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Bridenstine’s Dilemma
Last week’s Wall Street Journal had an interesting story on freshmen GOP lawmakers and the clout they are wielding thanks to a slim 17 vote majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.   A collection of a dozen freshmen GOP members have found that they can not only thwart the Democrats, they can thwart their own party leadership if they have the courage of their convictions.  The story focuses on one Thomas Massie, a Kentucky representative, and the differences he and the other eleven freshmen are making.  The Farm Bill was one example given, the small clique stood their ground and received some conservative amendments.  Next up is the immigration bill and the debt limit. 
Bridenstine is mentioned twice in the story alongside Ted Yoho of Florida as being one of the two freshmen that defeated an incumbent Republican.  Bridenstine is mentioned again later in the story which led to the need to write this article.

The small group first kicked up their heels with the Speaker election where they formed the largest opposition block in recent memory against their own party.  They didn’t come close to defeating Boehner but they certainly got his attention.   The article quotes the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee as saying “You have the far right worried about the far, far right and pulling the entire party out of step with the Independents.”   Right, like anyone is stupid enough to believe a Democrat when he labels Tea Party politicians are far, far right.  When a politician tells you something the first thing you do is ask yourself “what is in it for him if I believe what he says?”

Where Bridenstine raised our eyebrows was in a description of a March legislative vote where Bridenstine went against the freshmen GOP clique on a budget blueprint bill after House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan spent an hour convincing Bridenstine to turn his back on the maverick GOP freshmen.  The story recounts that during the voting House Armed Services Chairman Buck McKeon sat next to Bridenstine during the vote to prevent others from lobbying him to rejoin the opposition.   Bridenstine was quoted as saying the Ryan plan “ was the best that we could do.”

Congressman Bridenstine, the slippery slope begins when you compromise and abandon those that brought you to where you are.  You are flirting with betraying your constituents and supporters that worked so hard to put you in office by trading your power for access to the House leadership.  Your small group of maverick freshmen learned early on that it just takes a handful of rebels to make a difference,  out of 435 total House members it just takes a dozen that will stand together to change the way the House works, just 3% is enough to push the ball into the conservative direction or deflect it there.   But you allowed the House leadership to strip you of your power and even worse, you became their spokesperson when you said it was the best that could be done.

You will be expected to stand your ground when you go back to Washington D.C. regardless of the pressure or logic they array against conservative forces.  You aren’t there to gain personal power or garner national attention; you are there to represent the voters that put you in office and the activists that spent their time and money getting you elected.  Don’t think that you were voted in because you were so smart and talented; think that Sullivan had lost the support of the people just like you will lose the support of the people if you back down from conservative principles.  Remember that we don’t have to win to be successful if we push for recorded votes on conservative issues.  The voters can take those recorded votes and know who to return to office just fine without you.  Don’t swallow the leadership’s Kool-Aid, spit it back at them and stick with the mavericks and make a difference.

Me, I’d Go out Swinging
The Watchman

Here is another Senator with a long career who can’t decide on which side of the fence he sits. Granted the Senator is term limited, why doesn’t he go out fighting for the people he represents? If he’s not willing to fight for the people, why doesn’t he resign and go back to his farm now? Let the constituents get someone in that will fight for them.

Typical of the Senators pronouncements is this press release Oklahoma State Senate – Press Release (Printable Version) . Here we find the Senator praising a committee that reviewed various agencies in the state, at tax payers’ expense, and he reports absolutely no results from the committee. There is no substance to the report. Why bother making the statement if you’re not going to add some substance to back it up with.

We next did a simple Google search of Senator Anderson to see what information was available about him on line. The first article we found of interest was this Oklahoma State Senator Patrick Anderson Seeks to Block Agenda 21. This bill was not even heard in Committee this year. It seems the Committee chair, who happens to be an environmentalist, thinks that Agenda 21 is just a conspiracy theory. If you have followed this newsletter, there have been many articles about these quoting references to actual UN documents on this subject. People need to understand that this is an agenda to remove people from their property and turn it over to environmentalists.

