Children's Heart Week Day 5: CHF Support Grants

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CHF Grants Service
CHF Support Grants

"Telling a family that CHF can offer them some financial help while they are in hospital makes such a difference. Our work isn't always about good news and families are often separated for such a long time giving them help with travel or the costs of being in hospital for so long keeps families together and at the hospital bedside for longer"
- A Cardiac Liasion Nurse
CHF recognises that parents of children born with Heart Conditions can face severe financial difficulty especially if the parents have to give up work, stay in hospital for long periods of time or survive on a low income with the added expense of hospital visits.
We support families with grants of up to £300 for specific and identified needs. Our waiting list is full of families who need our help and support.
If 28 people gave £25 in CHF's 25th anniversary year we could supply a heart child with a home test INR machine. This would mean that they could avoid regular, distressing hospital visits for blood tests.
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