Our mission is to provide an innovative festival experience that is truly radically inclusive for Pexies of all ages with a space that allows adults and children alike to connect through art, play and interaction.  This year we will provide events, workshops, art and interactive experiences.  No matter where you're camping please register so we can design age appropriate awesomeness and do our best to be inclusive of your children at Summer Fest!

A radical inclusive area for everyone to responsibly participate and enjoy together.
An interactive space for all ages to romp, engage, connect and play.
A themed area sharing special events, a soundstage, merit badge workshops, art and interactive experiences with both day and night happenings.
A diverse collection of individuals who believe that even the youngest of us deserve an opportunity to engage, play and experience a festival, creating a transformational journey for them filled with joy, creativity, community, music and art.
As a multitude of different camping experiences have been requested by families, for this 2015, families are being offered the following options for camping:  shared quiet camping at the Labyrinth, camping adjacent to Wanna between the tennis courts and cabins, a kiddie cabin, car camping and general pop. We know you will choose the best camping options for you and your family needs.  Please email us at lilpexies@pexsummerfestival.com with any questions about your camping options.  We are happy to help answers any questions to help guide you in determining the best camping options for your family. 

Camp Registration is Open Until June 15, 2015.
It’s like a census to give us the vital information we need to do our best to create experiences inclusive of all ages attending PEX Summerfest 2015.

Its the year of the bear at WANNAWANNAPEX! Come roar with us, letting your inner bear out!

What will WANNAWANNAPEX be up to at Summerfest?Art, Workshops, Interactive Experiences, Events, Sound Stage & More!  

:::Here’s a Preview:::

Rocking Art
A collection of rocking horses and rocking creatures that will provide a magical space to imagine, play and rock away at WANNAWANNAPEX.   We are looking for more donations of rockers. Please email at lilpexies@pexsummerfestival.com if you are interested in donating or building rocking art!   
Bear Totem 
Pay homage to the bear gods and goddesses by leaving your mark. 
Merit Badge Workshops
Program focused around skills development, sharing knowledge and wisdom to inspire a more empowered generation.  We are interested in workshops that build self-reliant skills and knowledge for Pexies and lil Pexies alike. We have three levels of workshops: kid only, everyone and adult only. Submit today!
Beartopia: A Plushy Hospital, Spa, Shelter, Kennel, Rescue and Teddy Bear Adoption Center
Our Beartopia Plushtarians have you covered for all manners of business and needs for your plushy and stuffed animals friends.  We have a selection of plushy creatures for adoption in search of loving caring homes.   We are looking for donations of new teddy bears and all manner of plushy creatures.  To donate please email us at lilpexies@pexsummerfestival.com.
Bear Cub Corral: A sensory exploration and sacred space for babies and toddlers. 
We are looking for donations of baby and toddler items to enhance the Bear Cub Korral: balls, climbers, tunnels, bubbles machines, etc. To donate please email us at lilpexies@pexsummerfestival.com.      
Bar: The Dissociative Identity Disorder
A Bizarre Bar Experience will be visiting the WANNAWANNAPEX area providing beverages for all ages.  This bar has been in therapy for a long while, diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder or what used to be called Multiple Personality Disorder.  At the recommendation of its therapist, accompanied with a recent grant from Disorient, it now goes to festivals to explore some of its exciting identities.  Everytime it opens, the bar offers a whole new identity with new deco, new drinks, new costumes and new engaging activities.  After an hour or two, it closes down to explore the new personality with its therapist and see if there is anything that can be learned from the most recent identity.  2-3 identities will be offered by the bar members during the course of PEX Fest, but there is an open call to anyone that has an idea and is willing to go all in on creating a fully interactive themed experience.  Please reach out to lilpexies@summerfestival.com if you have any interest in offering up and gifting an identity.
Sound Stage
WANNA dance? Camp WANNAWANNAPEX will have a sound stage, with DJ’s and speciality dance parties..

Tutus + Ties Toddler Tango with DJs Karmakanik & Orbicles
Parents, kids, and revelers of all stripes, come dance to some kid friendly electronic and world music tunes. Get your groove on while dressing up for this fun occasion!  Wear your favorite tutu or tie, or arrive early to get your own to keep!  (supplies limited to first 20 children).

