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Me Thinks that Charles Darwin Might Have  Been Right

By Ms PM


If there ever were a reason to spay and neuter, this article knocks it out of the park.

This incident gives way to the belief that justifies why government must oversee our personal affairs as big brother takes care of all the idiots roaming the planet.


For a mother to use gasoline to kill head lice and also use it indoors next to a gas water heater makes it clear that common sense cannot be taught. At times it seems as if the only thing these folks can do is make babies. With all the rules, laws and regulations you would think a competency test to parent would already be on the books. Oh, that’s right, without these people the government wouldn’t have a reason to hand out welfare paid for on the backs of those who work and know the sacrifices of raising a child. No, the article doesn’t say this mother is on assistance, but it does say that this child and her siblings are now living with relatives. That makes at least three children; the woman is a single parent and has a boyfriend. This scenario in itself makes a strong point.


The police believe the house filled with fumes and was ignited by the water heater. Ya think? It’s hard to believe that a 25 year old can be this ignorant and she fits right in with the masses of asses we are all forced to pay for.


The boyfriend had the sense to use a jacket to put out the flames. If he knew that much one could wonder why he didn’t stop the mother, unless his nose wasn’t working. Is he there for the ride? Is he the father of any of these children? Does he work and contribute to this family? We will never know these answers but more likely than not, someone is paying for someone’s free ride.


The child has second and third degree burns over 60% of her body. If this woman hasn’t gotten it after 25 years, it is doubtful she ever will.


Stupidity is prevalent in our society and contributes to our downfall. This example of ignorance shows a much needed reform in in the welfare system. We did a story a while back which touched on a Craigslist advertisement scouring the internet for people to hand out free Obama phones, which are never free other than to those leaches sucking off of someone else’s labor. The massive fraud is now surfacing with a woman that received not one, but three free phones. She did not lie on her application, she should have never received one but to prove her point, she received three. Taxpayers are charged for these phones, it’s on your bill under the universal service fee, and you have no choice unless you terminate your own phone service.


No taxpayer has a choice; we all pay for babies that those having them cannot pay for. In the event that our government decides to do the right thing and stop this theft, everyone would benefit. Imagine a world where people pay their own way. If you cannot provide the basic necessities, your child is placed with a family that can and will provide. Imagine a time limit on welfare and parents are given choices, get an education, secure employment, pay your way or lose that child.  Regular citizens have lost their right of choice as to where their money is spent. Why is it acceptable to burden these people and not the ones causing the problem?


America has become a nation of enablers; it helps no one, causes hostility, and creates a massive divide. It creates more poverty by lowering expectations within those family units. There must be consequences for any family living off of welfare; it’s not mean, uncaring or greedy. We’re not talking about throwing these people in the ditch but we are talking about choices. 


One huge payback would be once the initial cost is spent; these families would drop off the welfare role. There is no feeling greater than providing for your family, it would teach these children life lessons and raise their expectations. What you learn, you practice, and what you practice, you become.


If and when people get it, our America will turn from a dependence on government to independence with freedom. Didn’t our Founding Fathers fight for this?



Have a Shot at Dunking Bobo the Clown


Representative Tom Cole is unique in that he not only is one of our worst RINO Republican U.S. Representatives but he has a formidable political machine including a mail house, Public Relations, and a political consultation firm.  This bad boy has a finger in every pie in the state and is an unabashed big government, freedom stealing, special interest beholding dirt bag.


Cole will be hosting town hall meetings in his district next week and we need a lot of pissed off and bold people to attend.  He claims he will be accepting concerns and questions from the audience.


The first event is on Tuesday August 6th at noon in Rooms A & B of the Moore Public Library at 225 South Howard Avenue in Moore Ok.


The second is Wednesday August 7th at 5:30 pm at the Boren Auditorium of the National Weather Center at the University of Oklahoma at  120 David L Boren Boulevard, Norman Ok.


The third and final meeting will be on Friday August 9th at noon in the Pauls Valley High School Auditorium at 600 North Street, Pauls Valley Ok.


