producer Kostas Skretas comes next and transitions perfectly into the chunky dancefloor cut 'The Way Back' by Brazillian producer Darmony. Greek producer Alessandro Otiz makes his debut on Movement with 'Away From Past',  an expansive progressive house cut with a wonderfully spacey lead synth.  Veteran Turkish producer Ozgur Ozkan provides the dynamic, driving and dreamy piece 'No Rush In Kavala' which sets the stage perfectly for Greek producer Dio S and his morning beauty '6:15am'. Luis Bondio has been one of 2010s brightest young stars, with releases on Stripped and Soulfire along with consistent support from Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren this young Argentinean producer has an extremely bright future ahead of him. His 'Beirut 1943' offering here is one of his most accomplished and mature works to date with its intricate percussive elements and a spacey melodic vibe that rises to a gorgeous angelic level. Fellow Argentinean producer Cesar Lombardi also makes his Movement Recordings debut here with his throbbing bassy cut 'Nook'.  It's an outstanding track that serves the peak of the compilation well with its big atmospheric energy and bubbly dance floor presence.  The collection closes with one of the label A&Rs Stage Van H teaming up with Rogier for a peak time progressive house cut that's got main room anthem written all over it. Driving energy, emotional chord changes and gorgeous vocal elements. This one's huge! Bring on Part 2!

Hypnotic Duo - Earth (MIstiquemusic)
featuring remixes from: Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic, MSZ and Loquai
Justinas Gritenas and Marius Paplauskas are the talented Lithuanian pair that make up the Hypnotic Duo production alias. They've become household names in the progressive house scene over the last 2 years and have a stacked discography that boosts over 100 releases. They've remixed heavyweight producers Quivver and Anthony Pappa and have a torrid production output that consistently amazes. This week sees Hypnotic Duo back on Michael & Levan & Stiven Rivic's Mistique Music imprint for their first release of 2012. It's another stellar progressive house production entitled 'Earth' that comes with remixes from: Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic, MSZ and Loquai.

The original mix kicks the package off with a subtley growing atmosphere and some nice old school, analogue sounding electronics. A brief build introduces a wicked set of rolling drums and you can feel the energy rising quickly. As several hypnotic synth elements enter the mix the track is pushing forward towards the drop with great momentum. The breakdown introduces a new dreamy atmosphere and simple but gorgeous synth hook. A angelic and heavenly sounding composition from Hypnotic Duo, a great way to kick off 2012 for the Lithuanian boys. Mistique label bosses and heavily respected production trio of Michael, Levan and Stiven Rivic provide the first remix and they've delivered something really serious here. Filled with dark overtones and heavily processed rolling drum elements along with a vibrate, acidic bass line this has turned out to be one of MIchael & Levan and Stiven Rivic's biggest and most intimidating productions. The breakdown builds tension with the waning synths growing in the background while an Underworld esqe twisted leads fades to the forefront for a huge crescendo which should send your dance floor into complete chaos. Monster remix from Michael, Levan and Stiven Rivic. Toronto's MSZ continues to grow with each production, he made huge improvements over 2011 and is now one of the biggest artists on Mistique fine roster. His remix of 'Earth' is rooted by another incredibly well shaped and well textured bass line that MSZ has become so known for. It's a massive, rumbling groove with sweeping atmospheric elements and dance floor ready drums. The breakdown works on the superb tension created from the wavering tones and it builds like a skyscraper for a huge payoff. Top remix from MSZ. The final two interpretations are provided by Loquai, his 'Deep' mix is certainly one of his coolest productions of all time. A sultry vibe that is very musical and soulful sounding with excellent sound design and always a great dance floor groove. Loquai's main mix has much more of a stripped down tougher vibe at the outset. As the composition builds the soft pads and smooth stabs give the piece a wicked late night feel that sounds ideal for a backroom or intimate venue. Both great mixes from Loquai and a top release for Mistique to kick off 2012.

Deep_D & Sofin - Mimnisoma (Underground City Music)
featuring remixes from:Loquai, Moshic and Aquadro
Over the course of 2011 Russia's Underground City Music firmly solidified itself as one of the premier imprints for the underground progressive house sound.  With a staggering 55 releases that included productions from some of the freshest up and coming talents and scene veterans as well.  Underground City Music gets 2012 off to an extremely strong start with a release from Deep_D & Sofin entitled 'Mimnisoma' which has remixes from: Loquai, Moshic and Aquadro.

The original mix begins with a broken beat and hints of an ethnic vocal. The straight kick drops in soon after along with a wispy male vocal sample and some nice synth elements. It's got that rolling Moshic type groove that can keep dance floors locked for hours. The drums get considerably beefed up as the composition progresses and the ethnic vocal gate really shines in the breakdown along with some lovely instrumentation. Proper dark room progressive from Deep D and Sofin! Super producer Loquai returns to UCM for his 14th overall appearance and another top remix here. He's taken the smooth lines of the original and turned in something equally exquisite and calming. It's one of Loquai's deeper and more soulful productions recently, this one really flows brilliantly with just some hazy hints of the vocal parts so if you're not a fan of ethnic vocal then this is a great alternative for you. Given the overall sound that the original has it certainly made good sense to have Moshic involved in this project and that's exactly what Underground City Music did. Moshic's dynamic groove and punchy beats are unmistakable and they sound great here. He's also taken the vocal and morphed into a brilliant hypnotic loop which sits perfectly amidst Moshic's pulsating bass tones and the wonderful instrumentation from the original. Italy's Aquadro closes the package out with a great hypnotic vibe and a stripped down techier groove that packs a lot of punch. All the vocal elements are used in abundance and they work perfectly layered over Aquadro's killer groove. Huge release for UCM and a great way to start 2012.

