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Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting Today

The planning and zoning commission will hold their regularly scheduled meeting Today, Thursday, April 24, 2008 at 7:00 PM.   Click to view the agenda.

Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend.

Huntsville Independence Day Celebration Needs YOU! 

Below is an article recently submitted to the Ogden Valley News:



Turn Back The Clock To 1976 - The Bicentennial!

Richard L. Sorensen, Huntsville Town Council


With snow still blanketing many parts of the valley, it is hard to believe that Independence Day is just over two months away. With that in mind, we are looking for volunteers, donors and participants to make our celebration the best yet - not the biggest, just the best. But first, some history (and possibly some philosophy).

Decades ago, July 4th in Huntsville was the quintessential mid-summer gathering. A reunion and homecoming of sorts for the entire valley. A place where grade school students valley wide spent the day with friends - riding their bikes or horses in the parade, renewing acquaintances, lighting sparklers (maybe even an occasional firecracker), eating cotton candy, catching up and having a good time. A place where families played games, enjoyed great local entertainers and watched a ball game while savoring a hot dog. Sadly, at some point, the cash cow was born and making money seemingly became the motive rather than the result.

While we have come to rely on the cash and have a beautiful park full of lavish amenities (tennis and volleyball courts, playground, ice rink, basketball court, Lacrosse and soccer goals, etc.) largely built with these proceeds, I propose we get back to basics. Turn back the clock to a time when Ogden Valley kids and families were the focus. Maybe to 1976, the year America celebrated its Bicentennial and a year when Huntsville Mayor Sterling Wood put on one the finest celebrations in Huntsville History.

Mayor Wood was an animated orator and an accomplished ragtime pianist. The 4th was his big event and he loved putting on the show for the entire valley. In preparation for the largest celebration to date, he decorated the entire town and even had the town’s fire hydrants painted in a patriotic, bicentennial theme. We are fortunate to have his legacy live on as his son in law Kent Wangsgard, supported by his wife Carol, has put on the annual breakfast for some thirty years. Sterling and Ruth’s other daughters, Suzzane Ellison-Ferre, Willow Buttars and Becky have continually been an integral part of carrying on the patriotic traditions of their parents by volunteering. Sterling’s grandchildren also take an active role.

Turning back the clock to 1976 will require your help. Changing the focus from money to families and kids has some major hurdles, but with your help they can be jumped.

So how can you help?

Donate Time - Donating all or part of a day working in a booth or helping with one of our meals is a great way to contribute to the park. Encourage your church or school group to get involved. Better yet, become a team leader.

Donate Money - One of the many projects planned for the park this fall is the leveling and reseeding of the Baseball diamond infield along with new backstops for the fields. This will benefit Schools, churches, and most importantly, kids throughout Ogden Valley. Also, the fireworks are a significant expense to the town and your donations to offset some of those costs are very much needed and appreciated.

Donate Items for the Auction - The auction is always a popular event and fund-raiser. We are looking for large and interesting items, and would like to offer as many items as possible with a value of $50 or more. If you have anything you would be willing to donate as an item or service (i.e. Jazz Tickets, Dental or Chiropractic services, Landscaping, Cars, Quilts, Go Carts, Hotel stay, Livestock, Art, etc.), please let us know and we will gladly pick the item up. This is one of the best fund-raisers for the Huntsville Park, but is completely dependant on the quality and quantity of items donated.

Purchase VIP Tickets - The VIP tickets provide you with a meal for two along with VIP seating for the evening entertainment (concert, Hypnotist, Skydivers). Best of all, a very good chance of winning a Harley Davidson or one of our other great prizes (tentatively Ipod, GPS Navigation system, Cash, etc.)

Spend the day with us while visiting with friends, family and neighbors, but don’t forget your wallet - and open it freely. As stated, we have come to rely on the cash!


Our informative web site, is an excellent resource complete with entry forms and answers to many questions. It is updated regularly. Other questions may be directed to


 If you would like to volunteer, please contact our coordinator for Team Leaders, Regen Sorensen at 745-0945, 458-0945 cell or

You may also contact Richard Sorensen, July 4th Chair, at 791-7004 Cell or the Huntsville Town Hall at 745-3420

Thanks for your participation and support!


That’s all for now, have a great week.


Richard L. Sorensen

Huntsville Town Council Smile