Representative Cole is completely out of step with conservative values and the comments and links below will show you just how bad of a case of Potomac River fever he has:


Cole has been outspoken in his support for continuing the NSA spying on American citizens and taxpayers including collecting data on every phone call made in the U.S. whether the person making the phone call or receiving the phone call is under investigation or not.  Cole even admitted in an interview that he and the other Republicans support Barack Hussein Obama’s program when even the Democrats rebelled against domestic spying:



“"This is a debate worth having," he said. "It's an important debate, and it's not particularly a partisan debate. You know, the majority of Democrats actually voted with Rand Paul on this issue and against Barack Obama and their own leadership in the House. So the majority of Republicans actually supported the president's position."


Representative Cole also supported Barack Hussein Obama on Obama Care, claiming that General George Pickett at the Battle of Gettysburg had a better chance of succeeding in his disastrous charge than the Republicans have in defunding Obama Care.




Here is a news flash for Tom Cole; we don’t send them to Washington D.C. to take on safe battles or only go after sure things.   We sent this P.O.S. to Washington D.C. to represent the will of the people of the 4th Congressional District.  Why would Cole refuse to defund Obama Care?  Because his puppet masters at the State Chamber of Commerce want to strike health insurance costs off their payroll expenses and dump the problem on the state and federal governments.


How about limiting the Food Stamp program or making food stamp recipients look for work?   Nope, Representative Tom Cole voted to support Barack Hussein Obama and the other liberals  instead of voting the way his constituents would want him to vote.  Cole called it “political malpractice” to separate the food stamp program from the farm bill.   The food stamp program has always been attached to the farm bill to provide urban and city support for farm programs but after 20 billion dollars was cut from the food stamp program to meet deficit requirements and an amendment was added that would have allowed states to ask food stamp program recipients to look for work the traditional city/urban/rural area coalition disintegrated.



But surely Representative Tom Cole supports the state and national GOP party platform on cutting debt and controlling spending, right?

Wrong!   Cole refused to consider negotiating against Barack Hussein Obama by forcing a showdown raising the nation’s debt ceiling limits claiming that doing so would cause Republicans to lose control of the House of Representatives in the next election.  Cole believes that tying Obama Care, the food stamp program, or the debt ceiling limit to negotiating for lower spending will allow the Democrats to regain control over the House.  Backing him up are the Democratic Party strategists who said:


"Every big issue that comes up, the chaos and dysfunction of this caucus really drives the agenda and the way they cater to the extreme tea-party base within their caucus really drives their output on legislation, and it's a real problem for the American public," Kelly Ward, executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, told Politico. “


Now think about that for a second.  If you were a Democratic strategist and you wanted to regain control of the House the last thing you would do is warn Republicans not to take on big issues.  Hell, you would be doing everything in your power to get them to take a shot and screw things up.  Seeing the mutual reinforcement against tying spending cuts to the effort to raise the national debt limit ought to give anyone with a brain some cause to question their motives.


But come on, we all know that Tom Cole supports the Tea Party, right?  Nope, he compares you to an alcoholic that needs help.  

Cole told a reporter that the factions within the Republican Party that were demanding to hold the line on taxes and spending had to be dealt with:

“It’s a little like a dysfunctional family right now, where everybody knows old Uncle Joe at the end of the table’s an alcoholic, but nobody wants to say it. And somebody needs to say it. We need to get Joe some help. Come on, he’s ruined too many Christmas parties!”

So those Republicans that demand elected officials follow the Republican Party Platform are drunks that are screwing up family time?  Right there is a admission that we are being effective if they are attacking people for integrity.


But surely Tom Cole didn’t stand with Barack Hussein Obama or defend him on the Benghazi scandal?   Errr. Yeah, he didYeah, he did.  Cole attacked fellow Republicans that called for impeachment of Obama over Obama’s refusal to save the U.S. embassy employees and contractors.  Cole snuggled up to his buddies at MSNBC in an interview:



"I don't think this is the equivalent of Watergate or Iran-Contra," he told MSNBC's Martin Bashir on Tuesday. "There's a big difference when literally somebody in the White House was ordering these things. This is not something anyone ordered; this is not an outcome anybody intended."


But surely all of this criticism is from the Tea Party and other conservative Republicans support Cole?  Nope, wrong again.  The Madison Project went so far as to put Cole in their Hall of Shame for his liberal, big government voting record.