Liquid Pillow Sunrise with DJ Elixir
Join us for the beautifully crafted  Liquid Drum & Bass stylings of DJ Elixir, Mimosas and a pillow fight at Sunrise...do we need to say more!?!?! 

Ain’t Nothing But the 90s Baby! with DJ STLTZ 
Get ready to shake your booty to the very best of 90s Hiphop classics.  

  • Special DJ Dance Parties
  • Family Happy Hour Mixer
  • The Mamas and the Papas Pow Wow
  • Le Leche Gathering & Support Group for breastfeeding mamas
  • Teddy Bear Picnic
  • S’More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
  • Costume Parade
  • Capture the Flag with Foam Swords & More 
Wanna host an event at Camp WANNAWANNAPEX? email us at lilpexies@pexsummerfestival.com and tell us more! 

Participation is at the core of Camp WANNAWANNAPEX.  We lead by example and are committed to sharing this ideal with your lil Pexies.  We encourage all adult family members to volunteer for one shift at camp during the festival.  We also invite parents and guardians to inspire their children of all ages to volunteer as well for a role that is appropriate and manageable for your lil Pexies.  (for example: MOOP Patrol is a volunteer role - the tiniest of hands can find success.)  

Ranger: Keep the peace and put safety first around and about WANNAWANNAPEX. 
MOOP Patrol: Take charge and inspire all to remove all Matter Out Of Place and help Camp Wannawannapex be an exemplar of LNT. 
Fun Police: Engage, support and guide all visitors at Camp WANNAWANNAPEX to unlock all the fun we can manifest. Examples of how Fun Police can serve and engage: Art guidance, game making, interactivity initiation, dancing, laughing, & happiness.
Healing and Happiness Fairies: Check in on all volunteer and staff around Camp Wannawannapex and ensure everyone is happy, healthy and hydrated. 
Beartopia Plushtarian:  Take a shift at Beartopia: A Plushy Hospital, Spa, Shelter, Kennel, Rescue and Teddy Bear Adoption Center.  Do you love teddy bears? Are you devoted to the love and care of all plushy creatures?  Are you passionate to help stuffed animals find loving nurturing homes?  Then volunteer at Beartopia, where you can make a difference, one teddy bear at a time.  
Nature Explorer: Lead lil Pexies and Pexies on early morning nature walks or work at our Nature Explorer Center where participants can borrow explorer gear to venture out into the wilderness of Ramblewood to collect and engage with local flora and fauna. 
Stage Manager: Monitor sound stage, make sure talent is taken care of, and ensure DJ/musicians time slots are being maintained.  *Knowledge of sound equipment a plus. 

3 ways to tell us how you’d like to participate:
Merit Badge Workshops
Camp WANNWANNAPEX's Merit Badge Program is committed to skills development, sharing knowledge and wisdom to inspire a more empowered generation.  We are interested in workshops that build self-reliant skills and knowledge for Pexies and lil Pexies alike. 

Suggested workshop topics include: basic First Aid, camping skills, mind & body health and wellness, flow arts, dance, arts and crafts.  We are excited to offer a variety of unique workshops applicable to our daily lives, camping and festival living.  
The Merit Badge Workshop time slots are at most 1 hour and include 15 minutes setup, 15-30 minutes of class, and 15 minutes for Closing with LNT (Leave No Trace).   
We are accepting Merit Badge Workshop proposals until June 15. 
Wouldn't it be awesome if, when your child is safely tucked in for the night, you could venture out and explore PEX Summer Fest to your heart's content, knowing that your little one is being looked after by someone you can trust?  Or playing under the watchful eyes of a fellow caregiver.
Well, the Festival Child Care Co-Op has got you covered!  Run by and for parents.
We need YOU to PARTICIPATE. Together, we can make this the best year ever for parents and their kids!
To get involved Please contact Child Care Coordinator: Lotta Zachrisson lottazachrisson@yahoo.se

Any questions, concerns or ideas related to Camp WANNAWANNAPEX please contact us at lilpexies@pexsummerfestival.com.
We are super excited about Camp WANNNAWANNAPEX’s inaugural year as we hope you are.  We truly look forward to joining us for a wonderful Summerfest! 
Much Love,

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