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May 31st: The O'fficial Passing of the Shillelagh with The Garin Nolan Trio!!!

Top O'The Mornin, Noon 'er Night to Ya ... By way of wee Bit of a story and some family history, You are All Invited to Paddy O'Quigley's at 151st 'n Nall on Friday, May 31st to Celebrate and Bear Witness thereof...The O'fficial Passing of the Shillelagh!!

Passin o the ShillelaghNow, for the story bit - as an original tune from WWI goes ... "It's a Long Long Way to Tipperary" (Ireland that is).

So, as it came to be, at some time back in the late 1800's, as The Irish were fleeing Ireland for America with visions of grandeur and hope...little did the Quigleys or the Carrigans of Co.Tipperary, in central Ireland, ever imagine that they were destined one day, to be cousins in Atchison, KS, in the middle of America. Well...True 'tis !!!
So from the Old Sod across the pond ... the Quigleys and the Carrigans came from Tipperary, a long, long way to Atchison to become Family and Friends Forever. Now whether they knew each other in Tipperary or if they even by chance came over on the same boat to get to Atchison...We have yet to explore those possibilities.
After almost 24 Years, Founder and Publican, O'Tommy Boy Intfen, will be "Passing the Shillelagh" to mark the occasion of Dan 'n Tim Carrigan (Intfen Family cousins from Atchison, KS) taking the helm at Paddy O'Quigley's. Quigley was the maiden name of Tom 'n Judy's Grandmother, while Carrigan Brother's Grandmother was an Intfen herself. So cousins they are...and Paddy O'Quigley's will remain in the Family, with a lot of help from Cousin Judy 'n Cousin Avery who will still be found at O'Quigley's, helping the Irish Brothers to keep the Tradition alive and the Atchison affiliation growing stronger.  
To appropriately Celebrate this "Passing of the Shillelagh" ... The Garin Nolan Trio will be playing a Hooley of Tunes out on the Paddy-O, from 7-10:PM at 151st and Nall. Garin and his fellow Crooners and Balladeers are Atchison Irish themselves. Garin and the Family Nolan are dear old friends and he'll entertain with his acoustic trio playing a mix of covers and originals with a versatile style that spans American Folk to Irish Traditional and Classic Rock to Current Pop. We promise you'll find at least one song to sing along to, and maybe even a new favorite. They'll be followed by Phil Vandel later on the inside. 

Garin Nolan Trio

So please Join Us and be part ofNew Beginnings for the Carrigan's and our Irish Approach to Feasting, Imbibery and Debauchary with the Tradition of Quechibility and Gusto for Families and Friends Forevermore.  
Indeed it just might be a "Long Long Way to Tipperary"... But Friday May 31st, is going to be a Party... Indeed!!!

'Tis Still Burger Month - Stop In For One of the New Creations and Help Out a Good Cause!

Slainte' and God Bless

Paddy O'Quigley's