New firmware has been released for these Ashtech devices:
MM10 (currently shipping from Factory)
MobileMapper 10
The MobileMapper 10 is allegedly shipping from the factory. So I expect to begin to see stock arriving next Monday or Tuesday.
The MobileMapper 10 could end up being allocated for an extended period. If you have been considering purchase, get your order in ASAP. We (Igage) are running some pretty good deals, in spite of the allocation. There is sufficient allocation for all units that we have reserved plus a few extra! Hopefully all other dealers are in a similar situation.
I quite like the MM10: everyone will be thankful for the large screen, faster processor, better handed size and more memory.
There is a new Post-Processing DLL (Version 2.5) available for ArcPad 10, a new Service Layer (V1.5.2), new GNSS Toolbox (Version 2.03), a new version of MobileMapper Field (Version 2.03) and a new MobileMapper Office version 2.1.
Be aware that if you receive one of the first shipments, your receiver may not come from the factory with the latest firmware and software. As most dealers pre-load firmware and software, your receiver should arrive already updated. If not, this link: will get you to the base folder where all of the new firmware and software may be downloaded.
MobileMapper 100, ProMark 100 and ProMark 200
A new version of the GNSS Toolbox (V2.03), Service Layer (V1.5.2), MobileMapper Field and MobileMapper Office (V2.1) have been posted. Here are links:
  GNSS Toolbox V2.03:
  Service Layer 1.5.2:
  MobileMapper Field V2.03:
  MobileMapper Office V2.1:
These updates have been posted to the MobileMapper 100 update folders; however they have not yet been replicated to the PM100_PM200 area. It is unclear if PM100/PM200 receivers should be updated, however it is clear that you MUST update BOTH the Toolbox and the Service Layer if you choose to update.
I updated a couple of receivers yesterday and had to reset the Today screen, after the upate the today screen had HUGE fonts. If this happens to you, just un-check the 'Microsoft Default' check box in the Today settings screen.
Good Mapping and Surveying to you all!
Mark Silver
Igage Mapping Corporation
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