Not everybody was happy with his decision to fight the UN’s Agenda 21 plan like the people that wrote this article:   Blue Oklahoma:: 'Paranoia Strikes Deep': Anderson Introduces Frivolous Bill    . We’re not sure who this group represents, but we do know that it is a left wing organization. We tried all the search engines and could not find anything on them.

We also found this article about the budget. We object to in his statement that the state of Oklahoma has a balanced budget amendment. We think that the state funds are being mismanaged, leading the state into debt by borrowing. Nowhere in this statement does Anderson address the thirty seven percent of our tax dollars going to corporations as tax incentives. That is over two billion dollars a year in tax money paid to corporations. Nothing our legislators can say or do can justify their payback with tax payers’ dollars for corporate donations to their campaigns. We can all thank the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce for this arrangement and all of our legislators for allowing it to continue.

We next looked at the Ratings and Endorsement pages. As Senator Anderson has been in office for a while, we had some good information to look at. Here is some of what we found.

2012       Oklahoma National Federation of Independent Business                100%
2011       Research Institute for Economic Development                                 83%
2010       Research Institute for Economic Development                                 83%
2009       OkWatchdog Position on Consumer and Patient Advocacy             59%
2008       Oklahoma Center for Consumer and Patient Safety                         76%

What these numbers tell us is that during the election cycle he pays close attention to both the business and the consumers in his district. Things tend to fall off sharply after the end of the election cycle.

2012       Oklahoma Sierra Club                            60%
2010       Oklahoma Sierra Club                            71%
2009       Oklahoma Sierra Club                            86%

This steady decline in the numbers tell us that Senator Anderson has seen the destructiveness of the environmental movement in action. Further proof of that was his introduction of his anti-Agenda 21 bill this pass legislative session.

20012    NRA Candidate Position on Gun Rights                             92%
2008       NRA Victory Fund                                                          A

Looking at his Ethics Committee reports we found that he didn’t accept out of state donations but we do take exception to his taking a donation from George Kaiser. You all remember him. He’s the campaign donation bundler for President Obama. A good Conservative Republican would return that donation.

On the Corporation, Political Action Committee, Unions and Special Interest Group side of the house is a different matter. Here is some of what we found.

Oct. 26, 2011      Oklahoma State AFL-CIO PAC                            $1,000.00
Nov.03, 2011      American Electric Power                                         $   500.00
Nov.07,2011       Citizens For Justice                                                 $1,000.00
Nov.23,2011       Oklahoma Hospital Association PAC                      $1,000.00
Dec.,22,2011      Working Oklahomans Alliance                                 $1,500.00

It goes without saying that the AFL-CIO is a union and they are trying to buy influence.  American Electric Power is a company out of Cincinnati, Ohio, that just happens to own PSO here in Oklahoma. You can see a map of their current territory here. They are trying to buy influence because they are looking to expand.  The Citizens for Justice is actually a bunch of defense attorneys who try to influence legislation at the Capital.

The Hospital Association is hard after the legislature to pass Obama Care. If you look at the financial records of most of the politicians you’ll find donations from many medical PACs to all of them. Senator Anderson is no exception. Why would any Republican politician accept a donation from the Working Oklahomans Alliance unless they were not aware that this is the new name A.C.O.R.N. took when it disbanded a few years back.

We find fault with the Senators decision to vote yes on SB 640 during this last legislative session. As an attorney we know he’s fully capable of reading these bills and understanding the implications in them. He’s been in office long enough to know that the citizens of Oklahoma soundly rejected Obama Care. SB 640 was nothing more than a back door method to impose Obama Care in Oklahoma. If we can see it, surely the well trained eyes of an attorney could see it.

Although Senator Anderson is term limited we hope he completes his term in office with the vigor and tenacity that he gives his clients at trial.

Illegal Immigration TV Series Casting Continues
We are close to having all the slots filled for the Al Jazeera sponsored documentary series on illegal immigration but one demographic is missing so we are asking our readers to help out with finding the final participant.  Specifically we need a mid twenties conservative women that has a passport, can travel for about a month starting in mid September, and is outspoken and passionate on the issue of illegal immigration.