Sergey Franc feat. Tyanah - Sun Day (Spring Tube)
featuring remixes from: Macelo Nassi, Kay Mikado
For Spring Tube's first release of 2012 they bring us the international collaboration between Russian producer Sergey Franc and UK female vocalist Tyanah. Sergey has appeared on the Spring Tube family of labels in the past with his contribution to the 'Nu Breeds' series and also with a couple of EPs on sister label Round Triangle. Sergey earned huge support from Matt Darey on his track 'Opera' which was played heavily by Matt on his 'Nocturnal' Radioshow. Tyanah has collaborated many times with Sergey in the past with great success and the duos newest offering is here. 'Sun Day' is Spring Tube's 51st overall release and it comes with remixes from Macelo Nassi and Kay Mikado.

The original mix leads the package of with a nice progressive house / trance hybrid type vibe. Nice crunchy production, soaring trancey chords and a great progressive groove make this a sure fire dance floor winner.  One of India's premier producers Kay Mikado makes his debut on Spring Tube here and provides a monster remix. Huge main room energy and an electric atmosphere come with all of Kay's tracks and this one is no exception. Gorgeous melodic lines and big sonic sounds along Tyanah's gorgeous vocals make this our favourite mix on the package. Closing the package out is Brazilian producer Marcelo Nassi who provides a fabulous compliment to the package with a much deeper interpretation. The tempo is slowed down quite a bit and the focus is much more on the piano elements and the vocal along with Marcelo's smooth groove. The perfect way to wind down a great package from Spring Tube. 2012 is set to be a big year for our Russian friends so keep your ear to the ground!

VIF - Time To Fly Away (Macarize)
featuring remixes from: Atlantic Ocean, Fuzzy Cuzzin
Ukrainian producer VIF is back on Macarize with his first original for us, ‘Time To Fly Away’. Flawlessly combining a deep bassline, lush waves of 80s-tinged rippling synth melodies and pine-tinglingly warm pads, he creates a track that is enchantingly melodic and heartbreakingly beautiful but driving at the same time. And watch out for the breakdown, which might just steal your breath and your heart away altogether.

Russian duo Atlantis Ocean meanwhile take the track deep into uplifting trance territory, retaining that original driving bassline but adding layers of soaring synths and twinkling topline melodies to add their own distinctive trance twist.

Hot up and coming US producer Fuzzy Cuzzin adds his unique disco stamp to the track right from the opening bars of piano and trumpet and heavily vocoded vocals, layering straight out of the 80s stabs and just a hint of strings over a funkified foor to the floor bassline and drums.

Aber - Galatea EP (LuPS Records)
featuring remixes from: Tropical Highlight, Analog Effect
LuPS it’s 64th release sees the return of Aber with a two track EP. Both his Originals are solid more Tech House orientated productions.

The Original of Galatea is a steady pumping track with a demanding bassline and some techy synthstabs and crispy percussion and bubbling arps. This is a perfect warming up setbuilder.

The remix of Galatea has been done by upcoming Dutch production duo Analag Effect. Their remix is slick, dark, smooth and creamy. A typical Analog Effect groove leads and shows you the way. On top of this rocksolid groove a very well reverbed and spaced out synthstab has  been placed. Together with all the catchy fx’s and very well programmed percussion this remix is ready to warm up your audience it the right way.

The other Original is called Shadow Caster. Again Aber shows his talent to produce a solid warming up tune. Once again a steady pumping groove and a demanding pitchshifting bassline ar doing the job here. On top a moody arped synthline is the guiding light towards the break where some nice fx’s has been added. By far this is a production to truly get lost in and one of those ideal set closing tracks.

The remix has been done by Brazilian talent Tropical Highligth. His remix is a more moody and latin re-interpretation that somehow reminds on the early days of dance music when Hazme Sonar – Sueno Latino was hot and steamy. A sure shot for those late night afterhours.

Timewave - Operation Hyper (OLD SQL Recordings)
featuring remixes from: Airwave, Loquai and Arctic Night
Finland's Timewave has been producing rich and textured progressive trance and lush progressive breaks for the last two years. His debut was for Michael, Levan and Stiven Rivic's Mistique Music with a remix for Namatjira, since then he has gone on to remix Eryo, Solex, Quintax, Marcooz & Gudowski, VG & Dave Sullivan, Michael, Levan & Stiven Rivic. Timewave has also delivered the outstanding 'Ocsillations' EP. Timewave's debut album 'Solar System' delivered beyond all expectations and over the course of 2011 the Finnish producer has seen his productions championed by John OO Fleming and Markus Schulz. He makes his OLD SQL Recordings debut here with his new original ' Operation Hyper' which comes with a great set of remixes from:  Airwave, Loquai and Arctic Night.

