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ProMark 3 -> SP60 Trade-In Program
Spectra Precision is offering a substantial trade-in program for converting ProMark 3 receivers to the latest SP-60 receivers. If you have ProMark 3 receivers and you are thinking about upgrading to state-of-the-art receivers, now may be the time.
Here is the redemtion table:
Part Number Description PM3 Trade-In Value
104234-00 SP60 L1 GPS Single Receiver Kit $600
104234-01 SP60 L1 GNSS Single Receiver Kit $900
104234-02 SP60 L1/L2 GPS Single Receiver Kit $900
104234-50 SP60 L1/L2 GNSS Single Receiver Kit
   w/UHF 430-470 MHz 2W TRx
So a pair of ProMark 3 receivers would have a trade-in value of $2,800 towards a RTK pair of SP60s.
Additional information with list prices can be found here [ SP60 Information ].
If you are considering taking advantage of this program, please drop me a note or call so we can figure out which data collector you will need, I will get you an 'official' quotation.
Terms: There is a lot of factory fine print, here is the important stuff:
  1. Acceptable trade-in units include survey grade L1 or L1/L2 receivers with part numbers 800520-02 and 800488-03.
  2. Trade-in receivers have to be tendered to us before we will ship, however all we need is the receiver bodies. We don't need cables, antennas, power supplies, batteries and other accessories.
  3. You can't combine offers.
  4. USA and Canada delivery only.
  5. Offer ends March 31st.
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