Nowadays designers, engineers and architects worldwide integrate into their projects intelligent technologies that save energy, mitigate climate impact and provide a better living environment.

A few months are remaining to the beginning of the exhibition and conference for South-East Europe "Smart Cities" and "Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy". The aim of the event is to encourage investment in new technologies and to demonstrate the benefits of their wider application.

In this issue of our electronic newsletter we will introduce two Bulgarian companies participating in the upcoming event:

● Clicko, which is specialized in developing solutions for telemetry and telematics
● Leader Light - manufacturer of LED lighting

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Interview with Ivayla Docheva, Leader Light - Bulgaria

Tell us more about your LED products and what are their advantages in terms of economy, service life and maintenance?
Our LED lamps are environmentally friendly, they contain no hazardous substances, they are 100% recyclable, without ultraviolet radiation, maximum (lossless) conversion of electrical energy into light, resistant to shock and vibration, reliable operation in all weather conditions (e.g. zero temperatures), life over 50,000 hours, quick and easy mounting, low maintenance costs. LED lamps reduce energy consumption by up to 80%.

All products of Leader Light - Bulgaria have EU certification and CE marking. They are manufactured in Bulgaria from the LED chip to the end product - the lamp.

Interview with Kalin Nakov, owner of Clicko                                                                         

Where does the name Clicko come from?
Before starting our company, we developed a Bluetooth remote control for anything that can be turned OFF and ON. The first prototype had a relay producing clicking sounds, so we decided to call it Clicko (from the word

You're a young and successful company. Tell us please something more about your products.

We believe that through the smartphone and its peripherals like smartwatches, Google Glass, etc. one can open doors, disarm alarm systems, open garages, turn lights on and share access with friends and colleagues through the social networks. To accomplish this we develop a universal telematic platform for remote control of electronics through a smartphone (Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart, NFC) and Internet (web browser). We support all browsers and we have native applications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone authored by a team of incredibly experienced specialists. The applications of this platform are innovative systems for access control and monitoring of alarm systems, vehicle telematics, irrigation systems, etc.