Timewave's rolling bass line gets the energy flowing early and the large sheets of atmospheric sweeps build the intensity quickly. As the vocal elements and second section of the bass line get dropped in the drive and overall energy just goes sky high, certainly one of Timewave's biggest productions to date. A short drop introduces one of Timewave's biggest Astral Projection like riffs yet and when the chord changes in the bass line come it's an amazing epic and emotional moment. This is huge.

The first remix on the package is supplied by Laurent Veronnez aka Airwave who has been one of the biggest and most prolific trance producers over the last 10 years. His productions on the Bonzai family of labels are legendary and many are regarded as trance classics today.  His remix of 'Operation Hyper' is a percussive progressive house masterpiece full of sweeping vocal gates and gorgeous hypnotic bells. The composition builds to a huge climax with large soaring chords and the glassy bells working their hypnotic magic throughout the piece. Outstanding remix from Airwave.

Loquai returns to OLD SQL for his second appearance on the label after his stellar remix of Junitoshi's 'Reborn Of Eclipse' just a few weeks ago.  Loquai's 'Operation Hyper' remix comes with a monstrous well shaped bass line with groove to spare, great stabs and the wispy vocal gate as well. The atmosphere of the mix is incredible, it's got that hazy, old school, warehouse type vibe that just sounds perfect for the morning at a big party. Awesome stuff from Loquai.

Closing the package out is Russian producer Arctic Night who is making his first appearance on OLD SQL. Arctic Night has crafted a bubbly sounding groove with big rumbling bass stabs and a great sweeping atmosphere. It's a deep but very powerful interpretation that builds wonderfully as layers of synths get added throughout the piece. The sequence of hypnotic keys sits at the forefront of the breakdown amidst some distorted vocal pads and great chord changes. Amazing atmosphere on this mix from Arctic Night and it just might be one of his best this year.

Erich LH - The Way (Deepsessions)
featuring remixes from: T-Dallas, Franzis-D and Tweakers
Erich Fabian Ledesma Hauser aka Erich LH returns to Deepsessions this week for his third overall appearance on the label. This is Erich's first original production for Deepsessions which follows two very cool remixes for: Feri's 'Violent Vision and Oleg Nych's 'Last Epic End'. Erich new single for the label is entitled 'The Way' and it comes with remixes from:  T-Dallas, Franzis-D and Tweakers.

Erich's original mix comes with a big, wide kick and a seriously rumbling bass line, this sets a big tone early on. The soft stabs and rough sounding drums at the groove mightily as nasally synth line begins to build in the back ground. Some excellent chord changes are then introduced and we are graced with the breakdown. Here a section of tough break beats and great  melodies provides an excellent transition back to the rumbling progressive groove which grows to great atmospheric heights for a great finish. Deepsessions resident T-Dallas provides the first remix and he taken the melodic elements from the original and expanded on them nicely. A great shuffling rhythm leads to some amazing hypnotic elements fading into the mix before some main melodic keys get dropped in during the first break. The main break is short and provides some nice tension to drive the energy higher when the groove comes back in full force. Top mix from T-Dallas. Franzis-D provides the second remix and he does what he does best here and comes up with a percussive groover that still retains some of the great melodies from the original. The intricate sounding drums are really the standout here, so many percussive elements that work perfectly together and the sparsely atmospheric break beat breakdown is ace too. Great mix from Franzis. Serbian producers Nemanja Radić and Marjan Feštin aka Tweakers make their debut appearance on Deepsessions and provide the final remix of 'The Way'. It's a big progressive groove with a lot of bounce and some nice chord changes which keeps the momentum quite high. The long breakdown really stands out here, very spacious and full of anticipation as it builds back up and the melodies come to the forefront. Great debut for Tweakers on Deepsessions and another top release for the fine Greek label.

Luke Chable - Foundation EP (Mesmeric Records)
featuring: Foundation, Cornerstone, Substrate
A wide assortment of progressive house fans both old and new have reason to rejoice today as we have the release of three new original productions from Aussie prog legend Luke Chable. Generally when i see someone referred to as a legend it's almost always unjustified but in this case I believe it truly is. Luke has been responsible of some of the most memorable and beloved tracks in electronic music over the course of the last ten years. His remixes of PQM's 'You Are Sleeping' and Gwill Morris' 'Time' often appear in people's best of all time lists and all his productions from the golden era of prog have aged remarkably well and still sound fresh and exciting today. Luke's recent interpretation of Shiloh's 'Primavera' (also on Mesmeric) served notice that's he's back writing incredible melodic and sonically destructive records.

