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 Sponsors this week:
The Carpenter Shop
358 North Rockwell
The Carpenter Shop is a full line cabinet and countertop shop that travels all over the state building dream kitchens for discerning customers
  Claude Hall's Gun Shows
Claude Hall has always take care of the Tea Party and the Ron Paul activist community at his gun shows. 
His next OKC dates are:
May 19th - 20th,
July 14 - 15th,
Oct 6 - 7th
Nov 17 - 18th
Dec 15 - 16
This guy is a Noble Oklahoma based company that has great prices on electronics of all types and inexpensive toner and ink for your printer.




Comtec provides residential and commercial security systems in Oklahoma. 
  There is only one thing you really need to know about Comtec's quality and pricing, they do not require a contract for their services. 
Customers are free to walk away if their service isn't top quality.



Rodent ResistantChicken Feeders! 


$50 + Shipping




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Use the donation link above for Moore Tornado Relief supplies.  We need these supplies today!
 Moore Tornado
Disaster Relief Effort
No politics on this special edition newsletter, just a plea for help.
Please load up some tools, brooms, plastic bags, chain saws, whatever you have and get in your car or truck.   Bring an ice chest with water, snacks, food, cold drinks so that you are self sustaining and not a burden on the emergency services.  Fill your gas tank long before you arrive in the area and bring a small gas can with you for use in local generators.
Call me at 405-412-6233 and I'll direct you to Southgate Baptist Church on the outskirts of Moore where you can be of assistance to the storm victims.   They need help ASAP this morning to clear their parking lot of debri so that we and others can set up.
Don't worry about getting in, we have already spoken to Moore police officers on the scene.  If you follow our directions to get in and drive straight to the church you will be more than welcome to come help.
We probably won't be going into the worst hit areas but working around the outskirts helping people clean up on a family by family basis.  Once the worst hit areas are safe we can go in with residents to help out.
Don't call once you get into the area, the cell phone towers are overloaded.  Call before you leave your home so we get your call.
Alternately, text me at 405-942-2644, that phone has a better keyboard for receiving and sending text messages.  Rely on texts only once your get close to the disaster area.
If you can't come help use the PayPal donation link above and put Moore Tornado Relief in the message.  Every single cent raised will be spent on supplies for the clean up effort, whatever is needed for the volunteers and victims.  We have plenty of money in the bank to cover the donations while the payments come in so this money will be spent today and tomorrow and in the days to come.
If you want to donate water, plastic trash bags, pre packaged food or snacks, or tools pick the things up and bring them to us.
Call first!  Text if you are near the disaster area or we won't get the message!  Or reply to this email and we should get the message.  I'll drive out once in a while to check email and messages.
We are the point team for another group out of Joplin MO that went through this a few years ago. Their first load of supplies should be arriving late tonight.