Dear collegues,
Elections in a democracy and democratic institutions are part of our combined wish to maintain continuity and dynamism in professional development.. It was a matter of concern for the majority of members to see the voterlist issued by the Institute / RO with so many mismatches. I thankful to all members who raised thier voice for corrective action.
I am personally happy to note that RO has taken corrective measures and removed almost all mismatches. I am also to understand that any further changes required will be carried out by the RO to mitigate hardships to any member. The RO deserves kudos for his actions.
I am also thankful to my senior and former president Mr. Chander Wadhwa for his efforts and guidance in this matter. I hope he will continue to guide us in all such issues and other professional matters from time to time.
With regards
CMA Rakesh Singh
Presidemt, ICMAI (2012-13)
Co-Chairman, ASSOCHAM ( UP Affairs)