His 'Foundation' EP comes with three brand new original compositions that all have that Chable magic that he has become so loved for. The lead track 'Foundation' begins with a stripped groove and super fresh, glitchy electronics. This leads to the first drop where a wavering hypnotic line is introduced along with a massive rolling bass line. As the composition builds the lead chords descend over the track and the result it utterly heavenly, soft perfectly textured sheets of sonic bliss that work in perfect unison with the warm wall of sub bass of which the chord changes are goose bump raising to say the least. This might be one of Chable's finest moments and with support coming in from Hernan Cattaneo and Armin Van Buuren we're probably not far off.  The second piece 'Cornerstone' is the most stripped and techy of the bunch. It's comes with an incredible moody vibe which is driven by a wavering synth that is remarkably trippy and hypnotic. Luke's bleepy electronics and hollow hits are as modern as ever and when surrounded by his devastatingly warped atmosphere the results are spectacular. The EP closes with 'Substrate' which is well in line with 'Foundation' and might just be our favourite track on the EP. The long brain teasing lead is sensational and they way the composition builds ever so subtly into the melodic masterpiece that it is will leave you dumbfounded. Warm surges of emo bass tones, sparkling atmospheric sweeps and dynamic musical elements all combine for one of most dramatic and emotional pieces of electronic music you'll hear all year.  King Unique thinks so to as he recently named it his biggest record of 2011. Release Promo Hype Chart #5

Noa Romana & Deersky - Moonface (Mistique Music)
featuring remixes from: Deep Fog, Toppy, Ejective, Hector Sawiak and Matias Chilano
Piotr Sarnecki aka Deersky is a well respected figure in the underground progressive house community with his 'Deep Diving' radio presentation on Insomnia FM being one of the more popular shows of its genre. Noa Romana grew up around music as his parents owned a discotheque in the 70s and by the age of eight he was already on the decks, music has been his life for as long as he can remember and it always will be. Noa and Piotr have already made their make on the progressive house scene early on with 2 amazing releases on Underground City Music and Insomnia FM. As 2011 draws to a close we find Noa and Piotr making their debut on one of the genre's finest labels Mistique Music which as most know by now is run by Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic. The duo's newest single is entitled 'Moonface' and it comes with outstanding remixes from: Deep Fog, Toppy, Ejective, Hector Sawiak and Matias Chilano.

For anyone that remembers Deersky and Noa's debut on Underground City Music you know to expect something truly exceptional here and that's exactly what they've delivered. It's pretty clear that they've found a magic studio formula because 'Moonface' has a unique, spacey vibe that is really captivating and the vocal samples that run through the mix make it feel like you're listening to a well told story. The sounds are absolutely out of this world; glassy sounding keys, warm pulsating bass tones and glittering synths all combine to create an unbelievable journey into sound. Don't miss this as it's one of the coolest releases this year on Mistique. Piotr and Noa have served notice with just 3 releases this year that they are definitely a duo to watch for 2012.

Poland's Krzysztof Kotliński aka Deep Fog provides the first remix and he's turned in a deep throbbing atmospheric masterpiece. The synths are alive with electricity on Deep Fog's mix, they cut through the dreamy atmosphere with an amazing intensity and the big angelic synths sound absolutely incredible as they descend down over the tracks framework.  Blissful stuff from Deep Fog!  The tempo picks up slightly with Bulgaria's Toppy providing the next remix. A tough kick and long sweeping atmosphere leads to the introduction of a driving and energetic bass line. Some wonderfully sharp electronics and a hypnotic synth leads the composition to the breakdown where the wavering atmosphere provides a short interlude before the wobbly groove comes back in for a great finish. Great remix from Toppy. Slovenia's Ejective provides the next interpretation and he's come up with a mildly acidic groove that puts and interesting new twist on 'Moonface'.  One of the producer's that has really come on towards the end of this year is Hector Sawiak. His productions on Mistique Digital, Underground City Music and Insomnia FM have been sensational and his intelligent progressive house sound is winning him legions of fans. His 'Moonface' remix continues his excellent run of productions with its killer dark room groove, wispy electronics and  intricate sounding percussion. 2012 should see great things from Hector and we look forward to hearing what he comes up with next. Closing the package out is Argentina's Matias Chilano with an amazingly soulful remix. Loaded with smooth lines and gorgeous guitar parts this is one of Matias best productions this year. Amazing package from Mistique and a great way to close out 2011. Look for big, big things from Deersky and Noa in 2012 and of course Mistiquemusic as well. Release Promo Hype Chart #6

D-Nox & SQL - Swarm (Qilla Records)
featuring remixes from: Microtrauma, Astronivo
Qilla Records proudly presents their biggest release yet! D-Nox and SQL are two names everybody in the techno community is familiar with. They collaborate for the first time with their debut single, "Swarm". This monster EP features the original mix, plus two massive remixes by Microtrauma and Astronivo. All three tracks are specially crafted for the open-air techno festivals and big room club dance floors. We hope to serve you forward thinking dj's well with this release in particular. Enjoy! Release Promo Hype Chart #3

Simon Firth - Negative (Tactal Hots Music)
featuring remixes from: Sven Hauck, Blusoul
One of several producers that have caught fire in the final six months of 2011 has been  the UK's Simon Firth.  After appearances on Mistique, Indigo, Stripped, Baroque and a slew of other top imprints this year Simon has found his tracks in the playlists of Nick Warren and Hernan Cattaneo on a regular basis. Simon's 'Negative' single for Tactal Hots is his second appearance on the UK label with his first being the excellent collaboration with Sven Hauck entitled 'Windswept' which saw its release in October. 'Negative easily ranks up there with Simon's best work this year and with two amazing remixes from Blusoul and Sven Hauck this package is deadly.