The slot pays very well, over a thousand dollars a week, along with travel expenses.  The participant would be traveling along the U.S./Mexico border on the American side for a few weeks then would cross over to the Mexican side for a few weeks.  Appropriate security is provided by two companies with worldwide warzone and anti terror experience. 

Why is it some important that we participate?  Because we have a shot at providing someone that is articulate and passionate about our conservative views and as this will be a nationwide broadcast on a new network the show will reach millions of people that are outside our normal “choir”.   Or we could stand down and let Billy Hayseed represent millions of conservative Americans.

If you fit the demographics, mid twenties and female, and have strong anti illegal immigration views please contact us by replying to this newsletter ASAP.  We want a woman that is mature and can think on her feet because there will be millions of young women out there watching that can relate to her based on age and gender.  You just can’t find a better way to make a difference on illegal immigration than participating in this project.


Just Who Do You Think You Work For Mr. Politician?
The Watchman

Why is it that when politicians start their final term in office due to term limits, they always seem to turn against their constituents? Senator Cliff Aldridge is no exception. The hubris of this man even went to the point of this Sen. Cliff Aldridge (R) Okla. strong-arms disabled woman by literally bringing in guns!! - YouTube. Now we don’t necessarily agree with the subject matter that this constituent wanted to talk about, but this is still no way to treat a person that helped to get you elected.

We next went to to look at his ratings and endorsements section. Here is an example of what we found.

2012    Oklahoma National Federation of Independent Business          100%
2011    Research Institute for Economic Development                            84%
2010    Research Institute for Economic Development                          100%
2009    OkWatchdog Position on Consumer and Patient Advocacy       63%
2008    Oklahoma Center for Consumer and Patient Safety                    53%

Judging by this, the only time he has cared for anything is during election season and then it was about caring for business. He has never cared about the consumers or patients.

2012    Oklahoma Sierra Club                                             17%
2010    Oklahoma Sierra Club                                             67%

Oh, dear….looks like he upset the Sierra Club somehow.  Probably a good thing though.

2008    Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy                                    60%
2007    Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy                                    50%

We next went to to look at his campaign finances there. As with almost every single senator we have reviewed to date, we found out of state donors to his campaign.

Like most political candidates, he accepted funds from Political Action Committees, unions and other special interest groups. Although he is not eligible to run for another term in the Senate, he has not shut down his campaign coffers and has continued to collect campaign donations throughout the years after 2010. Here are a few examples.

Jan. 20, 2010   Okla. Society of Anesthesiologist PAC                                    $1,000.00
Jan. 20, 2010   Oklahoma Medical PAC                                                          $2,000.00
Feb. 01, 2010  OKC Firefighters Assoc. PAC                                                   $   250.00
Jul.  14, 2010   Cox Communications Oklahoma PAC                                     $1,000.00
Jul.  21, 2010   Devon Energy Corp. PAC                                                        $3,000.00

That ought to be enough to make you wonder who he works for, the donors or the constituents.

We next did a simple Google search on Senator Aldridge. The first article up was a Wikipedia article. Judging by this article, the senator spends all his time working as a senator. He has no other job outside of the Senate.

We next found this letter from the Council on State Taxation . This letter is another way for the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce to apply pressure on the senator for his cooperation. Is this the type of person we really want in government. How deep does this corruption go?

One of the bills debated in the committee he sits in, the General Government Committee, was Senate Bill 36. This bill was labeled as a local control bill, but was anything but. In fact it ceded control to the federal government. You can read the bill here.

A review was completed by the CDC on tobacco laws in 2010. It indicated that Oklahoma had some of the toughest restrictions in the country already in place. How much more do these idiots want from us? For those of you interested you may see a copy of that report here.

The state already protects customers by requiring businesses to install what amounts to a BSL 3 area for smokers.  These are expensive, negative pressure, separate ventilation system rooms for smoking patrons.  Is more really needed?

In the end this bill was defeated in committee. The idea that it was even considered when so much important items were left unseen is indicative of the waste of time that these alleged legislators spend their time on.

We next took a look at the voting record for Senator Aldridge since the 2010 election on subjects that were important to Oklahoma voters here is what we found.

