We will be narrowbanding the St George RTK base beginning Tuesday morning November 13th. This is being done
to comply with FCC regulations which take effect on January 1, 2013; not just for fun.

This entails:
o replacing the existing PDL radio at the base with an ADL radio
o replacing the existing PDL radio on Utah Hill (west of town) with a new ADL radio
o reprogramming the existing ADL radio in Washington City
Base (453.500) changed at 7:30 am on Tuesday November 13th, all repeaters offline until updated
East side repeaters (453.250) changed by 9:00 am, east side available
West side repeater (453.400) changed by 12:00 am
I will be available Tuesday afternoon and all day Wednesday to assist anyone who needs help reprograming radios or checking operation.

Additional email warnings will be sent prior to each change


TRIMTALKII (unchanged)
4800 BAUD (Over-The-Air Link-Speed, changed from 9600)
CMR+ (unchanged)
SCRAMBLING ON (unchanged)
If you have a new rover radio with programmable bandwidth (channel width) select 12.5 KHz.

If you have an older radio, don't worry as 25 KHz will work just fine.

You should expect better range after this conversion.

FREQUENCIES remain exactly the same:
Base: 453.500
West Repeater: 453.400
East Repeaters: 453.250

Broadcast Base Coordinate: We are NOT changing the broadcast corrections at this time. So the base continues to broadcast with the same coordinates that have been in use since 1994.

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Please call me with questions or suggestions,

Mark Silver, ms@igage.com, 801-412-0011 x16