Simon's original leads things off and it's just got an incredible atmospheric vibe and big presence about it. The hypnotic keys and wailing synths create a wonderful hazy soundscape that you just get lost in but the foundation of the track is still tough enough that it'll rock a dance floor with ease. This is ultimately the sound of Simon Firth, it's cool, captivating and comes with an enormous atmospheric presence. Amazing stuff and congrats to Simon for the amzing year he's had..

Dutch producer and some time studio partner of Simon, Sven Hauck provides the first interpretation on the package. Sven has delivered a perfect complement to Simon's monstrous original, he's stripped things down somewhat and crafted a quirkier rework that presents the hypnotic elements in a fresh and unique way. The electronics are ultra tweaked and sound super fresh over Sven's deliberate dance floor groove. Really cool stuff from Sven.

One of Greece's best progressive house producers is unquestionably Blusoul. From his early progressive and breakbeat productions on Mistique to his recent successes on Underground City Music and Indigo this producer is poised for a breakout year in 2012. We were blown away when we first heard a preview of his 'Negative' remix on his soundcloud page and now after countless listens it's turned out to be his best and most contemporary production this year.  Blusoul has taken elements from Simon's original and warped and twisted them into something that is totally groovy and ultra modern sounding. One of the most dynamic moments of the mix comes when the wailing synths from Simon's original drop in over Blusoul's warm, amazingly textured bass line and surreal sounding atmosphere. Magical sounding stuff from Blusoul and an outstanding release from Tactal Hots who are certainly an imprint to follow very closely in 2012. Release Promo Hype Chart #7

Magnetic Brothers - Swimming In The Fog LP (Hyline Music)
featuring: When The Night Comes, Hello, On The Grass and more!
Russia's Magnetic Brothers have been one of the most prolific and genre defying production duos to come along in quite some time. Over the course of their two year production career Arthur and Anton have amassed a huge discography with over 120 releases and have appeared on Armada Music, Black Hole, Spring Tube, Indigo and many other top imprints. They are equally adept at writing beautiful cascading melodies for progressive house and trance, soulful grooves for deep house and twisted rock solid techno. Generally the end product of a Magnetic Brothers production draws on influences from all these styles and that's what makes many of their pieces so unique. They see it as 'Romantic Techno' and they are in fact the 1st Russian Techno Romantics of XXI century. As 2011 draws to a close we find the Magnetic Brothers with a new studio album entitled 'Swimming In The Fog' which comes courtesy of Carsten Million's Hyline music imprint.

It's an eleven track opus that begins with the moody broken beats of 'We Can't Run' feat Duboniq. It's the perfect atmosphere setting piece for what is to come. The decidedly melancholic 'Flowers For Lana' is next and it carries with it some of that unique sound design that the Magnetic Brothers have become so known for. It's a deeply emotional piece which leads into the atmospheric tech house groove of 'On The Grass' perfectly. The subtle vocal elements and gentle atmospheric sweeps keep the vibe nice and serene while the chunky bass line keeps the dance floor sensibility spot on. The murky and somewhat sinister sounding 'Riga Trip Story' follows with an abundance of spooky sounds and acidic synth touches, a moody piece that's perfect for a dark back room. The title cut 'Swimming In The Fog' is next and it comes with the most dance floor punch yet, widescreen style drums and a big spacious feel have given this composition a massive sense of space. The deeply hypnotic groove is to die for and works brilliantly well with the glassy keys for some killer momentum. The heavily processed and soulful male vocals add the perfect ethereal touch for what turns out to be one of the most soulful tracks on the album.  The deeply funky 'Lucky' is next with its prominent bass stabs and metallic atmospheric sweeps, the tough deliberate groove sets the stage perfectly for 'Hello' feat Nika Lenina which proves to be one of the biggest tracks on the album. This is the Magnetic Brothers at their progressive house best. A big driving rhythm that is utterly infectious combined with hooky synth accents and perfect chord changes make this an up tempo main room bomb. The energy stays at a nice constant with 'Before The First Date' which is really stands out because of its warped sounding lead, it's just a deadly hook that's simply irresistible.  The lazy vocal groove of 'From This World' is soothing and the perfect transition into the bubbly sounding 'Warm Summer Rain'.  The softly textured melodies and twinkily atmospheric elements here shows the Magnetic Brothers on fine form as the album winds to close.  The grainy sounding broken beats of 'When The Night Comes'  feat Duboniq seems to be the perfect composition to cap off 'Swimming In The Fog'. The vocals are utterly angelic sounding and it's one of the Brothers most emotional compositions to date.  The escalating atmosphere and dulcet elements meld together in perfect unison for a wonderful wall of melodic bliss. Certainly leaves you wanting more. Release Promo Hype Chart Top 25

Lovetone & Turismo - 80 / Can You Feel Me / How Beautiful Is Love (Macarize)
featuring: 80 / Can You Feel Me / How Beautiful Is Love
Macarize is proud to present the label debut of Finnish duo Anton Sonin and Aaron Englund, otherwise known as Lovetone & Turismo.

'80' lives up to its name with style, a perfect piece of 80s-influenced progressive house whose deep chunky bassline, punchy pads and feel-good, funky melodies make it easy to love at first listen.