The conservative blog Red State also called Tom Cole one of the worst:


“In recent years, well over half the Republicans elected to Congress have entered with a fresh “immature” perspective that the answers to our policy problems are not found in Washington.  They intuitively understand that many problems need to be solved on a state level, others need to be dealt with in the private sector, and still others aren’t problems at all.  Yet, after several years (or even a few months), most members rapidly mature and begin advocating Democrat-lite policies.  Tom Cole is one of those members who never needed time to mature.  He fit right into the cesspool from day one.”


The Roll Call blog went even further and reported that once Cole was quiet in his support for the liberal agenda but now he is actively fighting against conservative Republicans.



The second that a political leader changes from being a voice for his constituents and becomes the messenger of why we should accept what others want is the dividing line between a representative and a sold out politician.   Tom Cole has more than shown that he is in the pocket of the liberals, of the special interests, even in the pocket of Barack Hussein Obama himself.  Let’s hope that someone steps forward to run against Cole and that the public generously supports a campaign to oust the flaming liberal.







Mikey Doesn’t Like It…Waaa

By Ms PM





All aboard!…the way-back machine is now leaving the station. Traveling back to an article in May of 2006 when House Bill 2696 would make it illegal to confiscate weapons during a state of emergency, Representative Mike Shelton, flew from his coo-coo- clock at the stroke of high noon, and began his squawking by saying this bill would place the power of the law into the wrong hands. “During states of emergency, I think police need total control. They don’t need to worry who has guns and who doesn’t. If the governor calls for Oklahomans to relinquish their guns, the public needs to do so.”


Any rational human with a minute amount of brain cells fully knows that when law abiding citizens give up their guns, the only people that will have guns are the ones that break the law and do harm. Aren’t those law breakers one of the reasons the people’s choice is to always arm themselves? What a Homer…Doh


In Mike Shelton’s world of warped utopian wishful thinking, no one is packing their own holstered police officer in the event that something dreadful might happened. Picture this…as Sophia in the TV show Golden Girls might say…It’s Oklahoma City, 2006…It’s a state of emergency and my gun was confiscated…some fool decided to break into my house and they have a gun…fortunately I had a cast iron skillet hooked to my side so I pulled it on them…they shot and the skillet deflected the bullet…and that’s when I whacked the nut over the head…By the way, why did they have a gun? Why did it take the cops 30 minutes to show up, and why are you such an idiot?


Shelton’s battle is not over as he said in 2006. He wanted a veto on HB2696 and also to overturn the stand-your-ground bill. You say that police don’t need an added worry as to who has guns and who doesn’t. Are you really that stupid to think the bad guys will turn in their guns? Are you just as stupid to think the police have to worry about people that obey the law? There is more to this than meets the eye and as we continue the journey to present day 2013, Shelton now has that perfect scenario the big boys use and he can’t let a good crisis go to waste. 


In this next article  Mike Shelton sees his opportunity. As he perches above the simpletons, high atop his clock, sweating, salivating and ringing his hands, he knows it must be the perfect storm to nudge freedom loving people into giving in to his wing nut philosophy. Surely Oklahoma must jump on his bandwagon but we all know about his false “debate the issue” scheme. Never mind this law has served Oklahomans well, it doesn’t go along with his ideology therefore he will attempt to push his will upon others. He uses the politically correct verbiage saying it’s time to re-open public dialogue when he really means… you’re the idiot and I know best.


When Shelton said, “I’m going into this with an open mind,” this statement is nothing less than a big fat lie. We all know where he stood on the issue in 2006 and we know where he stands in 2013.

As Representative Steve Vaughn said about Shelton standing alone on this issue, we have to agree. 




The Problem Isn’t the Politicians

The Problem is the People


We get emails every week from all segments of the political zoo but once in a while one stands out in stark relief and illustrates exactly what our problem is and the difficulty in  fixing it.  This one came in last week and we thought it and the replies we sent would explain a lot.


“Will the Tea Party be organizing for visits to congressmen during their August recess to protest the senate amnesty bill and tell them that we want to Kill the Bill in the house?  As Bridenstine conducts his town hall meetings in only a Q&A manner in order to avoid a give and take as town halls were meant for, it is useless to attend one of these little press conferences that he conducts.”

Dale  ********

Our reply:

 Why don't you write a letter to Bridenstine on the issue and we will print it in the Sunday night newsletter.  They all read it before lunch on Monday, no better way to get their attention.”


