How is Your School Surviving and Thriving in These Times?
We would love to hear from you.  Send us information on how your school has handled long distance learning, what programs or systems you have used that you would recommend, and how you are planning on re-opening for the new year.  
We will share the info in our newsletters and may spotlight your school.
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Spotlight on
Schools Surviving and Thriving
Through the Pandemic
Arbor School of Central Florida 

   Arbor School of Central Florida is located in Casselberry, Florida outside of Orlando.  We were established in 2002.  We are a McKay and Gardiner school serving approximately 110 students from ages 5 -22.  Our school is a varying exceptionalities school with a student breakdown of 40% high functioning autism, 40% learning disabilities, 10% Down syndrome, and 10% TBI or other genetic abnormalities.   70% of our students are in our high school/transition program.
   During the spring closure, we met with our students daily using Zoom meetings, email, and messaging through our school management software, Twine (Edsby).   For our primary and middle school students, worksheets were emailed to the parents on a weekly basis. High school students accessed their assignments on-line, completed them and submitted back to the teachers.
   During this time, we learned many things.   Our biggest takeaways were:
1.       We need to accept that not all parents are going to support their child to the level that we would like.   We had many high school students fail the quarter due to lack of attendance and incomplete work.  
2.       Arbor School is lacking in up-to-date hardware to help facilitate distance learning.  This is being addressed this summer.
3.       While some students were successful during distance learning, many were not and need to be in a classroom with their teacher.
   For 2020-2021, we are opening on our regularly scheduled day, August 10th.    We have put many safety protocols into place to help stop the spread such as:
1.       Staggered arrival and departures for students
2.       Smaller class size
3.       Students will either sit 6 feet apart or will be seated facing the same direction
4.       One-way traffic throughout the campus
5.       Hand sanitizer throughout the campus
6.       Daily disinfecting of the campus.  Hourly wiping cleaning of all surfaces
7.       Daily temperature checks for staff and students
Wendy Cox Blair, MS
Executive Director
Arbor School of Central Florida
Zoom Staff Meeting
Reopening Florida's Nonpublic Schools

   The Florida Department of Education has released a paper covering issues private schools should consider as they move forward towards reopening in the fall.  The paper is attached.
    A webinar covering this information can be found at the following link.
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