'Can You Feel Me' finds an effortless groove with its deep bassline, driving drums and hypnotic piano hook that will just make you want to dance! And watch out for those key changes and barely there wistful vocals, which infuse the track with extra emotive intensity.

'How BEATiful Is Love' kicks off with a techy groove, dark and brooding background beat and a haunting synth hook…but the main piano melody adds heart and soul to the hypnotic vocal and pounding rhythm, ensuring the feel-good Lovetone & Turismo vibe stays centre-stage.

Arnold From Mumbai - Kids Love To Play (Movement Recordings)
featuring remixes from: Jalebee Cartel, Ash Roy
High energy and infectious enthusiasm are some of the adjectives that are synonymous with the name Arnold Misquitta fondly known as Arnold from Mumbai (AFM) in the Global Dance Music Scene. Arnold hails from Mumbai, India but is at home in almost the whole country.  After remixing artists such as Kasey Taylor, Jalebee Cartel, Pena, Andrea Bertolini, Paul Thomas and Logiztik Sounds combined with superb outings on Vapour Recordings, Maktub,  Spherax and Fatali Arnold has built up a massive following over the last two years.  Arnold first appeared on Movement back in December of 2010 for his Sandcastles collaboration with Yves Eaux. The 39th release on Movement sees Arnold returning to the label for his first solo single entitled 'Kids Love To Play' which includes mixes from: Jalebee Cartel and Ash Roy.

Arnold's original mix is a funky house infused composition that's aimed squarely at the dance floor. Fresh vocal samples, clattering drums and a seriously buzzing bass line get the energy high early on. As the vocal gates get expanded on the groove only tightens and then a section of panned bongos drops in to take the energy even higher towards the break. The drop is short and introduces a new section of vocal wails. The festival vibe is undeniable on this record and it should blow up a main room dance floor with ease.

Jalebee Cartel need no introduction, with a torrid touring schedule that never ends and productions on top techno and tech house imprints like eVapour8 and Elektrotribe it's not hard to see why they are one of the world's most popular live acts. After releases on Vapour, Ostwind and their own excellent Maktub imprint the Cartel deliver another top remix for 'Kids Love To Play'. The Cartel have delivered a smoother, deeper interpretation with a laser guided groove to die for. The liquid groove is complimented with a spacey synth that continually escalates through the first half of the record and keeps the energy electric towards the drop. Here the vocal elements and spacey synth are left to breathe amidst a lovely selection of softly textured pads and scattered drum elements. It's an incredibly serene soundscape and one that an educated dance floor will certainly appreciate.

The final remix on the package is supplied by Ash Roy who is one of the primary members of Jalebee Cartel. Ash's solo career has seen him appear on Echoplast, Plusquam and Vertikal to name just a few. Ash's 'Kids Love To Play' interpretation is a throbbing bassy number with a wickedly modern house vibe. The vocal elements play off each other in perfect unison and with short drops and fresh transitions the energy is kept high throughout. Ultimately though it's the incredible character and depth on the bottom end that makes this such a standout production, it's one of the best grooves you'll hear all year.

Spring Tube 50th Release Part 2 (Spring Tube)
featuring remixes from: Monojoke, Luiz B, Dynamic Illusion, Ramiro Bernabela, Lessov, Blood Groove & Kikis, Artie Flexs and Nicolas Agudelo
Our good friends at Spring Tube celebrated their 2nd anniversary at the beginning of November which was a great milestone for the label. Now as 2011 draws to a close we find Spring Tube with their landmark 50th release! They`ve dedicated this package to all their fans and as a New Years gift they`ve gone out and gotten some fresh remixes of their excellent back catalogue. The second part includes new reworks from: Monojoke, Luiz B, Dynamic Illusion, Ramiro Bernabela, Lessov, Blood Groove & Kikis, Artie Flexs and Nicolas Agudelo.

Highlights of the package include Monojoke's  bubbly and piano laden melodic breaks interpretation of Reii's 'Panic' and two new remixes from Luiz B of Satoshi Fumi's 'You Know' feat Aelyn. Luiz's 'Deep' Mix focuses on a sultry groove while his 'Euphoric' mix keeps the groove nice and deep but with the addition of some amazingly epic chords. Wonderful mixes from Luiz here. Dynamic Illusion provides a blissed out progressive version of Smooth Stab's 'These World's Between Us'  with amazing vocal hooks and wonderfully emotional key changes. Canada's up and coming progressive house sensation Lessov reworks Eximinds 'Fairy Tale' with some growling, grainy synths and airy hypnotic s for a perfect modern club mix. It's an excellent collection from Spring Tube and the perfect way to close out 2011. Watch Spring Tube grow to even greater heights in 2012.

T-Dallas - Mobber EP (OLD SQL Recordings)
featuring remixes from: Orelse
Greek producer T-Dallas makes his debut on Ivan Nikusev's OLD SQL Recordings for the labels seventh overall release. New original productions are a bit of a rarity for T-Dallas as he primarily seems to focus on remix work but here on his 'Mobber' EP of OLD SQL we get three new originals and a remix from Orelse.

