East Coast Pilot News Dec 2018
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It's been a quiet year for significant changes on the East Coast, and a quiet year for emails from us, too. Here's one with a short round-up of what's been happening. As ever, you'll find details on our website if you've managed to keep an eye on it.
News Items
   Latest items currently on our News page include, I'm sorry to say, yet another prolonged closure of the Havengore Bridge. It might not get called upon to open much at this time of year, but I can only begin to imagine the immense frustration these long outages are causing in the local boating community there. Another closure features Ha'penny Pier at Harwich, where the centre pontoon has been removed for repairs and won't be back until March. And, hot off the press, the Trawl Dock waiting pontoon for the bridge at Lowestoft is out of action too. 
Book Updates
   Updates since our last contact include several changes to contact details at Orford, Medway VTS, Gravesend SC, Greenwich YC and the Thames Barrier. Check the 'Summary by Date' page which links to these and other details. As usual, on the same page you can find a downloadable complete listing of all updates to the Fourth Edition of ECP, if you have recently bought a copy and want to bring it up to date.
Out and About
  Garth and I wandered extensively around the East Coast this summer, even together on my boat for a couple of weeks, something that has never happened before! As ever we had a lot of fun and met many other local boating enthusiasts. Garth has recently bought a different boat so he has some more challenges to keep him going this winter. My boat is out of the water now and I keep looking at the (muddy) bottom and thinking I really ought to start scraping.
   In the past we have offered talks about ECP and what we do, at club nights during the winter. We have each done several recently, even a joint one which was at Greenwich YC for the Westerly Owners Association and we both have more booked. We can perhaps manage one or two more over the coming months - if you're interested, do get in touch; replying to this email will get to us and we'll see if we can help.   
   In closing, we wish you a very Happy Christmas and New Year, and join you in looking forward to time afloat in 2019.
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 Dick Holness
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 East Coast Pilot. 
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Header photo taken by the late Colin Jarman - a snowy foreshore at West Mersea
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