HB2171 Obama Highway Bill, Voted Yea Liberal
HB 1953 Governors Quick Action Fund, Slush Fund, Voted Yea-Liberal
HB 2169 Obamacare Funding            Voted Yea Liberal
SB 154 21st Century Quality Jobs Act Voted Yea Liberal

If you add the three times he voted for different ways to bring Obama Care to Oklahoma against the will of the people this year, that gives Senator Aldridge a RINO index score of 20%. A conservative he’s not. We’ve proven that he favors business over the welfare of children and patients. We’ve proven that he could care less about constituents visiting his office. How much more do we need. This man has only one more year left in office. He would be doing us all a favor if he would just resign now.

Another Shot at Dunking Bobo the Clown
Congressman Jim Lankford will be holding two town hall meetings next week and we need a lot of patriots to show up and singe him a bit on illegal immigration, the NDAA vote, spending, and the NSA spying scandal.   Lankford has been a disappointment on many issues and has appeared to have developed a bad case of Potomac fever.

Here are the town hall details:
Tuesday August 13, 2013, Time: 6 p.m.Where: 12777 N. Rockwell Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73142
Tuesday August 20, 2013 Time: 6 p.m. Where: 113 N. Main Street, MCCloud, OK 74851

 Could We All Use A Dose Of Mountain Pride?
By Ms PM

How does it make you feel when you see someone taking advantage of someone? Do you keep quiet or say something? What is the straw that finally breaks the camel’s back and makes people give up? Imagine a family, struggling to make ends meet, they have their rent money to pay for a roof over their head, and a friend, foe or family member steals it, with no remorse, and their only goal is to have a good ole’ time on someone else’s dime. Why is this any different than being overly taxed? Why is it any different than any other theft? Far too much of your earnings are stolen each week when you get your paycheck. Why is it that people are self-absorbed to the point of not caring about the circumstances and carnage they leave behind for another to fix? When does a person cross the line and believe what they want is more important and it doesn’t matter what they have to do to fulfill their greed? Could it be that people don’t have to depend on each other or their communities because big brother is there to enable this breakdown in society? Have you ever wondered why small communities have a handle on how to treat people? Is it because the scum leave town because word gets out and no one will help or trust them? When will people correlate that there is no difference between every day thieves and government? When will people wake up?

This part of our story takes us to the Blue Ridge Mountains. There is no more beautiful scenery than looking out over these mountains and valleys. The people that live there were raised with “Mountain Pride.” What exactly is mountain pride?

Begin with self-reliance; add a big dose of stubbornness and self-respect with the end result being a feeling inside of a person that has no other way to surface other than to live out a way of life that includes hard work and paying their own way. It is a conviction, a way of life taught throughout the families, passed down from generation to generation. It means you keep going when hardships happen.

How does government interfere with this type of conviction? One might say it degrades character. There are those in the Appalachian communities that believe our government is in a battle with those that believe self-reliance is a way of life. They believe their tactics will create a welfare state and here is their proof.

The feds praise the local officials who convince people of a culture through dependence. The SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) program has come up with a reward system called “Hunger Champions Awards.” In 2011 the award was given to the Social Services department in Ashe County, North Carolina. “Their accomplishment: an outreach worker found a new way to convince people to take government handouts, even though those people had decided earlier that they wouldn’t request the handouts.” The worker decided to hand out free seeds for gardens, which was a sinister way to open the door and begin to dismantle their way of life known as “mountain pride.” Free was never free but some bought the lies.

These communities were self-sufficient, not the case now. Welfare has risen. What do these people use to justify their dependence on government? Most people will always go for the easier, softer way. Their system wasn’t broken, they maintained their communities. Now, brought on from government interference, they have begun a spiral, creating a massive problem which ultimately leads to an ever increasing dependency on government. How is it that people convince themselves into the belief that this does not create the very problems that disintegrate freedom and liberty? This is proof that government has the power to convince people they need to be taken care of.

It has been said before; when government controls the food, health care, and education, they control you. This is happening at an alarming rate, it is a matter of time before your property will be gone. This will be your ultimate loss; you will have nothing left other than a “crumbs for all” society.