The title track 'Mobber' leads the EP off with a remarkably punchy groove and a spacey synth mod. A brief drop introduces a heavenly sounding synth which leads way for the bass line to drop; a driving, key changing bottom end with a lot of dance floor bounce. Wispy vocal elements, chants and a wonderfully hypnotic synth make up the primary section of the track which has huge energy and a nice drop where the wispy female vox reappears. Fellow Greek producer Orelse provides the lone remix of 'Mobber' and he's done a very cool, stripped down drummy version that compliments the original perfectly. The second original entitled 'Distant Galaxy' is next and begins with some brightly processed panning knocks and a glassy hypnotic synth.  A set of airy vocal pads wavers off in the background as the drum elements get added in the mix. A drop then develops the synth lead further as it takes on a trippy melancholic feel and takes the piece well into the breakdown. Here the musical interlude is slowly whisked away for the pulsating groove which finishes with a nice energetic drive. The third original 'Fighting Gravity closes the package out with a punishing groove, dark and ominous electronics and more of that dreamy atmosphere that T-Dallas is so great at crafting. The interwoven melodies are supremely trippy and paint a wonderful picture full of character and color. A great collection of music from T-Dallas and OLD SQL Recordings.

Tomeenec & Yura - GreenCar (Hektik Digital)
featuring remixes from: A.D.T.P, ManGroove, Yura
HEKTIK Digital kicks off with its first release featuring the Hungarian duo Tomeenec & Yura. Yura is no stranger to the scene. In the past he had a few release on LuPS Records. Now he teams up with fellow country mate Tomeence for an anticipating Original. Their Original work contains a strong and powerful groove section combined with a electro bassline and a few eerie arpeggios and a warm pad and spacey effects add that extra bit of magic that takes the you on a fantasy voyage. This track is a perfect setbuilder.

 The first remix comes from A.D.T.P. aka Fred Murray  from the UK. Fred is also no stranger to the scene because, formerly known as F-Project, he had a few releases on LuPS as well. He delivers a deep re-interpretation and added some slick percussion to his groove. Also he introduces a new arp line and a some new synthstabs which makes the whole arrangement even more spaced out.

 The second remix comes from ManGroove. Also ManGroove belongs to the LuPS steady and solid production stall. Hailing from Romania this guy knows how to turn Original tracks into steamy pieces of dancefloor gems. Once again this remix from him is no exception. A catchy arpline does the job here. Together with clever programmed beats and percussion and teasing build ups this remix is a peaktime hour sure shot worth to be played out loud. Tested and approved!!

 The last remix comes from Yura himself. He has stripped down his Original work and added a deep growling bassline that just goes just up and down. Alongsid this bassline some nice and fine organic drums are doing the job very well to create a steamy atmosphere. On top you’ll find some catchy syntstabs and nice fx’s and then you got all the right elements to rock the crowd.

 A promising debut for HEKTIK Digital and sure a label to keep an eye on in the near future.

Aggressor - Shame On You EP (LuPS Records)
featuring remixes from: Kris Brown, Hector Sawiak, Faze Out, Satiny
Yes it is time for another Aggressor release on LuPS! This time an EP with two very strong Originals which are capturing that magic Aggressor style.

Shame On You is just one hell of a ride. Crispy beats all over the place. Driving percussion, eerie synthlines and a handfull of catchy syntstabs and fx’s is all you need to drive a dancefloor crazy. The energy of this track is simply amazing.

The first remix of Shame On You comes from UK producer Kris Brown. He also managed to create a steady pounding groove with a growling bassline. Halfway the track during the breakdown a more then goosebumping guitar riff is hitting the van and then everything turn really off. A sure shot for those peaktime hours.

The second remix comes from recently discovered talent Hector Sawiak. What he has done with his remix is simply out of this world. His remix kicks off with a huge groove that is so tight and catchy that it simply grabs your attention and doesn’t let it go for at least 8 minutes. On top of this majestic groove, Hector laid down a couple of very emotional syntlines and soundfx’s, which are soulpiercing and tearjerking. Without a doubt this remix of Shame Of you is one of LuPS best releases to date and it is hard to believe that Hector only has had 5 releases so far.

The other Original track by Aggressor is called Outnumbered. Once again this is a true type Aggressor track. Haunting synthlines and trancy arpreggios are combined with hyperactive percussion and a dirty bassline. This track rocks off your wallpaper for sure.

The first 2 remixes are done Satiny. A new rookie from Russia. His remix is more old-school bassed with short synthstabs and clubby groove.

The second remix comes from Faze Out aka Phasebase. Hailing from Tallinn Estonia he comes up with a rather catchy yet slighty commercial remix. A big pounding kickdrum shows the way. Together with some well programmed white noise lines and a classic hands in the air you simply can’t go wrong with this peaktime hour track. Tested and approved.

Mad Morello - Pyramids (Deepsessions)
featuring remixes from: Oleg Nych, Tolga Diler and Franzis-D
Hungarian producer Mad Morello made his return to Deepsessions two weeks ago after a year and half absence from the label. His remix of Junitoshi's 'Tibet' was a monster main room interpretation that turned out to be the biggest mix on the package. Now we have Mad back on Deepsessions for a new single entitled 'Pyramids' which comes with remixes from: Oleg Nych, Tolga Diler and Franzis-D.