The reply we got back:

“I have attended three of Bridenstine's "townhalls", as well as called his office too many times to count regarding this issue. I hear the same old tired cliches from him that I have heard for decades from those who are proponents of the illegal invasion allowed by our government. Perhaps the issue of amnesty is just not a priority with the Tea Party.”


Sigh…. Our reply:


Perhaps this issue is not a priority to you.  I've offered you a chance to tell politicians in the entire state including Bridenstine where citizens stand on this issue and you seem to be turning down the offer. Tens of thousands of Oklahomans read our Sunday night newsletter along with virtually every elected state official, congressman, U.S. senator, and all of the political lobbyists and consultants, and this is verified by tracking pixels in our newsletter.


You are stuck in the rut of thinking that speaking to Bridenstine or any other elected official will sway their vote.   What we do is speak to the  voters of these officials while making sure that the politicians get a copy.


You are using the same tired old tactics and getting the same tired old clichés.  Isn't it time to do something different?


Now if you wish to make a difference please do so.  But I don't want to hear about the Tea Party not making illegal immigration a priority.  Hell last week we spent hours lining up cast members for a TV show on the issue, making sure that thoughtful, well spoken people would be there to represent our side of the debate.    What the hell did you do last week that compared to that?


No either spend a few hours writing your letter or understand that you are as much of the problem as the politicians.”


The volley back:


Do you feel better now?”


At this point we are figuring this dude isn’t getting it so we quit replying.


They say that crazy behavior is trying the same thing over and over again while getting the same exact result over and over again.  I’d say this qualifies as crazy.  The guy will get in his car, drive who knows how far, not speak up or demand to speak up, then ask us if we are going to the round up people for him to speak to his representatives on an issue that he kind of supports but is unwilling to do any work to get his point across.


What we’ve told people from the beginning is that taking this country back will take hard work and getting dirty in the trenches of politics.   You won’t change one of these politician’s views at a public forum but if you get out and start talking to his voters, wham, they come right around to the right point of view.  But people are lazy and seek the easiest way or better, to seek others to do their work for them.


Bridenstine knows that Oklahoma stands against illegal immigration.  He has been voting well on several issues, did a bit of backsliding while back that was chronicled in the Wall Street Journal, but of all of the five U.S. Representatives to work over he would be the last one in our view.  But don’t let the facts get in the way of someone wanting a pound of flesh from a quarter pound critter.  Like the drunk that was searching for his car keys under the street light “No, I didn’t lose the keys here, I lost them over there in the dark but it is easier to look here.”




Dictators not Getting Along?  What is the World Coming To?

By Ms PM




Could it be? Vladimir is Pooting under Obama’s covers? Some call it a slap in the face but we call it singing the nose hairs. Regardless of what you believe, is he a hero or traitor, the fact that Edward Snowden has been given asylum and a job in Russia, pretty much has steam coming from Obama’s head.


This article brings a picture of fat bureaucrats dancing around Washington in bunny ears, pink tutu’s and ballet slippers with total disbelief of what just happened.  Jay Carney expressed “particular annoyance” with Russia. How’s that for a fuzzy politically correct way to call Putin a turd? Obama is stuck between a rock and a hard place and he doesn’t like it. Doesn’t Russia know who Obama is? Doesn’t Putin know that Obama will keep his toys and not play with him? Doesn’t Putin also know that Obama will not attend the summit in Russia? Putin could be wise to the fact that Obama has fallen into a stinky pile and it’s his way to bring the attention of every country and show that Obama isn’t his perception of his great self.


Allowing America to be represented by such an Idiot In Chief should at the very least make every citizen think long and hard the next time they stay home instead of going into the voting booth. The President is a joke, America is a joke and the joke is on us.


Taking a look at Obama’s foreign policy a few years down the road paints a different picture of what we all heard when the campaigner in chief was in his election mode.


It’s a new era when rubber meets the road. Guantanamo is still open, those “illegal Bush wars”, with congressional approval, brings us to Obama’s lone decision about Libya. My goodness, where is the outcry? There must be a huge difference between catching terrorists and disintegrating them from afar with drones. The know-it-all President has a few more negative reviews than Bushy did as far as how Arab countries view the United States. How a little time changes the things to come.


We still have no word on Benghazi, the NSA is continuing to stomp on freedom, the IRS will politically attack anyone they wish and… what the hell are we doing?








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