Lax regulations give the bait that hook. People are more than comfortable gobbling up the intended consequence. It is intended, government knows exactly what they are doing and they know you are their prey. Food Stamps were done away with, the taxpayer; with government intervention hands out debit cards now. This is a politically correct way to cover up the fact that a leach is still a leach. They blend in with the rest of society that use cards but the difference is others have to have money before they use their cards. Welfare is now called SNAP, what a catchy tune we can all hum along with.

When people are self-sufficient and make mistakes, isn’t that the goal for better decisions next time? Instead they run with the devil, and know they won’t have to deal with taking care of their family. The government will dole out taxpayer money but what happens when the economy is so bad and these people footing the bill can no longer work? Is that when martial law happens? Is that when these same low life citizens are willing to go door to door and take what they want? Is that when everyone is screaming at the government to do something? And isn’t that when the government steps in, it’s been their plan all along; they finally have you right where they want you. A broken society, filled with fear, lacking morals with conviction and turning to the ones that created this whole break down. 

In this article on a report by Bret Baier, “The Great Food Stamp Binge,” there was a guy, very capable of working, that chose to live a life of leisure in La Jolla California. For those who have never been to California or unfamiliar with La Jolla, it is spectacular. The beaches and cliffs along with the perfect weather make it an area on any top ten list. The price tag in La Jolla is far beyond what any regular person could imagine to afford.

This guy has no remorse from living off of the backs of taxpayers. Watching the documentary, it was sickening to know that this individual saw nothing wrong with using his food stamp debit card to purchase lobster and sushi for lunch and a bar-b-que.  He surfs daily, drives around in an Escalade listening to his favorite tune, “free ride”. When asked about how he applied for welfare, he stated that he only has to report once a year and once accepted he lives out his life of leisure. He did say that because he was unemployed, that qualified him for food stamps. He plays music and was extremely happy that his life ambition is to do exactly what he is and has been doing for some time. When asked about what he thinks regarding his free ride on the backs of tax payers, his comment was…”thanks.”

You can bet that any administration willing to hand out these freebies will stay in power. Here lies the major problem and why the Republicans are stuck between a rock and a hard place. If they cave to the entitlement culture, they hear it from their constituents. If they follow a platform of limited government they lose votes. More and more people are acquiring a taste for handouts, look at the increase in welfare, and the big question for conservatives is, how do we play this? Few of our conservative representatives are willing to look at what will inevitably happen to our free society. Don’t they also know that these entitlement programs are the “largest driver of our national debt?” Why is America being sold out? The larger question is, why are hardworking tax payers allowing this to happen?

Also covered in this article it addresses the way the Mormon religion deals with their own welfare program. Mitt Romney may not have been such a bad choice after all. It appears they run their program completely opposite of how the federal government does. This includes no freebies or handouts. Anyone receiving help must work or help out in some way. The belief is by working it maintains dignity and self-respect.

Unlike the federal government, the church is efficient and successful at getting people on their feet in a timely manner. Usually all it takes is three to six months, quite different than the lifetime of benefits the government hands out. John Stossel did a segment where it was stated that “the Mormon Welfare program is so efficient that it is usually the first organization on the scene after a major disaster.” Their system has a way of keeping free loaders out, a far cry from what government does. It seems the money comes with accountability.

What will it take for citizens that still have that “Mountain Pride” to actually do something? There truly are solutions to the problems we face. It is important that we have the right people representing our state. That is where it begins. Having local government hell bent to carry out the whims of the federal government leaves all honest, hardworking citizens at the beck and call of those that want nothing more than to confiscate wealth and give it away. There are more than a few of these types that reside in Oklahoma City at that big building we call our Capitol.

Until people lose something they aren’t willing to live without is usually the catalyst required to stop the insanity. We are at a crossroad; we make it as a free society or give in to the ones elected by the multitudes of leaches wanting a free ride. This is a necessary choice without excuses. Strength is not afraid to stand alone and what is required is the tenacity to never give up. You can bet that government bets you will give up. Don’t quit before the miracle happens!
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