Mad's original mix kicks the package off with an array of really cool spacey sounds and smooth key patterns. A set of monstrous bass stabs make up the low end and add a killer groove at the outset. Trippy synth elements and great percussive accents get added which carry the composition nicely. It's really the gorgeous lead keys that make the track though, hypnotic and with wonderful texture. Great stuff from Mad. Oleg Nych provides the first remix and he's added a huge set of epic chords which adds a completely new perspective to the track. Definitely a big room interpretation from Oleg! Turkish producer Tolga Diler was responsible for some amazing productions on Deepsessions in 2011 and he starts 2012 off on a great note with an amazing remix here. Tolga's tough percussive sound really shines here. The drums have so much pop and the production is so crisp it just adds to the wicked groove. The added vocal snips are super fresh and add a wicked dynamic to the track, combine that with the cascading keys and ominous sounding breakdown and you've got our favourite mix on the package. Spanish producer Franzis-D makes his 11th overall appearance on Deepsessions here and provides another very strong remix to close the package out. Franzis really has a great sound that's very accessible for today's dance floor. It's progressive yes, but still retains the groove and toughness of many tech house and techno productions as well. On 'Pyramids' his deliberate groove drives the track immensely and the gated vocals along with the great hypnotic keys from the original come with their own unique feel. Great pack from Deepsessions!

I uploaded a @YouTube video Timewave - Operation Hyper (Airwave Remix) - OLD SQL Recordi
I uploaded a @YouTube video Timewave - Operation Hyper (Loquai Remix) - OLD SQL Recordin
I uploaded a @YouTube video Timewave - Operation Hyper (Original Mix) - OLD SQL Recordin
I uploaded a @YouTube video Erich LH - The Way (T-Dallas Remix) - Deepsessions
I uploaded a @YouTube video Erich LH - The Way (Franzis-D Remix) - Deepsessions
Timewave - Operation Hyper EP out today on OLD SQL Recordings! Airwave, Loquai and Arctic Night mixes! via @beatport
Erich LH - The Way - @DeepsessionsRec! T-Dallas, Franzis-D and Tweakers mixes! via @beatport
I uploaded a @YouTube video Sergey Franc feat. Tyanah - Sun Day (Kay Mikado Remix) - Spr
I uploaded a @YouTube video Sergey Franc feat. Tyanah - Sun Day (Original Mix) - Spring
Sergey Franc feat. Tyanah - 'Sun Day' out now on @springtube! Macelo Nassi, Kay Mikado remixes! via @beatport
I uploaded a @YouTube video Luis Bondio - Beirut 1943 - Movement Recordings
I uploaded a @YouTube video Cesar Lombardi - Nook - Movement Recordings
I uploaded a @YouTube video Stage Van H & Rogier - Dreamstate - Movement Recordings
I uploaded a @YouTube video Slang & Technodreamer - Night Mist - Movement Recordings
I uploaded a @YouTube video Hypnotic Duo - Earth (Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic Remix
I uploaded a @YouTube video Hypnotic Duo - Earth (MSZ Remix) - Mistiquemusic
VA Technical Progress Vol.2 (Part 1) out today on Movement Recordings! Luis Bondio, Slang & Technodreamer ++ @beatport
I uploaded a @YouTube video Hypnotic Duo - Earth (Loquai Love The Deep Remix) - Mistique
one of the coolest progressive house producers of the moment: @MarceloVasami - Artist of the Week now on @friskyradio!
Hypnotic Duo - 'Earth' out now on @MistiqueMusic! Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic, MSZ and Loquai mixes! @beatport
Dio S - '3rd Child' out now on Stellar Fountain! great remix from The Stain! via @beatport
Deep Fog - Wave LP out today on @MistiqueMusic! via @beatport
I uploaded a @YouTube video Aber - Shadow Caster (Tropical Highlight Remix) - LuPS Recor
I uploaded a @YouTube video Aber - Galatea (Analog Effect Remix) - LuPS Records
VIF - 'Time To Fly Away' out today on @MacarizeLIVE! via @beatport
I uploaded a @YouTube video Vansam - Shadow Of The Desert (Original Mix) - Deepsessions
I uploaded a @YouTube video Vansam - Shadow Of The Desert (CJ Art Remix) - Deepsessions
I uploaded a @YouTube video Vansam - Shadow Of The Desert (Ozgur Ozkan Remix) - Deepsess
I uploaded a @YouTube video Deep_D & Sofin - Mimnisoma (Moshic Remix) - Underground City
I uploaded a @YouTube video Deep_D & Sofin - Mimnisoma (Loquai Remix) - Underground City
I uploaded a @YouTube video Deep_D & Sofin - Mimnisoma (Original Mix) - Underground Cit
Sofin, Deep_D - Mimnisoma out now @undergroundcm! Moshic, Loquai, Aquadro mixes! @beatport
A new favorite: Dousk - Stepp (Michael & Levan And Stiven Rivic Remix) by @MistiqueMusic on #SoundCloud
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Vlad Janela - Contemplation out today on @MistiqueMusic! via @beatport
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